A Blonde, a Brunette, and a Redhead Walk out of a Strip Club

By Belthazor

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Please read Personal Professionals Vol. 2: The VIP Treatment before reading this one. It'll help.
As I watched the two girls walk out of the strip club, Ginger following after them a few minutes later, I knew there would be a story worth hearing. Just as Ginger was passing the door I was standing beside, I stopped her for a moment with my hand on her arm.

"Hey, Ginny," I began in a low enough voice that only she and I could hear, "you've gotta tell me about this one tomorrow." I grinned at her with a chuckle.

To her credit, she just smirked right back and told me, "Sure, man, if my tongue's not too tired." We laughed and she walked out into the night, ass swaying in her tight jeans as she made her way toward the girls.

The next evening when I saw Ginger, she told me this story. So, here it is in her own words.


Ginger's POV:

Once I got outside, I paused to light a cigarette. After the fun back in the VIP room, God knows I needed it. I took a few puffs and looked around the parking lot. It was a Friday night, so we were pretty busy. I saw some regulars going in, along with (of course) some creepers standing off near the side, drinking and generally carrying on. The typical morons who show up to a strip club think they're going to get laid.

I met up with Demi and Selena further out in the parking lot. They were standing by their car leaning on it, kissing and caressing each other's bodies lightly, even through their clothes.The sight made me lick my lips in anticipation. They separated as they saw me approach, enveloping me into their embrace as I reached them, each of them kissing me deeply, gently rubbing their soft hands across my sides and my ass.

Demi gently took my cigarette out of my mouth and took a long, slow drag on it, exhaling the smoke slowly and letting it rise out of her soft pink lips. She passed it to Selena, who did likewise, blowing some cute little smoke rings over her head. She handed it back to me and I finished it off, dropping the butt to the asphalt and stamping it out with my boot.

"I'm parked around back," I began. "I'll get my car and follow you to your place, okay?"

Selena turned to Demi and told her, "Baby, you drive back. I'll ride with Ginny here in case we lose you in traffic. Okay?" She rubbed the blonde bombshell's arm as she spoke and I noticed how, even when speaking normally, they always seemed to have some kind of physical contact. Like they could barely contain their passion for each other. Then again, I thought, Demi's been holding my hand since I got here.

Demi agreed with this idea and, after deeply kissing both me and Selena, she got into her little car and started it up. Selena and I walked around to the back of the club to my car hand in hand, my pussy tingling as I thought about what was to come, still wet from our sexy little escapade in the VIP room.

We got into my car and climbed in, she in the passenger seat right next to me. As I started the car, she reached over to fondle my perky tits through my top. It felt heavenly when she tugged at my nipple piercings, and she grinned like a little devil when she slid her hand under my skirt to find my bare, bald pussy dripping wet.

"My, my," she grinned at me, slowly running her fingers around my labia, "somebody's excited."

I moaned softly as she touched my drenched pussy lips, my head lolling back against the headrest. I would have cum right there in the seat, but she paused and told me to look at her. I opened my eyes and looked into her deep, seductive, chocolate-brown eyes.

She whispered to me, "Put the car in drive. Demi's waiting."

I did as she said and started back toward the front of the building, her hand resting on my smoldering pussy the whole time. We followed Demi out of the parking lot and down the road. I was trying my best to focus on the road and the traffic, but Selena had started fingering me again, her palm teasingly brushing against my hard clit as her fingers slid slowly in and out of my throbbing pussy.

I moaned and gritted my teeth, trying in my desperation to focus on driving. It was torture. I was on the verge of cumming the entire ride there. And of course, the one night I want to hit a few red lights, I get all green. The counter side to that was, however, that I was terrified. If I came, I knew it would be a powerful orgasm. And that would probably get us killed. So there I was, driving down the road for the longest 15 minutes of my life, horny as hell, with an incredibly sexy brunette girl fingering my pussy, knowing that I was denied my orgasm.

Finally, we arrived at their apartment complex, driving through the gate and around to their building. By this point, I was pretty sure that my upholstery was ruined, but quite frankly I didn't care.

I parked next to Demi and threw my head back, ready to finally cum like never before but--Selena was unfastening her seatbelt and getting out of the car! I almost screamed at the frustration. Demi, however, opened my door, leaning in to kiss me.

"You comin', babe?" she asked with a grin, seeing my state.

"I wish," I quipped. She just laughed and helped me out of the car, taking my arm in hers as Selena did the same with my other arm. Like that, the three of us walked into the building and into the elevator to head upstairs.

Once the elevator doors closed, they practically attacked me, double-teaming me from either side. They kissed and licked my neck, nipping at my soft skin. Demi's hands slid up my sides to cup my heavy breasts, squeezing and kneading them through my thin top and lacy bra.

Selena's hands, meanwhile, slid down my hips. One hand cupped and fondled my ass, one round cheek at a time while her other hand fingered me at a dizzying speed. Finally, just as the elevator dinged that it had reached their floor, I came, I screamed at the top of my lungs and squirted cum all over the elevator, drenching the thin industrial carpet. As I opened my eyes, Demi and Selena were standing there grinning from ear to ear, arms wrapped around each other's waists.

"That was hot, baby," Selena said with a sexy little smirk.

"Very," Demi agreed. She then held her hand out to me. "Come on, baby. We're not done yet tonight."

I took her hand, my own trembling as the two vixens lead me from the elevator down the hall to their apartment. As Selena opened the door, her sexy lover peeled my top off of me, right there in the hall. There was no one around and I'm used to being naked in public, but this... this was exciting. I kissed Demi's soft lips, my tongue wriggling into her mouth to play with hers as I unclipped my lacy black bra myself, freeing my perky double-D's. Selena got the door open and the two of them practically dragged me inside, pawing and kissing at my tits.

How ironic that here, in their own apartment, I took control. I stripped Demi's shirt off of her, followed by her bra. I then lowered my head to suck her nipples, first the right then the left. Meanwhile, Selena had stripped her top and jeans off, leaving her in only a pair of lacy panties I could see were already drenched as she played with her aroused nipples, watching me play with Demi.

I raised my mouth from Demi's nipple just long enough to give commands to the two beauties. "Selena, get down here," gesturing to the floor at my feet, "and eat my wet pussy for torturing me in the car. Now."

Selena did as I said immediately with no hesitation. Grinning, she lowered herself to her knees and unzipped my tight skirt, tossing it aside. She rubbed her hands up and down the backs of my thighs as she kissed and licked my soaking wet pussy, tracing my pink lips with the tip of her tongue, her hands kneading my tight ass the whole time.

I resumed my mouth's work on Demi's luscious tits, sucking on her ever-hardening nipples as my hands slid down her tight body to her even tighter pussy. I slid two fingers into her first, warming her up as my palm ground against her hard clit. She moaned and purred like a kitty, the vibrations of her sweet voice coming through even her hard nipples, tickling my tongue.

Meanwhile, Selena had just slithered her wet tongue into my hot pussy, making me moan and bite down lightly on Demi's nipples. She of course yelped as I moaned. Selena's soft lips, however, stayed strong as they wrapped themselves around my hard clit, sucking it as she squeezed my ass.

I pulled my mouth off of Demi's tit and gasped, "Bed. Now!" The two girls wasted no time in leading me to their bedroom and huge bed.

Selena leapt up onto the bed, spreading her legs and looking down toward me, her pink nipples pointing straight towards the ceiling. "My turn, baby." She giggled. She started rubbing her pussy very slowly. "See how wet you made me, baby? Come have a taste."

Well, who could possibly say no to that? I climbed up onto the bed, burying my face in her sweet pussy. She tasted even better than back in the club. I devoured her hot cunt, sliding my tongue into her and wriggling it against her g-spot.

I gasped as I felt something long and hard sliding into my pussy from behind me. I tried to lift my head to look, but Selena grabbed my long red hair and yanked my face back to her wet pussy.

"It's okay, baby." She laughed. "It's just Demi with our strap-on." I moaned, feeling the thick dildo stretch my tight cunt as my cum dripped down my smooth thighs.

I ate Selena's pussy like no pussy I've ever eaten. I teased and nipped her clit while I lashed at her pink labia with my wet tongue. I fingered her wet pussy and even teased her tight ass while she screamed and pulled on my hair, her thighs clamped tight around my head.

I screamed, too, my cries muffled in her smooth pussy as Demi fucked my tight cunt with that big strap-on. Now, I'm not bisexual; penises are not at all my cup of tea, but that sexy little blonde bombshell pounding me with that big rubber cock was one of the greatest things I'd ever felt.

Selena panted above me, "Don't stop, baby.... I'm so close... right there... right there, Ginny! I'm gon--aahh... cum!" And cum she did. With a scream like a banshee, she squirted like a geyser and drenched my face. It turned me on so much that it pushed me over the edge. I shrieked into her drenched pussy as I came around the thick rubber cock Demi was pounding into my throbbing cunt.

As I came down from my orgasmic high, I felt the strap-on withdrawing and glanced over my shoulder to see Demi licking my cum off of it. With a little growl, she grabbed my hips and rolled me onto my back before climbing onto the bed and burying her face in my pussy. I moaned and clenched the sheets in my fists before I felt her readjusting her body to lay on top of mine.

I grabbed her ass as I helped her assume the position, eager to taste her hot pussy again. With her drenched pussy there, right in front of my face, I dove in. My tongue covered every inch off her sweet pink labia, her sweet yet tangy cum streaming out of her and all over my face, trickling down to my throat where Selena was licking it off of me, rubbing some of it into my big tits while she pinched my hard nipples.

I was already so stimulated that it took me no time to cum again, squirting my cum all over Demi's beautiful face. Then, just as I was coming down from that orgasm, she captured my aroused clit in her teeth and started sucking on it, lashing at it with the tip of her tongue.It was like being electrocuted. I screamed like I've never screamed before, cumming so hard and so long that I nearly blacked out. Demi pulled away from my pussy then, grinding her own hot cunt back onto my face, moaning and swearing like a woman possessed as she rode my face with wild abandon.

She screamed, cumming what felt like bucketfuls into my mouth. I swallowed every drop I could, but there was so much, I was drenched.

As she fell sideways off my face, Selena started licking and kissing her lover's cum off of me. It felt so heavenly, so relaxing after all of that, I closed my eyes and sighed contentedly.

I didn't wake up until the next morning. The girls ate me out again as I fingered and licked each of them to orgasm a few more times that morning until I had to be heading home. They walked me out to my car and we all kissed goodbye until the next time. As I drove away, I grinned to myself, feeling how wet my seat still was from the ride there.

"Until next time, girls." I chuckled to no one in particular, making my way back home.