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A day at the office - Part 2

Another dull day at the office turned into something exquisite - Written with lustmaven7.
After she cleaned me up she signed the paperwork, she gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, “Until I see you again.”

I never did see her after that, I sent the crew out to move her and she called to thank me for the excellent service we provided. 

It has been a couple of months since Ellen moved with our help. We've been keeping in contact through email and chat. One morning, I was chatting with her and the chat came to the point where I told her I wished she were here. Right at that moment the door of the office swung open and there she stood.

Utterly perplexed, I was looking back and forth between her and my screen. She rushed behind the counter and turned my chair around, dropped to her knees and pulled down my black tights, exposing me. Voraciously, she started eating out my pussy through my lace string. Too stunned, I just let her.

Suddenly she turned me back around and started touching me all over my body. Like a hundred arms and fingers she was massaging and pinching every hot zone on my body. Her fingers roamed from my pussy over my clit, under my top to my breasts pinching my nipples. All the while her lips were kissing my down my neckline.

I felt my pussy become very wet and I began to lose myself in the overkill of gentle brushes, touches and occasional pinches. She ran her finger through my dampened slit and as her hands went up my body again she smoothly pulled off my top showing my tits, held up by a demi-bra.

Before I knew what happened, she had my hands tied back behind the chair with my top. She turned me back around and undid me from my string.

She started feasting on my sex, driving me to the brink of an orgasm when she suddenly stopped and whispered, “Oh no you don't, not yet at least!”

I looked down to her in anguish, I wanted to cum so hard. Instead she looked around my desk for something and pulled the mouse cord loose. With that she tied up my ankles to the back of the chair. I was completely stuck with no way to get off my chair. I was completely exposed to her and everyone that came into the office. At the time I could not have cared less. I just wanted to cum.

She then went looking around the office, I asked her what she was looking for and she shushed me. I kept asking her saying I could help her.

At that point she came back and said, “I want it to be a surprise,” and stuffed my drenched string in my mouth and used the tights as a blindfold.

After this I only heard her rummaging around, until suddenly I felt something ice cold on my clit.

“She must have found some ice cubes in the freezer,” I thought to myself, gasping loudly.

“This ought to cool you down,” she said. I only nodded.

She put a couple of them inside my pussy. I arched up because of the cold and she quickly put some binders under my ass.

Having done that, I was now fully exposed to her. From my ass to my clit, she could do anything she wanted to.

“Will you keep quiet?” she asked me, “And only speak unless spoken to?”

I simply nodded. She removed my string from my mouth, leaving the blindfold on.

“Now work on this for a while,” as she pressed her pussy against my mouth.

I started licking and sucking her luscious lips and clit like a mad women. She started dripping and her cum started trickling down my chin, dripping on my chest between my tits.

Meanwhile she started again on my pussy and started rimming me from my ass to my clit. She pulled my ass cheeks wide apart and started to fuck my ass with her tongue. This sent shivers through my entire body. I felt I was drawing near to an orgasm again.

Ellen must have felt that as well because she stopped and said, “Control yourself or I’ll have to cool you down again!”

But before I could respond, I felt an ice-cold metallic rosebud butt plug being pressed on my sphincter. She pushedharder and I felt the plug pop into my ass easily. It felt so cold and yet so good.

She removed the blindfold and put a big bag of clothespins on my desk. “I want you to learn to control yourself, “ she said.

I just nodded, looking wearily to the bag of pegs.

“You cannot come before I come, are we clear?”

I just replied with a yes.

She smacked me on the plug and said, “Yes who?”

I was quick to respond with, “Yes ma'am.”

“Good girl,” she said patting me on the head.

“Now get to work,” and she put her pussy on my mouth again. I began licking and nibbling her clit voraciously, tongue fucking her pussy fast and deep.

“If I can get her to come fast then I will have release and this ordeal is over, “ I thought to myself.

But then she started nibbling and licking my pussy and clit again and I felt the tension build up in my loins again. I was about to come, but I had to hold it in. For some time I managed to hold my composure well but somehow she must have felt I wouldn’t be able to in the end.

She stopped, telling me to continue on her pussy, as I eagerly did. She grabbed a clothespin and put it on my left nipple, I let out a high-pitched sound. She muffled my scream by pressing her pussy harder on my mouth.

The next thing I knew she was sexing me up again. She was rimming me from my ass around the plug over my pussy to my clit on which she started to nibble most intensely. All the while playing with the plug pulling it out and popping it back in again.

“I would hold it in this time, definitely!” so I thought.

My body got the better of me and she felt it. Again she stopped and took two pegs out this time.

My anxious eyes followed the pegs putting one on my right nipple and one on my clit. When the last peg got hold of my swollen clit I arched even more, moaning with pain.

“I have an entire bag of these. Will you keep it in this time?” she demanded.

“Yes ma'am,” I responded weakly.

“Good, now get me off, before I get bored and begin using more of the clothespins on you.”

Like a beast, I set myself to the task on getting her to ecstasy. I don’t want any more clothespins on my body. However, I wondered where she would put them.

As if she had read my mind I felt two pegs being placed on either of my pussy lips.

“Here is a reminder of what happens when I get bored, “ she said.

I had stopped indeed; my mind had wandered from the task. So I dove back in her sex again, licking and nibbling, tongue fucking her pussy and ass. She started to moan.

While she was tongue fucking my pussy, she grabbed a vibrator from her purse and put that against the rosebud, sending warm sensations from my ass up my spine to my brain. Then she put the vibe to max and held it on the clothespin fastened to my clit. This gave me such a jolt of pleasure, I had to use all my will to withstand coming there and then.

Instead I focused on her pussy and ass, taking turns in tongue fucking them. I felt my tongue grow numb and tired but I didn’t want to give up. My stamina paid off when all of a sudden she came. Her juices were flooding and squirting all over my face, nearly drowning me with it. I eagerly lapped it all up, tasting how heavenly her cum was.

At that moment she rammed the vibe all the way in my pussy and removed the peg on my clit. At once all feeling came back to it and made me explode, squirting all over her lovely black hair.

“Yes lover, give it all to me! “ she yelled rapturously.

I kept coming, soaking all of her hair and a good deal of my desk. My entire body shook and arched around the chair. When she removed the binders, I fell back in my chair. Still in a daze I sat there completely spent in a puddle of my own and her juices.

Before I even realized what had just happened, she had put her own clothes back on and was out the door.

In the chat box on my screen I read: "The rosebud is yours, wear it whenever you want me around!"

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