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A Genny Story.... Meeting Melly

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This is the story of how I met the love of my life.

 This is the almost completely true story of how I met my one great love. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to write me anytime.

I am Genny

It was late spring and I was dating a guy (yes a guy) named Danny. We had
been going out for about three months and had been having very average
sex for two. Danny was a nice enough guy he just didn't have much
imagination, or a very open mind concerning alternative life styles.
Danny sold insurance. He considered this a "white collar job" and always
seemed to point out that me being a firefighter was very "blue collar". I
always figured he was a little intimidated by my job because he was one
of the few people that never wanted to hear any of my fire stories, and
if the conversation ever came up about how cool I thought my job was he
was quick to change the subject.

Anyway, it was late spring and we were out to a local bar/grill for
dinner and a few drinks. Our conversation had kind of dried up because
every time I looked across the table his eyes were about two feet above
my head watching the Red Wings playing hockey on the bar's TV. I was
doing a slow steam and Danny's time was just about up. Right then the
table next to us filled up with five women. They ordered drinks and it
was obvious that they were there to have a good time. They were laughing
and talking and from the conversations I was picking up it was clear that
they were all nurses from the local hospital.

Danny and I had received our meals and the girls were on their second and
third drinks when one of the girls spoke to me. She said I looked
familiar. I hadn't noticed before that but when I looked at her I did
recognize her from the Emergency Room where we had brought in patients. I
said yea I was a firefighter/paramedic and had seen her in the ER. Introductions
were made all around. Her name was Karen and it was plain to see she was
the leader of this little band. The conversation flowed back and forth
between the two tables and when the next round was due Danny bought
drinks for all. Karen invited us over to their table and Danny thought
that was a grand idea. He settled in between two smiling nurses and I sat
across from him next to Karen and a pretty dark haired nurse. We started
talking about people we both knew from the hospital and the fire
department. Another round of drinks showed up and a DJ started to play
some after dinner dance music. it seemed everyone was having a good time.
Danny's ego was being inflated (among other things) by being the only guy
at a table full of women and the rest of us were telling stories and
laughing. I was starting to feel a good buzz when I felt Karen's hand on
my knee. I was a little surprised by that. I looked down and she gave my
leg a little squeeze. I looked up and she had a big smile on her face. It
had been a while since I had been with a woman (only two since college
and none in more than a year) so maybe my gaydar wasn't up to speed. I
decided that I liked her hand there and returned the smile. I even put my
hand over hers and gave her a little squeeze.

It was only a few minutes later that Karen announced loudly "I want to

I had an idea what she was talking about but Danny sure didn't. He looked
a little surprised but smiled and said "Sure" as he started to stand and
head out to the floor. Karen stood quickly, grabbed my hand and said
"Come on." She pulled me up and I followed her out to the dance floor. I
didn't dare make eye contact with Danny but I knew it must of been
embarrassing for him to sit back down while his date was going out to
dance with another girl.

The DJ was playing mostly rock with a little country thrown in. It was a
fast song and we were rockin. A second song started right up and we
stayed out there. We were both sweating and having a real good time just
goofing off together. Karen kept eye contact with me and I was getting a
vibe that I hadn't gotten in a very long time. When the second song ended
he played a slow country tune. I started to turn back to the table but
Karen moved in and took me in her arms and we started to move together
with the music. There were only two other couples dancing (guy-girl,
guy-girl) so we stuck out more than just a little. I heard bits of
conversations and I was sure we were the center of attention. I kept my
eyes on Karen and when she pulled me closer I let her press up against me
and I laid my head on her shoulder. We moved nicely together and I was
nervously feeling contented to just stay there with her.

Eventually of course the song ended and we had to make our way back to
the table and Danny. I didn't let myself look around the bar and the eyes
I felt on us. But when we got back to our spot I couldn't help but see
the look in Danny's eyes. He was upset. As soon as I got there he stood
and said it was time for us to go. All the girls there gave little
grimaces (I learned later that they were laughing and teasing him a
little about loosing his girl to Karen). I decided it was better to go
and get this over than to make a scene and stay, so we headed out to his
car. As soon as we got in he started yelling. He said it was "Disgusting"
and "Sick" and "You are to never..." That's where I came out with "Fuck
you. I'll do anything I want and no man will ever tell me..."

Well you can see where this was headed. The temp in the car dropped about
50 degrees and the ride back to my place was quiet as a grave. When we
got there I got out without saying anything, gave my signature slamming
of the door and that was the end of my little affair with Danny boy.

For the next two days that I worked every time we took a patient to the
ER I made sure I went inside to look around for Karen. I did see the dark
haired nurse that had been there that night and asked if Karen was
working. She always smiled and said no not today but she would tell her I was looking for
her. The next day at the station the phone rang and it was Karen. I asked 
how she had this number and she said she asked one of the medics what
station I was at and he gave it to her. She told me she knew I had been
looking for her and she was glad to hear it.

It was a pleasant conversation and eventually we began to discuss getting together. She
asked me if I wanted to go to a movie on Saturday. I was off that weekend and
said I would love to. We set a time and she said she would be over to
pick me up.

I have had more than a few lovers. I have picked up girls in bars and
have been picked up myself. Many of my lovers on campus were just girls
that I met, we would hang out and eventually end up in bed. I have been
with many but I don't think I have ever had a real date with a woman
before. This was a real date and that coupled with the time since my last
relationship with a woman was making me more than a little nervous.

I decided to dress casual. I wore a tight pair of jeans that made my ass
look good and a pink girly tee shirt that would of showed some cleavage
if I had any. Karen showed up at about 6:30. She came in but we only had
a few minutes so she didn't get the grand tour (The bedroom). When we
came down to her truck she went around to my side and opened the door. I
was pleasantly impressed and while she walked around to her side I took the
liberty of sliding  over to the middle of her bench seat so to be sitting
next to her when she got in. She noticed my spot and smiled. We drove
over to the local Chili's with her hand resting on my knee. When we got
to the restaurant I slid in the booth and Karen slid right in next to me.
I liked that. We got more than a few looks from the other customers and
the waitress seemed a little flustered but I still liked it. Conversation
was easy and we both were feeling relaxed and happy in each others
company. The movie was nice but what I liked best was that she held my
hand almost thru the entire thing.

It was late when the movie got out and neither one of us suggested
stopping off for anything. She headed back towards my place and in my
head I was inventorying my room making sure I hadn't left anything
disgusting laying around and was glad I had changed the sheets that
morning just in case. When we pulled up in my apartment parking lot she
didn't pull up to the closest parking spot but hung back out of the
brighter lights. We sat there for a few minutes and I told her I had
enjoyed the night. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I think I
almost swooned I wanted that kiss so bad. A few little kisses later and
we were out and walking hand in hand to my front door. This was exciting
and my nipples were on high alert. We got to the door and I started to
put the key in my lock when she gently pulled me close and gave me a
really great kiss. it was slow and warm and wonderful. My eyes were still
closed when she pulled away...Said good night...turned and walked back
thru the parking lot to her truck.

I thought "What the fuck just happened?" There I was dripping like a prom date
and she just walks away. Stunned, I went in the apartment and just stood
there in the dark. I was starting to get mad. "What a bitch! What a
fucking bitch." I went to the fridge got out a beer and had just about
 finished it when the phone rang. It was Karen. I wanted my voice to be
cold but I was too hurt to play act. Immediately she apologized for
leaving so quickly. She said she had a great time and that she really
likes me. She said that she had to work early and she felt like if she
came in she would not be leaving till morning. When I heard all this my
heart melted. I said it was OK and that it was probably better if we get
to know each other a little more before we take it any further. She asked
me if I would like to come to her place next Friday for dinner and we
could talk. I quickly agreed and hung up the phone in a much improved

I was so excited for Friday to finally get there. I had masturbated every
night thinking how nice it would be to be back with a woman again. I
decided to look a little more girly for this date. I wore a short yellow
summer dress I had gotten it in Northern Michigan the summer before
because it looked great with my red hair. Under it I only wore a pair of
white french cut panties with lace. I was hoping someone would be
impressed just before she slipped them of off of me. I spent more than my
usual 5 minutes on my makeup and I was looking (for me) really good.

I picked up a bottle of wine on my way over, and I had a little panic
attack when I had to ring her doorbell twice before she came to it and
let me in. Her apartment was very nice. Where mine had a perfect view of
a very large parking lot. Hers was just off the M.S.U. Campus and from
her window you can see the Grand River flowing as it enters the park. She
took the wine and put it in the fridge to chill. She pointed to a little
liquor cabinet and asked me to fix us both something. I made us both a
gin & tonic and followed her into the kitchen. I could smell chicken in
the oven and she was at the counter making a salad. I gave her the drink
and sat back to watch her.

Karen is two years older than I. She was 27 then. If you seen a picture of Karen you might not think she was exceptionally pretty. She has light brown hair that she keeps short. She
is about 5' 5" and 120 lbs. Her body is nice but not spectacular. The
thing that is so attractive about Karen is her personality. She smiles
easy and makes everyone around her feel at ease. She always looks people
right in the eye when she talks to them and people just naturally
gravitate to her. I have seen her walk into a room of beautiful people
and not be noticed at all. A half an hour later they are all circled around
Karen laughing and competing for her attention. 

After a few minutes I went to stand next to her. She was busy cutting up
veggies. I mentioned that the dinner smelt wonderful. She turned to me
leaned over a little and kissed me. We held it for a minute, with just
our lips touching. when we parted we both had big smiles on our faces.
Karen picked up a big peeled carrot and pointed it towards my mouth. she
brought it close and asked, "Hungry?"

I tried to bite at it but she playfully pulled it back. She brought it up
again and again I tried to take a bite. She pulled it back then brought
it to her own mouth. She kissed the tip and let her tongue run sexily
across it. Then she brought it up and pressed it against my lips.I licked
it, then opened my mouth and let her press it in past my lips. We were
eye to eye and she started to slowly fuck my mouth with the carrot. Our
faces were very close. The carrot slipped out and was forgotten. She
pressed her mouth to mine and our arms went around each other. Our
tongues made wet wrestling noises as they got to know each other, and her
body felt very nice pressed against mine. When we broke the kiss I was
breathless. She nuzzled her face in my hair, then took my ear lobe in
between her teeth and bit gently. This is a particularly sensitive spot
for me and I thought my knees were about to give out. I know I moaned
because she laughed and said "You have to let me get dinner done."

We finished two drinks before dinner and had a third with us when we sat
down. At the table we were laughing and telling stories about the ER and
the fire department, both of us feeling good. Dinner was nice. We started
to play little eye games with each other. Staring into each others eyes
as we bit a chunk out of the chicken. Licking our lips with lots of
intended meaning.We played a little footsie too and by the end of the
main course we knew where we were headed. Karen got up and poured us both
a little wine. When she was behind me she put her hands on my shoulders
and leaned down next to my ear. I shivered as she kissed my lobe and then
let her tongue slide slightly inside. I raised my hand to her neck and
turned my face to hers to accept a warm kiss. We both moaned a little as
my tongue slipped into her  mouth. The kiss was exciting but the position
was uncomfortable. We separated and she asked if we should wait for
desert until later. I pushed my chair out and stood facing her. I got
real close and said I thought that was a very good idea. We kissed again. My
arms went around her and we pressed against each other. I could feel her
breasts against mine and it felt very good. Her hands went to my ass and
pulled me against her hip. I ground my puss against her a little so she
would know I liked the feeling. As my hands were in her hair pulling her
mouth harder against mine I felt her hands slip up my back setting off
goose bumps as they went. She got to the zipper at the back of my dress.
I felt a little tug and then she broke the kiss and leaned slightly away
from me. She had a smile on her face and as she gave the zipper another
tug she asked "May I?"

I smiled back and asked "Is there a bedroom?"

Karen pointed over my shoulder, "Right down there."

I took her hand and turned to the hall way. I led her into her own
bedroom and stopped at the foot of her bed. With my back to her I reached
behind me and lifted my hair off of the zipper. "Now you may." I tried to
sound sultry but I think I just sounded excited.

Karen was close behind me. she put her mouth on my bare neck and I could
feel her teeth press in slightly. The zipper went down and I could feel
the cool air on my bare back. Karen slid both shoulder straps off me and
it fell into a puddle at my feet. Her hands slid down my sides teasing
the sides of my tits to rest on the lacy panties covering my hips. She
played her finger tips over the laces and said "Nice." (Yes! She
noticed). I turned to her before she could pull them down. I am always a
little nervous when a new lover sees my small breasts so I stood very
close to her and started to unbutton her blouse. I undid the buttons
quickly and she slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall with mine.
Her bra clasped in front so we both looked down as I unhooked it. Her
breasts sprung free and pressed against mine. Her 35Cs looked formidable
pressed against my 33Bs. This time I leaned in and started nibbling on
her neck. She reached down and undid her shorts. I was doing my best to
leave a little mark on her neck when I felt them fall to the floor also.
We both slipped out of our shoes and stepped out of the pile of unwanted

Her panties were black and a little more sensible than mine. her ass
looked yummy and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. She leaned past
me and crawled up on the bed. Adjusting the pillows behind her like a
queen on her throne she pointed at my panties and just said "Off."

I hooked my thumbs on the sides and started to pull downward. The upper
part of the panty was below my sex but the gusset was still stuck to me
covering my slit I stopped there and looked her in the eye then nodded at
her panties still on. Karen smiled and lifted her ass off the bed. In one
swift motion hers were hung on one ankle and with a laugh flung off into
the corner. I chuckled and pulled mine the rest of the way down. I stood
at the end of the bed for a second just looking at her. Her pussy had a
small patch of light brown hair just above her lips, maybe a little
bigger than a postage stamp. She was checking me out too and said "I'm
glad you don't shave that off".

I looked down and ran a few fingers over my rusty hairs fluffing them up
a little. I smiled as I crawled up the bed and said "Red heads never
completely shave off our pride."

She opened up her arms and I crawled right up like I belonged there. We
kissed and felt each others bodies press together from knee to shoulder.
She rolled us on our sides and slipped her leg between mine. I opened up
a little and she pressed it firmly against my sex. I moaned into her
mouth and pressed my leg equally hard against hers. We started a slow
rocking against each other. My hands slipped down to the cheeks of her
ass to keep the pressure up.  As I pulled against her I felt her cheeks
part and I couldn't help but try to picture the visual from the other end
of the bed. Her little bottom, open and inviting yet dark and mysterious.

Karen whispered in my ear, "This feels very nice."

To answer I  pressed my leg harder against her wet sex. I turned my head
and captured her mouth with mine again. My nipples felt like little
stones pressed against her chest and side. Her hands came up and held my
face as we kissed, and I could of stayed like that forever. Her mouth tasted
of the chicken and drinks from dinner. It excited me that she had a real
taste, not tooth paste or mouthwash and I pressed my tongue in deeper to
capture as much as I could.

After a minute or two I felt a subtle pressure from her hands on the top
of my head. I gave way happily and started to kiss my way down her chin
to the side of her jaw and her neck. I stayed there for a little nibble,
then I started kissing my way across the top of her chest. I could feel
her wet pussy sliding against my belly and I could feel mine soaking her
thigh down to her knee. Karen's hands were still in my hair directing
where I was going. She turned my face to her right breast and pulled my
mouth to it. I kissed the warm brown nipple and felt her give me a little
shiver. My tongue came out and circled it three times slowly. I could
feel it harden even more as my saliva chilled the little nub. I captured
it with my teeth and teased it with little bites. I held it there and
pulled back slightly. Karen's finger nails dug into my scalp and she
moaned. She pressed her breast up into my face and I took the nipple in
like a hungry baby. I started suckling on it and let my hand come up to
torture the other one. I rolled it between my finger and thumb slowly. I
felt a little shudder in her body and gave a little more pressure. I
added my finger nails and pulled at it a little. Her fingers pulled my
hair and lifted my face up to see hers. She had a smile on her face and
she asked "Do you play rough?"

I wasn't sure if she approved or not. I smiled back and said "If you want
me to."

She chuckled and pulled my mouth back to her nipple "We'll figure all
that out later."

I moved to the other tit and gave that one the same treatment.

Karen shifted slightly and I felt her spread her legs. I adjusted with
her and moved in between them and could feel her juice spreading across
my chest. I slipped down until I was kissing her belly. I licked and
sucked at the soft skin. I nibbled a little with my teeth and it must of
tickled. She laughed softly and pulled my face slightly away when I tried
to do it again. I moved down to her belly button and slipped my tongue in
to it. I felt her hold her breath. I moved the tip of my tongue slightly
and she started laughing again. I raised my face up to look at her, A
little ticklish?"

"Yes!" she gasped "Very.

I leaned back down and gave her belly a warm wet kiss and then slipped
further south. I could smell her warm, musky excitement and I loved it. I
let my nose trail down thru her little fur, breathing in her woman smell
and realized that I had missed that greatly. I turned my head and let my
tongue slide up her right inner-thigh. Her hands left my hair as she
spread her legs wider for me. I turned and licked up the other thigh. I
pulled back just a little to get a good look at her pussy. It was bright
pink and swollen. I could see some juice on her lips and more running
down between her cheeks. I thought for a moment of running my tongue
after those escaping drops but I wasn't sure how she felt about my face
between her cheeks so I decided to concentrate on the pretty prize
in front of me. I blew slightly on her lips and she rewarded me with a
soft moan and her hips rising slightly towards me. I could see up her
belly and her palms were flat against her breasts, pressing down and
moving in circles. I opened my mouth fully and moved in to capture her
whole sex in my mouth. I gave her a gentle sucking, alternating on how
hard and soft. I was getting my first taste of Karen and I love that
moment when you discover a new lover's flavor. She tasted devine. Not
like some fu-fu shampoo or douche, but like a real woman, rich and
earthy. I pressed my tongue in deeper and felt Karen press harder against
my face. I was trying to get my tongue to touch every little place in
side her pussy. I was moaning into her puss, and the vibrations were
getting her hips moving. Karen planted her feet flat on the bed and
pushed up at me. I reached my hands under her ass and held them there
like two ripe, tasty melons. I slipped my lips up a little and captured
her clit. It was pointing out like a tiny finger, so I gently took it
between my lips and heard her gasp as my tongue brushed over the tip. I
licked around and around it. Listening to her breathing becoming more and
more like little gasps. I used the tip of my tongue on her nerve center
and started flicking it over the nub. Karen's fists were beating the
sides of the bed and her hips were humping up and down with the rhythm of
my tongue. Her orgasm started with little squeals. Then her voice dropped
and she started yelling "Oh god, oh god, yes god, fucking yes." I held on
to her ass and was not going to stop till she cried for mercy. Her hips
were bucking so hard that my face was wet from chin to brow with her
wonderful flavor. When she slowed down a little I went right back to her
clit. I sucked it up between my lips and gave a little hum. Karen's
thighs closed in on my head so tight I could hardly hear her yelling some
more. Her second orgasm was not as strong nor as long as her first. As
she loosened her grip on my head from her thighs I tried again to move
in. I had barely gotten my mouth on her when I felt the palm of her hand
pushing on my forehead. I got in one more lick before she groaned and
pushed me away. I laid my head on her right thigh. I could hear her
breathing was still labored and her hips were still trembling with little
mini cums. I tilted my face up and breathing thru my nose was just
basking in the warm rich perfume of sex.

After a few minutes, Karen's hands were on the sides of my face pulling
me up to her. I crawled up on her left side and laid my head on her
shoulder. Her arm was around me and it felt really nice. Once she caught
her breath Karen said. "Wow! You are very good at this. I was afraid you
might be a newbie." 

I cuddled in closer and gave the side of her breast a kiss. "I'm not
without talents."

"You've done this before?"

I smiled and with a little chuckle, said "We'll talk about that later."

I turned towards Karen a little and let my left leg slide over hers. I
kissed the side of her breast again and pressed my wet pussy against her
hip. She turned towards me and our mouths met with a tender open mouth
kiss. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I gave it a little suck. I
enjoyed the kiss and just lazily rubbed my pussy against her, wetting her
hip and getting a little moan out of me. Karen turned towards me as we
kissed and held me tight. She moved over me and it felt nice to have her
weight on top. Her hand slipped down my belly and between my legs. I let
them open up for her and her finger tips played around my lips. I could
feel her spreading my cum on her fingers and all over my crotch. Two
fingers slowly entered me and I arched up and moaned in her mouth. Karen
started kissing the side of my face and worked her way to my right ear.
As her fingers teased my cunt her tongue was teasing my ear. She would
slide the hard tip of it around my the inner canal and then nibble at the
lobe. As her fingers became more aggressive so did her mouth. she started
biting my ear lobe. I could feel her teeth pressing in and then pulling
at me. All this was exciting me a lot. I was sorry when she left my ear
but was thrilled when she kissed her way down my chest. She got to my
right breast and lightly kissed the nipple. Her face came up and looked
at me.

"They are very pretty."

"Their a little too small."

"Nonsense, they are perfect. Nice and pink and firm. I don't have much
that is still pink".

Conversation ended after that because her mouth came down and sucked up
my little nub. I stretched like a cat, raising my arms up over my head
and spreading my legs wide for her insistent fingers. My hands found the
cross bar of her head board and I grabbed on tight. Her teeth were
teasing my nipple and her fingers were sawing in and out of my puss. I
was getting close to my cum and had no intention of holding back. Her two
fingers curled in and rubbed against my g-spot. I gave a low deep moan of
appreciation and she continued to focus on that magic little pad inside
of me. When someone rubs that just right I feel like I have to pee and I
know my orgasm is going to be great. She was taking little bites of my
nipple and pulling it out till it was on the verge of painful. The
stretched muscles in my arms and legs ached for release. I felt the
orgasm coming and it washed over me like a tidal wave. I was seeing
stars. My hips were bucking like crazy and I was making sounds like a
crazy lady.

It went on for a very long time. Eventually I came back to
earth while Karen's hand was pressing down on my mound and the after shocks
felt wonderful. She let go of my tortured tit and looked up at me. I
smiled down at her but still was too breathless to speak. While looking
up to me Karen brought her shiny fingers up between us. Her hand was
completely covered in my juice. She took the two fingers that had been in
me and sucked them in her mouth. While she was doing that I licked my
lips. She pulled her fingers out of her mouth with a pop and then slid
them down my belly and back to my swamp of a cunt. the same two fingers
curled back in and I had to close my eyes to keep from jumping at the
sensation. She churned them around for a second and then brought them
back up between us. Again we were staring at each other when she brought
her fingers to her mouth. I opened my mouth and gave a little pout. Karen
smiled and inched the wet digits close to my face. I could smell my cum
on her fingers and I really wanted to lick it all off. She put the tips
of  her fingers on my lips and slid them around my mouth. When I puckered
up to kiss her finger tips she pushed them both into my mouth and I
greedily sucked them both clean.

Karen slipped her clean fingers out of my mouth and held my chin. She
moved up and kissed me. We both gave the other little mewing sounds and
sighs. I could feel her sweaty boobs slipping across mine and I liked it.
We melted into each other and rested. After a little while we started
again with some soft kisses and some deft touches. We made slow sensual
love that ended in a 69 with her pussy pressed down on my happy face. I
stayed the night and the next morning in the shower we got each other off
one last time before I had to leave.

Karen and I became lovers. It was white hot but not destined to last for
long. I could see that she was no where near ready to settle down and I
felt that I needed something more. After about 4 months our love afair
turned into a true friendship. We are still best friends today. As a
matter of fact I just stood up at her wedding (To a really nice guy) not
long ago.

I know when this started I promised I was going to describe how Melly and
I met. I guess I got off on a little tangent. I hope you don't mind. The
truth is that Melly was the pretty, dark haired nurse that was at the bar
that first night. She and I got to know each other thru Karen. We seen
each other at a few partys and eventually started hanging out together.
After Karen and I cooled off we started going out. We were both taking it
slowly (After Karen I was a little gun shy), trying to build a
relationship. Once we got to know each other I fell in love.

I hope you liked the story. I know there wasn't as much steamy sex in
this one but real life is like that. I would love to hear from anyone
that would like to
Kisses to all... Genny

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