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A Genny Story.... The Tease

Sometimes whe we have been too busy for sex, we start to leave very dirty messages around.
Hello Everyone. Again I want to thank all the kind women that have
written me and said that they liked or have gotten something out of my
stories. I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me to get a letter
from you.

A Genny Story.... The Tease

I am Genny

11 years after graduation Melly decided to go back to school to get her
masters degree. I am 100% behind her in this and I have to admit that I
am very much enjoying being the "Bread Winner" of the family for right
now. In our sex life we may enjoy a Domn, Sub relationship, but in our
everyday lives we are very much partners in every thing that we do.

Like everything else she does, Melly takes her studies very seriously,
and between her classes, and the time she spends in the books at home and
in the library, we probably have less time together now than when we were
both working. Before we realize it we have gone sometimes a week without
having a chance for some quality time together to talk or to make love.

It was Friday and it had been a hectic week. Melly was just starting a
new semester and her dedication to the books had left us both without any
relief for a while. I was off work that day and was thinking that because
of the nasty weather (January in Michigan) we were going to spend the
whole weekend enjoying each other. I got on line and my dear friend Stacy
had sent me an e-mail from California. She and I had been writing back
and forth for over a year since she first read one of my stories and let
me know that she and her lover, Vic, had enjoyed them. We quickly became
friends and started sharing our fantasies and adventures together. Her
e-mail was full of newsy things they had been up to including going to a
Pink Concert that they enjoyed. Near the end of the letter she started to
describe a loving session that they had just enjoyed that past week. She
had seduced her lover with their new Rabbit vibrator. Her description of
them both watching the other masturbate was luscious and sexy. I could
feel my self getting wet as I read it. I quickly wrote her back and told
her how much I loved the letter and that I was going to print it out and
then take it into my bed and masturbate as I read it again. I knew she
was at work and that she would probably be reading the mail at the same
time as I was masturbating to her story. That added a little spice to the
whole thing.

I printed the story and took it up to bed. I propped up three pillows
against the head board and got everything just right for my fun. I got
out our own rabbit and the K-Y warming gel (We love that stuff) and set
them on the night stand. I pulled off my slippers and my jeans and wiggled out of my
panties. I left on my tee shirt and sox (Michigan in January) and climbed
up on the bed. I was just getting comfy when I noticed the time. It was
just 5 minutes after noon and I knew Melly got out of one of her classes
at 12. My guess was that she was probably just getting ready to eat
some lunch on campus. I reached for the phone and called her.

"Hey Baby what you doing?"

"Just got out of class and am sitting in the student union to eat my
sandwich and read. What are you up to?"

"I just got a letter from Stacy and I want to read you some of it."

"Why? What's up with her"

"It's a very sexy letter and it turned me on."

She laughed and then whispered, "Is this a phone sex call?"

I cooed back, "Well it could be. I am laying in our bed and I want to talk to
you and read you this sexy story."

"You do know that I am surrounded with people and I really can't do
anything don't you?"

I laughed and said, "Yea, I know, but I want you to think about me all
day waiting for you when you get home."

"You are evil. The last thing I need is thoughts of you and what you are
doing floating around in my head this afternoon while I am suppose to be
paying attention in class."

"Just listen to what Stacy wrote me."

I started to read the story. Melly was quiet at first, just listening.
When I got to a very hot part where they were both touching themselves in
front of each other I could hear her groan. I kept reading and there is
one part of the letter where they are looking in each others eyes that
was particularly steamy and Melly whispered, "Shit, that is fucking hot."

She groaned again and I could feel my self getting very turned on with my
little tease. I finished the story and there was silence for a few
seconds on the line.

"Did you like it?"

"You are a very bad girl, and when I get home I am going to fuck you

I started to laugh, "That doesn't sound like a very bad punishment to

"Well when I get home you had better be ready"

"Baby, when you get home I will be naked and waiting."

She groaned again and then said the room was getting crowded and she
couldn't talk any more. I told her I loved her and to hurry home, then we
hung up.

I laughed thinking of her frustration and then of the fun we were going
have when she got home. I reached over to get the rabbit and the lube
from the night stand. I bent my knees and spread my legs, then dripped a
few drops of the K-Y right on the top of my lips at my clit. I felt it
start to run down between the lips and then I brought the tip of the
rabbit down and help spread the lube. I added a few more drops to get the
tip of the rabbit all nice and slippery and then turned on the vibe part
of the toy. It hummed a happy tune and felt good in my hand.

I brought the tip of it to that inch of skin that connects my right leg
to my groin. I could feel the sweet vibrations threw my whole crotch
area. If I pressed harder I could feel it deep down. I kept teasing my
self and getting closer to my red haired pussy. The first swipe along my
lips brought a gasp from my mouth and the smell of happy pussy into the
air. I slid it back and forth until my pussy lips parted and the vibe
pushed into my pink hole. I knew I could of cum right away by just
pushing the rabbit in all the way and press it up just a little to make
the vibrations be felt in my clit. But I wanted it to last at least a
little bit longer. I pulled it all the way out and then pressed the
length of it against my parted pussy lips. That felt heavenly. I could
feel the vibrations threw to my very core. I held it there for a few
seconds and then started to slide it up and down like I was riding the
side of a cock.

My nipples felt as hard as bullets and my hips started to rock with each
stroke down and then up again. My whole body felt flushed and I knew I
was only seconds away from a great cum. As quick as I could I rolled over
on my belly, with my hand holding the side of the vibe tightly against
me. My face was buried in the covers and I started moaning as the orgasm
started to over take me. My hips started to fuck down against it and each
thrust was harder and harder. By the time the cum was breaking over me I
was banging so hard against the toy it was hurting my pubic bone. I
screamed as the orgasm broke. It felt wonderfully, wet and steamy. My
hand was slick with my juice and it felt so good to just lay there and
let my wet fingers play in my pussy lips as I eased back down.

I pulled the vibrating rabbit out and then just collapsed still face down
with my juicy hand cupping my happy pussy. It didn't take long until I
drifted off for a little nap with a smile on my face.

When I awoke I was in a great mood. I looked at the clock and knew Melly
would be home in about 90 minutes. I got up and took a nice hot shower
and got myself all clean like she likes me. I combed my hair and put on
just a touch of makeup and perfume. I put on my thick white robe and sox
with slippers, then opened a bottle of wine to let it breath. I arranged
every sex toy we have on the night stand so if there was anything that
caught her fancy she could grab it quick.

Our toy collection has grown over the past few years to include a couple
of vibrators that I brought into the relationship and Melly's first
strap-on, her thigh high dildo and her Feeldoe (maybe our favorite) along
with our 14 inch double headed dildo. I set the lube right in the center
with a candle and it looked like our own little alter to sex play.

Her car pulled in right on time, and I was standing in the middle of the
living room when she came in. She was wearing what she usually does to
class. Her long black winter coat over a sweatshirt and her jeans. Her
hair was pulled back severely and behind her hair clip it was an
explosion of thick black hair. I was trying to look sexy in my robe when
she looked at me and said, "I thought you said you would be naked?"

I laughed and undid the belt of my robe and let it open up so she could
see that there was nothing under it.

She was smiling as she took off her coat and dropped it on the chair. She
started towards me as she said, "That's still not naked. You were very
bad for teasing me like that today and then you promise me naked but you
have your robe on. I held the sides of my robe and was just opening it so
she could see everything when she took one quick step forward and slid
her hands into the robe and up under my arms. Her hands were like ice and
I shrieked from the shock. She started laughing and I started squirming
and trying to get out of her shocking grip. "I told you you were a bad
girl and bad girls need to be punished."

I finally got my hands on her arms and was able to push them down and off
of me. I grabbed her wrists and held on for dear life. Our arms were out
stretched and doing that brought our bodies back together. She was
smiling and I leaned in to kiss her. Just as our lips met her icy buckle
touched my belly and I gasped again. I let go of her hands and her arms
went outside the robe and around my waist as mine went around her neck
and into her hair. Her lips were cold but her warm tongue slipped into my
mouth and I moaned around it. We stood there kissing for a couple of
minutes. When we finally did break for air I moved my face into her
shoulder and whispered in her ear, "I have everything ready for you up
stairs. "

We kissed one more time then I turned and started for the stairs. I was
leading and as we started up her still slightly cold hands started up the
backs of my legs. I giggled and tried to slap them away and to run up the
stairs. Just as I got to the top I stumbled and fell face down over the
last two steps. Melly was laughing and with me bent over she grabbed my
hips and pulled my ass back against her crotch. I shrieked again and she
started to hump against me. We were both laughing as she kept slamming
her jean covered pussy against my bum. Finally she let me up with one
last slap on my ass and I scrambled into our room. I went right over and
lit the candle. When I turned around she was standing in the middle of
the room slipping her shoes off. I watched as she kicked them over to the
corner and then undo her buckle and unsnap her jeans. She looked up at me
and said, "Wanna help?"

I walked back to her and took the bottom of her sweat shirt and lifted it
up and over her head. She had on a comfortable sports bra that is totally
unflattering, but when she moved to raise her arms, it let her tits wiggle
and that was very sexy. When the sweat shirt was gone I grabbed the bra
and help her slip that up and over also. Her tits were free and
beautiful. Her dark Hershey kiss nipples were just starting to harden as
I pressed my palms against each one. I brought my face between them and
breathed in deeply. I could smell her sweat and just a trace of the
perfume she put on this morning. I love the smell of her body, I think
even more after she has had a long day. It took me a very long time to
convince her that I really did love her natural scents, but she is still
cautious about when and where she will let me put my face.

I moved my mouth over to her right nipple and gently sucked on it as my
finger tips teased her left one. She gave me a sweet little moan and then
I felt her hands on my shoulders, pushing me downwards. I kissed my way
across her belly with only a brief kiss on the center of her navel. As I
hit my knees I took the zipper of her jeans and slid it down to the
bottom. I opened her jeans and then leaned in and kissed the skin just
above her panties. My fingers found the belt loops of her jeans and I
started to ease them down. With a little tug they came down off her butt.
She gave a little wiggle and they slid easy down around her ankles. I
helped her raise each leg and remove each foot. When I reached for her
panties she said, "First take off your robe."

It wasn't tied so it was easy to just shrug my shoulders and let it fall
behind me. Now between us we wore only her panties and two pair of sox. I
moved my face back to her panties and planted one kiss right in the
middle of them. I took a deep breath and could smell her less than clean
undies. Her fingers came to my hair and I could feel them combing threw
my red locks. I reached again for her panties and held each side with my
thumb and forefinger. I slowly started to peel them down off her hips and
then her butt. I could see a stain right in the middle of the gusset as
the panties turned inside out and then fell.

I pushed my face into her V and took another deep breath. She smelt musky and
humid and sexy as hell. Melly's fingers in my hair held me tight against
her. She asked, "Do you like that dirty pussy?"

I could only moan and nod my head as I tried to slip my tongue out to
lick her there.

"You do, don't you? You are a dirty pussy girl. You tease me while I am
in school and then you want to lick my dirty pussy when I get home." She
then raised one foot and put it on the side of the bed. It opened her
whole crotch up to my face and I pushed in further. "There you go dirty
pussy girl. Lick me."

Melly moved in over me and my face was turned up and into her. I pressed
my tongue out and licked from bottom to the top of her lips. She eased up
on the pressure so I could have some room and just held my head between
her legs. I started licking up and down. I could taste all the flavors of
her crotch. Her musk and her sweat and the pee that was still on her lips
from earlier in the day and I began to taste her pussy. The more I tasted
the more I wanted to just crawl right up inside of her. She must of been
thinking about doing this to me the whole drive home from school
because I could tell she was wet and getting wetter. My hands slid up the
leg she was standing on and came up to cup her ass cheeks. With that I
could control more where and how I could lick her. Her hips started to
rock against my face and her juice began to spread from my chin to my
nose. I kept sucking her lips and then letting my tongue slip in and then
over her lips. My nose kept bumping her clit and each time she would give
me her cute little grunt and then bump again only harder.

"Oh fuck! Right there, lick right fucking there. Oh yea right fucking

My neck was getting a bit of a kink in it from the odd angle, but I
wasn't giving up the position until I got her to cum on me. The closer
she got the more I centered in on her clit, until I had that little pink
wonder right between my lips. I sucked it in, then flicked my tongue
across her most sensitive spot. I grabbed on to her ass for the ride as
she started to orgasm. Her fingers were tight in my hair and her voice
started hitting that note that can only be brought on by a good cum. She
was shaking and moaning and I could taste a difference in her pussy as
she came on my face.

She was still standing on only one leg with the other propped up on the
bed. I could feel her leg shaking and starting to give. I used my hands
to ease her towards the bed. She moved with me and then just fell on
it. When she let go of my hair my mouth lost my contact with her pussy.
When she hit the bed she rolled to the center and lay on her belly. She
had both her hands between her legs just holding on to her pussy as if
she was trying to keep her orgasm in. She was making little moaning
noises and her hips were going up and down in small little humps. I
watched her pretty face as she started to ease back down and breath. Some
hairs were stuck to the side of her face and she had a very contented
look about her. I moved up on the bed next to her and kissed her cheek.

Her eyes fluttered open and she said, "Baby, you have to be the best in
the world at that."

I kissed her again and said, "I only want to be the best in your world at

"Well you are that. I swear to God you are that."

We cuddled for a few minutes, exchanging kisses and sweet talk. I pushed
the hair out of her face and kissed her eyes. I asked, "So you liked
Stacy's story?"

She laughed, "If your asking me if it made me hot, I think you already
know the answer to that. You were a very bad girl to tease me like that.
I bet you hung up the phone and was getting yourself off in about two
minutes while I had to sit in class and try not to think about it."

I cuddled up even tighter and in my little girl voice, "It wasn't even
two minutes."

We both laughed and her hand came down on my butt with a slap. She pushed
into me and I rolled over on my back with her moving right over me. She
pushed down on me and we both heard all the air rush out of me. I wrapped
my arms around her and we started kissing again. It felt so nice to have
her weight on me. I love kissing with her like that.

When we did break the kiss she looked over to our collection of toys and
asked, "Is that some kind of hint?"

"More of a suggestion, but only if you want to."

"Is there one you want to pick out?"

I kissed her one more time and then said, "I think the feeldoe tonight."

If anyone doesn't know what a feeldoe is, first go to to
look at it. It is a strap less strap on. It looks a little like the letter
J with a 5 inch end with a kind of bulb on it that fits in Melly and a 7
inch fun end that slides in and out of me. We usually use just a little
lube on my end so it will slide in easy and not pull out of Melly.

She rolled off of me and grabbed the feeldoe and lube. I scooted up on
the bed a little to be in a perfect position and watched as she gave a
little shiver when her end popped into her pussy. She looks so damn sexy
wearing that thing that I practically gush just looking at her. She dripped
a little lube on the cock end and spread it around with her hand. It was
all shiny in the candle light as she crawled back up on the bed between
my legs. I brought my knees up and put my feet flat on the bed to open
myself up to her. She leaned over me and brought her slippery hand to my
already wet pussy. Her fingers felt a little cold compared to the furnace
between my legs as she spread the extra lube on me.

Then she put her hands on either side of my body and I reached down and
aimed the purple head of our toy towards my lips. Melly moved up and it
slid right in as smooth as anything. It felt so good going in and I felt
goose bumps on my arms and the back of my neck. Our eyes met and I smiled
up at her, MMmmmm, that feels so good."

There is a point where if she continues to push in, her end starts to
pull out. That is as deep as she can go. She eased herself in until we
found that spot and when she hit bottom we both moaned. Her hips went
back and I felt it start to pull out of me. Her tits were hanging in
front of me and swaying with her movements so I put my hands on both of
them and just held them and felt them shift as her hips came back towards

Slowly she started to get faster. Every stroke felt good and every stroke
pushed me a little closer to the edge. It felt so damn good I knew I was
not going to last very long. It was just so damn sexy. I pushed my feet
harder against the bed to tip my pelvis up at her. I felt it slide in
again and touch all new places. I groaned and our eyes met. I smiled at
her and she smiled back at me. I whispered, "I fucking love you."

She leaned in and we started to kiss. Her weight on my body and her warm
tits covering mine felt so great.

I could feel myself getting closer and my breathing was coming in gasps.
I wrapped my legs around her hips and held my heals on the cheeks of her

"Oh Baby, fuck me. Just like that fuck me. Be my Daddy. Fuck me."

We were pussy to pussy and grinding against each other. I was starting to
see stars behind my eyes when I heard her starting to moan.

We have lots of sex in lots of different positions, but it is unusual for
us to come together. I think we both concentrate to much on the others
pleasure to get our timing just right. So just hearing her make sounds
like she was getting closer doubled the feeling for me. I brought my
hands up on her back and scratched my nails across her skin. She started
moaning, "Oh fuck, oh yes."

That's about all I heard before the freight train that was my orgasm ran
me over. I felt like my entire body was electrified. It felt so so good.
I was cumming and moaning and she was cumming and moaning and our entire
bodies were convulsing against each other. It was fantastic.

It felt so good that as soon as that one started to end another one came
from nowhere and I was cumming again. It felt so wonderful I could hardly
breath. Each thrust she gave me knocked some of the breath out of me
until we both just collapsed from exhaustion.

We lay only for a minute and then she eased up off of me a little. She
moved her hips back and I felt it slip and then with a wet plop fall out
of me. Melly has gotten very talented with that toy so she just changed
angles a little and pushed it up against my leg and it slid out of her
too. I felt it wet between my legs and I fought the temptation of
reaching for it and licking both ends clean.

We both lay there in the afterglow of great orgasms. She turned her face
to me and we started kissing again. I wrapped my arms around her and
could feel that the skin on her back was cool to the touch. I asked her
if she was cold and she said yes. I grabbed the blanket we keep on the
chair next to the bed and pulled it up on us both.

So that's my story. A little tease, a little pay back, and a whole lot of
love. I hope you enjoyed it. As always I would love to hear from you. I
am at and if you write I promise to always write

Happy Kisses    Genny

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