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A box of lust

Willow starts lusting after her friend when she goes through her belongings
Everything began with an e-mail: "I got to ask you for a BIG favor, please me call me as soon as you can, love you Willy".

It came from my dear friend Charlie, we had known each other since we were 13 or 14 years old, we met at a summer camp and were became really good friends from the beginning due to all of our similarities, even tough I am from Naas (Ireland) and she's from Elgin (Scotland) and we grew "geographically apart", it was like if we grew together since we used to write to each other and when we began to use the internet the letters became e-mails and video chats; so that way we pretty much knew what went with each others lives through all our teenage years until we both graduated from college and visited each other often.

However Charlie got married two years ago to Gastón, a nice argentinian guy she met...I don't really remember where or how, but as soon as they tied the knot they moved to Buenos Aires and Charlie and me went back to the e-mails and video chats, they were a nice couple so I was really surprised when she wrote me to tell me they had filed for divorce and she was coming back to the UK.

As soon as I received her e-mail asking me for a favor I called her back, she asked me to let her stay with me in Dublin for a few days and also to receive her boxes with all her belongings, obviously I said yes and the boxes arrived two weeks later. 

The second day of having all those boxes all over my living room I became really bored and decided to check my friend's belongings, I opened some boxes that had clothes, shoes, books, cd's, kitchen supplies, nothing interesting.

I was about to give up with my "search" when I found a box with dvd's, I started to take them out and ran into two smaller boxes covered with a bunch of tape, they made me very curious since each one was labeled as "privado"; even tough I clearly realized it said private in spanish I couldn't hold myself and opened one of the boxes only to be left with wide opened eyes and a surprised facial expression.

The box contained a dvd without label and some photographs, really sexy photographs of Charlie in skimpy lingerie in suggestive poses, I went through them and I started to get aroused, I threw the photos back into the box when a topless photo appeared; the fact I was feeling turned on by pictures of my best friend made me feel "guilty", it brought me back to the years before I started touching myself, when if I became aroused by something I would feel guilty about pleasuring myself.

But I deep inside I knew I wanted to see those pictures, so I took them back and went through Charlie's topless pics, I couldn't keep my eyes away from her nipples, she didn't had neither big or small boobs, they were "medium" and her nipples were pink and tiny, as I saw the pictures I began imagining myself cupping those breasts and licking those little pink nipples, it was then that I slipped my hand inside my pants and felt my wet pussy, the feeling of it made me withdraw my hand really quickly and throw the pictures to the box again. I thought it was completely unacceptable to masturbate thinking of my best friend so I tried to take my mind away from it and started watching some telly.

The next day as soon as I came home I saw the "privado" box that was still unopened in the floor and became curious again so I opened it and this one also had photos but this ones were Charlie completely naked, once again I was getting turned on and I decided there was nothing wrong with imagining my best friend, after all there were people out there that had really weird and creepy turn ons, when I finish looking at all the photos I remembered the dvd and I played it, just to find something even hotter. Charlie wearing a piece of lingerie from her "photo shoot" and speaking in spanish, the only thing I understood was "Gastón" but I didn't gave much importance to what she was saying since she began stripping in a really sexy way, first she took off her bra and started rubbing her breasts, it was very obvious she had baby oil since her pale skin began shinning on the spots where she placed her hands, she touched her stomach, her legs, and then began rubbing her pussy with her panties still on, after a bit she took them off and sat in a chair that was directly in front of the camera with her legs wide open; it was a bit weird seeing my friend exposed like this but I couldn't stop watching and I wasn't going to stop this time.

I took my jeans off as soon as she slipped two fingers in her pussy and began moaning, I start rubbing my clit while imagining my fingers were inside her and I was making her moan like that while she was the one touching me, after a while I came. 

Even tough I never admitted it, not even to myself (which is very stupid) I masturbated a lot, mostly because David (my boyfriend) was away a lot because of his job, so the seven days I waited for Charlie to arrive and I had the photos and video in my possession I pleasured myself a lot thinking of an adventure with my friend. 

When Charlie arrived I had packed her stuff as it was when I got it, but I didn't saw her as my sister, the way I had seen her all this years, I saw her as someone I wanted with lust. The third night she was with me as we had a glass of wine I confessed:

-I saw your private photos WHAT?! WHY DID YOU WENT THROUGH MY BOXES?! 

-Well I was curious about it...

-And you didn't thought something that's labelled as private is indeed private?! gosh Willow! 

-Ok chill... I mean is not that big of a deal, Im guessing you did those for Gastón?

-Aha...-she said looking towards at the ground a bit embarrassed and angry at the same time 

-Ok really is not that big of deal, look at me mate- when she raised her head I pulled my shirt up along my bra letting her see my breasts- there you go now you've seen my tits too, boom we all do crazy shit, now can you chill?

Charlie was obviously shocked, she stared at me for a few minutes as I tried to act as relaxed and careless as I could 

-That was hot- she said with a little devilish smile, she was about to say something else but she regret it and just took a sip of her wine

-So David is gone again, huh?

-Yep, he's been in Japan for 3 weeks 

-So I guess you are missing him big time by now

-Well yeah, the sex more than anything- we both laughed 

-That's what I miss the most about my marriage- we laughed again -This conversation is turning hot

-Well not as hot as your poses and your video...-I winked at her saw the video too?

-Yeah but again is not that big of a deal plus we are ok now, aren't we?

-Well you just flashed me because of my pictures, the video was more... explicit 

-So? you want to see me wanking or what?- I said with a giggle - Let me finish my wine and I'll take my panties off for you

Charlie took a big sip of her glass finishing her wine, she bit her lips for a while and looked me in the eyes

-You know what? let's get crazy, do it- she said sounding strong

-Do what?

-Wank infront of me

-What?- I said in a disbelief giggle 

-Why not? we are a bit dizzy from the wine and we are both horny and without a man

-You are nuts- I was really thinking the idea was insane when I began to remember the pictures and when I saw Charlie's cleavage I pictured her pink nipples

-Am I really? I actually think you are really considering it

I didn't answer as the images of her naked body and her fingers in her pussy were in my mind and got me lost in my own thoughts, I was brought back to earth when I felt her hand squeezing my left breast, I looked her in the eye and kissed her, it was only a smooch but it began getting hotter and hotter until our tongues were rolling around each others mouth and we walked towards the living room as we got rid of our shoes and pants.

I took my shirt off and so did she, we began caressing each other's arms, legs and breasts, I laid down on the couch and she laid on top of me while we still kissed, I took her bra off and contemplated those nipples that made my imagination go wild and finally did what I wanted to do since I saw the pictures...I licked and suck on them, meanwhile Charlie placed her hand inside my panties and began rubbing my clit.


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