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A Genny Story.... Prudence

This is the story of our first threeway. When we go on vacation we like to let our hair down.


Here is another adventure that Melly and I had while on vacation. It is
the only threesome that we have ever had (together). I don't know why we
haven't done it again, we just haven't. As always I would love to hear
from anyone that would like to write. If you do write I promise that I
always return e-mails,

A Genny story.... Prudence

I am Genny.

It was the second winter that Melly and I lived together. We were looking
to escape the Michigan cold, and Melly has a cousin Joe that works in Disney
World Guest Relations. He had a very good job working with all the hotels
down there. He and Melly are the same age and had always been close while
they were growing up in Chicago. He had offered us a place to stay any
time we wanted it so Melly called him and he said it would be no problem
to get us a very nice room for the price of the cheapest room that Disney
has. We went down there for 8 days. Joe put us up in The Grand Floridian
Hotel right in Disney World. It is one of three premium hotels in the
magic kingdom. He put us up in a beautiful three room suite. The only
nicer room in the place is the one that Oprah stayed in when she was

We went to all the touristy things and rode on all the rides we had heard
of. Joe got us passes so we could come and go as we pleased. On about the
third night Joe took us to Pleasure Island. It is a place just outside of
the Magic Kingdom owned by Disney. They created an Island and it is full
of shops and restaurants and different kinds of bars. There is a comedy
club and a jazz club and a rock and roll club and a country music club
etc. There is one that is like an English pub and that is where we went.

Our waitress was named Prudence. She was very young (19) and cute as a
button. She kept flirting with Joe and telling us very dirty jokes. We
laughed and she kept the drinks coming. While she was standing near us she noticed Melly and I
holding hands and she said something about Joe being our fag hag. We were
all giving Joe a bad time when she swung her leg over Joe's legs and sat
on his lap facing him. She ground herself down on him and then slid her
hand down between them. She did a little more hip swaying and then looked
at him and said, "What's the matter, you don't like girls?" Joe was very
embarrassed but the rest of us were laughing very hard. Prudence got up
off Joe's lap and went over to Melly. With the same move she swung her
leg over Melly's and sat on her lap too. Melly is a lot faster than her
cousin and as Prudence sat down Melly had slid her hand in her lap and as
Prudence settled on it, Melly grabbed her by the pussy. Prudence squealed
and just rubbed against it harder. She said something about finally
finding someone that knows what she is doing. It only lasted a minute and
she got up and said that the manager would have a fit if he seen her
giving out  lap dances. We stayed there a couple of hours and
Prudence was never far away. she asked what we were doing later, and we
didn't have any plans so Melly asked what time she got off. She explained
that everything closed down at midnight. Every night at midnight there is
a big fireworks display over the island and everyone is out to watch it
and then they close the island down.

15 minutes before midnight we were out in the crowd waiting for the
fireworks. Melly was behind me with her arms around my waist. It was dark
and the crowd was pushing in on us so it was not a big shock when I felt
her hand slide up under my tee shirt. She pulled me back harder against
her and rubbed her puss against my butt. I stuck it out a little more
than normal just to help the effect. She had her face right up close to
my ear and she started whispering all the nasty things she wanted to do
to me when we got back to the hotel. My nipples were getting stiff and I
could feel my panties getting wet. When all the midway lights went down
for the fireworks to begin she pushed her hand up under my tee further and
was touching my tits. Her other hand went down over my shorts to cup my
pussy. I parted my legs to give her more room and she took it. As the
fireworks exploded over head, she was rubbing my pussy and pinching my
nipples. If they had had more than just 10 minutes of fireworks I might
of exploded with them. Just as the grand finally was starting, I turned in
her arms and began kissing her. We were still kissing when the lights
started to come back up. When we finally broke the kiss Joe and a few
onlookers were checking us out. I blushed a little but hey, I was on
vacation. Joe had a big silly grin on his face and just said "Wow."

We started moving with the crowd towards the bridge that leads to the
street. Joe excused himself and said he was going out threw the back way
and was headed home. We kissed him good-bye and kept moving. When we got
to the bridge Melly pointed to the side of the gate and there stood
Prudence. When she seen us she got a big smile on her face and came over
to us. We started chatting and she asked us were we were going. When we
said "back to our hotel," there was a moment of silence and then Melly
said, "It's the Grand Floridian, you want to come with us?"

I wasn't sure what was going to happen but Prudence didn't even give it a
thought. She smiled and said, "Absolutely. I know one of the bartenders
there. We could have fun"

Melly just gave her a look and said, "We were thinking more of fun in our
room than in the bar."

Prudence just giggled and said, "Ok with me."

We crossed the bridge and found a cab. I went in first then Prudence and
then Melly. We told the cabbie where to go and then Melly turned to me
and said, "Gen, look what we have here, our very own Disney play toy".

Prudence was giggling "That's right, just call me Minnie Mouse."

Melly reached past Prudence and pulled me towards her, squashing Prudence
between us. The girl turned her face to Melly and they kissed. I was
surprised to feel a pang of jealousy deep in me. Melly kept pulling me in
until my face was right there with hers. I leaned in just a little more
and the three of us were kissing at the same time. We were kissing and
touching and pulling at each other for the few minutes it took to get
back to the hotel. When we rolled ourselves out of the cab we were
laughing like school girls. We all held hands as we crossed the lobby and
got in an elevator to go to our room. In the elevator Prudence pushed up
against Melly and kissed her again. Once again I felt that little jealous
twinge. It took me a second to realize that we were not moving so I
reached out and hit the button for our floor. Once again Melly reached
out and pulled me in against The girls back. I let my hands slide around
her and started to touch her tits. She wiggled her little ass back
against me so I slid one hand from her tiny boob down to the crotch of
her shorts. I felt her moan into Melly's mouth just as the car stopped
and the door started opening. It is a good thing that no one was standing
there waiting to get on because we were a tangled mess. The door almost
closed again before I reached out and caught it. I pulled them two apart
and we headed down the hall to our room. Melly had the key to the room
and when she opened it Prudence just stood in the doorway and gasp.
"Holey shit, are you guys rich?"

I said "No." That it was Joe that got us the room. She looked serious
when she said, "Well tell him to marry me. I don't care if he is gay."

We had one more laugh at Joe's expense and we explained that Joe was not
gay that he just worked here.

This might be a good time to describe Prudence. She was 19 years old and
looked even younger. She was less than 5 foot and couldn't weigh more
than 85 lbs. She had a punk look with white spiky hair and some piercings
in her eye brow and nose that she only filled when she was not at work.
She had a gymnasts body with a flat chest and young boy hips. She had a
child like infectious smile and she laughed easy.

After we gave her a quick tour of the suite she said that it had been a
long day and asked if she could use our shower. Melly said yes of course
and as Prudence was heading that way she asked if we would like to join
her. I was moving in that direction but Melly said, "No. You go ahead and
we will get ready out here." Prudence gave a little pout and shut the

When we were alone Melly just laughed and said, "Isn't she something?"

I asked, "What are we going to do with her?"

"I don't know, treat her nice and see what happens, I guess. Let's get

I pulled down my shorts and undies and then tossed them and my tee in the
corner. I jumped on the bed to wait and to watch Melly get undressed. She
pulled her top up over her head and shook out her hair. She undid the
button on her shorts and slid them down her legs. I reached over and
undid the back of her bra and as she bent over to slide her panties down
I let my hand caress her butt and thighs. Melly sat on the edge of the
bed and I scooted over behind her. I wrapped my right arm around her
waist and kissed her on the back of her neck. I could smell her shampoo
and the smoke from the bar in her hair. She leaned her head back against
mine and said, "I love you."

We heard the water turn off in the bathroom and Melly got up and turned
off the big lights in the room. She sat again on the edge of the bed and
we waited for our guest to come out. The door opened and the light kind
of silhouetted the young girl. She looked even smaller naked. She had a
little bit of a tan line but the bottom was more pronounced than the top,
making me think she must sunbathe topless some where.  Her breasts were
the size of little half lemons. She had a small strip of black hair on
her pussy, so she was no natural blond. For a few seconds she stood
looking at us and we sat looking at her. Melly put out her hand and said,
"Come over here little one."

The pixie smiled and came over in front of Melly. She stood bouncing on
her toes with a big smile on her face. Melly pulled her in towards her
and they hugged. Prudence smiled at me and gave me a little kissing
motion with her mouth. I slid over against Melly's back and brought my
face up for a kiss. Her little tongue came out and I sucked it into my
mouth. I could feel Melly's arms moving so I suspected she was feeling
all of Prudence' s body. After a minute I heard Prudence catch her breath
and then moan as her body started to move in a little humping motion. We broke
the kiss and she said, "Oh fuck that feels good."

I peaked around Melly, her hands were at Prudence' s pussy and at least
one finger had found it's way inside. The girl had her eyes closed, she
leaned back a little and was slowly bouncing up and down on her toes.
When she opened her eyes she looked right at me. "Oh, fuck! Her finger is
right in my pussy. Right in my fucking pussy. Oh, fuck."

I let one arm slide back around Melly and I found her right breast. As I
was kissing the back of her neck I held her tit and felt the weight of it
and felt it giggle with the motion of her arms. Prudence moved into
Melly, spreading her legs even more and straddling Melly's thighs. Now I
could feel the girls small tits on the back of my hand that held Melly's
full one.. I moved my hand around and took one of her nipples between two
fingers and pinched slightly. She had started kissing Melly and I heard a
small whimper come from her mouth. I pinched harder and felt her grinding
down on Melly's hand. I could start to smell all our excitement.

As Prudence started to hump harder against Melly's hand she pushed
herself against us and we all started toppling back on the bed. I moved
out of the way and all connections were broken as Melly fell and Prudence
landed on top of her. Her body was so small and white compared to
Melly's. My hand came down on her butt with a gentle slap. Her face was
right at Melly's left nipple and she opened up and took it in like a baby
to her mother. Melly's hand came up and started stroking her hair and
cheek. I must of been staring because Melly gave me a nudge with her knee
and when I looked at her face she smiled and said, "I still have this one
for you."

I moved over to the other side of the bed and lay down on Melly's side. I
moved my face to her other nipple and joined Prudence in nursing. We were
both making little sucking noises and I could hear Melly start to moan.
My hand slid down her belly towards her sex but when I got there the
space was taken by Prudence' s hand. Her fingers were pushing in and out
of Melly. I let my fingers mold around hers and I slid one of mine in
along side her two. I slowed her pace a little and put a little more
pressure up towards the top of her opening where I know she likes it
best. Melly's hips started pushing up against the invaders and her
moaning got louder. Her hands were tangled in both our hair and she was
holding us hard against her breasts. She began her orgasm mantra with,
"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. My nasty girls. two nasty little slut girls. Oh Fuck!"

She kept getting louder and her hips were humping up like they had a will
of their own. She came with a crash. Her back arched up and her fingers
were almost pulling my hair out by the roots. She let out a squeal,
convulsed for a few seconds and collapsed on the bed. I felt Prudence' s
hand push back in for round two but I held it fast and pulled it out
slowly. I know that Melly needs a little soft time right after she cums
that hard. I left her tit and slid down her body kissing everything I
came across. I could smell her happy pussy and I breathed it in deep.
When I got to my target I gently kissed her lips and then brushed my
cheek against her. I was still holding Prudence' s hand so I took her
fingers and mine and slipped them in my mouth to clean.

All was quiet for a minute than I felt Prudence moving. She pulled
herself up and was half laying on Melly as they kissed. Her leg came
across and bumped me in the nose and she straddled Melly. I moved out of
the way until she was settled and then pushed my way back in between both
their legs. It was a wonderful view. Since Prudence was so short she
couldn't kiss Melly and rub her pussy against Melly's at the same time.
Hers was a few inches above Melly's resting just below Melly's belly
button. She was straddling Melly's body and her little white bottom was
spread and sitting up high. I moved back to Melly's pussy and gave her a
nice kiss. I gently licked her lips and savored the taste of my lover. As I
pressed in further my forehead pressed against Prudence' s little pussy. I
was in pussy heaven. I felt Prudence press back against me and rub her
wet slit against my head. I raised up from Melly and gave Prudence a
lick. Her pussy was so small that it was hard to get at it from that
angle. I pushed in but it was hard to reach with my tongue. As I pressed,
my nose was finding it's way between her little cheeks. I brought my
hands up and parted her bottom to get a better look. She was pink
everywhere. Her clean little pucker looked very kiss able. I moved up just
a bit and licked across it. I heard her gasp a little in Melly's mouth. I
licked again and then pointed my tongue and pushed it against her tight
little ring. They must of broken the kiss because I heard her say, "Oh my
god, she is licking my ass hole. She is licking my fucking ass hole." (it
turned out that no one had ever done that to her before)

She wiggled it back at me and I pushed in a little further. I felt
Melly's hands come down her back and she grabbed the girls cheeks and
held them apart even more. Now she was obscenely open and I dove right
in. I licked across it a couple of times then pushed my tongue past her
ring and into her ass. I could feel the heat inside her. She started
humping back against me and I pushed in until my face was flat against
her crack and my tongue was as far up her butt as it could go. I slid a
free hand between her and Melly and started to finger her very wet pussy.
I played in her juice for a second getting my fingers very slippery. I
slid one finger into her and was surprised at how tight and hot it felt in
there. As I ate her ass I started a rhythm with my finger in and out. I
could fee my tongue against my finger with only her thin membrane between
the two. When she started to cum, Melly held her ass down so she wouldn't
throw me off. Eventually we both felt her shudder threw her orgasm and
then collapse in a wet sweaty heap on Melly's chest.

We all rested again before the sex continued. Eventually we all had or
turn. They put me in the middle and as Melly whispered wonderfully filthy
things in my ear, our little sprite did her best between my legs. At one
point I had Prudence sitting on my face and Melly was licking me threw a
wonderful orgasm. It was a long and event full night. In the morning we
all showered together and then as Melly watched Prudence and I had a farewell

So that is our three-way story. We have never repeated it, but we did
meet two women from Toronto, last year while we were in Key-West. If our
schedule would of been a little better I think we might of hooked up with
them. There must just be something about vacations that make us both very
horny and a little crazy.

Any one with comments I am at I promise to always
write back.


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