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A Girl's Night Out

A Girl's Night Out

A relaxing night out alone turns into anything but!
My name is Holly Andrews and I'm a 24-year-old woman living in Los Angeles. I may be single, but my sex life is amazing, thanks to the female relationship I have with my two girlfriends. They are more than just friends though, we are lovers, the three of us. Yeah it still sounds a little strange to me too! If you had asked me a year ago if I would think of having sex with another woman I would have laughed right in your face. But today I couldn't imagine my life any other way. It all began innocently enough one night when, after work, I decided to treat myself to a "girl's night out". It had been a rough week, with my boss all over me about the annual reports on top of all my other work. But it was Friday night and I put work aside to enjoy some peace and quiet.

As I was getting dressed to go out I was feeling really horny. With work being as busy as it was that week, I was exhausted when I got home. I hadn't made myself cum at all the whole week, and that is unusual for me! I am sort of a nymphomaniac - I love sex and if I don't get it pretty regularly, I get very grumpy and cantankerous!

I slipped on my little black sequined tube top and my short, tight black leather skirt. I was choosing my shoes (I have to admit I love my heels!) when the thought occurred to me that I'd get even more horny if I went out without wearing any panties. The idea of being secretly naked under the very short skirt in a public place aroused me very much, sending shivers through my body and down to my pussy which was already starting to heat up.

I slipped my panties off, put on my shoes (I went for my strappy, stilleto-heeled "Fuck Me" ones) and grabbed my bag and hailed a cab from the front of my apartment building.

"The Lonely Lady please," I told the driver.

"Isn't that a strip club, love?" he asked. "Do you work there or something?"

"Yes it is a strip club," I said.

"Oh," he said, then, realizing I hadn't answered his other question, he quickly tried to cover himself, "Well you must do pretty good for yourself, that is a nice building you live in."

I didn't want to spoil his little fantasy by telling him I was just there for the fun night out, so I just laughed a bit and thanked him for the compliment.

We arrived shortly, and I paid him the fare and got out. Knowing I'd never see him again I played along with the ruse we had begun and told him that he should stop by sometime and I'd save a dance for him. He muttered something about his wife would kill him and then drove off.

I entered the dark bar and was hit by the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol. Once my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I looked for an open table. I found one just a few feet away from a small satellite stage where one of the strippers was busy doing her thing. I sat down at the table and when the waitress came by I ordered a drink.

She was petite, about five foot three inches I would guess, and had lovely small 32B breasts which jiggled lightly as she moved. She wore only her micro-thong panty and had a lovely figure. I noticed she was blonde like me, except she was a platinum blonde (dye job?) where I was more a dishwater blonde myself. I was sitting there for only a couple of minutes when she noticed me. She started to look straight into my eyes as she danced, touching herself all over and gyrating gently to the music. My body was starting to heat with a combination of embarrassment and arousal. This nearly naked stripper was dancing for me! When the music stopped and she walked back offstage to the dressing room, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was watching the next dancer that came on when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the blonde stripper.

"Hi, I'm Lisa," she said and kissed me on the cheek.

"I'm Holly," I replied.

"Can I buy you a drink?" she asked.

"I guess so, thanks."

"What are you drinking?" she asked.

"A White Russian."

"Ok I'll be right back with the drinks. Don't go anywhere!" she said and walked to the bar. A couple of moments later, she returned. She stood behind me and set the drink down on the table over my shoulder. As she set the drink down, our bodies brushed together and I couldn't fail but notice the spark. I'd never expected anything like that from another woman, but there was no denying it. She glanced at me as she sat down across the small table from me and we smiled at each other. I could see in her eyes what she was thinking, and I had to agree.

We continued looking at each other. She was very pretty and there was something about her that really attracted me to her. The longer we looked the hotter I got, and the more aware of my naked pussy I became. We had a couple of drinks while we sat there talking. I was already a little buzzed and sitting there across the table from Lisa made my head swim as well. She looked beautiful and something inside me want her so badly. We held hands and talked while we enjoyed our drinks. Just that innocent contact of her fingers linked with mine made me a little dizzy.

After what seemed like an eternity Lisa leant forward across the table. "I am so fucking horny," she whispered in my ear and kissed me gently on the lips. I was stunned. I'd never done anything with a woman before, although I'd thought about it many times. She kissed me again, deeper and more passionately, and I responded by parting my lips slightly to allow her tongue access. She explored my mouth with her tongue, and then I did the same. She stood up and moved her chair closer, until my knees were outside hers We moved in closer, our breasts pressed together, our hands working up and down each other's bodies.

Just as we were beginning to give in to the feelings between us she pulled away.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, "But I've got another set to do. Will you wait for me to get back so we can continue this?"

I was completely turned on by now, "Yes," I panted softly. Although I hadn't told her, I couldn't deny the fact that she had made me wet as well.

She kissed me once more, and then she was gone. I was so turned on by this time that I thought I was going to have to go into the bathroom and make myself cum. My nipples were hard and excited, threatening to poke through the sequined top and my sex was plump, wet, and demanding to be satisfied.

I needed to get up and move around and catch my breath. Lisa was up on stage now dancing her slow grinding way, teasing all the patrons of the bar and keeping her eyes on me. She gave me a small smile and blew me a kiss. I walked up and went to hand her a dollar bill. She danced her way over to me and as I went to reach for her g-string to put the dollar in she backed away shaking her head. She pointed to her cleavage and I knew what she wanted. I slipped the dollar into my tube top between my breasts and came closer. Lisa got down on all fours and crawled cat-like to me, reaching up and kissing my tits before taking the dollar with her mouth. I about came right there! Her soft mouth was hot and burned as her lips touched my tender flesh.

It was only after I saw her smile that I realized I had moaned out loud at her kiss and I blushed, hoping the music drowned out my reaction to Lisa kissing my tits. As she went back to the center of the stage to continue dancing, I went up to the bar to get another drink. I needed to clear my head! I ordered another drink and as I stood at the end of the bar waiting for it,

I became aware of a woman standing very close to me. I turned and saw a tall woman with an amazing 36DD-24-35 figure, and flawless skin. I smiled, and she smiled back.

She stood in front of me, looking deep into my eyes in a way that made my whole body heat up. I was glad that the bar was so dark inside and no one could see how flushed I was. She moved in closer and started to kiss me, just as Lisa had done. I responded immediately this time, melting into her arms, and soon we were kissing each other passionately.

As we kissed, I felt her hand slide up my body to pinch and toy with one of my hard nipples. I moaned deeply into the woman's mouth as she rolled my aching nipple between her fingers. She slowly slid her other hand down, over my belly and down to caress my inner thigh. I parted my legs to let her in. She slowly worked her hand up my thigh until she found my mound. I gasped as she made contact with the naked flesh of my pussy.

"Hi love, my name is Karen. Nice to 'meet' you!" she whispered, in a low lust-filled voice.

She gently moved her hand over my clit, barely touching it, and along until she was cupping my wet sex. I moaned into her mouth, thankful that I had shaved just before coming to the bar. She pressed her palm against my outer lips and began to rub very lightly. This was pure torture. I squirmed under her touch. She pressed harder, letting her middle finger drop into the space between my lips. As her hand moved back and forth her finger was also sliding back and forth between my lips, making my juices flow freely over her. As she started to rub faster and faster I moaned and sighed into her mouth. I could feel a huge orgasm building up when suddenly she took her hand away. I cried out in surprise, and she grinned at me and walked away!

I couldn't believe how hot she'd made me. I was on fire and my pussy was dripping. I started to make my way to the ladies room. I couldn't wait until I got home – I needed to cum and now. Unfortunately, as I turned the corner to the bathrooms, I saw a line waiting to get in. I was forced to wait for some time, feeling really uncomfortable. I could feel my juices oozing down my leg, and my whole body ached with need.

Finally, I got away from her and continued towards the toilets. I noticed Lisa beckoning me over.

"Shit!" I thought, "What now?!"

I walked over to where she was sitting at a table in a quiet corner away from the stage. As I walked my pussy lips rubbed together and I though I might cum just from walking!

As I reached her she stood up, smiling.

"Hi hon," she said. Then she took me by the arm and turned me and pushed my back to the wall, standing in front of me. She started kissing me, just like she had earlier in the evening. By now I was so horny, I thought that any touch on my soaked pussy would make me cum, instantly. I was wrong!

She slid her hand between my thighs and stroked my wet lump pussy lips. It was so gentle I could hardly feel it. She slid her finger over my V, just stroking the start of my clit. I started to pant heavily as she slid her fingers over my clit. She moved it on tiny circles all over – round the edge, at the tip, on the top. I thought I was going to burst, but she knew just what she was doing. Her teasing touch was so light. Even though she was driving me mad with need, it wasn't enough to give me the orgasm. I was moaning and begging to come, but she continued to tease me until I thought I would collapse with the sensation of it. I tried to push her hand away and cover myself up so no one would see but she just kept on rubbing. Luckily we were close to the darkest corner of the dance floor. The music was loud the lights blazing and Lisa had her leg jammed between mine, while her hand was now rubbing my naked pussy bringing me to the edge of what promised to be a great orgasm in a very short time.

Karen, my other playmate that evening, had just come back from the bar with a round of drinks for the three of us. Seeing what was going on though, the drinks would have to wait. She pushed me down onto Lisa's lap, parting her legs so that mine were forced to part, and my sex was pulled open. Karen leaned forward and started to kiss me again. Behind me, Lisa started to caress my breasts, teasing the nipples back up to their full erectness. My hand, seemingly of its own free will, moved down between Lisa's legs. I gasped as I felt her naked sex, wet and ready. I slid a finger gently over her slit, feeling her juices flowing over my finger. I was rewarded with Lisa doing the same to me. My wet cunt gushed as she touched me softly. I moved my other hand down to flick her clit lightly. I gloried as I heard her sighs and moans. She moved her other hand and flicked my clit, moving in circles and strokes. I removed my hand from her slit but continued working her clit.

I was suddenly aware of movement underneath me. Lisa gasped and as I looked to see why, I could see Karen had knelt down in front of us, between my legs and her fingers were sliding in and out of Lisa's cunt, slowly filling her with another finger.

"Fuck!" I gasped, more shocked than pleading. I was in turn rewarded by a woman's tongue gently lapping, flicking and probing my cunt as the juices flowed into her mouth.

"Oh God yes!" I moaned as the girl probed my dripping pussy with her tongue "Right there baby, oh, don't stop!"

Meanwhile, me and Lisa were still working each other's clits and breasts. Our touches were becoming harder, more desperate. I rubbed her pussy and she mine.

I heard Lisa behind me gasp and tense as I brushed over her clit. She reached up and under my tube top, pushing it up so she could access my hard nipples. She pinched and pulled on them as I laid my head back on her shoulder, soaking up the wonderful feelings these two girls were giving me. Normally I would have been mortified by being so exposed and used in public like this, but somehow with these two lovely women in this place, it all worked to drive me completely mad with lust and desire. I had never been so turned on and wanted anyone like this before.

I pressed harder on Lisa's clit, and she in turn pressed harder on mine, working back and forth, quicker and quicker. I too sped up. The woman beneath us sensed the urgency and used her tongue and fingers as quickly as she could.

Finally, and together, me and Lisa both started to cum. Our groans and sighs mingled with each other, and as our fingers worked faster and harder still we both started to cry out with the release.

We were both vocal for some time, but when we did finally start to relax we looked at each other and smiled.

"Thank you!" I whispered.

"Likewise," she smiled.

We kissed again – a long, satisfied, gentle kiss.

"I have a little while before my next set. Do you girls want to take this somewhere a little more private?" Lisa asked.

Karen looked at me, "Well Holly, what do you think? Do we want to go somewhere a little more private?"

I grabbed Karen by the back of the neck and kissed her forcefully. "That's a great idea...after all we owe Karen here a good cum anyway!"

"Yeah, that's what I thought" Lisa grinned at me as Karen grabbed her hand and she grabbed mine. We wound our way around the club to the hallway in back of the stage. Passing the girls dressing room, we walked around to a doorway at the very back of the building.

There was a brawny bouncer standing in front of the door and for a second I thought we were going to have to go back into the club. But Lisa apparently knew the guy. She smiled "They are with me, Dave," she told him. She gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek and he smiled at her then opened the door to let us pass.

"Have fun ladies," he said as he held the door for us.

"That's the plan!" Lisa said as she was the last one through the doorway. Behind the door there was a short hallway with doors on either side. Some doors had signs on them indicating the room was in use. Lisa found us an available room and we went inside.

The room wasn't big, but it was big enough for our purposes. It contained an armless easy chair and a twin-sized bed. A mirror hung on the back of the door and a flat screen TV and DVD player hung on the wall, with a small selection of porn DVD's

I settled back into the chair and watched my two new friends go at each other hungrily.

Lisa's hands were all over Karen, rubbing her big nipples under her shirt then sliding down to toy with the button on her shorts. Karen turned around and Lisa pulled her shirt up and over her head. She tossed it on the ground and began sucking Karen's tits through her lacy bra, nipping and pinching Karen's hard nipples. The whole time, Karen was looking directly at me. I was so turned on watching her that I opened my legs and started rubbing myself under my tight miniskirt. I hoisted my skirt higher and began rubbing my wet pussy as I watched them.

"Yeah, Holly, rub yourself for me," Karen moaned.

I felt my wetness grow between my legs, making my fingers sticky as I watched the two of them making out. Lisa had Karen's bra off now and was working her thick, puffy nipples into stiff peaks while her hand had disappeared inside the waistband of Karen's pants. I watched as her hand moved up and down inside the tight fabric. Lisa tore her mouth away from Karen's tits and got down on her knees in front of her. She pulled down Karen's pants and thong underwear together and they dropped in a pool at her feet. Karen kicked them my direction and I scooped them up. I pulled the panties up to my mouth and inhaled the woman's scent deeply. Lisa pushed Karen down onto the bed and kneeling, pulled Karen's legs apart and sat back to admire the beautiful pussy in front of her.

She looked back at me and said, "Damn, that's a beautiful puss!"

I smiled at her and nodded in agreement. Karen has, what she refers to as a butterfly pussy. Her long, thick inner lips look like butterfly wings when they're spread wide open. She has a beautiful, bulbous clit that sticks out like a tiny cock when she's turned on. And right now, she was very turned on. Lisa watched as Karen rubbed herself and squeezed the big clit between her fingers. Lisa eagerly took over for her, rubbing and stroking and massaging her hard clit furiously. Karen leaned back and played with her erect nipples as Lisa explored her pussy with her fingers, then she moaned and threw her head back when Lisa's tongue took over for the fingers. I watched in fascination as Karen's clit disappeared into Lisa's wet mouth. Lisa sucked it like a tiny cock, slurping it into her mouth then letting it slide back out, stroking it with her tongue then flicking it from side to side. She moved to the long lips, pulling them into her mouth and stretching them downward with long, hard pulls. Finally, she opened her mouth wide and covered Karen's whole pussy.

"Oh yes!" Karen moaned, "suck my big clit, eat my pussy Lisa!"

And she ate the girl's sweet, wet pussy like she was starving for it! Lisa definitely had a talent for pleasing a woman! I slid my fingers between my wet folds and toyed with my clit as I watched Lisa's mouth work my friend's pussy. Although I couldn't see it, I imagined Lisa's tongue making long licks up and down the length of Karen's clit while her mouth kept constant suction on her pussy. I looked up to find Karen staring directly at me.

"Oh yeah, ohhhh, yes, yes, yes. Holly, this feels so good. I'm gonna cum. Watch me cum Holly! Watch me cum in her mouth!"

I looked back just in time to see Karen's legs start to shake and watched as she grabbed Lisa's head and shoved it even deeper into her crotch. She bucked and pumped her pelvis against Lisa's face and I saw the clear fluid running down the blonde's chin. Lisa kept sucking and only let go when Karen's legs went limp and she collapsed back on the bed. Even then, she continued to lick Karen's over sensitive nub. Lisa turned to me and I saw her face glistening with Karen's juice.

"Come here Holly, taste your best friend's pussy," and she kissed me, long and deep.

I cleaned her face off with my tongue, getting every last bit of Karen's wetness. It was tart and tangy and I wanted more!

Lisa sat on the chair and looked at me. "So did you like that? Watching your best friend with another girl?" She already knew the answer to that question!

"That was fucking incredible!" I said, my fingers still rubbing my pussy.

"Hey Karen, eating your hot pussy got me all worked up! How about returning the favor!" Lisa said.

Karen smiled over at me and then crawled seductively to Lisa. "What do you want, Lisa? Do you need to feel my mouth on you? My tongue working your clit and sliding up inside you? Do you want my fingers up there, too?" she said as she crawled to the girl.

I couldn't believe the dirty talk coming out of Karen's mouth! What a fucking turn on! Obviously Lisa thought so, too.

"Yeah, baby. I want you to use me like I used you. I want you to lick me and fuck me and make me cum."

Karen didn't need any more encouragement. She slid her hands up Lisa's long, tan legs then up and under her flimsy halter top. She pushed the top up and over Lisa's tits and her fingers locked onto her erect nipples and pinched.

"Oh yes, baby. I love that. Pinch my nipples, suck and bite on them. They're so sensitive."

Karen did as she was told, licking the hard pink nipples. Sucking them into her mouth and biting them gently, then not so gently. Lisa squirmed and moaned.

"Wow, that felt great," Lisa said when Karen had finished sucking and licking her nipples to aching hardness. "But as good as it felt, I still haven't cum yet. Are you gonna make me cum, Karen? Are you gonna lick my pussy?"

Karen looked over at me and said, "Holly, I've never done this before. I've wanted to, but I never have. I want you to stay right here, really close and watch while I do it. I want to look at you while I eat her pussy."

I reluctantly pulled my fingers out of my pussy and put them up to her mouth. She looked at me and stuck her tongue out and licked them one at a time. She took her time sucking all the cream off and I felt myself start to throb. Then, without even touching myself, I felt my pussy start to pulsate and felt the hot cum spill out and run down my thighs. I had cum just watching my two friends together!

"There," I said, "now you've tasted pussy. Go ahead and make Lisa feel good. She needs a hard cum. I know she gave you two good orgasms. Time for a little payback, don't you think?"

Karen looked up at Lisa who had been watching us patiently. "I'm gonna make you cum so hard. I want you to cum all over me!" Karen told her.

"Be careful what you wish for, baby. You just might get it," Lisa said, with a smile on her face.

No longer hesitant, Karen went to work. She peeled Lisa's tight microshorts off and rubbed her through her saturated thong panties. She leaned forward and ground her face into the blonde's crotch, then pulled the tiny panties to the side to reveal Lisa's twat. It was very pink, like her nipples, and very wet. Karen looked over at me, stuck her tongue out and smiled. I quickly stripped off my skirt, shoved my fingers back inside myself and began pumping as I watched Karen take her first lick.

"Oh my God, that tastes so good," Karen groaned as she proceeded to run her tongue up and down Lisa's long, juicy slit.

"Yeah, Karen. That's it. Lick it harder. Get me all wet," Lisa said as she laced her fingers through Karen's hair.

She raised her pelvis up and ground her cunt into Karen's open mouth. I felt myself building up and pushed another finger inside. My whole body shook as I came for the second time that night. Karen had seen my release and she pried her mouth away from Lisa just long enough to lick my fingers again.

"Mmmmmm, yummy Holly," she grinned as she went back to work on Lisa.

"Lets try another position, Karen. I think you'll like this," Lisa told her.

She got up off the chair and laid down on the floor with her butt resting on the chair. She directed Karen to sit on the edge. Lisa's pussy was pointed straight up and Karen spread her new lover's thin lips, bent her head and shoved her tongue straight down into the waiting cunt.

"Ohhhh baby, that's it, tongue fuck me. Put your finger in my ass while you work that pussy," Lisa demanded.

Karen gave me her finger and I sucked on it, getting it nice and wet. She spit on the little pink rosebud and pushed the finger in.

"Deeper, Karen. Fuck my ass! Use two fingers," Lisa said.

Karen pushed her fingers in and out, stretching Lisa's ass while her tongue lapped at the wet cunt.

"Now use your fingers on my pussy and put your tongue in my ass," Lisa demanded while she tweaked her hard nipples.

I moved closer and rubbed my wet snatch on Karen's leg while I watched her tongue dart in and out of Lisa's rear, two of her fingers pumping into the wet gash between Lisa's legs. Karen kept looking at me and smiling and telling me how good both of her holes tasted.

"Ride my leg Holly. I want to feel your wet pussy on me," Karen pleaded.

I lifted myself up all the way and spread my lips to rest my throbbing clit on Karen's thigh. I slid back and forth on her toned leg, occasionally bouncing lightly to further stimulate my clit as Karen put two more fingers inside Lisa's hot hole. I slid down to her knee and pushed hard, rocked back and forth and exploded for the third time.

I leaned back to let my still spasming pussy relax. Lisa had slipped two of her own fingers inside her pussy and Karen was licking around her stretched lips.

"Yeah, Karen. That's how I like it. Push harder. It feels so good."

I watched as six fingers slipped wetly in and out of Lisa's hole. The two girls went at each other frantically, each one wanting to make the other cum even as they themselves were about to burst.

Suddenly both Lisa and Karen crested and together they screamed out their orgasmic releases.

"OHHHHH, FUCCKK!" Lisa screamed.

"I'MM CUUUMIINNGGG!" Karen added.

Karen came away from her and Lisa slumped down onto the floor. I thought she may have passed out, but she let out a moan and said,

"That was the best fuck I've had in ages!!"

Karen and I told Lisa it was the hottest, sexiest thing we'd ever done. We got dressed and walked back into the club. The big bouncer took one look at our wet, disheveled clothes and just smiled and shook his head.

"I see you girls had a good time, huh?"

Karen smiled and said, "Mister, it was amazing!!"

Outside the club Karen and I exchanged numbers with Lisa and with each other, planning to get together the next weekend. As she was about to go back into the club she looked over her shoulder and said,

"Hey Holly, next weekend it's your turn!" and she winked and went back inside.

Karen and I walked to the parking lot where she had parked her car.

"Thanks for a great time," she said wrapping her arms around my neck. We kissed long and hard for several moments.

"I am so going to look forward to next weekend!" I said, smiling as we parted company.

This was going to be a long week!

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