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A Genny Story... Carol, Beguining and End

In College I was still discovering my own limits when it came to sex and what I was willing to do.

This is a story I had completely forgot about until I received some mail
after my last story. A really nice guy named Paul sent me a story about
one of his "Firsts" and it reminded me of this.

I am Genny.

I was in the spring of my Freshman year at Michigan State. Back around
Christmas I had gone with a friend to my first meeting of the Gay and
Lesbian Council. I wasn't really interested in their politics, but I did
like the people I was meeting there. I had dated a number of different
girls and was having a lot of fun doing it. I noticed Carol right away.
She always had an opinion about everything that was going on. She was
very out. She wore tee shirts that said "Danger...Dyke Crossing!" among
other things. I had been feeling out my more submissive side, so I was
attracted to this strong womyn from the start. We started going out
together with other friends but eventually we started meeting up just the
two of us. We had been dating for a few weeks.  We had already been to
bed together and I enjoyed letting her take the lead. She would do small
things like hold my hands up above my head while she kissed me or tell he
to hold on to the head board while she fingered me to orgasm. One night
we had been out with friends. It was our Thursday night watching of Xenia
Warrior Princess with the rest of the baby dykes. We had been drinking
beer most of the night and on the way back to her place I said to hurry
because I really had to pee. She laughed and said I had better be able to
hold it because she had to go also and she was going to go first. We were
both making jokes about it and laughing with our legs held light to
prevent accidents. When she pulled into the parking lot I had my hand on
the handel of the door. Carol pulled in at an angle so I had to run
around the car to get to the apartment entrance. I ran with one hand pressed into the
front of my dress. She beat me to the door and was half way down the hall
when I got in. She was pulling her shorts down as she ran for the toilet.
By the time I got to the bathroom she was just sitting down with her
shorts and panties around her ankles. I could see a little yellow stain
in the front of her panties that let me know she was telling the truth
about having to go. She sat smiling at me as I wiggled and pushed my hand
deeper in my crotch.  I was dancing around like a four year old trying
not to wet her pants. Carol let out a deep sigh as I heard her pee hit
the water. That added sound was about more than I could take. I felt like
I was going to explode. Carol could see my discomfort and started to
laugh at me.

"You could use the sink. Or run out and pee behind the tree in the back."
she laughed.

I really was considering using the sink but then I got a better idea. I
reached up under my dress and pulled my panties down my legs and off one
foot. I took two steps towards carol and just as she said "What are you
..." I straddled her legs facing her. I scooted up real tight against
her. She started laughing more and said

"My God Genny, your not going to pee?"

I leaned in and let it go. I could feel it splashing against her lower
belly and back at me. I kind of tipped my pelvis downward a little and
more of it was going down into the bowl. She was still laughing. My face
was buried in her hair and hers was against my shoulder. Her hands went
around and pulled my butt up even tighter against her. Her fingers were
holding on to both my cheeks. I was about half way thru when her fingers
slipped a little further in. She ran one finger tip over my anus and made
me shiver. Then both hands came together under me and I could feel her
fingers playing in my still dripping piss. She let two fingers slide up
and down my slit. As it hit her fingers I could feel my pee splash on to
both our thighs. Finally I stopped. I wiggled my bottom down on her
fingers to let her know that what she was doing felt nice. She giggled
and slipped a finger up my little pussy. I gave her a little moan and she
pressed it deeper in me. I leaned back a little and turned my face to
hers. We started kissing and her pee covered fingers played in and around
my puss. We broke the kiss and I buried my face back in her hair.

"You are such a bad girl." she whispered. You peed all over me.

She was laughing slightly so I knew she wasn't really mad. She shifted
around a little and I felt her hands coming back out from under me. I
leaned back so I could see her face. She was smiling and looking at me
and shaking her head in amazement. She started to reach between us to the
toilet paper roll on the wall. I have know idea where it came from but I
reached out and grabbed her wet hand. Looking right in her surprised face
I brought her hand up to my face and breathed in deep. She giggled
nervously but did not move. Then I opened my mouth and brought her
fingers to my lips. My tongue came out and I started to lick her fingers
clean. Carol gasped when the tip of my tongue began to clean the pee off
of her hand. I licked her palm and then sucked each finger individually.
I went real slow making a big deal of each digit. When I finished with
her right hand, she brought her left one up to my face. We shared a smile
and I licked and sucked that one clean too. As soon as I was finished
with that one I put my hands behind her head and pulled her lips to mine.
She resisted for more than a second, but then pressed her mouth on mine.
I slipped my tongue out and into her mouth and I knew she was tasting the
pee still on my tongue and lips.

We sat there, on the toilet, kissing. I cold feel my legs going to sleep
and I figured hers didn't feel any better with me on top of her like
that. I reached over to the paper and pulled off a row of sheets. I
bunched it up and handed it to her. Then I pushed my self up. I was still
straddling her legs but now my wet puss was about even with her chest. I
grabbed the bottom of my dress and pulled it up exposing myself to her.
Carol took the paper and wiped and dabbed at my pussy and legs until they
were dry. I backed off her and then knelt on the floor in front of her.
She looked at me with a question in her eyes. I looked over to the toilet
paper and she grabbed some for her and handed it to me. I wiped the wet
from her lower belly and the top of her thighs. I put my hands on her
knees and pushed gently apart. Then I wiped her pussy softly till it was
dry. I reached down and started to untangle her shorts and panties from
around her feet. I pulled them both off and held up the panties.

"You bad girl. You wet your undies."

I brought them up to my face and took a deep breath. Carol blushed. I
took her hand and pulled her up off the toilet. I leaned in and kissed
her brown furred pussy. Her  hands went to my hair and she pulled me in
to her with a sigh. I started licking her as best I could. I could still
taste lots of pee on her. I had no idea at this point if it was hers or
mine. She turned slightly and raised her foot up to rest on the toilet
bowl. Now I could get my whole face in deep between her thighs. I started
to lick and suck for real now. She moaned and thrust her hips out to give
me even better access to her sex. Now I was tasting more than just pee.
She was getting excited and was starting to get nice and wet for me.
Carol started moaning and pressing my face harder into her. She started
to whisper nasty things to me. She would say, "You dirty girl." You
little pee slut. Your a nasty little pee whore."

Her hips started fucking against my face and her breathing was on the

"OOOoooooo You dirty little pee slut. Make me cum. Yes, suck me. Oh, oh
pee pee pee!

And she came all over my face. I was afraid if she lost her balance I
wouldn't be able to hold her up. She sat back down on the toilet and took
my face in her hands and kissed me. We shared the tastes that were in my
mouth as we both calmed down.

When we were both back on this earth we got up and went to the bed. We
started cuddling and caressing. After a few minutes of this the passion
started to grow again and we ended up in a 69. My face again pressed into
her pussy I was discovering new little pee tastes that I had missed
earlier. From then on she called me "Her Little Pee Girl"

Our relationship started to change. She was becoming more and more
dominate and I had to admit that I was enjoying the part of the
submissive. By the end of the semester we were having lots more pee play
but I was almost always the only one doing the clean up. She would even
avoid kissing me after I had licked her pee bottom clean.

From May until September She was home in Atlanta and I spent the summer
waitresing in Michigan. When she came back she had changed a lot. She was
very punk. Lots of black. Her hair was cut very short and it had streaks
of red in it. We talked about what we had done over the summer. She was
very open about some of the guys she had dated back home. She said she
hated men now and that she was never going to let another man "Soil
her".In any meeting we went to she was the most militant lesbian in the
room. It was like she wanted to declare war on all men. Even some of the
gay guys felt her wrath.

We started dating again. She had adopted more of a mistress attitude to
our love making. She would swat my ass hard while we were making love.
She would pinch and pull roughly at my nipples. I had to admit that I
liked the sex. I wasn't too sure I liked her very much any more. She
started getting in the habit of not showing up for our dates. Then she
would call me late and beg me to come over. As soon as I came in her door
she was on me. Dragging me to her bed. She would strip down and pull me
on top of her. She would push my face between her legs and plead for me
to suck her. She would go on and on about "Only women." as I ate her.

One night the phone rang and I was sure it was her. I picked it up and
she was crying. I asked what was the matter but she just wanted me to
come over. I almost said no, but I threw on a coat and went across campus
to her place. When she let me in she was wearing a long sweatshirt that
was stretched out at the neck and hung down below her ass. She pushed me
up against the wall and started to kiss me. I could taste beer in her
mouth and her hair smelled like cigarettes. She was still crying and as
we kissed she kept saying

"God Genny I am such a dirty shit."

I was trying to calm her down. She pulled me into the bedroom and on to
the bed. She kept saying

"Make me clean. Make me clean again."

I started to get undressed but all I got off was the coat and she pulled
me down on top of her. She was almost frantic. Her hands were pushing me
down to her pussy and she kept saying "Make me clean."

I started kissing my way down her sweatshirt. I nibbled at her nipples
thru the material but it was having no effect on her. She kept the
pressure on the top of my head and soon i was down to her thighs. When
She spread her legs I could smell it. She said it one more time. "Make me
And I knew what she was talking about. Her pussy was full of somones cum.
I pulled back and just looked at her. Her lips were all red and open. The
cum was smeared on her thighs and pooled up in her cunt. She was a mess.
I felt her fingers in my hair and she pulled me hard to her. I resisted.
I could smell the mix of her cunt and some studs cream.

"Please Genny. Please do it. Lick me Genny. Please lick me clean again."

My face was closer to her. I could feel the heat coming from her nasty
looking crotch. I leaned in and licked her. "Oh Genny Yes  Yes  suck me
clean". I pressed in further. I could feel the wet on my lips then on my
chin and my nose. I started to lick her clean. I sucked at her lips and
pushed my tongue deep in to her to get everything. I was becoming as wild
as she was. There was just something so very nasty about doing that. It
was a great taboo, and I have always loved breaking taboos. I opened my
mouth wide and sucked her whole pussy into my mouth. I could taste his
cum, I could taste her cum warm and wet inside her. Carols hips started
to rock up and down. She was babbling like a baby. He fingers so tight in
my hair I thought she was going to pull it out by the hands full. She
started to cum and I could taste that too. She was crying and cuming and
sobbing like a baby.

As soon as she was thru cumming she rolled to the
side and tightened herself up into a ball. I started to pull myself up
next to her. I put one hand on her hip and she brushed it off. In a very
soft voice she said, "Please just let me be now." I was stunned. I tried
to cuddle up to her again but she stiffened and said "Please don't".
Embarrassed I slipped off the bed. I was still fully dressed. She didn't
even give me time to get my shoes off. I picked up my coat and left.

Walking across campus I started to think about what had happened. I felt
very used and dirty. I did not like what I had done. I started to cry but
I knew I only had myself to blame. By the time I had gotten home I had
made some new rules for Genny. I knew I was submissive but I was not
going to be abused. I would do almost anything for a lover but there had
to be love there too. I was nobody's trash.

I never went out with Carol again. She would still rant like a militant
lesbian at the meetings but I knew she was still fucking guys on the
side. That Christmas she went home to Atlanta and never came back to

Well that is my story. It is part of how I became me, flaws and all. I
know some of the things I have done were dumb. Believe me I do not
advocate sucking an unknown mans cum out of a bar slut. It is not healthy
in many ways. But I have done it and I wanted to share the story.

Please let me know how you liked this story. Feel free to write any time. I am at


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