A Genny Story.... Bottom Baby

By Gfire

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My three tries at anal sex had been less than wonderful. Then I met the woman I love.

I want to say thank you to all the people that have written me and said
they got something out of my stories. I have been just blown away at your
kindness. And it turns me on thinking about you getting hot while reading about me.

A Genny Story....Bottom Baby

I am Genny

My history with anal sex has been disappointing. I have tried it three
times, twice in college and once shortly after. The two times in college
were pretty much the same. I was dating a guy and we were having great
sex. And you know how sometimes you can get to that plateau where
anything your partner does just feels wonderful? Both times when they
gently turned me over on my knees I thought "Yea, this is going to be
great." Then as soon as the head slipped in, reality came crashing down.
"Ouch! Stop!"

To their credit both guys stopped when I said to, and they
apologized over and over, but the mood was definitely broken, and I
pretty much swore off bottom boffin.

As with most things sexual, I hated to draw boundaries for myself.
Especially back then. The third guy was just after college and I started
dating him because I had heard he had a very small dick,(Yea, it was
mean, I know) and I thought, "Hey, maybe this is the answer." After all I
already knew I liked a finger back there and I went crazy when a lover
slid her tongue in there the first (30) time(s). On one of our dates I
had gotten everything ready for the big seduction. I made sure I was
squeaky clean. A girlfriend had given me some lube that she said would
let a telephone pole slip threw a donut hole (Not exactly the image I
wanted in my head). The bottom line was, it was no big deal. It didn't
hurt but it didn't really turn me on either. And for the first time in a long
time, I faked an orgasm just to get it over. The next time he wanted to
do it I said no. Eventually me saying no all the time got to be a sore
point with us both and we broke up.

Fast forward about five years to last spring.

I am of course living with Melly (read the rest of my stories). I'm not
sure when the thought came into my head but I know I had been thinking
about it for a while. Melly had become very good at using her strap-on
and we had even bought a second one. I had gotten out the first one one
day and took a good look at it. I thought about it's size and mentally
measured it and where I might like it to go.

The first evening that the opportunity came up, we had been on the couch
most of the night sipping wine and making out. Kisses had led to
caresses and caresses had led to fingers seeking out sweet places, dark
and wet. When we couldn't stand it any longer we raced each other up the
stairs to our bedroom. Melly went into the bathroom and I stripped down
naked and got the bed already.

When she came out I had the strap-on laying on her side of the bed. My
less than suddle hint of what I wanted. When she came out she took my
breath away. Her thick black hair was pulled back severely. she was only
wearing a tee shirt that was about 3 inches above her belly button and a
pair of bikini panties hugged her hips. Yummy is the only word that could
describe her. When she spotted the strap-on she smile and asked, "Is that
what you want tonight?"

I was unusually embarrassed by it but I lowered my eyes and said, "Yes, please."

Melly's strap-on fits into a pair of lycra panties. They kind of look
like bike pants with a big cock sticking out. The dildo is shaped like a
hockey stick, with about 3 inches fitting in the wearer and 7 inches
sticking out for the fun end.

She sat on her side of the bed and I seen a flash of her sweet butt when
she pulled her panties down and the lycra ones up. She adjusted the dill
so the blunt end was in her and I seen her shiver as it slipped in

When she was all set she lay back and turned to me and took me in her
arms. Her warm skin felt wonderful on mine. She reached down and adjusted
the dill so it slipped between my legs, then she pulled me up on top of
her and we kissed again. The dill was sticking straight up. I could press
down and rub my lips up and down the side of the rubber toy. We started
to slowly hump against each other. I could feel the juice from me
lubricating the toy and it started to slide back and forth very easy. It
felt real nice and I would of been happy to just grind against it until
my cum came, but I had other plans for the night. We kept kissing and
Melly increased the pressure of the cock against me. When we broke one
kiss I groaned "God that feels good."

Melly chuckled and pressed against me even harder. "Does my baby want the
cock? Do you need a good fuck? Huh? Who's your daddy?"

I let my hips slide slowly up and down on the plastic shaft as I buried
my face in the crook of her neck and moaned.

Without much effort she rolled us over so that she was between my legs
and on top of me. I felt her reach down between us and adjust the dildo
to let it push into me. In a small voice I said, "Wait."

She moved her hand from the toy to cup my pussy and gently rubbed me
waiting for me to tell her what I wanted.

"I don't want it there."

She raised her head up to look at me. She had a question in her eyes so I
gulped a little and said, "I want it in my butt."

Her face softened, "You sure?"

I am sure I was blushing. "Yes. I want you to do it in my ass."

She pushed up off of me. "Ok. If you want me to. Do you want to roll

I started to move and she backed off some more to give me room to turn.
Then I thought about it and said, "No. Like this." I grabbed behind both
of my knees and pulled up until, Without looking I knew, I was obscenely
open to her view. "I want to be able to see you."

She could see I was a little nervous about this and she asked again, "You

I reached under my pillow where I had put the lube and handed it to her.
"Yes, but be careful."

Melly sat back on her heels to open the lube. I just stayed there with my
knees up near my ears feeling just a little silly. She lubed the cock and
then used the extra on her fingers to get me ready. It felt very nice
just having her fingers play back there. The lube had warmed and the tips
of her fingers felt like they had lives of their own. I relaxed and one
finger slipped in me. I concentrated and kept my bottom as relaxed as
possible. For some reason the maternity classes I had taken as a paramedic
came to mind and I started breathing out of my mouth. A second finger
slipped in and Melly was watching my face to see if there was any pain.
It actually felt very nice, and I pushed back a little just to let her
know that I liked it. I seen her smile at me when I did that. "Are you

"Yes. I'm ready."

She pushed one more time into me. This time a little deeper. It felt good
and I knew I was really ready. Her fingers came out and she positioned
the head of the cock at my ring. I felt myself clench and then I concentrated
on loosening up. With a little push the head slid in me. I gasped at the
feel of it and Melly asked me again if I was alright. I nodded and rocked
my bottom towards her. The insertion took about two minutes. A little in
and a little out then more in and a little out until I was surprised to
feel her body press against the back of my legs. She was completely
buried in my ass and It felt very good. I could feel her tits pressed
against the back of my legs and my feet were up near her head. She leaned
down on her hands and started to pull her hips out slowly. At about half way she
pushed back in and a grateful moan came out of my lips.

We started to fuck. I had my eyes closed and was trying to concentrate on what it felt
like in my ass (later she would tell me I had a look on my face that she
was sure was pain). I started telling her how good it felt. ("Oh Baby,
yes. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Oh fuck me. Fuck me.") Melly started worrying
about me less and started enjoying it herself. Her strokes were getting
longer and she was pushing in harder. The little end that was in her was
doing it's work. And that on top of the already erotic situation, was
getting my baby off. She leaned back more and brought her hands from the
bed to my hips and raised me up a little more. My legs were nearly
straight up across her chest and on either side of her face. I slid one
hand down between my legs and started strumming back and forth across my
clit. With her hands on my hips she could control everything more. And
her strokes were getting harder and more frantic. I didn't even want to
think about where the end of that cock must be right then. I was watching
her face and I could see sweat on her forehead and I could hear her
breathing getting more and more ragged. My fingers were doing their magic
and I could feel a very big cum headed my way.

Melly started first. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes. You bitch. You fucking bitch.
Who's your daddy? Who's your fucking daddy now?"

The conversation went down hill from there to just two babbling orgasms.
When mine hit me I tensed up as I always do and felt it deep in my ass.
and then radiated out from there until I was quivering all over.

By the time we were done the sheets were lose on the bed and we were at about
a 45 degree angle from where we started.

The only thing wrong about a dildo, is that unlike a man it does not
soften when it's work is done. When I was done I wanted to put my legs
back down on the bed, but every time I tried I was reminded I had 7
inches of plastic up my butt. Melly eased it out and that was a sensation
unto it's self.

We both relaxed for a couple of minutes and caught our breaths. I moved
down and slid the panties and dill down and off of Melly. I was a little
afraid of the mess I might see on it but it was remarkably clean looking.
(I still put it in the dish washer later just to be sure)

I covered us both with a pulled out sheet and We cuddled some more. After
a few minutes she whispered, "You are such a strange girl."

I knew she was kidding (not the first time she has said that) so I said,
"Me? Your now a buggerer. That is against the law in some places. I might
be able to turn you in for a reward."

Her hand was already on my ass, so she pinched it real had getting the
squeal she wanted out of me. I turned in her arms and kissed her. When we
broke the kiss I said, very sincerely, "Thank you. I have tried that
before but never enjoyed it. I know now that the difference was you. I
love you.

We kissed again and she held me close. "Your welcome, and I love you too.
I actually did enjoy that. It felt different to me too. Maybe it is
because it was tighter or maybe the angle but it felt different and I
liked it."

So, that is my anal sex coming out story. See, Mom was right, "If at
first you don't succeed....." (do you think she was talking about this?)

I hope you enjoyed it. I would love to hear from anyone that would like
to write to me. I promise, if you write I will definitely write back.