A College Student Gets Caught

By Jennyxxx

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Elaine touches herself in class and gets caught by her tutor, Miss Forth
This is a story for sweet Elaine, she asked me to write this for her. I hope you like it Elaine.

Elaine was a full time student and had just entered her final year. She didn`t particularly enjoy college, she was the oldest student on her course and didn`t share the same interests as the other students, all they seemed to want to do was finish their lessons get back to their rooms and go online. Elaine, on the other hand, preferred to go out, she liked the atmosphere of the local pubs and clubs. Only the previous evening she had been out until the early hours of the morning dancing and generally having a good time in the local club. She did sometimes get a bit fed up with all the men trying to chat her up, gazing into her breasts as they talked to her, and she always left alone, preferring her own company in the privacy of her own bed, there was plenty of time to find Mr Right later. She did enjoy the company of one man the previous evening though, he was just under 6` tall, dark hair and was quite well built, she didn`t mind at all when she caught him gazing at her chest. In fact she was a bit disappointed when he left.

So here she was, sat at the back of a lecture room, listening to Miss Forth giving another of her riveting lectures, and then just as things couldn`t get any worse, Miss Forth dimmed the lights and put on a film. Elaine started to watch but soon her mind started to wander, she started to think about the guy she met last night, she wondered if he would be there again tonight, she imagined him whisking her away to his flat, slowly stripping her, laying her on his bed, caressing her, and slowly kissing every inch of her body before he would make gentle passionate love to her. As she imagined this a smile spread across her face, she closed her eyes and placed a hand in her lap. She imagined it was his hand as she applied a bit of pressure onto her crotch, the heel of her hand pushing into her hot mound through her tight jeans. Without even thinking she found herself undoing the button on her Jeans, and slowly pulling the zip down, and then slipping a hand into the waistband of her jeans.

As the film droned on in the background she continued to massage herself. Her fingers reached down along her panties, the heel of her hand pressing firmly onto her mound, gently moving back and forth, applying pressure to her aching clit. She could feel her panties becoming damp as her pussy started to get wet, she eased her panties to one side allowing her to slip a finger along her slit, almost making her moan as she felt her finger slip into her slit. Curling her finger, she managed to slip a finger into her tight pussy hole, making her gasp quietly, she snapped her eyes open, afraid that someone had seen her, but no everyone was watching the film. She slowly inched her jeans down a fraction allowing her better access to her sweet pussy and continued to touch herself.

She looked down, watching her hand slide under the fabric of her lace panties, she could make out the wispy hair of her well-trimmed pussy, smiling she continued to play with herself, finding herself even more aroused by the fact she was masturbating in public. Her finger quickly found her wet slit again and she slid a finger back and forth along it, spreading her wetness over her pussy. She slipped a finger inside her, pushing it deeper and deeper, wanting it deeper still but unable to because of her clothes. She slid her other hand under her first, and extended her fingers, gently pushing through her hair, her fingers eager to reach her clit, further until they brushed against her sensitive button, this time she made sure not to let out a moan, she rubbed her finger around it in tight circles as she pushed a finger as deep as she could into her dripping hole. She brushed a finger over her throbbing clit, and then as she started to rub harder she could feel herself getting so close.

And with that the lights blinked on, immediately she pulled her hands away from her pussy. She managed to fasten the button on her jeans and pull the zip back up, looking down she could see her wetness glistening on her fingers. Oh god, she thought she really wanted to cum, she needed to finish herself off. Involuntarily she brought her fingers up to her nose, she breathed in and smelt her delicate odour on her fingers, her tongue snaked out and she licked her fingers, tasting herself, enjoying her sweet taste, licking all her wetness off her fingers.

She excused herself from the class and made her way to the ladies, desperate to finish herself off. Thankfully there was no-one in the ladies when she got there, she selected the cubicle at the end, and slipped in, making sure to secure the door.

She turned around and undid her jeans, slipping them down her thighs, and then she slid her lace panties down, noticing the damp spot on them. Putting the seat down she sat on the toilet, looking down she watched as she started to rub her pussy with her right hand, slowly at first, her fingers gently rubbing along her lips. Her left hand started to undo the buttons on her blouse, reaching inside she ran a finger over her hard nipples first one then the other, she unclipped the clasp on her bra and let her fingers push under the material of her bra, feeling her breasts, her fingers running up over her flesh until she started to rub her hard nipples, teasing them, gently pinching them between her fingers.

She continued to rub her pussy as she did this, her fingers rubbing, with more and more urgency, along her lips, feeling her wetness, her lips spreading easily allowing her fingers to run along her slit. She moved first to her clit, rubbing it hard, squeezing it, pulling on it, and then back down. She pushed a finger inside, deep inside and then another, followed by a third. She could feel herself moaning as she fingered herself, she was so close now. Bringing her hand from her breasts she started to rub her clit, slowly at first, and then picking up pace she frantically rubbed her clit with one hand, three fingers of her other hand pumping in and out of her dripping pussy. She could feel herself start to cum, her stomach doing somersaults, her back arching. She rubbed her clit harder and then let out a small scream as she felt her pussy contract around her fingers, she felt her pussy start to spasm around them, her juice flowing down her buried fingers.

She sat there for a moment, trying to compose herself, her legs felt like jelly, her breasts ached and her pussy felt as if it were on fire. She couldn`t remember cumming so hard before. Finally she did her bra back up and fastened her blouse. As she stood she could see the pool of her cum on the toilet seat. She cleaned herself up pulled her panties back up, followed by her jeans. She unlocked the door and stepped out.

Miss Forth stood in front of her, her hands folded across her chest.

“Miss Forth, I didn`t expect to find you in here.” Elaine managed to stammer, “I`m just coming back to the lesson now.”

“No need, the lessons over. I want to see you in my office now.” And with that Miss Forth turned and walked out of the ladies and headed down the corridor towards her office.

Elaine stood looking at herself in the mirror, noticing her nipples still proud, poking through her blouse. Her face was flushed, she was perspiring slightly, she didn`t know if it was because of the confrontation with Miss Forth or her actions moments earlier.

Leaving the ladies, she followed Miss Forth down the corridor, and to her office. Elaine knocked on the door and entered

Miss Forth was seated at her desk, she looked sternly at Elaine. “Well, what have you to say about your actions today?”

“I don`t know what you mean, I was just using the bathroom, I`ve done nothing wrong.”

“Well what about this.”

Miss Forth took her phone out of handbag and showed it to Elaine.

“I heard you moan in the lecture, I thought you must be ill, so I came to find out, and well I think the pictures speak for themselves.”

Elaine nervously took the phone from her tutor and looked at the screen. It clearly showed her, her eyes closed her hands rammed down her trousers.

“Look at the next one”

Elaine scrolled to the next picture, and then the next, there could be no mistake, she had been caught red handed, she felt herself turn crimson.

“And then I follow you to the bathroom, and what do I find, you in one of the stalls making yourself cum, Do you know what will happen when I bring this to the attention of the head?”

Elaine just stood there she couldn`t believe she had been caught like this. “Miss Forth, please don`t say anything, I`m so sorry, I promise it won`t happen again.”

Miss Forth didn`t say anything, she just leant back in her chair and stared at Elaine.

“Miss Forth, I will do anything, just please don`t go to the head, honestly I will do anything.”

Elaine noticed a smile spread across Miss Forth`s face, she looked at her phone and scrolled through the pictures. “Anything, you say you will do anything.”

“Yes, just name it.” Elaine was nearly in tears by now.

Miss Forth moved to the door and locked it, “Very well, you seem to enjoy your own body, I want to enjoy it, strip for me.” Miss Forth perched herself on the edge of her desk.

“What” stammered Elaine.

“You heard, if you want to remain in this college, strip for me. The choice is yours.”

Elaine studied Miss Forth, she knew she wasn`t bluffing. Slowly she started to undo the buttons of her blouse, when all the buttons were undone she stared at Miss Forth, in the hope that she would call an end to this.

“Carry on.” Was the response she got.

Elaine slipped her blouse off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor. She next undid her jeans, and slipped them down, bending forward to ease them down over her legs, until she was standing there in just her underwear.

“And the rest.” Hissed Miss Forth.

Elaine reached behind her and un did the clasp of her bra, slipping the straps from her shoulders she let it fall to the floor. She looked ahead of her and into the eyes of Miss Forth, she noticed that she was staring intently at her body, savouring her naked flesh. Elaine hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly, ever so slowly slipped them down her slender thighs, as she bent forward, she maintained eye contact with Miss Forth.

Miss Forth seemed to be squirming slightly, Elaine noticed her nipples sticking through her top, looking down she watched as Miss Forth rubbed her thighs together, her skirt riding up slightly as she did so.

Miss Forth slid off the edge of her desk and walked to Elaine, she circled her, examining her and then stood before her.

“Do you know what you are doing to me, do you know how you are making me feel?” Miss Forth asked.

Elaine slowly shook her head, and felt her tutor take her hand, Miss Forth guided Elaine`s hand forward, turning it slightly, she then placed it onto her mound, she made Elaine touch her through her skirt. Elaine could feel the heat of her tutors hot mound, Miss Forth held her hand there and then she forced it further onto her mound, slowly rubbing it up and down.

Elaine tried to pull her hand away, but Miss Forth resisted, “I think you want this don`t you, you want to touch me, to touch me as you touched yourself.”

Elaine wanted to stop, but couldn`t, she realised that Miss Forth had released her hand but she was rubbing her tutor on her own, she could stop, but didn`t, in fact she rubbed harder.

Miss Forth brought her own hands up to her breasts and started to rub them through her top, massaging them, her fingers rubbing in small circles around her rapidly hardening nipples.

Elaine continued to rub her tutors mound, as she did so she started to ease up her skirt, higher and higher, as she did so she exposed her stocking tops contrasting against her milky white thighs. Elaine rubbed harder, her fingers probing harder. She stopped for a moment, to release Miss Forth`s skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor, before continuing to rub her.

Miss Forth removed her top, lifting it over her head and throwing it onto the floor.

Elaine`s finger started to scratch along Miss Forth`s tiny panties, pushing the material into her slit, her fingers now searching out her tutors slit, wanting to touch her lips, to rub her clit. As she continued to rub her she felt Miss Forth`s hand s on her head, forcing her down. Elaine resisted slightly, but knowing that she would inevitably be made to, she knelt on the floor. Looking forward she could see her Tutors mound, her sweet pussy hidden behind her damp panties. Elaine slowly slipped the panties down, allowing her to see, for the first time, another woman`s pussy.

Elaine smoothed her hand over Miss Forth`s mound and edged forward, spreading her lips with her fingers she kissed her tutors pussy, gently at first, small light kisses.

Miss Forth moaned and forced Elaine`s head onto her mound.

Elaine was forced into her tutors mound, she slid her tongue out and started to lick, she licked just as she licked to be licked, her tongue rasping along her slit hard one minute and the softly the next, alternating in pressure all the time, tasting her tutors wetness, smelling her sweet juice.

Miss Forth started to moan even more, she was grinding herself hard onto Elaine`s mouth.

Elaine continued to lick her tutor, her tongue sliding up and down her tutors swollen lips dipping into her pussy and then moving up to her clit, slowly sucking it into her mouth and then sucking hard on it before gently chewing it, enjoying the feeling of her tutor writhing against her. She moved back down to her hole, her tongue probing her tutor`s tight hole, forcing it deep inside her, savouring her juice that was running down her slit.

As Elaine sucked and kissed her tutors pussy she couldn`t help but slip a hand down between her own legs, feeling her own wetness, pushing a finger deep inside herself, feeling her own pussy enveloping her own fingers. She started to fuck her own pussy as she sucked on her tutors pussy, she felt her tutor grab her head pulling her deep into her, she was grinding herself onto her tongue.

Miss Forth started to moan, Elaine sensed she was close to cumming, indeed she was close as well. She forced her tongue as deep as she could into her tutors pussy and just as she felt the contractions on her tongue she moved immediately to her clit. Sucking it deep into her mouth and then gently biting it.

Miss Forth screamed as she came, flooding Elaine`s face with her sweet juice, her cum flowing down her slit.

Elaine felt Miss Forth start to cum and with a final thrust of her own fingers, she started to cum as well, the two of them moaning and writhing. Elaine savouring the taste of another woman`s cum, loving the sweet taste as she lapped for all she was worth, not wanting to miss a drop of the sweet juice from Miss Forth`s pussy.

Elaine collapsed back exhausted, her face slick with Miss Forth`s cum, her fingers still buried deep inside herself. She licked her lips, and as she did so Miss Forth spoke.

“I`ve not finished with you yet, I have some extra work for you to at my apartment, if you want to stay on this course you will meet me there later.”

Elaine brought her fingers up to her mouth, licked her own cum off them and replied “Just try and stop me”