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A Genny Story.... Jess

A brief encounter with a very strange girl.


Thank you all for all the nice letters I received after my last story. I
am constantly amazed at the friendly women that write and say they like
reading about my adventures. I love hearing from everyone and hope that
it continues.

This story is from that short space between the time Karen and I cooled
down and Melly and I decided to get serious. (Have you read the other stories?)

I am Genny

Like I said in the last story. Karen and I were lovers only for a few
months. It was hot and intense but I could see from the beginning that
Karen was never going to settle down and I felt like I needed something
more. It still surprises me that we were able to go from lovers to really
great friends without the breakup and bitterness that marked my past

Melly and I had been hanging out together more and more as Karen and I
got less and less. Mostly we seen each other in groups of other friends.
There was definitely an attraction between us, but she was taking it
slow, and I wasn't sure that Karen's best friend was the answer to my
love life. I found out later that her friends were telling her, "Stay away from bi-girls. They always go back to cock."

It was a warm mid September Saturday evening. I had no plans so when
Karen called and said she was coming over I said "Sure." I knew she was
there when her old truck dragged it's muffler into the parking lot. I
went to my window and looked down to see her and what looked like a boy
getting out of the truck and head for the apartment door. I buzzed them
in and went out into the hall to watch them come up the stairs. Karen was
leading the way and when she seen me she gave out with her usual "Hey
there Fire Chick!" She came down the hall and gave me a kiss and a hug.
Looking over her shoulder I could see her companion. At first I still
thought it might be a boy, but when I see her face I was sure it was not.
She was wearing a red ball cap backwards over very short white hair. The
tee shirt she had on was tucked in and very tight. I had to look twice to
make sure this was a female. She was the flattest chested woman I have
ever seen. There was absolutely nothing there. You had to even look close
to make out little nipples. The tee was tucked tight into a pair of
carmel colored leather pants with double row of front buttons. Kind of
like those old sailor pants you see sometimes. The pants like the tee
were very tight. She had long legs and no hips at all. As she got closer
to me I could see her eyes. They were a crystal blue. They were so blue
they were shocking to look at.

Karen stepped to the side and said "Genny, This is Jess." I took her thin
hand and we said our hellos. I invited them in and asked "What's up?"
Karen said that they were just out and about and that she wanted to
introduce me to Jess. I offered drinks and a bottle of wine was opened.
Karen and I sat on my couch and Jess curled up with her feet under her on
the big chair. As the wine bottle emptied and another was started we got
to know each other. Jess was quick minded and had a slightly twisted
sense of humor. We were laughing and telling stories. Karen shared some
of her more outrageous ER adventures and I added some fire department
happenings. By the end of the second bottle were all feeling a little
loose. The stories started getting a little sexier and the room felt very
warm. Jess asked if she could use the bathroom and I said of course. She
got up and headed to the hall way. In that old appartment there was a bathroom visible
from the hall just off to the left, but Jess turned to the right and went
into my room and I could hear her go in my bathroom and shut the door.

Karen looked at me and said "Ain't she something?"

I nodded  "Where the heck did you find her?"

She laughed "She brought a friend into the ER. Her girlfriend was a
whiney little bitch that was in for severe cramping. While the Doc was
examining her he asked if she might be pregnant. Miss Whiney got huffy
and said "Not possible, I'm gay!" That didn't make the patient any more
attractive but I did start to think about the girlfriend sitting in the
waiting room. I made a point to go out and talk to her. She had on a jean
jacket with a pin from Billie's (A woman's club, since closed) I told her
that her partner would be out in a minute. She was quick to say that it
was not her partner, just a friend. I asked her about going to Billie's
and we started talking. I asked for her number and we have been seeing
each other for a week or so."

I love hearing Karen talk about her conquests. She is always bringing
home these stray cats (like me). She takes them to her bed and loves them
up and usually always leaves them happier than when they met.

Right then we heard a sound coming from my bathroom. "Hey! Could someone
help me?

I looked at Karen and we both got up and went in. Just as we entered the
bedroom Jess came hopping out of the bathroom with her pants and panties
bunched up just under her bottom. She was laughing and trying to tug them
up but she was all tangled up with the buttons and her panties. She took
two more hops towards the bed and as she flopped over face down she just
said "Heeeeeelp."

We had to laugh. It was a sight to see her laying there with her hands
tangled in the front of her pants and her very white skinny butt sticking
up in the air. I looked at Karen expecting her to do something for her
friend. She laughed and said, "You do it." Then she turned and walked

I stood there for a few seconds hoping she would straighten herself out
but it was looking hopeless. I moved to the bed and told her to relax.
She was giggling and kept saying how embarrassing this is. I was thinking
that if it was me, I would of never came out of the bathroom until I
straightened it all out myself. Finally Jess just kind of sighed and quit
struggling. I grabbed the back of her pink panties and started to unravel
the back. Once it was straightened there, Jess rolled over herself. I
thought she would take care of the rest herself but when she rolled over
she just put her hands over her eyes and said again "Thank you. This is
so embarrassing."

I looked down at her pussy. It was quite beautiful. A natural blonde with
a thick golden yellow muff. My first lover (Ann) was the only natural
blonde I had ever been with and seeing Jess like that really did take my
breath away for a second. I reached down and started to untangle the
panties from the button flap of the pants. My fingers touched her more
than once and I started to get a little excited by the weirdness of it
all. I could see some wet (probably a little pee) still on her yellow
hair. I breathed in and got a nice whiff of her scent mixed with the
always sexy smell of leather pants. It only took a few seconds and her
panties were pulled up and she was covered. Her hands came down and
grabbed the leathers and as she raised up her hips she pulled them up
snug over her bumm. I looked up into her face. She was blushing, but she
had a big smile on her face too. "Thank you again."

I smiled and as cool as I could muster said, "For you, anytime."

I went back into the living room and Karen was sitting on the chair
smiling like the cat that got the canary. I looked at her and said

She raised her glass and asked "Having fun in there?"

I only shook my head and laughed. I picked up my own glass and decided
that I had had enough. I went to the kitchen poured out the little wine
that was left in the glass and poured myself a glass of water. When I
came back in, Jess was sitting on the couch. The only place for me was to
sit next to her. We sat and started talking again like I had not just
seen her exposed little bottom.

Half an hour later the conversation had slowed and Karen got up and announced that she had to leave. I got up and expected Jess to do the same. She just sat there smiling at the both of
us. Karen turned to me and said "I have to go to the east side by the
hospital. Jess lives the other way. I told her that you would take her

I was stuck. I looked at Karen and then at Jess and Jess spoke up "I hope
it's ok. I would like to stay here a little longer. We could get to know
each other better."

I muttered something like "Sure. That would be fine. No problem."

I followed Karen out into the hall and closed the door. I looked at her
and asked "What the hell are you doing?"

Karen smiled and said "Relax Red. I think she likes you. It will be fun."

"Yea, but I'm not sure I want her here. What am I going to do with
her? You know I am seeing Melly, what about her?"

Karen started down the hall. "Well from what I have been hearing you and
Melly haven't exactly been wetting the sheets. This girl is hot. Relax
and have a little fun. You need to let go and not take things so

Just as she went out of sight on the second landing she said "And call me
later. I want to hear it all."

I stood in the hall by myself for a minute. I thought what Karen had
said. It was true that Melly and I hadn't really gotten together. And
it's not like I haven't done things like this before. I took a deep
breath said "What the fuck" and went back in the apartment.

I looked over to the couch and Jess was not there. Her glass was missing
so I thought maybe in the kitchen. I stuck my head in there and that was
empty too. I turned into the hall way and I could see the spare bedroom
and the guest bath, both empty. I turned the other way into my bedroom.
There in my bed was Jess. She was sitting against the head board with the
covers up to her waist. She still had on the tee shirt but the carmel
colored leathers and the pink panties were both on the chair. The light
was low and she was looking rather yummy sitting there. She had a big
grin on her face and I asked, "Comfy?"

She giggled a little and said "I hope this is ok. I have been hoping
Karen would leave us alone for the past half hour. If you tell me to get
out I am going to die of embarrassment."

"Did Karen tell you to do this?"

"No. Not this. She did say she had a sexy red headed friend that she
wanted me to meet."

Jess scooted over a little and patted the bed next to her. I sat down and
she took my hands in hers. She brought my fingers up to her mouth and
kissed the tips. She looked up in my eyes and said, "She was right about
the sexy part. I think you and I could have fun."

She then took the tip of one finger in her mouth. She sucked it for a
second then gently bit down on it. Her eyes were right on mine as she
increased the pressure of her teeth until it started to hurt. I tried not
to let anything show but eventually she seen me flinch just slightly. She
released my finger and smiled a wicked smile. "You like that?"

I had to admit that I did like it. I was starting to get aroused by this
strange girl. She seen my nipples start to poke thru my tee and she
brushed both hands across my breasts. I jumped a little from the touch
and a small traitorous moan escaped from my mouth. She giggled and drug
her finger nails across both tits centering on and lightly pinching both
nipples. I let my hands drop as she continued to play with my tits. It
was starting to feel real good. I closed my eyes and concentrated on her
fingers pulling and teasing my nipples. I leaned back and pushed my
little friends out as far as they could go. Jess's hands went to the
bottom of my tee and she started to pull it out of my pants. "Let's take
this off."

I reached down and grabbed the bottom edge of my tee. I pulled it up and
off in one movement. When it cleared my head I just stopped, my arms up
above my head showing my tits off to their best advantage. Her hands
again went to my chest. She slid her fingers across from side to side and
from top to bottom. each of her hands centered on a breast and she pulled
them out as her fingers slid down to each nipple, teasing it and
stretching it until it sprung back. I tossed the tee over on the chair
with her clothes and reached down to the bottom of her tee. I started to
pull it up but she stopped me. She had a harder look and said "I'd rather
leave mine on".

I was fine with that. I have been embarrassed more than once to show my
little tits to a new lover, and this girl made me look like a porn queen.
She smiled again and reached for the button on my jeans. "Why don't you
take these off and get in here with me?"

I stood up and kicked off my slippers and then pushed my jeans and
panties to the floor. I stepped out of them and stood for a second in
front of her totally naked. Jess looked me over and said "I.m glad you
are a real red head. Your pussy is very pretty."

I brushed my fingers across my fur and fluffed it up a little. I over
dramatically extended my middle finger and touched it to the wet slit
between my lips. I was watching her and her eyes were riveted on my sex.
I bent just slightly at the knees and pressed my finger into me. I think we
both moaned as my finger went all the way in and my hand pressed firmly
against my mound.. I stood there obscenely fingering my pussy in front of
her for a few seconds, then slowly pulled the wet digit out. Her eyes
were right on my hand and her mouth was open slightly. Her eyes followed
the finger up to my mouth and I sucked it clean. When her eyes met mine
she just sighed and said "Fuck, that's sexy."

She scooted farther over on the bed and pulled the covers back to make
room for me. I got on the bed and pushed the covers even further down to
the foot of the bed. She slid down in the bed and her tee shirt rode up a
little, exposing her belly button she had a piercing with a dangling little
fob with three crystals hanging from it. I took her in my arms and we
started kissing. I slipped my tongue in her mouth and she started sucking
on it. I pressed myself against her side and her thigh came up and pushed
between my legs. Her arms were around my back and I could feel her finger
nails scraping my skin. She was moaning and pushing her leg hard against
my pussy, and I could feel my juice leaking out of me onto her thigh. I
slipped my hand from behind her to her belly. I flattened my fingers and
brought them up to find her nipple. Before I even got close to her chest
her hand came quickly around and grabbed my wrist. I was surprised at how
strong she was. She pushed my hand down between her legs and my fingers
felt how wet she was. I cupped her pussy with my whole hand and pressed
down on her mound. She pushed back and purred like a contented cat having
it's back scratched.She parted her legs a little more for me and I took
advantage of the invitation. I slipped one then a second finger into her
pretty pussy. I slowly started to feel the inside of her sex. It was warm
and very wet. I could feel the juice running out of her and into my hand.
We went back to kissing. She was practicley sucking the tongue out of my
head. Her leg pressed harder into my puss and her hands on my ass were
urging me into a nice humping motion. I gave in to the feeling of her
against me and started seriously fuck her thigh. I could feel my orgasm
start to build in me and it felt real good.I thought I was almost there
when her hand went up from my ass and came back down hard with a very
loud slap. I was a little surprised but kept humping against her. It
started to feel good again when I felt her hand rise up off my butt
again. I tensed this time. Her hand came down again on the same cheek and
it hurt. I was a little confused. I had lost the sexy edge I was feeling
and started to concentrate on her pleasure. I curled my two fingers up
into her and searched for her g-spot. I could feel how wet she was
against my hand. She seemed to be enjoying my efforts. Her breathing was
ragged and she was moaning my name. We had broken the kiss and I had my
face buried in her neck kissing and biting her there. I thought she was
getting close to her cum when her hand raised up a third time. I stopped
everything I was doing I stiffened and said "Don't hit me!"

Jess froze with her hand in the air. "What?"

"Don't hit me. I don't like that"

There was a few seconds of akward silence while she put her hand back down on
the bed. "I thought you liked it like that."

"Why would you think I like to be hit?"

"Well not hit, but spanked."

"Why would you think that?"

"Well Karen said something about you being submissive. I thought that you
liked pain."

"Well you are wrong. I might be submissive but that has nothing to do
with pain. I don't like pain."

We were quiet for a minute. She wrapped her arms around me and we cuddled
together. She raised my chin up so we were looking at each other and said
"I'm sorry. I thought I was trying to make it good for you."

I said it was ok and we cuddled up together again. we started kissing
again. I was still aroused but a little put off too. Her hands went back
to my ass and she gently rubbed the spot where she had spanked. Our
kisses were becoming more passionate, and after a few minutes she whispered
"Would you eat me?"

I gave a little growl and started kissing my way down. I kissed and
nibbled on her neck and then went across her collar bone. I kissed my way
across her tee shirt and when I got to her nipples I found her hands
covering both of them. I nuzzled her fingers to let me get to her nubbins
but she put her hands on my head and pushed me downward. I played around
with the belly piercing. Plucking it with my teeth and pulling at it
until she giggled like a school girl. I kissed her lower belly and I
started to smell her sex. Her hands were still on my head and as she
spread her legs she pulled my mouth tight against her pussy.It was small
and tight. Her lips did not protrude out at all. It looked like the sex
of a young girl with a beautiful golden fleece. I licked her deep. Her
taste was spicy, almost a cinnamon flavor. I found her clit and teased it
with my mouth and then my tongue. I hummed and rubbed my mouth back and
forth across her lips. She was moaning and pushing her hips up to meet
each thrust of my tongue. I held her little ass cheeks in my hands and
pressed my tongue deep into her pussy. She raised her hips up and it was
hard for me to stay with her. She kept moaning "Sweet Baby, Sweet Fucking

When her ass came back down on the sheets I let my hands slip around her
thighs and brought my fingers to the lips of her sex. I spread her lips
and pushed my face against her open cunt. I pulled back to look at her
and I seen how pink and juicy she was. I put my mouth back on her pussy
and started to suck as much juice as I could from her. I let my hands
stray up her belly and again tried to slip them up under her tee shirt.
She kept fucking her hips at my mouth, but her hands clamped down on my
wrists and kept me from touching her chest. I relaxed my arms and she
pushed them back down to her waist. I doubled my efforts at her pussy.
Licking along her slit, teasing her from her tight little ass hole to her
pink little clit. I was rewarded for my efforts with a long howl.
Followed by some really spectacular foul language. Calling me every kind
of nasty slut. Her hips were a blur, and it took everything I had to keep
my mouth sucking at her pussy. When she came I could taste a change in
her juice. It was thinner and more of it. I selfishly licked every drop
of it up.

I started to feel her relax. Her hips stopped jerking up and down and I
settled in to lick her clean and maybe start all over again. I had only
licked her for a minute when she groaned and pulled me up. I quit licking
and scooted back up over her. Her eyes were closed and she had a very
contented smile on her face. I kissed her and she sighed. I let my tongue
slip out and trace her lips. I pressed it a little harder looking for an
invitation but she turned her head and I was kissing her cheek. She
turned her body away from me and I ended up cuddling up against her in a
spoon position. Her knees were pulled up and she wrapped herself in her
own arms. I draped one arm over her and pulled her close. I kissed the
back of her neck and she sighed again. I moved to her ear and nibbled at
it just a little and she giggled softly. I pressed my pussy against her
ass and ground it against her. She lay still. I started to slip my hand
down between her legs but she grabed my wrist and held it fast. We lay
still for a while. I was wondering what was going on. I was still very
horny and she was giving no indication that she was interested at all. I
whispered "Something wrong?"

Without moving at all she said "No. You were wonderful."

I pushed my pussy again against her ass and humped her. she moved away
slightly. "I was hoping there would be more."

"Well, when I cum that strong I get very sensitive. If I am touched after
that it can be very uncomfortable."

I lay there letting that sink in. After a little I said, "I don't have to
touch you. You could just return the favor."

After a very long silence she said, "I'll have to pass tonight. Maybe
next time. I'm really wiped out, and I should be getting home."

I was stunned. This selfish bitch was just going to leave me hanging. I
lay there and watched her get up and start to get dressed. She pulled up
her pink panties and her tight leathers (Not needing any help). She
grabbed her shoes and walked out to the other room.

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I got up out of bed and put my
clothes back on. When I came out into the living room she had her shoes
on and her ball cap was sitting backwards on her head. She was standing
by the front door and it was obvious she was in a hurry to escape. I
grabbed my purse and we went down to my car.

Other than directions, we didn't talk at all on the ride to her house.
When we pulled up on the street in front she took out a card with her
number on it and said, "I know you are a little pissed at me but I hope
you understand. And I hope you will call me soon. She handed me the card
and I took it. When she leaned across the seat to give me a kiss I kept
my distance and she embarrassingly turned and got out. I didn't even look
in the mirror.

Somewhere between her house and mine I tossed her card out the window.
Tears welled up in my eyes and I was so mad I could hardly drive. I was
mad at Jess for being a selfish bitch. I was mad at Karen for dropping
the selfish bitch at my door, but I was mostly mad at myself. I was mad
that I was that stupid. I was embarased that I hadn't learned anything
since college about hooking up and thinking it might really mean

When I got home I stripped my bed. I made it up with fresh sheets and
then I called Karen. I told her what happened and told her I didn't want
to meet any more of her cast offs. I told her I was mad at her but I was
probably going to get over it. After I was thru venting, I called Melly.

She was glad to hear from me and her voice sounded like just what I
needed. We started talking about little stuff, but then we started
talking serious. We talked about us and what we were doing. We both
admitted we were a little afraid and that we were holding back. We talked
for over two hours. When we were done we had made plans to meet the
next day for lunch. After that lunch, we were never again apart. In the
next month I fell in love with the most wonderful woman I have ever met.
We are together today and I just pray that the rest of my days will be
spent with her.

As for Jess. It was about two years after that that Karen said she ran
into her. Karen said Jess had a set of tits she couldn't believe,
and...She is married to a man.

I hope you liked this story. I was never sure I was going to write about
this but it just kind of worked it's way out. As always I love getting
e-mail from you.

Love Genny

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