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A Double Orgasm Hits a First Time Writer

A first time writer conjures up a story that leaves her spent - twice
There I was, a thirty-seven year old woman, sitting looking at my iMac screen with my fingers poised over the keyboard. It was pretty late on a Saturday and I was just wearing a red cotton vest top and plain white panties. The lights were low and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc looked at me from my desk.

That week had been a bit of a strange one. On Monday I had finally moved into a new flat after years in my old terraced house which sadly had become like a pair of old shoes without the comfort. My new place was pretty modern with all the technology you could want.

Tuesday was the day when I cropped my dark hair pretty short. I loved it even though a couple of girlfriends hated it.

The same day I stumbled across a website full of erotic stories about every subject you could think of. To be honest, I never had thought of myself as an overtly sexual person. I enjoyed sex with men, masturbated maybe a couple of times a week, didn’t own any sort of vibrator, and had never shaved my pussy.

My body was slim with small boobs, a nice soft arse and decent legs. I wore glasses a lot of the time and generally just got on with my normal, normal life.

The stories on the site were really interesting and well written. I ploughed through the straight sex, masturbation and lesbian sections pretty quickly. As I sat there mouse in hand, reading the words on the screen, I had noticed that familiar ache between my thighs and my nipples getting hard.

As I read, I would idly touch my breasts and pinch my nipples. Sometimes I would go further and gently rub my pussy over whatever I was wearing, just to get some kind of relief. It was almost like I was on auto-pilot for an hour, reading, touching and squeezing.

When I was done, I would just retire to my new bed and masturbate with my fingers until I came once and then fall sleep.

I had spent the day shopping with my girlfriends. The three of us had all bought swimsuits and bikinis ready for our annual trip to Italy and after we had paraded around a few small boutiques, we retired for a glass of wine and a spot of dinner.

I got home feeling at a bit of a loss, so fired up the computer, poured a glass of wine and started reading. After the second story I was feeling a bit horny but instead of a quick feel, I decided to try and write my own story.

I spent the next twenty minutes searching desperately for a scenario or theme but kept returning to today’s shopping trip. Although I had never had any lesbian tendancies, I can remember admiring my two friends, Annie and Belinda, as they tried on various bit of swimwear.

Annie was petite like me but with long blonde hair, while Belinda had a fuller figure and long auburn hair. We were all single and often talked about our exploits, although their experiences far outweighed mine.

So that was it, I decided. Some sort of lesbian story involving me and my mates, based around a shopping trip for swimwear. Its got to be easy.

Right, I thought lets get started.


There we were the three of us in a pretty large changing room, loaded up with various bikinis, laughing and giggling like naughty schoolgirls. As we all began to strip off, I could only admire Annie’s and Belinda’s bodies. Annie’s small boobs looked great and she always seemed to be in a permanent state of arousal with her nipples standing out like buttons.

Belinda on the other hand had largish breasts and dark nipples which had remained in place over the years. Her bra was black lace and matched her panties. I, on the other hand, was wearing my traditional plain white cotton underwear, which both of them always laughed at because they were so ordinary.


So far so good, I thought to myself. I was beginning to get into this quite quickly and my fingers moved across the keyboard with ease as I typed away.


All of us were now in various stages of dress and undress. I was just in my panties while Annie and Belinda were in their third choice of bikini. Annie sat on the bench and took off the top, placing it on the bench before giving Belinda’s arse a quick squeeze and then a playful smack.

Belinda swung round and tried to pinch Annie’s nipples, laughing out loud and calling her a closet lesbian. I laughed as I watched the two of them begin a bit of playful wrestling, eventually falling to the floor in some sort of bizarre clinch.

Luckily the changing rooms were a long way from the shop and through a noisy swing door. If the assistant appeared, we would hear her coming a mile off.

I sat down on the bench and watched Annie and Belinda continue their wrestling match there on the floor, giggling as each of them took it in turns to dominate the other by sitting on top.


I paused for thought, wondering how to proceed with my tale and as I did so slipped my left hand inside my vest and began to touch my nipple, giving it an occasional pinch. It felt good.


The wrestling match was now less frantic and the huffing and puffing had all but stopped. Belinda was quite clearly the stronger. She had pinned Annie down and was able to hold both her hands above her head leaving one hand free.

With one movement, Belinda reached behind her and undid her bikini top, letting it fall and then lowered herself towards Annie, before starting to rub her breasts in her friend’s face. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but it looked fascinating.

Without blinking an eye, Belinda managed to place her nipple on Annie’s lips. Strangely there was no struggle from our blonde friend. Instead she extended her tongue and began to lick it. As she did so Belinda’s eyes closed and a quiet sigh indicated her approval.


As I typed up the scene before me, I continued to rub my breast inside my vest, feeling the pleasure begin to flow through to my belly. My mouth was dry and open but to be honest this was too much fun to worry about anything like that.


As Annie licked and sucked Belinda’s nipple, I brought my hands up to my own breasts and started to squeeze them quite hard. The sight before me was making me feel quite horny and I could feel my pussy beginning to get a bit damp.


Luckily, I discovered I could type pretty well one handed as by now I had my left hand on the front of my panties gently pressing against my pussy, which had begun to leak its juices.


As I ran my hands over my belly and down to my panties, I noticed Belinda’s hand move back behind her, slide between Annie’s legs and start rubbing her pussy. With that, I slipped both hands inside my panties and started to rub my clit before sliding a finger between my very wet lips.

Annie had begun to breath a bit heavier and was moving her hips into time with Belinda’s hand. As she did so Belinda released her grip and took Annie’s right hand and placed it on her own pussy, moaning as Annie applied some pressure.


By now my left hand was inside my panties rubbing my clit in a slow circular motion. I had never been this wet before and so turned on but I needed to finish the story.


Annie was now breathing pretty heavily, but had managed to pull aside Belinda’s bikini gusset and slipped two fingers into her shaven pussy. As she fingered fucked her friend I could hear the wetness and see Annie’s fingers coated in pussy juice.

I stood up, pulled my panties off, and moved forward to stand right next to my friends. I stood there able to see what they were doing to each other, my right hand rubbing my clit in ever faster circles.


With each typed word my pussy hand began to speed up. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build there at my desk. It felt so good but I just had to finish the story so took my hand out of my panties, licked my fingers and got back to typing.


I could now clearly see Belinda’s hand moving inside Annie’s bikini bottoms at an ever increasing tempo. As she rubbed, she began to moan, moving her hips against Annie’s own fingers as they moved in and out of her pussy.

Annie was looking up at me, concentrating on my own movements, sighing as Belinda’s hand worked its magic. My hand was moving faster on my clit, causing me to start shaking. I had never come standing up before but I knew it was going to happen right there over my friends.


This was getting a bit much. As the images filled my head, my left hand went back to my pussy, pressing against my swollen clit as I typed. God, I needed to come.


By now all I could smell was pussy juice. Annie had closed her eyes and had let her mouth fall open. Belinda by contrast was all concentration, willing her own orgasm to come right there and then.

My own legs were shaking and my stomach muscles were beginning to clench as I felt my orgasm begin deep inside me. Down below Annie was now writhing beneath Belinda approaching her own climax with her face screwed up and her eyes clamped shut.

Jesus, I thought, this was going to be a big one.


I was soaking. I had never been so wet, as I realized I had slipped two fingers inside me and was fucking myself slowly as I wrote.


Suddenly Annie sat up and let out a low moan as her orgasm took hold. Belinda at once began her own release by letting out a long groan and bucking against Annie’s hand. That set me off as my own orgasm took hold and launched itself throughout my whole body, causing my legs to buckle as I frantically rubbed my clit and collapsed to the floor. I carried on rubbing as I caught a glimpse of Belinda collapsing in a heap on Annie, panting as her pleasure died away.

Slowly but surely my own orgasm began to subside as I slowly rocked against my hand, eyes closed, savoring every last ounce.


I couldn’t take anymore. I reached down and pulled my sodden panties down so they were hanging off one ankle, spread my legs wide, thrust two fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit for all it was worth.

In seconds the orgasm rose up and took me over forcing me to double up as my stomach muscles clenched hard, only for them to release me and drop me back in a heap against my chair.

Each time I touched my clit, I spasmed as aftershocks ran through me. I was lying in my chair, breathing heavily and utterly spent.


Slowly we all got up from the floor - looked at each other briefly and burst out laughing. As if by magic we all took our panties and wiped our own pussies before getting back into our clothes.

“I think it might be a good idea if we bought the lot,” said Belinda as we gathered up all the stray bits of bikini. “We don’t want anyone to think we were in here getting all juicy.”

With that we all marched out of the dressing room only to find the shop assistant leaning against the wall by the door looking a bit disheveled.

“Ladies, I was just coming... to get you,” she said smiling.


Once I had recovered, I slipped into a new pair of panties and sent my story off for approval, hoping that somewhere someone was reading it, preferably a woman, getting as turned as I had been.

Here’s to the next one, I thought as I made my way to bed, still reeling from the double orgasm- sort of.

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