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A Few Days Away

My friend went off with a man... I got off with a girl.
A few days away, she had said. Get away from it all, she said. A little holiday away from the stress and pressure; forget about lads for a while.

That was the plan anyway, but here she is now flirting wildly with the first boy who shows her a scrap of attention. Gabby has always been the same, unable to resist even the shallowest of chat up lines, falling every time.

I stand there like a complete fool as she laughs at his lame jokes and touches his arm as they talk. I know where this is going, only too well from past experience.

Sure enough, after about twenty minutes she remembers I am in the room.

“Danni, babe...could I have the room swipe card please? I’m going upstairs to get to know Lee a bit better.”

I roll my eyes and shake my head.

“You’ve known him less than an hour, Gabby. Bit quick even by your standards.”

She just giggles and shrugs, and I know it’s pointless me saying anything, as she doesn’t listen to my advice.

“And what exactly am I supposed to do while you’re up there getting your kicks?”

“Sit at the bar, have a drink. You seemed to get on with the girl serving at the bar when we were talking earlier on.”

I don’t even bother to answer, as I just hand over the card and watch them hurry off upstairs.

I feel as if everybody is judging me as I walk through from the hotel lounge into the bar all by myself, but I don’t have much choice as Gabby is going to be busy for some time. I try and pass through as inconspicuously as I can before settling down on one of the high chairs at the bar. Tameka, the server behind the bar, smiles brightly at me, asking me what I’d like to drink.

“Where’s your friend?”

I fill her in on the gory details, and she smiles wryly.

“Some friend you have there.”

I knock back the first glass of wine very quickly and ask Tameka for a refill.

“Whoa! Steady on Danni. The night is young.”

We’d had a quick chat at the bar earlier when Gabby was with me. Tameka works full time in the hotel bar and also lives on the premises. She is twenty seven years old and has worked here for the last three years. She seems a really friendly girl, but I guess you have to be to do her job. We chat on and off when she isn’t busy serving.

The wine is flowing nicely and I’m enjoying her company a lot. Unfortunately the ambiance is shattered by an absolutely wasted guy trying to chat me up, and when he’s not trying to chat me up, his eyes are all over my legs. I feel uncomfortable, as he leans in closer to me and continues his desperate attempt to pull me. Unfortunately, even if he wasn’t drunk, he still wouldn’t be my type at all. I rebuff him, but he won’t take no for an answer, his hands now touching my legs.

“Hey! That is enough, she’s not interested in you. Now leave her alone or I’ll have to have you removed from the Bar.”

It’s Tameka, fronting the drunk out, standing in front of him with her arms folded, looking like she means business. She stares him out for a few moments before he backs off, muttering something incoherently as he goes back to his friends on the other side of the room.

“Are you alright, Danni? I hate idiots like that. Think that nobody can resist them.”

“Oh Tameka, thank you babe. I don’t know what I’d have done if you didn’t step in.”

She beams broadly, telling me she’s left her halo in her room tonight, and suggesting I owe her a drink at the end of her shift.

The rest of the evening goes by well and without any further hassles. I start to think of Gabby and what she’s getting up to. In fairness the guy was quite fit, and from the bulge in his jeans, looked to have a pretty nice dick. I begin to imagine the pair of them having hard, rampant sex and I begin to get aroused, imagining her low breathy moans as he gives her what she wants. Maybe I should go back to the room and see if I can join them.

I’m snapped out of my little dream by Tameka slamming down another bottle of wine and sitting down next to me.

“So glad that shift is over. My feet are absolutely killing me.”

We sit and chat for a while as the last of the drinkers leave the bar, leaving just the two of us in the room. Tameka goes behind the bar and dims the lights down and locks the entrance door.

“Well this is cosy isn’t it? Shall we be decadent and sit on the big sofa, Danni?”

She smiles that amazing smile as she grabs the wine and the glasses and beckons me over to the sumptuous sofa. I sit directly next to her and pour us both a glass of wine. I feel a little tipsy by now, but it would be rude to let Tameka drink alone.

We chat easily, as if we had known each other for years, discussing our families, our jobs and what we want for the future. I marvel at her smooth ebony skin and sharp cheekbones, and of course that melting smile.

“I wonder if your friend has worn him out yet? You might be safe to go back to the room shortly.”

I tell her that knowing Gabby like I do, it may be a while before she lets him go.

“Well at least you can sit and keep me company. I normally end up on my own here at the end.”

Tameka leans forward and pours the last of the wine equally into our glasses. As she does, I can’t help but notice her firm breasts pressing against her tight work uniform blouse, envious of how much bigger than mine they are. Unfortunately she catches me, but doesn’t say anything.

We get around to the guy who tried to chat me up earlier and laugh at what a complete mug he made of himself.

“Danni, he couldn’t take his little eyes off your long legs. I’m sure he was trying to see if you had any knickers on.”

I giggle hysterically, telling her he will never know now.

“Ah, but the question is Danni, will I get to find that out.”

The laughter stops and she edges closer to me, her firm hand edging up my inner thigh. I look at her, mouth open and no words coming out.

“Is this too much? Do you want this, Danni?”

My head is everywhere; I’ve never done anything like this before with another girl. One thing I do know is I don’t want her to stop.

“Only one way to find out if I’m wearing any.”

She stares at me intently.

“Sure is.”

Her fingers travel further up, stroking my inner thigh gently and I gasp as they reach their destination.

“Ahh, you’re a good girl then. You have your knickers on.”

Her fingers continue to press against the front of my knickers, making me clench my thighs together as I feel myself getting quite wet.

“Not for much longer, I hope.”

Tameka leans forward and kisses my lips hard, forcing her tongue into my willing mouth and we snog feverishly, all the time her fingers stroking my pussy through my panties, which by now are absolutely soaking wet.

She eventually breaks the kiss and moves down my body, pushing my dress up. Without ceremony, she pulls my saturated knickers clean off before holding them against her nose and taking in my scent.

“Lie back on the sofa, spread your legs, Danni.”

Her tone is different now, more clipped and less warm.

“Is this your first time with another girl?”

“Y-Yes it is Tameka.”

She smiles again.

“Hitch that dress up. Let me see your pussy properly.”

I do as she asks, exposing myself to her.

“Touch yourself. Play with your pussy in front of me.”

I do as she asks, slowly rubbing my middle finger up and down my slit, my eyes set on hers.

“Taste yourself.”

Once again I do as she asks, taking my finger deep in my mouth and sucking it slowly.

“My turn now. I want to taste you. I’m guessing you want that, too?”

“More than anything. I want you to eat me out.”

Tameka is quickly down between my wide spread legs, taking in every detail of my pussy before slowly and deliberately sticking out her tongue tip along the length of my labia, then over my throbbing clit. My body feels like it’s on fire.

With minimal fuss she spreads me and plunges her darting tongue deep inside me, making me writhe and gasp with pleasure, my hands holding her head and pushing it down, wanting more and more from her. She rubs my clit from side to side as she tongue fucks me with gusto, making my legs tremble with pure pleasure.

She quickly changes over, plunging two fingers deep inside my dripping pussy, and then her tongue presses on my hard clit. I can’t contain my gasps and sighs of delight as she goes to work on me, making me delirious. I close my eyes, lost in the moment.

Suddenly I feel her fingers withdraw from me, and I feel a surge of disappointment, not wanting her to stop.

“Don’t stop now Tameka. Please!

“Oh, I’m not.”

I suddenly feel something much larger pushing inside me. I open my eyes to discover Tameka is now fucking my pussy with the empty wine bottle, pushing it in slowly at first to get me used to it, before sliding it deeper, and quickening her motion.

My pussy feels so deliciously stretched, and I must look a right slut, but I couldn’t care less, just wanting Tameka to make me come hard. Her fingers rub my clit furiously as she pushes the bottle in hard and fast now, my legs spread wide open, desperately trying to take more and more of it’s girth.

Her fingers circle my clit faster and harder, the bottle deeper and deeper inside me. I feel a huge surge and tremble, my orgasm monumental and loud, more intense than any I’ve ever felt before. I scream the place down, completely transfixed by the breathtaking intensity of it all.

I lie there, silent. I don’t want the intimacy of the moment to end, but I know it has to, as I feel the bottle gently being pulled out of me, and a pair of smooth lips kissing mine softly.

“Wow, that was some show you put on there, Danni.”

I smile and tell her that it was all her work.

“You going back to your room now? Or you fancy trying mine?”

I kiss her lips full on and stroke her shining hair.

“What do you think.....?”

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