A Best Friend's Retort

By apesintheak

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Lily finally gets her pay back from Alyssa.
[Author's Note: This is sort of a continuation from another story I wrote. For your full viewing pleasure, I recommend you read my first story, "A Sister's Crush," before reading this one. As always, take care and enjoy! Thank-you for reading.]


Lily jumped and sat up straight on the bench she was sitting on. She felt hands on her and turned around to see a set of beautiful green eyes and long, bleach blond hair. She smiled. The intruder that had scared her and was now wrapping her arms around her was her sister's best friend, Alyssa. She looked from her eyes down to her semi-exposed 36 C breasts. She was wearing a low cut tank top and very short denim shorts that showed off her long, slender, tan legs. Her flip-flops revealed that her toes were painted red. Alyssa was like a regular Barbie doll and Lily loved it.

"Hey, beautiful." Lily leaned in to kiss Alyssa. Mmm, her lip gloss tasted so good, it was watermelon this time.

"So, how come we have to meet here instead of your house?" Alyssa said, removing her arms and walking around the bench to sit next to Lily.

"Because Jasmine and mom wanted to spend the day cleaning house together. They suggested I go on a walk or something, too." Lily frowned and looked down at her converse shoes.

"Oh, Lil'. You seem so sad. Jasmine and your mom DO spend a lot of time together. I remember Jasmine always leaving me to go hang out with your mom, a lot. I don't know why. Does your mom ever spend quality time with you like that?" Alyssa put her hand on Lily's shoulder, she had a look of concern on her face.

"No, not really. I think Jas is just mom's favorite. It doesn't phase me too much, though. You're here now, and... That's all I can think about." Lily looked up at Alyssa again and smiled.

"I know. I've been waiting for this for weeks, now." Alyssa brushed Lily's black hair from her face and stared into her brown eyes. She was so beautiful. Her black hair actually complimented her pale skin. She wished she could have a natural beauty like that. She loved her 34 B breasts, they weren't big, but she was sure they had to be shapely. She wished she showed them off, more. Today she was wearing the usual band t-shirt, this one was The Ramones, half way covered by a plain gray hoodie that was half way zipped up. Her baggy blue jeans were a little ripped at the bottoms and covered parts of her grungy converse.

"Lil', I wish we could do this more. I'm scared Brian would find out, though. Or your sister or someone." Alyssa grabbed Lily's hand and frowned.

"I know. I hate that you have a boyfriend and your best friends with my sister. It's tough." Lily sighed and looked down, again. Alyssa felt bad for spoiling the mood, again.

"Come on, Lil'. I got some surprises in store for you." Alyssa smiled, stood up, and pulled Lily up from the bench with the hand she was clutching.

Her and Lily walked hand-in-hand up a hill and into a picnic table area with a roof on it. Alyssa sat down on top of a picnic table and helped Lily up. Lily started to sit down, but Alyssa shook her head.

"Lay down on your back, Lily." Alyssa insisted. Lily gave her a weird look, but did as she was told and laid down on top of the picnic table. Alyssa leaned over and started passionately making out with Lily. She loved tasting her and feeling her soft tongue all over hers. She slowly started sliding her hand up Lily's shirt.

Lily pushed Alyssa's hand away and sat up, gently pushing Alyssa off of her. "Alyssa, what are you doing!? We're in an open area in public, what if someone we know sees us?!" Lily's eyes went wide and she looked at Alyssa as if she were crazy.

"Lily, calm down. Look around, there's no one here. It's a week day, they're probably all working or something. Besides, so what if someone sees us? It's a risk I'm willing to take." She smiled at Lily.

Lily smiled back. She couldn't believe Alyssa, of all people, was being this willing to take a huge risk like this. She instinctively grabbed Alyssa's head and pulled it down as she laid back down and started making out with her, again.

Alyssa slid her hand up Lily's shirt again. She started massaging her boobs over her bra, then went under her bra and lightly pinched her nipples.

"Mmm." Lily moaned into Alyssa's mouth. Alyssa's pussy started to get wet. She hoped Lily was getting just as wet as she was. She pulled her mouth away from Lily's.

"Take everything off. Your shoes, your socks, your hoodie, your shirt, your jeans. Leave your bra and panties on." Alyssa whispered in Lily's ear.

"But Alyssa... We're in public! Are you sure no one will walk by?" Lily looked panicked.

"Just relax, Lil'. It will be okay, trust me." Alyssa smiled.

Lily was nervous as hell, but she stood up and undid her jeans. She threw off her shoes and socks and let her jeans come down. She looked up and saw Alyssa smiling and staring intently. She smiled back and felt less nervous. She unzipped her hoodie and took it off along with her t-shirt. Alyssa felt herself get wetter and her mouth fell. Lily's body was GORGEOUS underneath all those clothes. It was pale, but she had the perfect hour glass figure. She was slender, yet curvy. Her black push up bra pushed up her boobs nicely. The most astonishing thing was her matching black thong. It was so lacy and sexy, she hadn't expected her to wear things like that. She had a nice bubble ass that wasn't wide or saggy, just big and round.

"Lily, come here. NOW." Alyssa demanded. Lily smiled and walked up to her. Alyssa was still sitting on the bench. She grabbed Lily's shoulders and pulled her toward her. She began to kiss her all over her neck at a fast pace, stopping only to suck on parts. She started kissing her breasts. Mmm, her skin felt wonderful against her lips. Lily felt her pussy starting to get so wet, she thought she was going to overflow her panties.

"Mmm, Alyssa. God, it feels so good. But please, please... Slow down. Oooh." Alyssa stopped and looked Lily in the eyes.

"I'm sorry, I... Got carried away. But you're just so gorgeous. God, I want you SO bad right now. Please, lay back on the table, again." Alyssa waited with anticipation as Lily slowly stepped up on the bench and laid down. God, she was doing this just to tease her, but it was torture.

When Lily was laying down again, Alyssa mounted her and started licking her ears. She started kissing and sucking her neck again, leaving hickies next to the already existing ones she gave her. She let her right hand feel all over Lily's body. On her breasts, on her stomach.

Alyssa scooted down on Lily's body and began kissing her boobs, again. She reached behind Lily's back as Lily arched up a little and undid her bra. She pulled it off of Lily, threw it on the ground, and smiled as she leaned down and hungrily sucked on Lily's nipples, softly teething on them.

"Mmm, oooh. God, yessss." Lily moaned into Alyssa's ear. Alyssa felt her panties get more soaked as she moved down Lily's chest, kissing every inch of her body she could.

When she got to her navel, she stopped and licked around the inside. Lily felt electricity running through her body and her clit started throbbing in her underwear.

"Oh god, you're turning me on SO much!" She pleaded.

Alyssa smiled and continued down her stomach until she reached her panties. At this point, Alyssa got off the table top and sat on the seat for the picnic table. She rotated Lily so that her pussy was facing her face, and she ever-so-slowly took Lily's thong in her mouth and and pulled it off. Lily felt the anticipation of it all and kept getting more wet as Alyssa threw her thong on the ground and placed her cheek on her thigh.

"Lily, I've been waiting to do this to you for weeks, now. I've never done it before, but I want to make it great." Alyssa licked her lips and Lily let out a soft moan as she thought about what was coming to her soon.

Alyssa kissed and licked the inside of Lily's thighs, making Lily moan like crazy. She wanted Alyssa to lick her pussy SO badly, but she waited patiently as Alyssa continued to make her even more wet and her clit wanting to feel her soft, warm, wet tongue all over it.

Alyssa licked carefully around Lily's clit, making Lily even more crazy. Finally, Alyssa pushed her face in and started vigorously sucked Lily's clit, making sure to suck up all of Lily's juices.

"Ooh, oh my god! Yess! Yess! Suck my clit, bury your face in my pussy! Yeaah!" Lily moaned and shoved Alyssa's face even more into her pussy. Alyssa enjoyed the taste and smell of Lily's pussy and continued to lick and suck her clit. "How do I taste? Do I taste good!?"

"Mmm, yeaah." Alyssa moaned in Lily's pussy. Lily started bucking her hips wildly, grinding her juices on Alyssa's face and Alyssa happily lapped them up as she pleasured Lily more.

When Lily was about to cum, Alyssa pulled back. Lily was exasperated and moaned "oooh, but I was sooo close." Alyssa just smiled and reached for her purse. She opened it ans pulled out a small, soft, purple, penis shaped vibrator. Lily looked at it with wide eyes. "You just carry a vibrator around with you!?"

"No, but I did for this occasion." Alyssa smiled and turned it on to a medium setting. She shoved it in Lily's pussy and pumped in and out, fast and hard. Lily moaned loudly.

"Oooh, god, yes! Fuck my pussy. Oooh my god! Oh, oh, oh, oh, ooooh!" Lily had never felt such a great pleasure before.

Alyssa took the liberty of licking Lily's asshole. She stuck her tongue in her ass hole and just started licking it like she licked her clit. Her ass hole didn't have a certain taste to it, but she loved the response she was getting from Lily.

"Oh my god! Tongue fuck my ass, yeah! Lick my ass hole, don't stop!" Oooh! Lily was getting so much pleasure from all of this. Her breathing picked up and she came.

Alyssa pulled out the vibrator and opened her mouth near Lily's pussy. Lily squirted her cum all over Alyssa's face and in her mouth.

"Mmm, you tasted so good. I want more." She smiled and helped Lily off the table to kiss her.

"God, you're so good, Alyssa. Thank-you so much." Lily smiled back as Alyssa kissed her and she picked up her clothes to put them on.

"And you were scared of someone walking by or seeing us." Alyssa giggled and watched Lily put on her clothes, still looking as sexy as she did when she took them off.

What they didn't know, however, was that someone WAS watching them the whole time. Someone who they didn't know well, but that got enjoyment and pleasure out of seeing the whole thing right before his eyes.