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A Girls Encounter

"Okay I will" I said, reaching up on my toes and planting a kiss on his cheek.
"Call me," he said, smiling and closing the door in front of me.

This was my boyfriend Dean, we had been together all of twenty minutes and he acted like we where the UK hotshot couple.
I sighed, rolling my eyes and crunching my hair with my hand.

"Belle?!" Kay shouted through to me from my bedroom.
"Yeah?" I said, walking in and closing the door behind me, "What's up?" I asked.
"Just wondering where you were..." she said, smiling.

She lumped her laptop onto my bed, lying on her front she started typing fast onto the screen.
I bit my lip in hesitation.

"I can ask you anything, right?" I asked, justified.
"Sure thing" she said, still typing.
I breathed deep before speaking.
"Dean asked me to do something the other day, I wasn't sure what it was..." I said, looking down at my hands.
She stopped typing and looked towards me.
"Which was...?" she asked, patiently.
"He said, something about oral" I stopped, then laughed. "Isn't that dentist stuff?" I said.

She seemed to find what I had said amusing and laughed with me.

"No, he means he wants to go down on you" she said, pointing inbetween my legs.
"Ooooh" I nodded, "Right..." I said, nerved.

She continued to smile and started typing again.

"Here, look" she said, turning the screen round and pointing too it.
"That's what is known as mellow porn, I guess" she said.

The image showed a woman lying on a bed, on her back. A man kneeling on the floor, his hands holding her hips off the bed and his head nested in between her legs. It was a sky view so I couldn't see anything, just what was there.

"I can show you?" she said, expectant.

We had once kissed in secondary school, and when I moved to college we kissed again when we where both hideously drunk. But it was all for banter and some entertainment on our parts, nothing more.

"Here" she said, moving her laptop off the bed and patting where it was.
"Lie here, and put your legs up there" she said, pointing to the wall behind my bed.

I did as she had said, moving into position. She wasn't going to do anything, I was sure of that. She was simply showing a girlfriend how to lie and sit around, I knew that.

"Wait a second, I'll lock your door!" she said, laughing as she walked over to it.
"This will mean a lot of explaining if your parents catch us!" she laughed, causing me to shake with huge laughter with her.

She lay down beside me, tying my hair back behind my ear.

"It helps if you're horny first" she said, her hand resting on my stomach.
"Just tell me when you want to stop, okay?" she continued, her eyes watching her hand.
"Sure" I said, smiling.

She leaned forward, her arm pressed against mine. She brushed her face closer to mine, her nose skimming across my lips until her lips met mine. Pushing them softly against mine, all the feelings I had last time we did this rushed back. The fizz in my head, the butterflies in my stomach and the tingle in between my legs.

One thing I always remembered was the way she smelt. Even when standing next to her, you never got the full scent (her natural smell mixed with perfected perfume) until you kissed her.
Her body rolled smoothly onto mine, a hand placed on my hip, the other on my cheek.
She moved her body downwards, almost sliding. Her lips leaving mine but still on my body as she kissed my chin, running his lips down my neck onto my shoulders. As she did so, she peeled the straps of my top away from me, moving further down until her head faced my stomach. She kissed my stomach softly, every now and again curving her tongue around my skin. Her hand which was steady on my hip traced down towards my pussy, her fingers softly pressing onto me through my panties, as she continued kissing my stomach.

"I'm going to remove them now," she said, eyeing my panties.
"I'll roll your denim skirt up" she said, already doing so.

My skirt only fell to mid-thigh so it was easy to push upwards so it lay around my hips. She sat upwards on her knees, her fingers curled around the lining of my panties before pulling my legs upwards as she took them off and placed them beside us.
She moved herself down, inbetween my legs as my feet where pressed against the wall.

"Touch your nipples" she said, grinning.
"It sometimes helps," she continued.

I ran my hands away from my sides and cupped each of my tits, my nipples almost solid. I had hardly noticed! I began softly touching them, the fizz from my head now running through my nipples with each touch. I squeezed them both tightly, then released them, repeating this over and over.

I jumped slightly as I felt her hair fall down from her shoulders and touch both my inner thighs, her breath blowing onto my pussy as she breathed.

"You smell good" she said, before moving her head forwards.

Her lips gently landed on my pussy lips, my head fizzing quickly. Placing tender kisses on them she started at the top and worked her way downwards, till the mattress got in the way, so she appeared to be doing what the image she had shown me did. Lifting my hips upwards, balancing them on her shoulders.

The kisses becoming more frequent and more pressured with each one, tingles becoming alive all over my body, the occassional gasp parted my own lips.
She stopped, I stopped.

Then as though the break had never happened, she slowly let her tongue free slipping into my pussy which was by now wet as anything. Slipping inside and back out again, more gasps leaving my mouth.

This is unbelievable, incredible I thought.
I began to feel her tongue moving around deeper into me, just going in and out freely.
When suddenly, she moved her tongue. Flicking the end back and forth, no longer coming out. Just staying inside she kept with the pressure.

"Uuh" I moaned, each moan escaping my lips with no intention.

I looked around my sides, pulling a pillow towards me I pressed it against my chest, waiting.

She would stop, and then start again. Causing my whole body to shiver each time she did, all my mind kept telling me was woww. I could no longer control the moans that escaped me, I tried. Boy, did I try! But each time I did, it burst through my lips. The urge to bite my lip over-came me, so I did that too, everytime a tingle ran over me I bit the corner of my lip. Sometimes beating through it. Other times, my lips parted so fast and a moan almost a scream escaped me without any intention.

I could feel her speeding up, her hair lashing against my inner thighs faster.
I was about to cum, my legs tingling and my head fizzing all over again!

For a final moment, she pushed her head further into me, her tongue tinkling my insides, I screamed.

Holding with pressure to the pillow I had held, I lurched it forward, pushing it onto my face.
I screamed, my moan so loud I was sure the neighbours could hear, the pillow was a defect.
My legs began to shake as she removed her tongue, sitting up between my legs she watched me, masterfully.

I couldn't speak, no words could escape me like my screams had. Even if I could speak, was what I meant to say? I lay there for a moment, my head not caring what on earth was going on.
Leaning her body across mine, she pressed her chest and legs onto mine, placing a tight kiss against my lips.

"Woooow" she said, "... we have to do that again!" she laughed, rolling beside me.

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