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A chance opportunity

She doesn't believe in second chances.
She stood next to me, a short girl of 5' 2". Her dark brown hair, almost verging on black was covering the majority of her face. She was hiding her beauty away from the world tonight.

This was a gathering for a friend's father who had recently passed. All of his friends had come in support of his family. His father was a famous man- but it was still a shock at the number of people who were in attendance. There really wasn't enough room for everyone to be seated, so the elderly were in the chairs and those of stronger bodies were standing in the back.

Me, being your average 20 year old girl: 5'8", brown hair, brown eyes, permanent tan, full lips, DD breasts, and a wonderful ass (so I've been told), categorized me in the 'stable enough to stand at the back' category. Apparently you as well, although you being just that bit shorter than me, made you unable to see anything going on at the front.

More and more people were filing in, and there really wasn't room. I don't know you, but I notice that you're beautiful, extremely so. I'm sure you have caught me looking, and introduce yourself.

"I'm Mariah," you say, your voice crisp and proper, and yet somehow cracked at the edges in a sultry tone. Your lips are so even, and I am mesmerised by them. I take a step back allowing more people to make leeway into the back section. I take one step too far though and I accidentally back up into a taller gentleman whose coffee ends up all over me and my jacket.

You witness my embarassing feat, and you begin laughing. I wonder how foolish I look to you.. Although inwardly I'm incredibly devastated and unable to process how, or what just happened.

"Let's go to the bathroom," you order, taking my hand into yours and leading me out of this big room. "I'll get it off for you."

I'm amazed at your bold kindness. We walk past a crowd of people who, I'm sure, will take our spots at the back.

"This way," you order again, leading me to the left of the enterance. We reach the women's washroom and we swiftly enter. It's deserted. Perhaps all of the women are too enthralled with the well off man who lost his father to go to the bathroom..

I take off my jacket and hand it to you, standing in only my practical skirt and blouse. That jacket is like a second skin to me, and I cannot bear to part with it. I watch you feverishly work out the splatters with a paper towel and some warm water. You are a miracle worker- because after five or so minutes, my jacket looks brand new!

"Thank you so much, you don't know how much I love this thing. It was so kind of you," I say, hugging my jacket for dear life. It's the same jacket, but now it has the added bonus of your scent. You smell like a light lingering perfume, with a hint of musk. The smell is intoxicating, and yet beautifully delicate. "I might have been completely lost without your expertise!"

You chuckle at this, and I chuckle. I wonder if you notice how I'm looking at you.. Can you tell that I'm undressing you with my eyes, and fucking you in my mind? Bending you over the counter in this bathroom and making you moan until-

"HELLLLOOOOO!" you're saying, waving your hand in front of my face, trying to get my attention.

"Sorry," I apologize, offering you my due attention. I feel like such a pervert, imagining the ways I could take you. Here! In a bathroom!

"You look really beautiful," you say. Is it me or are you getting closer? I can feel my heartbeat quicken. "The second I saw you, I knew I had to get you alone." If my heart wasn't going crazy before, now it's beating like an 808. Your words are sending chills down my spine. You find me attractive? Do you want to be with me the way I want to be with you?

"You're flawless, stunning- I mean you obviously play the male role, but you're still fucking gorgeous," you say with the air of authority. We're less than a hairs length away.. Well if we are all going to be revealing our desires..

"You know I've been eye fucking you for the past hour right? I mean you're mind blowingly beautiful," I admit looking deep into your brown eyes. Those sexy, sexy brown eyes.

"Yeah I've noticed." You giggle, outing your hand against my cheek in a gentle caress before closing the gap between us.

Our kiss is beautiful. Your lips are soft and yet firm and play a strange melody of delight on mine. The pressure of your tiny frame feels like the weight of the world. Your lips battle mine for fleeting moments of control. At war for what could have been an eternity we both raise our white flags to our kissing battle.

"Come home with me?" I say breathlessly, offering you more should you accept my bargain. You reach out to take my hand. You plant a kiss along the base of every finger.

"If you're a bird I'm a bird," you begin to say. Thank god I spent that day watching the notebook last week.

"And where I go, you will follow. Which appears to be to mine tonight," I say firmly taking your hand and pulling you from the bathroom, out the door, and into the cold and bitter winter air.

I love the winter. Mostly because of how pristine everything is after an untouched snowfall. But tonight I don't have time to find beauty in the winter, as I am too busy finding all of the beauty in you.

"I'm Brittany by the way..." I say; finally introducing myself. You smile, your teeth are beautiful. I stop to kiss you passionately in the snow, more than once. The result being that my toes are probably frozen now. Your kisses are like electricity to my frozen skin. We only have a few more blocks to go.

"What made you say yes?" I ask. I don't know what I'm expecting as a responce, but I know that I want one.

"I said yes because you asked. If you hadn't asked I wouldn't have said yes. BUT I suppose that you're more curious about why I didn't say no," you add, giving me a mischievous grin. Watch out, we've got one regular old smart ass over here. We've barely known each other for a half an hours time, and it's although you already know me.

"The truth is I don't believe in second chances, when life offers you an opportunity you take it, because a second opportunity is further away than one might anticipate. And I'm not losing my chance at you," you finish softly. We're almost to my door, I fumble for keys, which are probably in the very bottom of my purse. My hands are frozen, so it sure isn't helping the effort any.

Once I locate them (in my side pocket) the door is open and we both enter my nice appartment. The heat is welcome after our snow voyage. I wonder if you plan on staying the entire night or sneaking out once you've been satisfied.

I do not dwell on it for long, finding it better to put those thoughts to rest rather than setting a bad tone for our evening together.

"Would you like something to drink? I've got beer, coolers, wine, water, water that's been turned to wine, that last one was a joke, juice, and pop. Pick your poison!" I say counting all the items on my fingers.

"Wine would be perfect!" you reply from the living room. I like your taste, wine would have been my first choice as well. I wonder what other things we have in common? I wonder if you like sleeping until you wake up, or if you like baths. I bring two glasses of wine and sit next to you on the faux leather couch. The electric fireplace casts a dim glow on our bodies.

"Thank you," I say turning to you, there's another micheivious grin on your face, and I'm excited to know what it means. You reach out to me, caressing my neck and shoulders, moving to my arms. Will you reach and touch my aching breasts?

"I haven't done anything worth thanking quite yet," you retort as your hands continue on their merry rounds, avoiding my most needy places. And by surprise you take my shirt off. Not that I would have protested otherwise. You kiss my neck, my lips, my breasts, but it's not enough. My stiff nipples are now poking through my bra.

I frantically unclip my bra, and throw it across my living room, not caring where it lands. My breasts are now free, and you cup them tenderly, yet firmly. My nipples stand at erect little points, like guards of my flesh. You clamp your lips on them, sucking and nibbling. You're driving me wild, and I haven't even taken off my underwear yet.

"God, your body is so damn beautiful!" you say in between mouthfulls of breasts. You know what you're doing, and my body feels so relaxed when you're touching me.

You leave my breasts aching, but pleased. You kiss my neck in the one place that could make me cum instantly. I hold off, but feel my panties become soaked. You kiss from my neck, between my breasts, to my rib cage, down my stomach to my belly button. You nibble, and lick my tummy causing me to arch my back feverishly into your wonderful, pleasing mouth.

You unzip my flimsy skirt allowing me to raise my hips temporarily so you can remove it completely. Now I'm left in only a lacy black thong. The look on your face says you approve, and I'm glad you do. You tease me with the already soaked through panties. You take the top of the triangle of fabric, and pull it together, and drag it through my pussy lips. You turn me on so much.

"Just fuck me already!" I moan out to you, pleading for my much needed release. You look shocked fir a moment as I begin taking my panties off myself.

"You have such a dirty mouth for such a pretty girl," you growl, licking your lips in anticipation. Those lips better be on my pussy pretty soon or I might lose it.

You give in to me, smothering my pussy with your warm mouth. I can feel the heartbeat in my pussy. My engorged clit and puffy lips have been waiting in earnest for this since I first saw you. I can't help but moan as you expertly eat me as though you have spent countless hours with my body. Your agile tongue impales me, driving me up the wall even more. I arch my back into your face, humping forcefully as though your tongue was a little cock I was fucking back.

"Oh fuuuuuuck baby...mmmmmm," I half whisper, half moan. I have lost all control of my vocal chords as you insert two fingers into my dripping hole.

"FuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK, I'm so close baby, I'm so fucking close!" I whimper, gasping for air as you begin rocketing your hand into my pussy. You suck my clit into your waiting mouth. Your tongue flicks it, and this causes my body to spasm. You curve your fingers and they hit my sweet spot; again and again, and again and one more time until the combination of stimuli sends my body into an overload.

"Shiiiiiiiiit! Fuck." I moan as my body convulses uncontrollably. My whole body feels like it's throbbing in the wake of the orgasam. My body comes down from the incredible high. You stroke my exposed flesh, from my breasts to my toes. Your lips embrace mine causing my body to react.

"You were so beautiful," you say, kissing my nose, my forehead. I smile, you get me and I love that.

"All thanks to your hard work," I say kissing you full on the lips. I taste myself on you. I like my taste mixed with your delicious saliva.

"It was truly my pleasure," you say fondling my breasts. Playing with my hypersensitive nipples as my chest rises and falls with my breathing.

I notice that you've still got your clothes on- this is a situation that needs to be rectified.

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