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A Genny Story... My Friend Pam

Pammy and I had been friends since we were in the 3rd grade.

Thank you all for your great response to my first two stories. I was not
sure what I should write about next. Some wrote that I should tell more
about Melly's and my relationship, and some asked to hear about some of
my college adventures. I have decided to write about a time between the
two. This is about my childhood friend Pam and how we eventually got
together after college. I hope you enjoy it.

I am Genny

Pam and I have been friends since 3rd grade. We lived on the same block
in a very Irish neighborhood. Our mothers took us to Mass together and we shared our Holy Communion. In jr High we were inseparable. In High
School we kinda went our own way. I had met Ann (See my last story) and I
was so in love that I couldn't see anything but her for the next two
years. By the time Ann went off to college Pam moved in a different
circle. We were still friends but it had cooled and I knew it was my
fault. I went away to school and Pam and I just never got back together.

If I seen old friends I would ask about her and she had stopped by to see
my mom when she got engaged. So we kept tabs on eachother even if we
never seen each other any more.

Flash forward about 5 years.
I had graduated from MSU. I was trying to get a job teaching in the
schools around Lansing, and was working as a waitress to pay the bills.
One day I came home and there was a message on the recorder from Pam. I
called the number that she left me and her husband Dell answered the
line. I had met him once, a few years ago, so I introduced myself and
asked for Pammy. He was less then sweet, but went to get Pam. When Pam
came to the phone I could tell she was nervous. It sounded like she was
whispering into the phone. "Genny, I had hoped you would call back
sooner," I told her that I had just gotten the message. She asked if she
could call me back the next day. I said "sure" she said "OK" then click
she hung up. I didn't have a clue what that was about.

The phone woke me at about 8 am. I was instantly in a bad mood. I picked
up the phone and heard Pammy's voice "Genny?"


"You awake?"


"Hi this is Pam."

I knew if I just laid there I would fall back to sleep with the phone
resting on my head, so I swung out and sat up.

"Pammy? Hi."

Pam started talking a mile a minute, just like she used to. I sat there
listening to my old friend and I got a smile on my face and a warm
feeling in my belly. She asked how I was doing and I told her what was
up. She asked who I had seen from the old group and we talked about that
for a minute or two. I said something about getting together and she
jumped right on it.

"How bout shopping?"

"Yea shopping would be good." I answered.

"How about today?"

"Today? Well Yea today would be ok.

"Great I will be right over.

"Wait a minute" I said " I just woke up. I need a shower and at least one
cup of coffee."

"Ok, I will be there about 11".

Right at 11 the bell rang. I opened the door and there was my old friend.
Her hair was a lot shorter and she looked great. She was in a stylish
pair of shorts and a cute top that hung from her ample tits to just above
her belly button. She looked very tan and healthy. We hugged and I could
smell her perfume. She was a little red in the face and I was getting a
flash back to college life. When the little freshmen would come knocking
at my door to see what loving on the other side was like. And for a second I wondered if
that is what this was about. Pam came in and I put on the kettle for some
tea. We started talking about everything, our moms and families, all the
old friends that we have seen and who has kids and all the gossip we
could muster. Pam started to tell me about her husband Dell. She started
out light but the more she told the more she described him as something
of a shit. He made good money so he was very much against her working.
She said that he has no respect for her and she had caught him in an
affair about a year earlier. Then she got real quiet and said

"And i don't like making love to him."

It was none of my business but she brought it up so i asked.

"What don't you like?"

"Well he is very big."

"Big?" I asked.

"Yes, you know, his.... his dick it's very big."

I didn't know what to do with that information so, "And you think this is
a bad thing?" In a whisper she answered

"Yes, yes it is. He is very rough with it and sometimes it hurts me. I
wish he could be more..."

"More what pam?" I asked.

"Well, I wish he could be more... i don't know. I wish he could be
more... like you."

"Me? What do you mean more like me?" She looked like a frightened little

"Gen can I ask you something?" I tried to guess where this was going.

"Yea Pam you can ask."

"Genny are you... Queer?"

"What? Pammy why would you use such an ugly word?" I lost it for a few
seconds. I really hate that word, and I can do ten minutes on it any time
it comes up, but looking at Pam I could tell that I was scaring her with
my little tirade. I tried to calm down.

"Pam, why would you ask me that." She was quiet then she looked up at me
and I could see tears in her eyes. My heart melted and I moved over next
to her. She took a deep breath and said,

"I heard about you, In college. That you joined a group of lesbians.
And I knew about that girl in High school, Ann." Hearing Ann's name kind
of threw me.

"How did you know about Ann?' I asked.

"How could I not know?" She sobbed. "She stole my best friend from me.
All of a sudden all you did is follow her around. It was obvious that you
loved her. And I had heard of her and other girls too. I hated her. she
had you, and I loved you, and I wanted to be with you."

Pam started to really cry. I put my arms around her and she just sobbed
against my chest. In a minute she started to calm down.

"Oh Genny this is not how I planned this today." I held her close

"Pam, what did you plan on happening today?" She didn't answer so I moved
back just a little and turned her chin up so I could see her face.

"Pam, tell me what you wanted to happen here today."

In a very tender voice she said, "I was going to seduce you. I was going
to make love to you just like I have pictured it a thousand times."

I could feel her body next to mine. I looked into her eyes and said.

"Pammy, kiss me."

"Oh Genny" was all that she could say. I held still and waited to see
what she would do. She leaned in and kissed me very gently. When she
pulled back I asked her "

Is that what you wanted?" She just nodded and leaned in to kiss again.
This time I kissed back. She held me tight and parted her lips for my
tongue. We pressed together and I could hear her breathing becoming
ragged. When we broke the kiss she held me fast. Her head against my

"Oh Genny, oh Genny" was all she said. She kissed my chest thru my tee
shirt. I turned slightly and brought my nipple to her lips. She kissed it
two or three times then she took it between her lips and gave a it a
suck. I held her head to my breast and I could hear her moan deep within.
Her hand came up to my other breast and I could feel her fingers tremble.
After a moment I asked if she would like to go to the bedroom. She gave
my nipple a big kiss, and then we both stood and I led her back to my
room. At the foot of the bed I turned to her and we kissed again. I could
feel her breasts push against mine. The passion in the kiss was very
strong. I reached around her and undid her bra. Pam looked up at me with
a fire in her eyes.

"Let me undress you" she said.

I dropped my hands and kissed her cheek. She undid my belt and unsnapped
my pants. As she kissed my neck her hands pushed the pants over my hips
and let them fall. Almost immediately I could smell my sex. Next was my
tee shirt. She pulled it up and over my head. There I stood in just my
panties in front of her. she took a little step back to look. Usually I
would be embarrassed to let a new lover see my little tits, but this is
what she wanted so I just stood there and let her look me over. Then we
were kissing again. Her hands on my back and my butt. She started kissing
lower, my neck and the top of my chest, then she kissed my nipple. We
both moaned. I was surprised to find how aroused I was getting. It had
been a while since I had last been with a woman and this was feeling very
nice. Her kisses went from nipple to nipple. then she knelt in front of
me and started to kiss my belly. I am very ticklish there but fought for
control. Pam turned her head and hugged me close, her hands on my ass.

"Oh Genny, If you only knew how many times i dreamed of just this..."

I ran my fingers thru her hair and pulled her close. I felt her fingers
on the sides of my panties and I felt them start down over my butt. I
gave a little wiggle to help and her kisses followed the top of the
panties as they went down. She kissed my lower belly and then the top of
my pubic hair. The panties fell the rest of the way and I lifted my foot
free. Pam leaned back to look at my sex.

"Do you shave?" she asked.

"No sweety it just grows very thin." She kissed my mound and I was
thankful that I had showered earlier. Both her hands went between my
knees and I parted my legs a little. Her kisses were becoming more like
licks. She was poking at my lips and I was growing week in the knees. Her
first kiss on my clit and I knew I had to sit down. Her face followed me
right to the edge of the bed. I become very wet when I am aroused, I
think wetter that any female I have ever met. So I know that she was
getting plenty of my juices. Her tongue was going into overdrive and I
was starting to loose control. I had to push her away or explode. I
scooted to the head of the bed. Pam just knelt there like in a trance
staring at my pussy. "

Pam, come on up here."

She jumped as if she was surprised to hear me speak. She started to crawl
up the bed after me but I stopped her.

"Get undressed Pam."

She started to strip but I stopped her again.

"Slower, We have all day. I want to watch you get undressed."

Pam blushed, then smiled at me and slowly undid the belt of her shorts.
They fell down her pretty legs and I could see her rose colored panties.
The top came up and off next. Her loose bra matched the panties and I
just knew that she had worn them especially for me. When the bra came off
she looked lovely, her breasts were just the right size, firm tan
grapefruits. I could picture her by her pool getting her all-over tan.
The panties finally fell and I could see her bottom. Light brown pubes to
match her hair. Once she was naked she knelt on the bed. I held out my
arms and she lay down with me. We kissed and rubbed against each other. I
rolled her onto her back and started to kiss her face, her eyes her lips
her cheeks her ears. I traced kisses down to her breasts and after a
little teasing I kissed her nipple. Her whole body stiffened and she let
out a great sigh as I suckled at her tit. I kept Humming around her
nipple and she kept moaning my name. My hand went to her pussy and I
cupped her mound, pressing my fingers against her lips and my palm
against her clit. I rubbed her like that for a minute. She started to
raise her hips and hump against me. I gave up her nipple and started down
to her sex. I moved down the bed and positioned myself between her legs.
Her pussy was beautiful. the lips were full and very aroused. I always
love discovering the scent of a new lover. I breathed in deep and found
her wonderful aroma. Gentle kisses just to tease her followed by a little
more pressure. She bucked up against my face and I held on to her ass. I
could see up to her face. She was breathing raggidly thru her mouth and
her eyes were closed. Her hands found her own breasts and she was
pressing the flats of her palms down firmly against her nipples. I
started to lick her. I knew she would not last long and I wanted to taste
her. My tongue found her sex and was rewarded with a gush of her honey.
She started to get louder. I captured her clit between my lips and she
started to cum. I almost came just from the pleasure she was getting. I
stayed at her pussy to see if I could give her more that one orgasm but
she just couldn't take it. She grabbed me by the ears and hauled me back
up on top of her. We both lay there catching our breath. I was giving her
gentle kisses when she asked,

"Well, am I a lesbian now?" I had to laugh.

"No Pammy, I don't think so."

"Well, we made love didn't we? that must at least make us lovers."

"Well maybe" I answered "but I value my friends more than most lovers, so
lets just stay friends and see where all the rest goes." We held each
other for a while and the kissing sparked us both again. I pressed our
pussies together and rocked to a very nice cummy.

Later we showered together and had a very long talk. She was not leaving
her husband and no one was going to do anything stupid. We started to get
together about every other week. Sometimes we would make love sometimes
we would talk or go shopping just like any other friends. I still see
Pammy on a regular basis but mostly it is just the friendship that we
want. I was still seeing Pam occasionally when I met Melly. Melly could
sense that something was up but she let me take my time to get around to
it. I don't think she was ever great with it, but she understands that it
was going on before we met and that it has nothing with our life
together. As my relationship with Melly grew into love, I had to explain
to Pam that we had to eliminate the sex part out of our friendship. There
were some tears from us both but that is the way I had to have it.

Pam is still with her husband. She says their relationship is the
strongest it has ever been. We still hang out together. She is my weekday
shopping buddy and I am the only one that will go to see some of the lame
movies she likes. Melly has never really asked me about her (I hope it is
because she knows she doesn't have to).

So... That's the story. I hope you like it and I hope to hear from any
and all of you.

Kisses   Genny

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