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A Genny Story.... Christmas in Chicago

Tags: lesbian, love, sexy
I was nervous about going home with Melly for the holiday.


Melly and I  had moved in together around the first of November. When Christmas
came I couldn't get time off from the fire department and Melly thought
it would be better if she just went home alone. As soon as she left I was
miserable. There was no joy around my tree the whole time she was gone.
We talked a few times on the phone and she told everyone there about me.
When she got home I wanted to tell her how crumby it had been without her
but I was a little afraid of seeming too needy. Lucky for me she told me
that she thought it was a terrible mistake to be separated at the
holliday and that next year I had to do everything I could to have time
off for Christmas.

I did just that. I am a firefighter on a medium size Michigan Dept. In the fire department you can trade days with guys on the other units, and every time someone needed time off I volunteered to
work for them and made sure they understood that I needed Christmas time
as my pay back. Luckily there were enough guys during the year that
really needed a specific day or event that by fall I had guys lined up to
cover all the days I needed.

We packed up and left about three days before Christmas. I was glad to be
meeting her family, but more than a little nervous too. Melly is an only
child and her dad died while she was in college. Her family includes this
never ending group of Aunts and Uncles and like a thousand cousins that are always around when ever "The Princess" (That's what they all call her) is in town. We got to her mom's
and I was glad to see that no one was there yet. Her mom is a well
rounded Italian lady with a warm infectious smile. She loves to cook and
the center of her house is always in her kitchen. She welcomed me with a
big hug and a kiss. She told us I would be sharing a room with one of
Melly's young cousins in a spare room and that Melly would be staying in
her old room. That was ok with me. I never expected to be sleeping with
her there.

We sat and talked and drank some wine. After a while we picked
up our bags and headed upstairs. Melly pointed to a room and I went in
and put my stuff in a nice little room that had two twin beds.

After I dumped my bags I went down to Melly's room. It was exactly the
way she left it when she went off to college. It even had the old posters
on the walls. I kidded her a little about all the geeky stuff she had.
Then I spotted a picture on the dresser. It was Melly and another girl in
softball uniforms (Did I ever explain my weakness for girls that play
softball?) I made some kind of comment about hot high school chicks. The
girl in the picture could of been Melly's sister. They were both dark
haired beauties. I was about to ask who the girl was but then it hit me.
I asked "Is that her?"

Melly was standing behind me. "Is that who?"

I turned to look at her. "You know who, Theresa, Is that Theresa? Your
first taste."

Melly blushed a little (A rare thing for her) "Yes. That's Theresa and me
in our senior year."

I reached over and picked up the picture. I held it up to look at it with
Melly in the background. MMMMM I see what you liked here. She looks
pretty hot."

Melly just gave me a look and said "Be nice. We were kids".

"No seriously. I can see why she got you wet."

Melly took a step closer and put her arms around me. "You better be a
nice girl".

I laughed and moved in real close so I could whisper in her ear. " She
looks like a hottie. Did she make noises? Did you ever do her in this
room? Ever fuck her in your very own bed?"

Melly's hands grabbed a big chunk of my ass and squeezed till I jumped. I
laughed and wiggled in her arms. She turned us both around and pushed me
up against the bed. My knees buckled and she landed on top of me with a
big "Ummph" Now it was her with the big smile on her face. I tried to
give her my most stern look "You better behave yourself. Your mother is
right down stairs."

Melly just giggled. "You want to see what I did to her? You want me to
show you how I made her moan? How I made her cum?" She pressed her hip
against my puss and ground it in. I was trying not to push back against

"Melly, stop this. If your mom comes up here we will be in a mess".

Melly laughed again and said "She would only be mad at me for a while. I
would still get my Christmas presents."

I started to push her up and off of me. "Yea, she would forgive you in a
couple of days, but I would forever be that nasty red headed queer girl
that was having sex in Melly's bed." We were both laughing by then and
Melly rolled off of me and I got up. I took a couple steps towards the
safety of the door and then leaned down behind her head and asked, "When
you did it, did she leave her spikes on?" I jumped out of the way of her
hand swinging towards me and was half way down the stairs to safety
before she could get up.

In a few hours the house was full of people. I met my room mate, Melly's
little cousin Mary. by the end of the night there were so many aunts and
uncles and cousins I had given up on keeping them all straight. Everyone
treated me very nice. I was Melly's "Friend" form Michigan. Melly has
been out to her family since early college so there was no doubt what the
word friend meant, but I was the first girl she had ever brought home.

Two days later it was Christmas. The crowds had ebbed and flowed but
there was always a gang of family close by. After Mass on Christmas
morning we went over to Melly's Aunts to exchange some gifts and have the
holiday meal. Again there were people all over. I have to admit I was
getting a little claustrophobic. I hadn't really been alone with Melly
since our little games in her room. Melly was feeling the same thing
because around two in the afternoon she told her mom that she was going
to take me around and show me the old neighborhood. We no sooner got
around the corner from her aunts and she pulled over. I was more than
ready. I undid my seat belt and scooted over as much as I could. We held
each other and kissed until the windows steamed up and we got even more
frustrated with our big bulky coats. Melly broke the kiss and we raced
over to her mom's place. We figured we had somewhere between one and
three hours before anyone would be home.

We pulled up in the driveway and I started to get out. I felt Melly grab
the back of my hair and pull me back in the car. We were both laughing. I
was laying on my back with the console digging into my spine and Melly
was leaning over me from the other direction and we were kissing again. I
imagine the view from the end of the driveway would be interesting, two
pairs of girls legs sticking out. One set of feet pointing up, one set
pointing down.

The freezing air flowing in from the open car doors made us give up the
kiss and go inside. We were laughing like kids taking our boots and coats
off as fast as we could. I headed up stairs with Melly slapping my ass
every step of the way. We got to her room and I turned to take her in my
arms. She pressed up against me and her cold lips pressed against mine. I
could feel the cold still flowing out of her thick hair. When her warm
tongue slipped into my mouth I moaned with need. Her hands were on my ass
and she pulled us tight against each other. Her leg pressed between mine
and I pushed my hips forward to get the most from it. I reached for the
buttons of her blouse. "Lets not waste any time."

We took a step apart and started shedding our clothes as fast as
possible. My sweater went into the corner and my nipples stood out ready
for some fun. Melly had her top and bra off and was bending down pulling
her jeans off. I could see her breasts swaying with her actions. I was
very tempted to lean over and kiss her pretty ass but I wanted to get the
rest of my clothes off too. In less than a minute we were back holding
each other, but this time I could feel her skin against mine. Her warm
breasts covered mine. Her arms were around my waist and my fingers were
in her hair holding her mouth tight against mine. I hated to break that
kiss but we needed to get to the bed. I crawled onto the bed first and
Melly gave my ass a hard slap. I lay on my back and she lay next to me
with her left leg draped over me. We started kissing again. I moaned into
her mouth letting her know how excited I was. I reached across to hold
her left breast. Melly grabbed my hand and pulled it up to the head
board. I knew what she wanted so I grabbed on to the board. She reached
over to my other hand and pulled it up too. There I was, laying on my
back naked with both hands holding tight to the headboard. Melly leaned
in real close and whispered in my ear. "You are my captive. I will do
anything I want to you." I was so excited I could only moan.

Melly kept her mouth right at my ear, whispering her dirty words to me.
Her finger nails trailed down my arms to my chest. Every where she
touched the hairs stood up and I had goose bumps. She lightly traced the
outsides of my little tits. I had my eyes closed and wanted to
concentrate on every sensation. She scratched lightly on my breasts
circling closer to my nipples. I pushed out my chest as best I could
trying to increase contact. Melly chuckled in my ear "My little slut
likes this doesn't she?"

Her finger nails had reached my areolas, I ached for her to touch a
nipple. I felt her hand leave my tit. then I heard her fingers in her
mouth. She sloshed them around noisily next to my ear. The wait was
endless. Finally I felt her wet fingertips on my left nipple. She traced
around it and then held it tight. I pushed up again and again I heard
Melly's nasty laugh. She started to pull slightly on it. I felt electric
charges run from my nipple straight to my pussy. She tightened her grip
and started to slowly twist the nipple between her finger and thumb. I
whispered "Harder, please harder."

Melly increased her pressure and I was loving every bit of it. Now her
fingernails alone held my nipple. She pinched it tight enough to make me
slightly wince. Then she pulled up and out. My mouth opened in a silent
cry. "Should I just pinch this right off? Do you think you could stay
quiet if I did that?

Melly's tongue found my ear and pushed in deep. As she fingered my nipple
she left little bites on my lobe. My breathing was shallow and harsh. I
cold feel the sweat on my body and could feel my wet pussy dripping down
between my cheeks.

I felt her finger tips scrape down from my sore nipple to my belly.
Little scratches around my belly button had me moving around to avoid the
tickles. Again she brought her hand up and wet her finger tips. I felt
her index finger touch my navel. I gasped at the feeling. Melly whispered
"Easy girl. relax."

Her wet finger circled my belly button and I wanted to jump out of my
skin. Finally she slid the finger down. I felt her playing with and
pulling at my red pubic hair. I raised my hips up to meet her hand. One
finger slid down and split my lower lips. I sighed and pressed up harder.
"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes."

"Do you want me to fuck you with my finger until you scream? Until you
wet yourself like a little slut?"

I groaned again and pressed up against her finger. This time she didn't
pull it away. I felt the sweet feeling of her finger sliding into my


"You like that don't you? You are so wet. I can smell your nasty cunt
from here."

Melly started to slowly saw back and forth with her finger. My hands were
wrapped around the head board so tight I thought I might pull it down on
us. I wanted more fingers but it was feeling so good I didn't want to
talk. She curled her finger up in me and touched my G-spot. I instantly
felt like I had to pee and I knew there was a hugh orgasm waiting to
sweep me away. I felt her pull her finger out. I waited for it to come
back but it didn't. Then I felt her hand near my face. I could smell my
own pussy on her finger. I opened my mouth for a taste but Melly
whispered "No."

I closed my mouth and breathed in deep thru my nose. Melly's wet finger
wiped across my upper lip and down across my mouth. Her hand slipped back
down to my now swamp of a cunt. She pressed two fingers into me and they
went in without any effort. I opened my legs even more and pressed my
hips up to her. My whole body was centered right where her fingers
entered me. That was all I could feel. She pushed in deep and I felt the
palm of her hand press down on my clit. I knew I was not going to last
much longer. Again her fingers curled up to massage my g-spot. She
started to fuck in and out. I started to see little star bursts behind my
closed eyes.

"Dirty girl. Be my dirty girl. Cum all over my bed. Wet my sheets with
your cum."

"Oh my God. I am going to cum so fucking hard."

Her fingers doubled their speed on my g-spot. I felt like I needed to pee
real bad. The palm of her hand pressed down hard on my clit and I started
to crest. My hips were bucking up off the bed. I could feel the sweat
pouring off of me. All threw this Melly was whispering filthy words in my
ear, encouraging me to cum hard. I heard the headboard creak and for a
second I thought that between my hands pulling and my hips pounding I was
going to pull the old bed apart. My whole body tensed and I felt a great
wet gush against her hand from my pussy. I heard an animal roar come from
me and I felt a second orgasm start. The sound of Melly's voice softly in
my ear, telling me what a good little slut I was and that she loved her
little slut girl, kept me at a peak. Finally I collapsed. I was a
quivering mess. The room reeked of pussy and the sheets under my ass were
soaked. Melly was kissing the side of my face. She kissed my eyes and
then down to my mouth. We kissed softly, gently. Letting me coast slowly
back to earth.. My cramped hands released the headboard and I wrapped her
in my arms. I tried to tell her how much I loved her but my breath was
still so ragged that Melly put her finger against my lips and
said "Shush, Just relax for a while." I felt so wonderful in my post
orgasmic glow that I let my self just drift off in her arms.

Melly let me relax. Pretty soon I felt her hands sliding gently over my
body. Caressing my breasts and stomach. Her hand went down between my
still spread legs and I felt two fingers sweep up between my lips. She
brought her hand up to my mouth and started to wipe my juice on my lips.
I opened my mouth like a bird and Melly fed me her pussy soaked fingers.
I sucked them clean and then rolled over to her and kissed her, giving
her as much of my taste as I could. We kept kissing and I rolled over on
top of her. My pussy pressed nicely against hers. I pressed down and she
spread her legs for me. I pushed my body up with my arms and made even
better contact between our sexes. I looked down on her pretty face. Her
black hair spread out on the white pillow case. Her black eyes meeting
mine as I started to gently rock my pussy against hers. We were both so
wet I could hear the squishy sounds coming from our contact. Looking down
at her I couldn't help myself, I said "I love you."

Her eyes were getting that smokey look that she gets when she is getting
close to her cum. A small smile crossed her lips and she said, "I know
baby, I know."

Her hands went to my ass and pulled me harder against her. She spread her
legs even more and I could feel her open lips against mine, both of us
wet and slippery. I dipped my head down and captured a nipple between my
lips. She groaned as I applied a little pressure and dug her fingernails
deeper in my cheeks.

"Fuck me baby. Make me cum. Fuck my cunt my baby, make me cum."

I doubled my effort and really pressed down. I could feel her head
thrashing back and forth as she cussed. I knew she was going to cum any

"Fuuuuuck! Cunt, cunt, cunt. I am fucking cumming Aghhhhhh!"

Just as she went over the edge I bit down on her nipple. I was sure her
nails were bringing blood from the cheeks of my ass. With her pulling my
cheeks apart I could only imagine the view from the foot of the bed.

I let go with my teeth and gently sucked her nipple as she started down.
She was holding me so tight I couldn't hump against her any more. I eased
my arms down and brought my face to hers. She was gasping for breath so I
started kissing her cheeks and eyes. I let my full weight ease down on
her and we were still.

I breathed in our scents. Sweat mixed with perfume, mixed with the aroma
of excited pussy. I could feel her heart beating in her chest. We rested
for a minute then I eased off of her onto my side. I reached up and
pushed a few sweaty strands of hair off of her face. She turned to me and
we started to kiss again. When we broke the kiss she was smiling at me. I
smiled back and asked, What?"

She giggled a little and said "Your the best fuck I ever had in this

I tried to show mock supries.

"I knew you did her in this bed. "I said. "I can just see you acting all
innocent with your mom and having  sleep overs all the while you were
defiling young girls right here."

"Not girls. Just the one, and it was only twice in this bed."

I snuggled up close and said, So, would you like to do it again? This
time you can call me Theresa. I tried to hold her hands but one slipped
away from me and came down on my ass with a resounding smack. We were
both laughing and wrestling around. The sheets were a mess and I almost
had her pinned when we heard the car pull into the drive. The crunching
snow followed by the slamming of her mom's car door. We both scrambled to
get our clothes. I was laughing like hell I hadn't had to dodge a lovers
parent since high school.

Two days later we were headed home. After about an hours drive Melly said
she had talked to her mom about us. When I asked what that meant she said
that she sat with her mom and said that we are a couple. That we are
together and we are going to stay together. She said that the next time
we come we would like to stay in the same room. I was surprised she would
say that to her mom and asked what the response was. She said that her
mom was quiet for a while and then asked if she loved me. Now I was
really interested. She said "Yes Mom, I love her and she loves me."

I didn't even care what her mom's response was. Just that Melly had told
her that she loved me was enough to make my holliday.

Well that's our Christmas Story. I hope you liked it. As usuall I would
love to hear from everyone that gets anything out of my storys.

Kisses to you all....Genny

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