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A Genny Story... Cucumber Salad

We had been together for almost a year and Melly and I were playing at our boundries.


This is a mostly true story about Melly and I finding our limits as far as Dom/Sub. We are happily still pushing those limits.

I am Genny.

It was June, and Michigan is at it's prettiest in June. I was just
starting my third year on the fire department and Melly had just over
four as a RN in the emergency room. We had moved in together the previous
November, and were madly in love, everything was new and fresh and the
sex was fantastic. I had never been happier in my life. In the past four
months we had been testing the limits of our domme and submissive sides.
We had gotten right to the edge of humiliation and backed off. We decided
that neither one of us really wanted to go there. We did like it
physical. Biting, scratching, and pinching were all in play. Of course
Melly did most of the biting, scratching, and pinching, and I got most of
the bite marks, scratch marks and bruises. We liked it a little rough and
very verbal. When Melly was close to cumming she would call me the
nastiest of names and I would cream like crazy.

We were both off work on a Tuesday and decided to do our grocery shopping
during the week while the crowds were down. We were filling our cart in a
mostly empty isle when Melly leaned in to me and said, "Genny, go back to
the vegetable dept and pick out a cucumber."

Without comment I started to turn to go when she added, "Pick out a nice
big one, because when we get home I am going to use it on you."

Now this defiantly got my attention. I looked at her dark eyes and I
could see her sexy mind working in the back ground. I gave her a smile
and headed back to the cucumbers. Thinking about what she said made me
smile. I love it when she gets nasty like that. I was wondering if she
really meant it or did we just need a cucumber. When I got to the bin
that held the big green veg, just looking at them was kind of exciting.
There were hundreds. I picked up one and felt it's heft. It was long and
solid and cool to the touch. Another one was much fatter but not as long.
I picked up that one too and compared them in my hands and in my mind. I
set down the long one, and holding the fatter one, I  ran my other hand
up and down it as if I was exciting a lovers cock. I picked up a third
one, it was as big and round as the fat one but a little longer, and it
had bumps all up and down it. Just holding it made me squeeze my legs
together to quell a tingle.

I had touched and toyed with about ten of them when I noticed the woman
standing at the other end of the bin. She was tall and stylish. Her suite
looked like she might be a lawyer or maybe a factory rep that had to go
to important sales meetings. She was probably about 35 and her hair was
blonde and pulled straight back in a severe bun. she was very pretty and
when I looked up she was staring right at me and my cuke. I blushed like
a fool. As if my thoughts were posted for her to see. She smiled at me
and walked up real close. She reached across me and picked up a cuke, she
gave it a little wiggle said, "Yes, this should do the trick. Yours looks
nice too."

Our eyes met for a second and I could of sworn she gave me a little wink
before she walked away. As soon as she was gone I grabbed my cuke and
headed the other way to find Melly.

She was in the cereal isle looking like an innocent shopper instead of
the wonderful pervert I know her to be. She seen me coming and smiled. I
said, "Here it is." and started to toss it in the basket. Before I could
let it go she said, "No no. That's yours. You keep it and pay for it.
After all your going to be getting all the fun out of it."

I gave a little giggle and at first thought she was just kidding. When I
looked in her face I could tell she was serious. She had that look I have
come to love that says she is going to push me to see how far she can go.
I lowered my eyes to let her know I was ready to be her submissive and
held the cuke with both hands against my chest. She started pushing the
cart and said "That's the sweet girl I love."

I was holding the cucumber, following behind Melly and the cart. I was
lost in my own thoughts. Trying to imagine what Melly might want to do to
me with the big green phallus. After walking two isles, my visions were
getting steamier and so were my panties. As we came around the corner of
one isle I looked down it and there was the woman I had seen at the cuke
bin. Melly had stopped to look at something on a shelf and I almost ran
into her. Just as Melly was about to ask me what I was doing the woman
got close to us. She took one more step closer to our cart and just
looked at us for a second. Melly was wondering what was with her when the
woman looked first at me and then at Melly and asked, "Is she yours?"

I started to blush and I could tell that for a second the question even
threw Melly. But then she regrouped, looked at me for a long second then,
smiling at the woman just said, "Completely."

The blonde gave a knowing smile back and as she started past us
whispered, "Lucky girl."

Now I was really blushing. My face was the same color as my hair. I kind
of turned and watched the woman retreating and then turned to see that
Melly was half way down the isle in the other direction leaving me in the
middle holding my cucumber. I hurried up to catch her and when I got
close enough to say something I whispered "Do you believe that?"

Melly chuckled and said, "Don't pretend you didn't love it."

I stammered, "I don't, really. She was there watching when I picked out
the cuke."

Melly stopped suddenly and I again almost bumped into her. She leaned in
real close to me and took a deep breath thru her nose. She smiled a
knowing smile and said, "Well if you don't like it, why do you smell like
excited pussy?"

Again she started walking away and again I hurried up and fell in behind.
We finished what little shopping was left and then made our way to the
checkout lanes. I started to go into the express with my one item but
Melly took my arm and guided me into a regular line with a woman ahead of
me with a full cart. Melly went to a lane a few down and got in line
there. Soon another woman was behind me with a full cart and there I
stood, looking foolish between two full carts caring my lone cucumber. I
was sure everyone in line must know why I was buying it and I was more
than grateful when I was finally in front of the line and could pay
then escape out to the car.

Melly was still in line when I left. I went out to the car and started it
up and turned on the AC. I was tempted to take the cuke out of the bag
sitting next to me but I didn't. My thoughts leapt to all the things that
we might do with it. Lost in my thoughts I jumped when Melly knocked on
my window. I wasn't sure what she wanted, I had already opened the trunk
for her to put the groceries in. I lowered the window and just looked up
at her. She leaned down a little and with a wicked little smile on her
face said, "Take off your panties."

I just stared back "What?"

"You heard me, give me your panties, and hurry it's hot out here."

I was sitting behind the steering wheel so it was not easy. I had to pull
my skirt up over my hips and wrestle the undies down over my butt and
hips. Even then, with the steering wheel in my face I struggled to get
them over my shoes and off. Melly was standing there with her hand out
waiting for me. I handed them to her and asked, "Why do you want my

She didn't answer just held them tight in her hand and walked away. I
watched as she went to the next row of cars. The lot was mostly empty but
there was one grey Mercedes sitting at an angle to us. As Melly got close
the dark window went down and I could see the blonde lady sitting inside.
As Melly got closer the woman smiled at her and extended her hand. Melly
handed them to her and said something I couldn't hear. I seen the woman
laugh and could read her lips as she said "Thank you."

Just as the dark window was going back up I seen her bring the wet
panties up to her face. Then she was gone.

I was surprised and embarrassed. Melly quickly loaded the groceries in
the trunk and then got in with me. I think I was still sitting there with
my mouth open. I looked at her and said, "I can't believe you did that.
You gave that woman my underpants."

Melly just laughed and said, "What she really wanted was what was in
those panties. If I would of invited her she would be following us home
right now. I think she took a fancy to you."

I just stared at her. There was nothing left to say so I put the car in
gear and pulled out.

On the drive home Melly noticed the cuke sitting in the bag on the front
seat. She pulled it out and held it in her hand. She was oooing and
ahhing about it but I kept my eyes straight ahead. She leaned over to me
a little and held it out almost in front of me. "My my, you picked out a
big one. You must really be horny".

She kept laughing and teasing me with it. She held it low and leaned over
and put her lips on it. I was watching out of the corner of my eye when
she opened her mouth and let the green veg slip in. I have to admit I was
a little surprised to see her do that and even more impressed with the
amount of it she got in her mouth before I heard a little gag and she
brought it back out. Talking to herself she said, "See, I could suck
cock. There ain't no big deal to it. Just to bad they're all attached to

Looking at the wet end of it she turned back to me. "You want to try it
out now?"


She pointed the end of it at my crotch  "Maybe just a quickie on the way

She slipped it under my skirt and pushed it up between my legs.

"Melly this is a bad idea."

I could feel the wet tip pressed against the lips of my pussy.

"Wouldn't you like me to push this big thing into you?"

"Not unless you would like me to push this big car into a ditch."

With that she laughed and pulled it out. "Yea, that would be a sight.
Your fire guys would all show up and find you with a cucumber in your

It was a short ride home and pretty soon we were putting all the
groceries away. As the last of them went into cupboards I took the cuke
and turned to Melly, "Should I put this away?"

She came over to me and took it out of my hand. "No, take it with you.
go on up to the room and get undressed. I'll be up in a minute."

Before I could go she leaned in and kissed me. The tip of her tongue
touched my lips and I opened my mouth. As always when she kisses me, all
the little hairs on my neck stand up and scream. when we broke the kiss I
turned and headed up stairs. Before I left the kitchen I looked back to
make sure she was watching and then flipped up the back of my skirt to
flash her my bare bottom. Then I scampered up to our room. I went in the
bathroom and turned on some water. As it was warming up I sat and peed.
when I was done I wet a wash cloth and held it against my pussy. The warm
wet cloth felt nice. I made sure everything down there squeaky clean.
then I scrubbed the cuke. I wasn't sure where that was going, but I
wanted it free of any nasty chemicals. Then I took off my skirt and tee
shirt and left them in the bathroom. I was naked except for my sox, which
I left on. I peeked out to see if she was there but the room was empty. I
could hear her in the hall bathroom getting ready. I pulled the blanket
off the bed and climbed in under just the sheet. In just a minute or two
I heard the bathroom door open and Melly came in from the hall door. She
looked incredible. She was wearing a full body stocking I had bought her
from Victoria's Secrete last Christmas. It is white lace and fits her
like a second skin. Her dark skin shows threw the spaces in the white
lace. I could see the shadows her darker nipples and the little fur strip
above her pussy. There is a small opening at the crotch so I can slip a
couple of fingers into her. As she walked to the bed I pulled the sheet
to the side and opened my arms to take her in. She crawled up the bed and
lay down on top of me. Her dark hair fell around our faces and we kissed
deep. I love feeling the weight of her on me and I think we both moaned
at the contact. We kissed for a long time as is our custom. Our tongues
wrestling together in a warm wet battle. She had freshened her perfume in
the bathroom and I could smell that and the shampoo in her hair. When we
finally broke the kiss she started to kiss her way down my neck. I turned
my head to one side to give her access. I felt her teeth tracing the side
of my throat. Like a sexy vampire she bit me there. I gave her the gasp
she wanted and groaned deep in my throat. Her hands came up and grabbed
mine. She raised them up to the head board and I grabbed on like I knew
she wanted me to. She knew I would not let go until she let me and I knew
that like that I was completely at her mercy. She moved down leaving a
trail of kisses across my upper chest. She drug her hair across my
breasts and I could feel my stiff nipples wanting to burst with
excitement. She captured the left one in her mouth. Her warm wet tongue
circling the hard nub. Then I felt the hard edge of her teeth. I held my
breath. With just the slightest pressure she pulled up on my nipple until
it popped free. My breathing was coming in gasps as her teeth closed on
it again. This time the bite was a little firmer. There was a quick shot
of pain as she pulled again on my hard red nipple. I groaned "Oh yes" as
she let it spring back and then moved over to the right one. She bit the
side of my tit, pressing her teeth deep against my soft skin. Then,
keeping the pressure on she slid her teeth all the way across to the
other side. As her mouth moved over my nipple I could feel each sharp
tooth scrape against the sensitive skin. Little sparks were going off and
sending spasms threw my wet, wet pussy. When she started kissing down my
belly she was still pinching both my nipples. The softness of her kisses
and the harshness of her pinching was setting my body off in convulsions.
I barely felt her tongue slip in and out of my navel, and then I could
feel her chin pressing down as it slid over my pubic bone. My gripping
knuckles were white as I waited to see what she was going to do. I felt
her breath on my lips. She pressed her lips just above my clit and hummed
deeply. She does this to me all the time and she knows that the
vibrations from her mouth feel wonderful there. I gasp again and pressed
my hips up to get even more of her mouth. I heard her deep laugh and then
she said "Mmm You like that don't you?"

It was of course a rhetorical question. Then I felt her teeth come back
to that same spot just above my clit. She pressed them hard against me
and bit me there. I honestly couldn't tell you if it hurt or felt
wonderful. I know it excited me to a new level. Her mouth softened and I
felt her lips on mine. I knew I must be very wet from the way her mouth
slid easily across my pussy lips. He tongue came out like a big cat and
she slowly licked me from bottom to top. I spread my legs even more and
pressed my heals into the bed to raise my hips so she could get at more
of me. I was not disappointed Her tongue went even lower, right to the
edge of my anus. With a long firm lick she brought me to the brink of
orgasm. Her tongue slipped in me. I wanted her to go to my very core. I
pushed my hips up in her face and she pushed her face as deep as she
could into my sex. Her nose was brushing against my clit and I knew I was
just moments from a huge orgasm. When I started panting Melly knew it
too. She pulled back and blew cool air against my pussy. I shivered from
head to foot and moaned her name. "Oh fuck Baby, Please let me cum. Eat
my pussy."

She just stayed an inch from my sex as I tried to hump up against her
face in frustration. She raised up a little and said, "We have forgotten
our guest of honor."

As she reached for the cucumber I realized that I had forgotten all about
it. I wanted to shout, "Fuck the cucumber. I don't even want the fucking
thing, just put your face back down there and eat me."

But by then Melly was already reaching for it, and the tube of lube that
was on the night stand. As I calmed down a little I could feel the
cramping in my arms still held above my head. I eased up on my grip and I
could feel some of the blood rush back into my hands. 

Melly squirted some lube on our green friend and spread it around the top of it. It was
very shiny, and looking at it I suddenly thought it looked very big. What
was I thinking picking out one that large? It was a couple of inches
longer than any boy I had ever been with and much wider too. A little
panic started to set in. I looked up at Melly and said, "Your going to go
easy with that, right? I might of been a little optimistic when I picked
it out."

She smiled at me and said, "Well I'm no expert but I thought it was a
little on the big side too. I promise not to be rough. You tell me how
far to go."

I nodded and watched her settle in again between my legs. I closed my
eyes and took a deep breath. I felt the cool of the lube touch my lips. I
held very still as she slid it up and down my lips getting everything
even wetter than before (if that was possible). I felt some pressure and
then it was slipping in me. It didn't feel cool it didn't feel hot it was
just a pressure that went deeper. I tightened up a little and Melly
stopped. I felt her hand on my lower belly massaging me there. As I
concentrated on her hand I felt it slide deeper in me. I had no idea how
much of it I had taken and then I felt it hit bottom. The tip of the cuke
must of been right against my cervix. I tried to think of the baby
delivery classes I took with the fire department and started to mouth
breath. I was panting and trying to ease the pressure. It took a minute
but I started to get used to the big green cock in me (It must be like
fucking the Hulk). Melly left it where it was and just started twisting
it. I could feel the bumps as they massaged my lips and insides. I heard
a moan and realized it was me. Slowly she pulled it out of me. I could
feel each bump and wave on it as it slipped out. When it was almost out
it reversed and slid easier back in. This was feeling better. I adjusted
and even pushed up against it. Melly started to get a little more
serious. Each stroke Had a nice twist along with it. The bumps were
really getting to me. Through clenched teeth I was hissing "Yea, fuck me
Baby. Give it to me. Give me your dick. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

I looked up and Melly was staring at my pussy. Her hair was wild. Her
lipstick smeared and her eyes were wide with lust. She was about the
sluttiest thing I had ever seen. She looked wonderful. The hand that was
on my belly came down and her finger tips touched my clit. I let out a
scream and my hips jumped about a foot. She pushed me back down against
the bed and started to strum her fingers around and around my pearl. She
didn't let up on the cuke either. It was sliding in faster and faster and
I was on the verge of exploding. She pinched my clit between two fingers
and said, "Now Baby, cum for me now."

That was all I needed. It started in my toes and raced up my body. Every
muscle in my body tightened. I grabbed the head board so tight I thought
I might rip off a piece. The muscles in my chest tightened and I could
feel my nipples ache. There was noise everywhere. I was screaming Melly
was screaming and even the cuke was making sloshing sounds in my much
looser pussy. My hips were like a blur. Every time I came back down I
could feel all the wet on the bed against my ass. I have no idea how long
I was cumming but I know it totally wiped me out. Melly held the cuke
quiet, but still deep in me. I let go of the headboard and draped my
tired arms over my eyes. Melly leaned down and planted a kiss right on my
clit. I jumped again from the contact. She was still holding the cuke in
me and started to lightly kiss her way up my body. She licked each still
hard nipple and with each flick of her wonderful tongue I felt my pussy
clamp down on the cuke. I took my hands away from my eyes and looked at
her. I could see the lust in her eyes and knew we weren't done yet. I
opened my arms up and she lay down on top of me. Her hand had to leave
the cuke but it was still planted deep in me. We kissed, and where I had
smelt her perfume and shampoo earlier now I could smell her sweat mixed
in. As we kissed Melly pressed her pussy down on mine. She rocked her
hips a little and I heard her moan. I opened my legs more to let her fit
better against me. She moved down and started sliding her pussy against
the end of the cuke that was in me. I had never thought this could be
done. I tried to squeeze down on the cuke so it wouldn't slip out. Melly
pushed up on her hands so she could have better pressure against her
pussy. My hands came to her breasts and started to finger her hard
nipples. Her breathing let me know that she was getting very close to
cumming. I pushed my hips up more and tightened my fingers on her nips.
Her hips started to speed up. She started moaning and then whispering her
dirty thoughts. "You want to fuck? Is that what you want slut? You like
my dick?"

Then  "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. You cunt. You fucking cunt fuck me. Ahhhhhhhhhh!
(I paraphrase. I couldn't possible repeat every dirty thing she says when
she is cumming)

For a second she just froze in place. Her pussy pressed against the cuke
pushing out from mine. Then her arms gave out and she lay back down on
top of me. Her hair again covered us both in a dark quiet world. It took
more than a couple of minutes for us to get back our breath. I started to
feel uncomfortable with a vegetable pushed up into me. I tried to reach
around her to get it out but I couldn't stretch my arm that far. "What's
the matter?"

"I need to get that out."

Melly slid off of me to the side and brought her hand down to my puss.
Her finger tips tapped right on my clit and I jumped.

"Be nice. This is starting to feel uncomfortable."

She whispered "I'm sorry" and slowly started to pull the cucumber out of
my sore pussy. It took my breath away to feel that big thing slip out of
me. I felt like I just had a puppy. We laid there quietly with the wet
green cuke still laying on the bed between my legs. A few soft kisses and
I whispered, "You are so sick. What ever made you think of that?"

She just softly laughed and said, "I'm sick? You loved it. You were
cumming from the second I put it in you."

I nuzzled up close to her ear. "Well I might of loved it but let's just
remember who the sicky was that thought of it."

A minute later my belly started to rumble. Melly heard it and asked if I
was hungry. When I said I was she told me to go clean up and she would go
down and start something. I got up and went in the bathroom. I ran more
warm water on the washcloth and held it soothingly against my poor
stretched lips. It felt very good.

When I slipped on my robe and went down stairs Melly was at the counter
cutting something up for us to eat. "What ya making?"

I looked over her shoulder to see the cuke sliced and diced in bite size
pieces "Cucumber salad."

Well, That's my story. I have to admit that I made up the blonde lady in
the grocery, but the fantasy was just to good to let go. The rest of it
is as close as I can remember. I hope you liked it. I would love to hear
from anyone that has read my stories and don't be surprised if I write
you back because I always write back anyone that writes me.

Thanks again.   Kisses   Genny

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