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A Genny Story... Waiting for it

When Melly and I are away from eachother we both get crazy horny.


Thank you all for the great response to my storys. I have met so many
great women that have written and said they got something from my
writing. It means a great deal to hear from them. As always I am Genny Story... Waiting For It

I am Genny.

The schedule Melly and I live is crazy. She is an ER nurse and I am a
firefighter. Her shifts change and sometimes she is on a 12 hour starting
at 4 in the afternoon or the regular day shift or once in a while
midnights. I work a 24 hour shift. 24 hours on and then 24 hours off.
With all this coming and going there are times when we just don't get to
connect. After a few days we start leaving each other notes hinting at
the things we want to do to each other. The longer the separation the
raunchier the notes. I wouldn't want my mom to hear our phone messages
after her little girl had gone a week without sex.

I had hurried home from the station to try to catch her before she had to
leave for the hospital. I got home about 7:20 am and she usually leaves
by 7:30. When I came in she was just finishing a cup of coffee and was
ready to leave. Her face brightened when I came in the door. I took off
my jacket and she kissed me hello. Mmmmmmmm She smelt so damn good. She was only wearing her nursing scrubs and I just wanted to hold on tight and feel her body pressed against mine. She
broke the kiss and said "Baby I gotta go."

I just moaned my most pitiful moan and begged, "No, be late. Please I need you
right now."

She kissed me again and her hands came up and scratched across my chest
finding my nipples doing their part to meet her half way. She caught both
of them between her thumbs and forefingers and pinched hard. She pushed
back from the kiss and looked into my eyes. "Tonight. You be ready
tonight when I get home."

With that she gave me one last quick kiss and she was headed for the

"Ok" I said "But you may come home to find me shriveled up and moaning in

She just laughed and was out the door.

"It'll be on your head." I called out to the closed door.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and headed for the shower. The bed in our
room was still mussy from her sleeping in it. I went to her side and ran
my hands under the covers. It felt like there was still a warm spot where
her body had been. I pressed my face in her pillow and could smell her
perfume and shampoo. I groaned.

In the shower I couldn't help myself. I masturbated thinking of her hands
on my breasts. It didn't take long and it didn't do much to ease my horny

Once the shower was done I filled my day with the chores that needed to
be done. I did some laundry and  Some shopping. I stopped by my Mom's for
a free lunch and got home around 3.

When I got home I checked my e-mail and seen that both Sonia and Mary had
written. Sonia's letter was long and newsy. Mary's was shorter but she
described a loving session with her lover Jess. It was a juicy bit of
writing and it made me touch myself while I read it. Just as I was about
to go, a girl I had chatted with a while back popped up on my MSN. She
asked how I was doing and before long we were flirting and making each
other hot. I started telling her all the things I would like to do to
her. I described her naked on my bed. Laying on her belly as I made love
to her pretty bottom. It got hot and it got very descriptive. I did most
of the typing with just an occasional typed out moan from her. I hope she
enjoyed it as much as she said she did. She offered to talk me thru a
good cum but by then it was after 4:30 and Melly would be home by 5.
After our chat I was trying to decide if I should go upstairs and
masturbate or wait for Melly to get home. I was tempted but I decided
that it would be best to be boiling over when she got there. I did go in
and wash up a bit. I was smelling like pussy and even though she does
love that smell I figured that it would be nicer to be fresh.

I had dinner ready (Just a big salad so it could wait) and a bottle of
red wine open. She came in and was looking a little tired. I asked about
her day and gave her a big kiss. She kissed me back and I pressed her up
against the wall and pushed my leg in between hers. She started to giggle
and said   "Is someone in a mood tonight?" I pressed in even closer and
moaned in her ear "You better take me upstairs and fuck me or I am going
to explode."

We grabbed the wine bottle and a couple of glasses and trotted up stairs.
Just following her up the steps I wanted to push her down and bury my
face in the back of her scrubs. Melly headed into the bathroom and
started the shower. I set the wine down and pulled down the covers. Then
I went into the bathroom. Melly was just stepping out of her panties and
was naked in all her glory. I came up behind her and wrapped my arms
around her. I let my right hand slide down her belly and I cupped her
pussy. I whispered in her ear,

"You know you don't have to wash this for me. I love it just the way it

She was watching me in the mirror and said  "I have been on my feet all
day long. Even you wouldn't like the way it smells right now."

I laughed and said "Is that a challenge?" I slid one finger between her
lips and then brought my hand up to my face. We were looking in the
mirror at each other and I took a deep breath. My hand smelled strong of
her. I could smell pee and sweat and pussy and... other surprises. I
licked my finger and said "Smells fine to me. Let me at it and I will
have you clean in no time."

Melly just laughed and pushed my hand away. She turned and kissed me
quick and then stepped into the shower.

I asked, "You want me to join you?"  Melly said, "If your still the girl
that was just dying to get fucked you should let me finish this so we can
get in bed."

I just leaned back and watched as she soaped up all of her body. She
seen me watching her and she teased me a little with a small smile and
her hands pulling out on her beautiful tits. She soaped up her belly and
then her pussy and thighs. I was ready to jump right in there fully
clothed, when she turned right to me and spread her feet apart. She bent
her knees slightly and with a cute little grunt I seen the soap suds on
her lips and thighs start to turn yellow and flow down her leg. She was
peeing. I groaned loudly and started for the shower. She laughed and
said, "No no, I will be out of here in a minute. You go get undressed and
pick out a toy. I will be in in a minute".

Now I really was boiling over. I went into our room and pulled my
clothes off. The cool air on my wet pussy was shocking. I was literally
dripping. I went to the drawer that we keep our small collection of toys.
In the last year Melly has gotten better about penetration. I have used a
small dildo on her a couple of times, and we have used a double headed
dildo together sitting face to face in the bathtub, but for the most part
she would rather fuck me than the other way around (which is ok with me).
I first grabbed her strap-on, but then I spotted our thigh high. We
bought it in Canada when we were sailing with some friends. We had only
used it once and had wonderful results. I grabbed that and some lube (not
that I was going to need it) and set them out next to the bed. I heard
the shower stop, so I jumped up on the bed and tried to look seductive
for Melly. I lay on my left side with my right foot flat on the bed so my
leg was up and all that I have on view.

It seemed to take her a long time to come out of the bathroom. When she
did She was drying her hair in a big towel. She looked magnificent. Her
wet hair wild and animal like. Her body clean and shiny in the dim
bedroom light. Her eyes went to the thigh high and she smiled. She looked
at me. "Is that what you want?"

"Yes. I thought it would be perfect."

Melly crawled up on the bed and on top of me. We kissed and I rolled onto
my back pulling her against me. Her body was warm from the shower and
felt wonderful pressed down on mine. As we rolled, her wet hair fell over
both our heads. We broke the kiss and we were in our own dark wet world.
She whispered "I do love you." I tasted her mouth again. My tongue was
going up into her mouth only to find hers coming down into mine. I moved
my legs apart and felt her settle in against my sex. We kissed and
nibbled on each others face for a long time. I kept pushing my pussy up
against hers and she kept pushing hers down against mine. We were
building up a very good rhythm.

"God that feels good." I said, as she was biting on my ear lobe. I meant
her pussy against mine, but she must of thought I meant the ear because
she bit even harder and growled like a dog chewing at a bone.

"Oh baby, fuck me. I need it right now Melly. Fuck me now."

She pushed up on her arms and looked down to my face. She pressed her sex
harder against mine and rocked against me. "You still want the cock."

Now right then I was thinking that I would die if she took that wonderful
pressure off of my clit. I almost said no and grabbed her ass to pull her
against me even harder. But I said, "Yes."

She smiled down and then rolled off to grab the dildo. It is attached to
a stretchy band that is about 4 inches wide and fits snugly on Melly's
upper thigh (skinny girls would have a problem keeping this on). She
stood at the side of the bed and slowly slipped it up her leg. I let out
a low needy moan just watching pure sex in motion. She grabbed the lube
and crawled up the bed to me. She handed me the lube and slid her leg up
close to my hand. I squeezed a little on my hand and then started to
stroke the cock as sexy as I could. Looking right up in her eyes as I
jacked it. Puling it out and letting it spring back. Melly gave me an
evil smile and said, "Who's your daddy?"

I giggled back and said, "Your my daddy. Now come fuck me Daddy."

Melly moved down a little until the dildo was between my legs. If you
have never used one of these it is not as easy as it seems. She can't
feel the end of it of course and some times there is a tendency to slide
up and down instead of in and out. Between the two of us we got it
positioned right and she eased it in me. Mmmmmmm it felt very nice. Again
she lowered her body on mine and we kissed. Her legs straddled my thigh
too and I could feel how wet she was against my skin. I raised my leg to
press it firm against her sweet pussy. She moaned and started to rock.
The dildo was slipping in and out of me and each time it went all the way
in the stretchy part on her leg bumped nicely against my clit. She pushed
up again on her arms and pressed down harder against us both. Her head
was back and she was breathing hard as she seriously started to fuck me.
She looked so beautiful like that. Her black hair all wild. Her eyes shut
with a stern look on her brow. I could feel myself getting close to a
well earned orgasm. My hands came up and first I started to pinch and
pull at my nipples. That set off little explosions in my pussy and pushed
me very close to the edge. I let go of my tits and grabbed Melly's. They
felt so full and wonderful hanging down to me. I found both nipples and
holding then between my thumb and forefinger started to pull them out.
Melly growled again and doubled her efforts with the dildo. She started
to talk dirty. A sure sign she is getting ready to cum. When she starts
yelling "Cunt. Fucking slut cunt" her trigger has been pulled. She was
almost to that point, and so was I. I pushed my leg up even harder
against her slippery pussy and stated to talk to her.

"Come on Baby. Give it to me. Give me your cum. Fuck me Melly Fucking
fuck me."

Two seconds later I was hearing "Fucking cunt. Fucking slut cunt."
Followed by an orgasm produced scream. I felt her pussy spasm and gush
against my leg. She fell back down on me and I held her tight as we both
came together. It was wonderful.

We lay quietly for a few minutes. The world slowed down again so we could
both breath. Melly rolled over to her right and I felt the dildo slip out
of me. I looked down at it and had to laugh a little. We were both wiped
out but it was still standing proud with my cum shining on it.. I reached
over ahd brushed her hair from her face. I leaned in and kissed her
lightly. Keeping my lips right next to hers I moaned "God I needed that."

Melly chuckled lightly and said "Me too. Me too."

Eventually we got up and went down stairs to eat. I slipped the strap
down her leg and brought it with us to toss in the dish washer. (We
learned our lesson with an infection from not cleaning her strap-on) We
ate the salad and drank some of the wine in just our robes and slippers.
After dinner we cuddled up on the couch. A little more wine and some
kissing and caressing, and it wasn't long before we were heading back up
stairs for more lovin.

As always I would love to hear from anyone that would like to write me.
  Warning... I always write back.

Kisses to you all   Genny

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