A Holiday Adventure CH.2

By Jennyxxx

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Their holiday adventure continues
Cassie lay in bed, Jenny asleep beside her and Nadine was downstairs on the sofa. Cassie was still unsure about sharing their holiday with Nadine, sure she had a great time with her on the beach and yes, she and Jenny had talked about having a threesome, but she was still apprehensive about spending the rest of their holiday together.

She decided to get up and take a shower, as she threw back the sheets back, she heard Nadine climb the stairs and enter the bathroom. Well, she thought, she would go and make a drink and then have her shower.

Pulling on her silk dressing gown, Cassie slipped quietly out of their bedroom. Passing the bathroom door she noticed that the door was slightly ajar. She could just about make out Nadine stepping into the shower, her long shapely legs glistening from the steam given off by the hot water, she hurried along, not wanting to stand and stare, she walked down the stairs and put the coffee machine on, the image of Nadine's long dark legs vivid in her mind. Almost without thought, Cassie silently walked back up the stairs.

Her heart was pounding in her chest, as she peaked around the door.

Nadine stood in the shower, her back to the door, her legs apart, and her hands working a soapy lather into her dark, sensuous legs.

Cassie drank in the sight, Nadine's hands rubbing the soap into her thighs, as she watched Nadine's hand wash between her spread thighs, her hands spending a little bit too long rubbing the foaming soap along her pussy. She turned around in the shower, the water cascading down her back; this gave Cassie a perfect view of Nadine. Her well trimmed pussy, swollen and puffy, obviously she was turned on. Her hands started to wash her large breasts, squeezing them together, dragging her hands over her skin, her nipples hardening. She lifted one and managed to lick around her own nipple, and then gently she started to suck and bite it.

Cassie's hand slipped inside her silk gown and started to fondle her own breasts, feeling her own aching nipples harden at her gentle touch.

Nadine now moved one hand back down between her legs as she continued to suck on her nipples. Her fingers running through her trimmed bush, gently at first then with a bit more urgency, she started to run her fingers around in a circular motion. Cassie could see Nadine's pussy lips open slightly, her wet pink slit contrasting with her dark skin. Nadine then rubbed a finger along her wet slit. Her fingers started to rub over her clit, rubbing in small circles; the more she rubbed the harder she pressed and with more urgency, her head now thrown back.

Cassie's other hand had now worked its way into her silk gown and she pressed the heel of her hand over her throbbing mound, her wetness making her hand easily glide over her lips spreading hr wetness down over her pussy, slowly she ground the heel into her wet slit.

Nadine started to cum, her fingers furiously rubbing at her clit, her head thrown back, she brought her other hand down and pushed her middle finger deep into her wet hole, she added another finger, then another, fucking her dripping hole with three fingers.

As Cassie watched, her own orgasm approaching, she heard Jenny getting out of bed; quickly she pulled her hands out of her dressing gown and pulled it tight around her slim waist, just in time as Jenny walked into the hallway.

"Morning sweetie." Jenny said,

"Good morning." Cassie managed to say, her breathing slightly labored after her exertions.

"Morning all." Nadine added, walking out of the bathroom, a small towel wrapped tightly around her body, only just covering her gorgeous form.

Cassie, embarrassed at the thought of nearly being caught fingering herself, quickly entered the bathroom, the sweet aroma of Nadine's sex hanging in the air.

Standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, Cassie undid her dressing gown allowing it to fall open; she gazed at her pert breasts, her nipples still hard. Her wet pussy lips open slightly. As she admired her form in the mirror, her hands started to massage her still sensitive breasts, one hand then snaked its way over her flat stomach to her waiting pussy. She watched her reflection as her hand slipped between her thighs, her fingers running along her still wet gash. As she gazed at her reflection, imagining it was someone else, her fingers became more urgent playing with herself. She could feel her orgasm approach, holding onto the wash basin for support with one hand she watched intently as her other rubbed between her thighs, spreading her wetness over her mound. Her fingers started to rub furiously on her clit. As her orgasm flooded over her, she could feel her juice flood out of her, soaking her fingers.

Exhausted, she sat leant on the basin watching her reflection, her body flushed, her chest heaving as she calmed herself down. Eventually, after recovering enough, she managed to wash herself down and recover her composure. After fastening her dressing gown back up, she left the bathroom to go and get dressed.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, all three women enjoying each other's company.

The three women finished their evening meal, loaded the dishwasher and retired to the living room.

"Well, I'm going to walk some of this dinner off." Nadine said "anyone care to join me?"

"Not me, I'm going slob out in front of the TV." Jenny replied.

"No thanks, I'm too tired." Cassie added

"OK, I'll see you later!"

Cassie and Jenny slouched together on the sofa, flicking through the TV channels, they started watching a cheesy film, neither of them paying much attention to the story. Jenny put her arm around Cassie and gently kissed he on the cheek.

"Shall we have an early night?" she asked Cassie

Cassie didn't need much encouragement, they both headed up to their bedroom.

As they lay together in bed, Jenny turned to Cassie.

"I've got another surprise for you." and reaching under the bed pulled out a strap on dildo."I remember that you said that that looked fun when we watched that hot lesbian porn film."

"Jesus Jenny, where did you get that?" Cassie said blushing crimson.

"The internet is a wonderful thing."

Jenny turned to Cassie and started to kiss her passionately, breaking away every now and again, telling her that she wanted to fuck her!

"Oh Jenny, fuck me, I want you to fuck me."

Cassie lay on her back and grabbing Jenny, pulled her on top.

"Please Jenny, I want you to fuck my tight cunt, I want to feel you penetrate my hot wet cunt."

Jenny placed her hand on Cassie's dampening mound and gently rubbed her.

"I want you to feel me in you; I want you to feel my every thrust."

Pulling away Jenny got off the bed and stated to put on the harness, watching Cassie stroking her pussy as she readied herself. Cassie's fingers sliding along her rapidly dampening pussy.

With the harness on, she returned to the bed, slightly embarrassed, with the plastic cock sticking out from her.

Cassie was mesmerized by the sight before her, her hands reaching out to touch the dildo."

"Suck me Cassie." Ordered Jenny, "Suck my hard cock."

Cassie sat on the edge of the bed as Jenny walked up to her, her 'cock' at Cassie's eye level. Cassie leant forward and ran a tongue along the length, before sucking the tip. Looking up at Jenny she sucked as much as she could into her mouth, almost gagging on it.

"Fuck me hard." She pleaded, releasing the plastic cock from her mouth.

"Turn around and bend over." Jenny commanded.

Cassie did as she was told, she turned around kneeling on the bed and slowly bent forward, offering herself to Jenny, her legs spread, her dripping cunt wanting to be taken from behind.

Jenny edged forward, manipulated herself so that the toy was between Cassie's spread thighs. Cassie reached between her legs and guided the toy to her wet opening.

"Slide it in me; I want to feel you thrust into me"

Jenny slowly pushed herself into Cassie, feeling the toy easily slide inside Cassie's hot, wet hole. As she pushed the plastic cock deep inside Cassie, jenny could feel the other end stimulate her clit causing her own pussy to spasm.

"Fuck me Jenny" Cassie pleaded, her hand still between her spread thighs, rubbing her own clit.

Jenny started to thrust herself into Cassie, slowly at first, put then picking up speed, she got into a rhythm, the plastic cock penetrating Cassie, at the end of each thrust Jenny's own clit being stimulated by the toy. She reached around and started to play with Cassie's nipples, continuing to thrust in and out of Cassie's welcoming pussy.

Cassie felt so dirty being taken like this, but not caring, she could feel how wet she was, her juice slurping out of her hot pussy with every thrust, her orgasm closing in as the toy slammed into her.

"Oh god!" she gasped, "oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I want you deep inside me, oh god, yes, yes, yes!" and then she let out a long moan as she came hard, her pussy contracting onto the plastic toy, her juice running out of her hot cunt."

Jenny slowly pulled out of Cassie, as she pulled the head of the toy from Cassie's hole Cassie collapsed forward, her pussy still spasming, Cassie could feel her juice running down her thighs.

Cassie turned over onto her back, looking at Jenny still kneeling, the toy erect, dripping with her own cum. Cassie slowly sat up and took the plastic cock into her mouth, tasting her own cum on the plastic phallus, savoring her sweet taste.

"Cassie, lick me, I want to feel your tongue in me, I want to cum on your tongue." Jenny was desperate, she was so turned on. As Cassie released the toy form her mouth Jenny almost ripped of the harness, grabbing Cassie's head she forced her head into her hot, wet mound.

Cassie started no nuzzle into Jenny's moist slit, her tongue snaking out, forcing along her damp slit, tasting the musky scent of Jenny's hot cunt.

Jenny ground herself onto Cassie's eager tongue, not letting go of her head, forcing her deeper and deeper into her tight hole until she could take no more. Her orgasm surging through her body, her pussy contracting on Cassie's searching tongue, her juice spurting from her. Until she finally released Cassie's head from her wet mound.

Cassie looked up at Jenny, her face wet and flushed, she licked her lips, tasting more of Jenny's cum.

They kissed passionately, Jenny licking her own cum off Cassie's face.

Both of them exhausted, they fell asleep in each other's arms.