A Genny Story.... Birthday Girl

By Gfire

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When your the Birthday Girl you get the best sex.
Hello All, I hope everyone had a great Summer. I have been trying to
write a new story for a while now and nothing was happening. Then as with
most things just when you relax and let life happen, good things come
your way.

A Genny Story... Birthday Girl

I am Genny.

I had a birthday last week, 10/10. On the calendar they refer to the weekend as
"Columbus Day", but everyone knows that's just code speak for "Genny's
Birthday". New York even had a parade. Wasn't that nice? Melly and I
decided to avoid the crowds and celebrate on Friday night. We went out
to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants with Jane and Bev, and then
to the 505 for drinks. The 505 is the only women's bar around the Lansing
Michigan area. The old place hasn't changed a bit since I first got up
the courage to go in there my first time as a 19 year old, my freshman
year at MSU. Every fall there is a new group of coeds that are away from
home for the first time and have been wondering for a long while what a
real lesbian bar must look like. The 505 has never been too picky about
drinking age. Especially if older women are buying drinks for younger
women. So encouraging the curious new students to stop by attracts other
women that might like to meet the new talent.

We came in and found a table far enough away from the music to talk but
still close enough to the dance floor to have some fun. I could see small
groups and some single girls that were nursing a coke and looking a bit
scared that someone might actually come up and talk to them. We just
opened our first bottle of wine when I went up to the bar to get some
popcorn. There was a girl sitting on a stool at the bar. Young (guessing
18-19) She had short hair and a Nets Jersey. From her body type, my first
guess was either she is on a softball or Lacrosse scholarship. As I stood
at the bar she took a quick glance in my direction and then back to study
her drink glass. I could definitely relate to what she was going thru so
I said "Hi"

She gulped once and then nervously said "Hello"

I asked "MSU?"

And she nodded and said, "Yea".

"First year?"

Again, "Yea."

My popcorn came so as I turned to leave she looked up at me and I just
had to tell her "I was a freshman the first time I came in here too.
Don't worry, It's a pretty nice place and you'l do just fine. It'l get

She didn't even answer, and I left her sitting there and walked back to
our table. When i got there Melly smiled and said "A new friend?"

I just laughed and said "No, but if you are looking for something else to
give me for my birthday...."

We all just laughed and poured more wine.

Once the second bottle was opened Melly asked me to dance. Up till then
the only ones that were on the dance floor were a group of four girls
that were more dancing in the round than one on one. I always love the
feeling of her body pressed up against mine when we dance. We always
whisper sexy things to each other and steal little kisses and caresses.
It's exciting wondering if we're putting on a little show for anyone that
might be looking. We danced two songs and then sat down for a little bit.
When some more music started Jane and Bev joined us on the floor. Melly
pulled me in close and slid her leg between mine as we moved about the
floor. I pressed my crotch against her upper thigh and gave her a little
moan, just to let her know she was getting the desired effect. I nuzzled
my face into the base of her neck and breathed in the smells of her
perfume and shampoo. I kissed her neck and then took her ear lobe between
my lips and sucked gently at it. She turned her face to mine and we
kissed softly as we danced. Jane and Bev were right next to us and Bev
was the one that said, "You guys need to get a room?"

Melly and I broke our clinch and just laughed. We kept dancing and
somewhere in the next song Melly whispered "God, you feel good. We should
be going home real soon."

I turned to her and said, "I'm ready."

We all packed up and walked out into the cold fall night. Jane and Bev
said their good-byes, and we climbed in the Jeep and headed home. I drove
and Melly fought with the heater. Once we got settled and on our way I
reached over and took her hand. I looked at her and said, "Thanks for a
nice birthday."

Melly brought my fingers up to her face and kissed them. She smiled and
in a sexy whisper said, "I don't think it is over yet."

When we got in the house I went in to the kitchen to put a few things
away and Melly headed up to our room. When I came up I went in to our
closet and stripped down to my panties and a tee. The panties were green
satin, and I wore them special because I know I look pretty good in them
and I wanted someone to notice. The tee is cut short and comes just above
my belly button. With just that and a pair of sox I padded into the
bathroom where Melly was just finishing combing out her hair. She was
wearing a long red tee I gave her that says FIRE DEPT. on the back. I
could tell there was nothing underneath it from the way it hugged her ass
and how her nipples cast a shadow down. I started brushing my teeth and
we just watched each other in the mirror and smiled. As I leaned down
and rinsed I felt her move behind me. Her hand was on my hip when I stood
back up and our eyes met again in the mirror. I watched her finger trace
the edge of my green panties and she said "I love the way these look on
you." (don't ya love it when a plan works?)

Her other hand came up to the other hip and her hands started sliding
across the top of the panties towards each other. As usual whenever she
touches me like this I broke out in goose bumps all over. When her
fingers met she slipped her thumbs into the top of the panties and
started to move both hands out to my hips again. When they got to my hips
she started to very slowly push downward. The panties were turning inside
out as they started down. My lower belly came into view, pale with a
smattering of freckles, and then the first of my pubic hair. My thin red
fur was a little matted from a night out so it looked a little darker
than it normally does. I was holding my breath and kept glancing in the
mirror at Melly, but her eyes were focused on what she was reveling down
below. Another inch turned down and the cleft of my pussy came into view.
I could almost feel my clit right there trying to push her way out. The
top of my pink lips came into view and Melly whispered "God that looks

The panties were almost completely turned inside out and upside down with
the top stretched between my parted thighs. Only a small part of the
gusset was still clinging to the very bottom of my lips. There was a
dried spot right there on them and in the center of that a small wet spot
that made the green satin even a darker shade. We could both tell how much
this was turning me on by my breathing and from the points my nipples
were making in my tee, and there was a definite scent in the air or
aroused Genny. There was a few seconds of quiet as we  both tried to
catch our breath. I wanted more than anything to just grab her hand and
shove down between my legs, but I stood still, waiting to see what she
was going to do. Her eyes came up to meet mine and she said, "Take those
off and meet me in the bedroom." Then as she took a step back she ran a
finger across the side of my tee and added "And you won't need this

I stood there actually shaking as she left the bathroom. The first thing
I did was reach over and turn on some hot water. Then as it heated up I
pulled the panties the rest of the way off. I felt the last little bit of
satin that was stuck to me let loose and then they fell around my ankles.
I grabbed a hand cloth and wet it under the warm water. When it was good
and steamy I wrung it out and pressed it against my pussy. I almost
swooned, it felt so good. I cleaned myself very good and then fluffed up
my pubic hair to look the way I like it. The tee came up over my head as
I was turning out the light and walked into the bedroom.

Melly had lit two candles so the room had a nice golden glow. The red
shirt that she had been wearing was in a pile on the floor, and she was
in bed with the sheet pulled up to her chin. I quickly slipped under the
sheet with her and slid over and into her arms. Her naked body felt warm
and soft. We just held each other for a few minutes enjoying the feel of
our bodies, one against the other. Her fingers in my hair pulled my head
back slightly and she lowered her mouth onto mine for a loving kiss. We
are very good at kissing. We both like lots of it and have learned over
the years just how to give the other the most pleasure from it. Melly
knows I love it when she takes charge and holds my head while she kisses
me. She presses her tongue as deep into my mouth as she can. I love the
feeling of her taking me like that.

While we were kissing she pressed against me and slowly rolled me back on
to my back. When she had me flat on my back she broke the kiss and looked
me in the face. "Let me give you the rest of your birthday present. Just
lay back and let me do what I want to do"

It wasn't a request. There was no need for me to answer. She grabbed my
right wrist and raised it up to the headboard. I wrapped my fingers
around the bar there and then on my own raised my left hand to grab on
the same way. She kissed me again. As she broke the kiss she sucked my
bottom lip into her moth and I could feel her teeth gently biting on it.
Slowly I could feel the pressure of her teeth increase until she wasn't
sucking on my lip but biting it and pulling out on it at the same time.
Just at the edge of real pain she loosened her grip and my lip slipped
from her sharp edges. Her right hand came up and grabbed the top of the
sheet and slowly slid it downward. Just like in the bathroom my body
started to come into view. I could fee the cool air as each inch was
being reveled. She pushed the sheet down as far as she could reach and
then with her foot kicked it the rest of the way off of me.

"God you look good."

Her fingers came slowly and softly back up my body. Her finger tips slid
up my right side from my hip to the side of my right breast. Goose bumps
sprang from my skin every where she touched as she scratched her nails
across my tit. When she got near the nipple she spread her fingers apart
and passed by the aching bud and down the other side. A moan escaped my
lips and I seen Melly smile. Her fingers came back up my breast teasing
and tormenting me. She took one of her fingers and brought it to her
mouth. When she had it nice and wet she touched it to my right nipple and
circled it around getting it nice and wet. I could see the candle light
shine across it. She took the stiff nipple between her finger and thumb
and tugged gently at it. It stretched out slightly and then snapped back.
Both nipples were hard and standing up proud when she blew cool air
across the wet one. I moaned again and if it's possible I think it got
even harder. As her hand went over to tease my left nipple her mouth came
down to capture my right. It felt so nice to have her warm mouth gently
sucking at my little eraser hard nipple. I could feel her other hand
scratching and teasing the left one but her mouth was all I was
concentrating on. Her wet tongue slid across it like a tiny serpent. I
was in heaven. The room was quiet and I could hear the sexy sounds of her
sucking. Then I felt her hand beguine it's slide down my body. Again just
her nails scraped over my belly leaving goose bumps in their trail. They
slid past my belly button and then into my thin red bush. Her fingers
curled the hairs around them and she tugged gently, adding pressure until
I raised my hips slightly and moaned.

Melly let my nipple slip out of her mouth and she moved her face up near
my ear. "I want you to hold as still as you can. And I want you to be as
quiet as you can. No noise and no moving."

Her fingers gave one last tug of my pubic hair and then let it go. Her
finger tips moved agonizingly slow those last couple inches to my pussy.
Then she lowered her hand to my thigh. She scratched her way up my right
leg until she was just a fraction from my now puffy lips. Then she went
and did the same thing to the left leg. I gave out another moan and Melly
whispered "Shhhhh."

Melly repeated the torture a couple of more times until I thought I was
going to jump right out of my skin. Now we could both smell the strong
wonderful scent of sex in the room. This time up my leg she didn't stop
just short and drug a finger up and across my lips. She slipped it down
deep between my legs and then slowly again started sliding it up. I felt
the invader part my lips and allow some of my juice to run down between
the cheeks of my butt. She paused right there and pressed in slightly. I
could barely feel her finger wiggle just slightly, then slip upward to
drag my moisture across my clit. My legs stiffened and my hips rose
slightly. Melly was quick to take her finger away and whisper her warning
again to keep very still. Settling back down I made sure that my legs
were wide apart and I felt more liquid escape between my cheeks.

Melly's finger again began it's slow trip between my lips. This time the
lone finger pressed in deeper. Just as I felt her bottom out and her hand
pressed against my pubic bone, she slowly slid it out again. She started
a delightful in and out rhythm. Each time she was all the way in I got a
slight bump of her hand on my clit. After a minute of this she curled her
finger slightly and drug it across my g-spot. That was more than I could
stand and let out a long breath "Fuuuuuccckkk"

Melly just lightly chuckled, "I knew you couldn't do it."

Her mouth was right next to my ear as she continued to whisper to me. "Do
you like that Baby? Does my finger feel good in your sweet pussy? Do you
want to cum?"

My answer to all three was a long moaning "Yesssssssss".

She added a second finger and they both curled up and rubbed my g-spot
each time in and each time out. It made me feel like I had to pee. I know
that the stronger that pee feeling is usually the stronger will be my

"You are such a nasty little slut, letting me push my fingers into your
little pussy. Do you want to cum? Do you want to cum all over my hand? My
dirty little slut. Ok cum for me Baby, let that little pussy cum. Give it
to me now."

When she talks like that I could cum while waiting for a bus. I planted
my feet flat on the bed, My hips started to buck against her hand and
Stars began exploding behind my eye lids. It just felt so delicious to
let go like that and do exactly what she was saying. I was gushing and I
could feel wet on my thighs and running down my ass.

Melly kept up her dirty whispers and my cum seemed to go on for a long
time. Finally I just collapsed. Melly was kissing the side of my face.
She gently bit my ear lobe and said "Happy Birthday, I love you."

She half rolled over on top of me and lay her head on my chest. I brought
my arms down from the headboard and wrapped them around her. After a few
nice minutes of cuddling I could feel her pressing her wet pussy against
my bare leg. She started slowly humping against me. It felt nice to have
her juice spread up and down my leg, I would gladly bath in them. The
humping was getting more pronounced and the bed was starting to give out
sexy squeaks. Melly turned her face up slightly and took my nipple in her
mouth and kept right on humping my leg. As she nursed at my nipple she
humped harder at my leg. I could hear her start to moan slightly. I began
to raise my leg up to give her more pressure, but she quickly said,
"Don't move."

With each hump up and each hump down she spit out like staccato "Don't,
Move, Don't, Move, Don't, Move."

Melly likes to be in charge. And almost always I like it that way too,
but the truth of it is I am much stronger than she is and in the few
times when I want to take charge, I can. I decided that I wanted more
than to just have her fuck herself on my leg.

As quickly as I could. I flipped her all the way over my body and on to
the other side of the bed. I was up over her and turned myself around so
I was facing her feet. I slung my leg over her and settled my self right
on her chest. My legs slipped under her arms against the bed. My hands
quickly went between her legs and pushed them far apart. While I did that
my face was coming down and I planted my mouth squarely on her sweet, wet

After a shocked gasp, Melly started laughing. When I sat my butt towards
her face on her chest and pushed her legs wide open she started calling
me dirty names. "Oh, you bitch, you dirty bitch."

This was quickly changed when my tongue slipped between her lips. Her
hands came up and grabbed onto my ass. I could feel her finger nails
going into my cheeks like a cat extending her claws. I sucked her sticky
pussy lips into my mouth and drank in her taste.

When Melly is excited, her discharge is slightly thick. If you were ever
fortunate enough to be at the source you would find it looks slightly
milky, the smell is musky and the taste is devine. When she cums it is
much thinner and almost clear. I consider the taste of her cum to be my
most treasured reward.

As I pressed my face and tongue deeper to get every bit of it. Melly
started to push her hips up into my face. She started to grunt and moan
and I knew she was going to cum real hard. When she started yelling "Oh
fuck, Oh yes, yes. Suck it. Suck my cunt. Eat my pussy you nasty cunt
eater." I knew I had her.

She was holding on tight to my ass cheeks and spreading them both wide.
If I wasn't sure her eyes were closed tight as she came, I might of
pictured the view she was having of the world right then.

I kept sucking her wonderful pussy and getting every drop of her cum. My
only regret was that I was on top and some of it escaped downward and
into the sheet.

She started to calm down a bit and I eased up on my clitoral
ministrations. I eventually just gently held it between my lips. Keeping
it warm and wet and safe. I didn't move a bit. Sometimes when Melly cums
real hard she is done for the night. She becomes very sensitive and even
the slightest touch is uncomfortable to her. I waited for her breathing
to come back to normal and for her death grip to ease on my bottom. When
I thought she was ready I sucked very gently on her clit. She jumped
slightly but she didn't pull away. I tried it again and she gave me a
little positive moan. Very slowly I started trying to arouse her again.
I started slowly sucking her clit in and out of my lips. I added a little
humming and I felt her hands come up and start to stroke the back of my
legs and butt. I parted her soft folds with my tongue and slid it as deep
into her as I could manage, gathering as much of her taste as I could. I
started a rhythm, licking deep and then sucking on her lips and clit. She
started to move her hips up to meet me and I could tell from her
breathing that her arousal was building again.

I kept licking and sucking and generally just enjoying my
self completely. Melly's hands were all over my bottom, caressing my
cheeks and the backs of my legs.

As she started to moan at a steady pace her hands grabbed on to my hips
and she pulled. I wasn't sure just what she wanted until she pulled again
harder and said, "Give me."

I scooted myself back as well as I could and lowered my bottom. My face
was in her pussy but with my legs under her shoulders, when my bottom
came down her face was squarely between the cheeks of my ass. Her hands
on my hips pulled me down even harder and I felt her warm wet tongue
right on the tight ring of my pucker. Now it was my turn to moan in to
her pussy. God did that feel good. She started to lick across it with the
flat of her tongue. I said a little prayer that I was clean enough for
her back there but she was giving no indication of wanting to stop.  I
had lost track of what I was doing for a second there, but I was soon
back on mission. We were both building up to a great cum. I slipped my
fingers between her cheeks and began teasing her little anus too.

After a minute I felt her hand slide between us and her fingers found my
pussy. She started strumming the back of her fingers across my lips and
soon zeroed in on my clit. We were both grunting and both humping against
each other in a great ball of sweaty sexual frenzy.

I am not sure who started to cum first but I know we were both out of
control at about the same time. Thank God no one could hear all the
strange noises that were coming out of our bedroom right then. Eventually
we both just collapsed. I half rolled off of her and we were laying there
with our faces next to the others feet. I didn't think I would ever catch
my breath. After a minute her hand slid up my thigh. It sat there for a
second and then she kind of taped it against my leg. "You still alive?"

I laughed and said, "I think you gave me a stroke. I'm not sure I can

We lay there for another minute to catch our breath and then I slowly
pushed up and turned around to be face to face with her. I lay next to
her and put my head on her shoulder. I sighed, "God that was good."

Melly took her finger and poked me on the top of the head. "You were
suppose to just lay back and enjoy, that was going to be your birthday

Breathing in the smell of her body I said, "Baby, That was exactly the
present I was hoping to open up all night."

Well I hope you enjoyed my latest installment. I know this is less of a
story and more of an episode, but hey, that's life. As always I would
love to hear from anyone that liked the story. My e-mail but be ready, if you write I always write back.

Birthday Kisses    Genny