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A Holiday Adventure

Jenny and Cassie enjoy a holiday together
Jenny and Cassie walked hand in hand along the secluded beach; it had been a couple of miles since they had left the small fishing village, leaving the throng of people behind them. Jenny wore a small white bikini with a sarong and was carrying a small bag with their picnic. Cassie's bikini was pink and was a bit smaller, over the top she wore a long tee shirt. Cassie's bag contained a couple of beach towels, some sun tan oil and a bottle of wine.

They stopped near a small outcrop of rocks and Cassie unfolded the towels and laid them on the hot sand. She then walked into the breaking surf, relishing the coolness of the water on her tanned legs. Jenny put her bag down and set off after Cassie, her eyes transfixed on Cassie's tight ass. She ran up behind her friend and threw her arms around her and gave her a small kiss on the cheek, before running further into the small breaking waves, her sarong plastered to her shapely legs.

They giggled as they played in the surf, splashing one another. Cassie's tee shirt becoming transparent plastered across her tight bikini top, her nipples hardening in the cold ocean.

Jenny couldn't help but notice her best friends hard nipples, her own were starting ache as they hardened with the effect of the cold water and the sight of her friends tanned body.

They left the water and made their way back up the beach to their towels, both flopping down onto their large beach towels, Cassie reached into her bag and pulled out the bottle of wine, she opened it and poured them each a large glass.

Jenny undid the wet sarong and threw it to one side brushing the drying sand from her shapely legs.

Cassie watched Jenny, admiring her long legs, and removed her damp tee shirt, feeling the warm breeze on her sensitive skin.

They finished their wine and lay back on their towels.

Jenny took out the sun lotion and poured some onto her flat stomach, she then started to rub it into her smooth skin.

Cassie turned onto her front. "Could you be a sweetie and rub some oil onto my back?" she asked.


Jenny moved over to Cassie and poured some of the oil onto her back, making Cassie flinch at the feel of the cold lotion. She put the bottle down and started to massage the oil into her smooth skin, starting on Cassie's shoulder blades.

Cassie moaned at the touch of her friend, "Mmmmmmm, that feels good."

Jenny continued massaging the oil in, moving down her back, as she reached the ties of Cassie's bikini top she slowly pulled one end, slowly undoing the top.

"Stop, what are you doing?"

"Oh, come on, there's no one around for miles, no one's going to see."

"Well why don't you take your top off then if it's no big deal?"

Jenny reached behind and undid her own bikini top, allowing it to fall from her breasts, the breeze immediately causing her nipples to harden. She then continued to massage the oil into Cassie's lower back. She then poured some oil onto the back of Cassie's thighs and continued her massage.

Cassie's legs involuntarily opened slightly at Jenny's touch, Jenny's hands spreading the oil onto her tight ass, her fingers brushing along the edge of Cassie's bikini bottoms and then moving down between her slightly spread thighs.

"That's nice," Cassie murmured. Her legs opened a bit further, giving Jenny more access.

Jenny continued down the back of Cassie's thighs and onto the back of her knee.

When Jenny finished, she flopped down beside her friend.

"My turn now," Jenny said.

Cassie straddled Jenny her thighs either side of Jenny's tight ass. She poured the oil into her hands rubbed them together and leaning forward started to work the oil into Jenny's hot skin, as she reached forward her hard nipples brushing Jenny's back, her covered mound grinding into Jenny's buttocks. She worked the oil deeply into the skin of Jenny. She moved herself giving her access to Jenny's spread thighs. She wasn't quite a subtle as Jenny, and ran a hand between Jenny's legs and quickly rubbed at her mound.

"Fuck Cassie, that was bit too nice," Jenny said, blushing a deep red.

Cassie rolled of Jenny and lay down beside her. Their eyes met and ever so slowly they inched together and kissed, tenderly at first, small pecks, and then becoming more urgent, their lips pressed together, Cassie's tongue snaked into Jenny's mouth, searching out her tongue. Cassie used one hand to pull Jenny's head to her allowing her to kiss her harder. Their tongues now intertwined as the passionate kiss continued until, finally, they separated.

"I want you Cass," Jenny whispered. "I want you to fuck me. Here on the beach."

Cassie turned Jenny onto her back, and straddled her. She looked deeply into her eyes and ever so slowly leant forward to continue the kiss, her sensitive breasts pressed into Jenny's breasts, both feeling the hard nipples of the other pressing into their sensitive skin.

As she kissed Jenny, she started to grind her hot mound into Jenny's, sending a surge of energy into her dampening pussy.

She finally broke away from the kiss and edged slowly down Jenny's body, nuzzling into her neck she whispered, "I'm going to fuck you, I want to taste you." And then she continued her journey down her friends gorgeous body.

Jenny had her arms above her head as Cassie started to gently lick her hard nipples, sucking each one in turn into her mouth and giving them a gentle bite before moving to the next. One hand now started to massage the other breast, pinching the hard, erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger, pulling and twisting.

Jenny's body felt like it was on fire, her arms outstretched above her head, allowing herself to be taken by Cassie. She could feel her pussy dampen with the actions of Cassie. Her legs spread slightly, feeling the cool breeze between her hot thighs.

She looked down at Cassie, as she sucked her nipples, savoring the sexy sight of this beautiful woman straddling her, and just beyond on the small outcrop of rocks she saw her. Hidden in amongst the rocks was the figure of another woman, a dark skinned woman, her long dark hair plastered over her glistening skin, her white dress accentuating the darkness of her hot skin; one strap hanging off her shoulder giving a glimpse of her large breasts.

Jenny didn't say anything, the thought of this other woman watching them make love sent a surge of passion to her pussy.

Cassie moved slowly down Jenny's body, over her smooth flat stomach, her tongue running in circles around her belly button and then she continues further down, her face now in line with the bikini covered mound, she could almost smell the sweet wetness of Jenny's pussy. She ran a hand over the material making her friend let out a slight gasp. She gently kissed her pussy through the material, then a bit more forcefully, her nose pressing into the dampening material.

Jenny looked past Cassie searching for the figure she had seen before; it took a couple of moments before she saw her, a little closer now. She could see that this woman had one hand clamped between her legs, slowly massaging herself.

Cassie undid the ties to Jenny's bikini bottoms and peeled them away allowing her to see her friends hot, wet pussy, already a trickle of wetness running down between her legs. She delicately licked around the hairless petals of her beautiful pussy, feeling Jenny raise her hips into her mouth. Her tongue now running along the length of Jenny's wet gash, tasting the sweet juice. Her hands now spreading Jenny's wet pussy lips apart, giving her better access to her wet hole.

Jenny looked down between her spread legs, she held Cassie's head forcing her to eat her pussy. She then looked for the watching figure, the woman had hitched her dress up above her waste, her panties were pushed to one side and she was slowly finger fucking herself, one hand was rubbing her clit whilst she had two fingers of her other hand furiously fucking her pussy.

Cassie continued licking and sucking at her friends wet slit, she now was using one hand to open Jenny's pussy, her other hand rubbing herself over the damp material of her bikini bottoms. Her tongue was practically fucking Jenny's tight hole.

Jenny let go of Cassie's head, Cassie looked up over her flat stomach, her face wet with Jenny's juice, she edged up over her body and kissed her. Jenny, tasting herself on Cassie, savoring the sweet taste of her pussy.

"Straddle me, let me tongue your pussy, I want to taste you," Jenny whispered seductively to Cassie.

Cassie knelt, her knees either side of Jenny's neck, and slowly lowered herself, she could feel the hot breath of Jenny on her thighs and then she felt her rasping tongue on the material between her legs, throwing her head back she started to grind her aching mound onto Jenny's eager mouth.

Jenny eased the bikini bottoms to one side, giving her better access to Cassie's wet slit. Her tongue sliding easily between Cassie's moist lips, tasting the sweetness oozing out of her tight pussy hole. Using her thumbs, Jenny spread Cassie's wet lips allowing her rasping tongue to gently penetrate her succulent hole.

Cassie started to cum, she leant forward taking her weight on her hands in the sand, forcing her dripping cunt onto Jenny's searching tongue, rocking herself back and forth until her juices exploded from her covering Jenny's face in her sticky sweet cum.

Cassie rolled off onto the sand, panting, and the material of her wet bikini bottoms still pushed to one side allowing the breeze to tickle her still tingling pussy.

Jenny glanced over to the watching woman, she had removed her dress and was sitting, her legs spread wide apart one hand furiously rubbing at her clit, her other pinching her nipples, twisting and pulling. Every so often she stopped frigging her hot clit and brought her hand up to her mouth, licking and sucking her fingers.

Jenny brought her picnic bag over, rummaging around inside she finally pulled out her double dildo, 16 inches of pure pleasure. She moved over to Cassie and helped Cassie out of her wet bikini. She ran one end of the dildo along the length of Cassie's wet slit, the toy spreading her juice around her mound, then she started to slowly push the toy in her Cassie's eager wet hole, the toy easily sliding inside. She started to thrust the dildo in and out of Cassie's wet cunt.

Cassie was laid back in the sand, when Jenny intertwined her leg, and holding the dildo with one hand she edged herself, slowly, onto toy until her pussy met with Cassie's, they ground their wet mounds together, their juices mingling. They started to thrust together, their bodies slamming together. Cassie leaned forward and started to rub Jenny's pussy as they fucked each other. Jenny replied by running a finger along Cassie's slit up to her clit and slowly started to rub it.

"We're being watched Cassie, there's a woman by the rocks, she's been watching us fuck, she's been fingering herself watching us," Jenny managed to say.

They both looked over to the rocks, and watched as the woman stood up and started to walk towards them. Her dress thrown over her arm, her nipples hard and erect, and her pubes matted together with her wetness. As she walked towards them her hand started to rub her breasts, tease her hard nipples. All the time staring intently at Cassie and jenny writhing together in the sand, there orgasms close.

Cassie and Jenny then started to come, there pussies clamped onto the dildo buried deep inside their hot cunts, both women panting and groaning as wave upon wave of their orgasm flooded over them, their pussy juice flowing from them, spreading over their mounds and with one final thrust they both fell back in the sand completely spent, the dildo still buried deep inside one another.

The dark woman edged closer, dropping her dress in the sand knelt by the two women, reached forward and removed the glistening dildo from there pussies. She lifted it to her mouth and tasted first Cassie's juice on the plastic cock, then turning it around cleaned Jenny's juice from it by licking it and still without saying a word she slid the dildo into her own juicy pussy. Pushing it deep inside her dripping gash, she then started to thrust it in and out.

Both Cassie and Jenny could hear the wetness of this other woman as she fucked herself, the slurping noise with every thrust.

Jenny moved over to her laid herself down between her legs and started to lick her, trailing her tongue up and down the full length of her dripping pussy, her tongue working on her clit and wet slit, her fingers spreading her wet lips.

Cassie moved over to the women and knelt beside Jenny, and she started to lick this other woman, both Jenny's and Cassie's tongues working in unison, sucking at her cunt, licking her clit until with a final thrust of the dildo this woman came. She pulled the dildo from herself her juices pouring down her crack onto the hot sand. Cassie and Jenny eagerly licking up and down her wet pussy cleaning her mound of her cum.

The three of them then arranged themselves in a circle, their heads between each other's legs. Jenny started on the dark skinned woman, spreading her lips with her fingers, tonguing her wet cunt. Her fingers pushing deep inside her wet hole, pumping them in and out and every so often running them along her slit.

The dark skinned woman delicately licked at Cassie's mound, gently lapping at her spread lips, sometimes thrusting her tongue as deep as she could into Cassie other times just running the tip of her tongue along her lips up to her clit where she would tease it gently, before sucking her clit deep into her mouth, bringing Cassie close to cumming before returning her tongue to Cassie's hot wet cunt hole.

Cassie went to work on Jenny, noisily slurping away at her dripping gash; her nose buried deep in her wet slit her mouth sucking at her swollen lips, her fingers running up and down her wet slit, from the top of her mound down her slit and along the crack of her bottom. Jenny's juices had run along her bottom and were pooling on the sand. Cassie then inserted first one, then two fingers deep into Jenny whilst sucking hard on her clit, sending her into spasm as her orgasm flooded over her.

All three women started to cum simultaneously, all three of them writhing between each other's legs, tasting one another, drinking each other's cum as wave upon wave of orgasms swept over them. Their faces wet, as they removed themselves from between each other's legs. All of them exhausted from their love making, they lay there panting in the sand, too tired to say or do anything.

"Well Cassie, this is Nadine, I've invited her on holiday with us, I hope you don't mind!"

"Bloody hell Jen, have you any other surprises?"

"One or two, but you'll just have to wait and see."

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