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A Chance Meeting

A Chance Meeting

Two people meet in a bar in London
It was her first trip to England and she was all eyes. Passport Control had been a breeze. Her diplomatic passport raised a few eye brows as did her attire but nothing beyond what she’d encountered in the past.

She cleared baggage claim and walked out into the cool, damp night air and saw the shuttle for her hotel and hurried over to board. The driver practically fell over his feet getting down out of the shuttle and insisted on carrying her bag up into the shuttle. She was used to it by now but it never sat right with her.

The shuttle arrived at the hotel and the driver made a big deal out of helping her down with her luggage. He then wished her well and began chiding the other passengers for being slow. “I have many other trips to make and you are putting me behind schedule (pronounced SHED-ule, in the English fashion).” She smiled at his accent.

She quickly registered and followed the bellman and her bag to her room. She was tired after the long flight from New York to Heathrow and she wasn’t a spring chicken any longer.

She took off her travel clothes and carefully hung them up. She pulled out a few hairpins and the shook out her long russet brown hair. Feeling much better, she walked naked into the bathroom and took a long shower.

Her superiors frowned on her long hair but so long as it was in a bun and never visible down, they looked the other way more often than not. She opened her bag and took out jeans and a cashmere sweater that had been a gift from her sister. She loved the way it accented her full breasts and the feel of it against her skin. She wriggled into the tight jeans and ran a brush through her hair and then applied light makeup. Satisfied, she grabbed her keycard and clutch and went down to the hotel bar.

She needed a drink.

“Famous Grouse,” was her order and the barman poured the rich and smoky liquor into a tumbler and set it on a coaster and took her credit card. She glanced to her right and saw a tall strawberry blonde sitting at the bar. She grabbed her drink and moved over next to her. Her maternal instincts demanded that she offer comfort to the quietly crying woman.

“I’m Natalie and you’re crying so bend my ear and tell me what’s got you in tears? Sometimes unloading on a total stranger offers new perspectives.”

The gray eyes were red-rimmed and she blew her nose into a bar napkin. It was not a demure blowing, no. It was a full-blown honker of a blow and somehow it made her relaxed and comfortable. Despite the high fashion, this was a down-to-earth girl and Natalie was in need of just such a woman.

“Just another fight with my girlfriend. Probably one of the last though. Tired of her cheating on me like a bitch in heat,” the girl said, between sniffles. Natalie laid a palm on the girl’s thigh in an act of comfort and acknowledgment.

“Been there, got the t-shirt,” said Natalie, beginning to make small circles on the girl’s thigh, slowly increasing the area she was caressing.

“I’m Rose. Rose English. You’re American, aren’t you?” She turned on the stool towards Natalie, and put her hand on Natalie’s thigh, much higher than Natalie’s was.

“I’m – “ She hesitated. She was on a diplomatic mission and as such…used her real surname for the first time in ages.

“I’m Natalie Remington, and yes, I’m an American by birth but I live in…Italy now. So, Rose, why didn’t you sever your relationship with ‘the bitch in heat’ sooner. You’re a beautiful woman and surely the men and women are beating down your door begging you for dates?”

Rose looked into the vacuum of Natalie’s eyes and shuddered but then felt herself falling into them and suddenly trusting the dark haired woman who had taken an interest in her and her woes.

“I – I don’t want to be alone. I’m sorry, I know that sounds stupid but – “

Natalie’s hand tightened for a moment on Rose’s thigh as if to get her attention but then moved her hand slowly towards the woman’s core and began a slow pattern of circles and caresses with her fingertips.

“No. No, Rose. It doesn’t sound stupid at all.”

Rose’s own hand mimicked the woman’s and soon each was feeling the effects of the others slow and gentle caresses. Rose reached for her drink but Natalie’s hand on her wrist stopped her.

“There’s nothing in that glass that will cure your pain, Rose. Nor is there anything in mine. You and I are alike. We give of ourselves unstintingly and are often shocked and disappointed when our significant others don’t reciprocate.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I just don’t want to go home to an empty flat is all. I normally don’t drink at all but it was either this or a dance club and I’m so tired of that scene.”

“I don’t want to be alone either. I just checked in and came down for a nightcap. We could talk in my room and tell each other lies about how happy we are.” She stared into Rose’s eyes and smiled at her, reaching up and cupping her cheek and brushed a lingering tear from her cheek with her thumb.

She took Rose by the forearm and pulled her off the stool and handed the barman her credit card and waited for the receipt.

Her room was on the tenth floor and when the couple stepped into the elevator, Rose’s hand found heir’s and held it to her lips and kissed her fingertips, teasing each with the tip of her tongue.

They were kissing softly by the third floor and by the tenth , Rose had both hands under the sweater and on the shorter woman’s breasts, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger and Natalie’s tongue was halfway down her throat and her fingers were combing though Rose’s closely cropped pubic hair, occasionally slipping deep between her moistened lips.

They straightened their clothing and walked off the elevator and down the hallway, still holding hands. Rose felt a thrill of anticipation as they came to Natalie’s door. Natalie swiped her keycard and opened the door, ushering the younger woman inside.

Without a word, Rose shucked off her blue dress, pulled her panties down around her ankles and then kicked them off along with her ‘sensible’ open-toed heels.

She stood there, hands on hips, breasts high and proud and looked at Natalie, a subtle smile tugging at her lips.

“Well, are you going to stand there or are you going to take off those sexy clothes and join me in your bed or would you prefer that I undress you? Whichever option you choose, please be quick about it. I want to taste you and I believe you wish to do the same.”

The cashmere sweater went sailing and she kicked off her heels and turned around and shimmied out of her jeans, deliberately giving Rose the sight of her backside and trimmed mound.

“Well, good choice, Natalie. And I must say – “

“You talk too much.” Natalie grabbed her by the elbow and led her to the bed and pushed her down and then knelt on the floor between Rose’s legs and began kissing the inside of her thighs, teasing and nipping as she moved upwards.

“Oh, God, yes,” moaned Rose and Natalie’s lips sucked and nipped at the soft flesh, before pushing her onto her back and folding her legs up. When Natalie’s fingertips combed through her trimmed pussy hair, Rose bucked her hips up and Natalie laughed and then began slowly stroking her, enjoying the control she felt over the larger woman.

“Oh!” she yelped in surprise when Natalie reversed her hand so that the backs of her fingers and her nails dragged up over her moist lips, the middle-most finger dipping in between them, the nail scraping the sensitive tissues.

Natalie repeated this several times while her lips sucked and nipped at the soft thigh skin just to the left and right of Rose’s vulva. She could smell how turned on the beauty was becoming.

Rose was in heaven and wanted and needed to feel her lover’s lips on her pussy and clit and threaded her fingers through her hair and gently guided her lips and tongue to where she needed them.

Every pass of Natalie’s fingers made her pussy tremble and her inner muscles longed to be violated by more than a finger.

“Oh, please, Natalie, use you mouth on me. I need to feel you tongue lapping at my clit and – “

Natalie smiled against the girl’s thigh and allowed her to place her mouth where it was needed. She cupped the girl’s full buttocks in hand and lifted her up, mumbling to ‘Shove pillows under your ass, sweetheart,’ and then shoving her tongue between the girl’s wet lips and lapping up her juices.

She felt Rose’s body shift to reach the pillows and, with perfect timing, her hips rose up and she squealed when Natalie’s tongue began lapping at her. Natalie pulled the pillows where she needed them, changing the angle of Rose’s pussy and she began fucking her with her tongue.

The fingers in her hair shifted and Natalie’s heart melted a bit when she felt Rose’s fingers gently caressing her cheeks. It was an unsolicited act of tenderness and Natalie redoubled her efforts in gratitude. There was little tenderness in her life and so she repaid her young lover with lavish swipes of her tongue from ass to clit, the flat of her tongue dragging and pressing and making the girl moan and gasp.

“More,” she whispered urgently. “Natalie, use your fingers, please…I love how you make me feel…oh!” Natalie pressed two fingers deep into Rose’s vagina, dragging them around the tight ring of muscle until the girl’s hips jerked. She’d found the elusive g-spot.

A third finger joined its mates and soon Natalie could hear the sucking sounds as Rose’s arousal made her pussy even wetter. Natalie found the girl’s clit and wrapped her lips around it and sucked, hearing Rose’s sudden intake of breath and giggled to herself.

"‘She’s so wet and ripe for the picking," she thought.

 She kept her on the edge of orgasm for a while and then her own needs overwhelmed her. Natalie reached up and dragged her fingernails roughly down and over Rose’s breasts and down her stomach knowing that the thin, red streaks would be there for a day or two as a reminder.

Maybe it was the frisson of pain that shot through her but suddenly Rose felt that bubbling pressure building up and finally erupting into a mind-blowing orgasm. She rubbed her pussy against Natalie’s face and let out an elongated ‘unggg’ that pushed all of Natalie’s buttons.

She stood up, knees popping from being on them so long and pushed Rose’s thighs wide apart at the knees and then reached under the knees and lifted Rose’s legs up against her belly. Rose’s eyes popped open and Natalie shoved her pussy against the girl’s and started rubbing it against Rose’s, pressing hard and going faster and faster.

“No, please, too much…” Her clit was so sensitive after orgasms and the friction and pressure was sending ripples of near-pain throughout her pussy.

Another button pushed, and Natalie began pounding into Rose, her pubic bone hitting the girl’s sensitive clit over and over again.

She could tell that Rose was becoming almost mad with lust and it made her clit even more engorged until it was as long as her first thumb joint and as thick as the first joint on her forefinger. And rigid with engorged blood.

Her breath was coming in gasps as her rigid clip rubbed down and over Rose’s clit again and again until Natalie lifted the girl’s hips higher and started to slide up and down on the other girl’s pussy, the hard clit easily parting Rose’s pussy lips and giving Natalie much-needed friction.

Natalie threw her head back as her orgasm tore though her. Rose saw this and reached up and grabbed Natalie’s nipples and pinched and twisted them, watching as Natalie’s mouth formed a great big ‘0’ and came again.

Natalie collapsed against the girl, still between her thighs and Rose pushed her hair away from her face and covered it with soft kisses, enjoying how Natalie’s trembling made her clit tingle.

“Natalie, that was wonderful.” Another kiss, this time full on the lips. “I want to do that again, only this time…I want your pussy in my mouth when you cum, baby. You only got half the job done.”

Natalie kissed Rose goodbye in the early morning after exchanging cell numbers. As soon as the tall strawberry blonde was on the elevator, Natalie tore the note into tiny pieces and flushed them down the commode.

She showered off the smell of cum and what remained of her makeup. Natalie frowned and the put her hair up in her usual tight bun. She took her time getting dressed and went down to check out. Her meeting would be over by 4pm and her flight back to Rome was at 7pm.

“Ah, Sister Ricci, I hope your stay was pleasant. Your car will be here shortly and if there is anything else you require...”

“No, my son, thank you. God has been good to me and my needs have been met.”

She turned on her heel, her black habit swirling around her ankles, and walked to the revolving door, straightening her mantissa in the reflection in the glass and dragging her wheeled suitcase behind her.

She was on time for her meeting. She was one of three speakers condemning the spread of lesbianism in society and she represented the Catholic Church’s viewpoint and solutions. The irony was not lost on her.

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