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A Late Night Call

A Late Night Call

A sapphic booty call leads to a naughty climax...
“Talk dirty to me.”

“How dirty would you like me to get?”

“Really dirty. Shock me. Make me cum here in my empty bed, totally fucked by what you dream of doing to me.”

“I dream of sinking my fingers deep into your wet pussy in a crowded lift as we travel upward, and feeling you shudder in silent climax as you try desperately not to cry out.”

“Oh, that’s good. What else?”

“I dream of making you paint my toenails while a roomful of men watch, wondering if we’re lovers, dreaming of us naked, grinding our pussies together. When the pink gloss dries, I push my big toe into your mouth and make you suck on it like your sucking cock. I know you like to suck cock. And all the guys can see I am your owner and that you are my little fuck toy.”

“You’re making me so wet already. Keep going, please.”

“I dream of taking you into the shower room and blindfolding you with a black silk scarf. It looks good wrapped around your long blonde hair. I make you kneel down with your legs so wide that your pussy lips almost touch the white tiled floor. I tell you to pee onto the floor.”


“”You hesitate, but I insist. Finally, with a moan of surrender, you release your shower of golden liquid. It runs in a stream across the floor to the silver drain. I turn on the shower, and you shudder in the warm cleansing water. You clench your hands behind your back and thrust your tits forward into the water. I love looking at your tits. They are big and firm and your nipples are poking out as hard as diamonds.”

“Do you get into the shower with me?”

“No. I pull my short skirt up around my hips, and fuck myself with a big pink dildo while I watch you soak. You can hear me moaning deeply and you turn your head towards me. The blindfold is nice and secure. You know better than to try and touch yourself.”

“I know how that feels. I’m holding back now.”

“Good. Don’t touch yourself until I say you can.”

“Oh! I feel so in need.”

“All the better. I want your clit throbbing before your fingers work at it. I want you dripping in the silk sheets of your bed by the time you start to cum.”

“You’re so cruel.”

“I can be more so, believe me.”

“Tell me how. Make me weak.”

“I want you on your knees in your bra and knickers.”


“I want you looking up at me.”


“I’m wearing a tight rubber dress which shows each of my curves perfectly and I’m holding a lighted candle. I tip it forward so that the molten wax drips onto you, and runs down your naked shoulders, before it solidifies on your tan skin. You whimper a little.”

“Oh yes. I want you to do it.”

“On my command you rock back and open your long legs wide. You pull the gusset of your knickers back from your shaved cunt and show your pussy lips which are glistening with arousal. With your fingers you open the folds of your pussy so I can see the pink within. I admire the pearl of your clitoris and the gaping inner mouth of your sex. You know what will follow and you groan gently with desire.

“I kneel down between your legs and lower the candle to your cunt. I tip it forward and the thick hot liquid pours into your wet pussy covering your pearl which is peaking out.

“You shudder and cry out, and you squeeze your pussy lips together sealing the molten juice within. You grind your fingers over your mound trying to dissipate the wonderful sexual pain.

“I throw the candle aside. It is extinguished as it rattles across the wooden floor. We are left in darkness.”

“May I touch myself now? I can’t wait anymore. Please.”

“You may. But slowly. Sink your fingers into yourself as you picture us together. We’ll go somewhere else now.”

“Hmmm! Keep talking.”

“I’m French kissing you, pressed up against a wall in a dark nightclub. My hips are thrusting against you in time to the pulsing music, my hands sliding over your curves, exploring you.”

“Do it to me. Oh yes, do it to me. I don’t care who sees.”

“But your friends are watching. They may be shocked. They’re staring now.”

“I don’t care.”

“They didn’t know you let women fuck you. They thought you were so shy and retiring. And here I am pulling up your skirt as you open your legs and let me slide my hand up to your flimsy knickers. They gasp and giggle as I rip them from you and hold them in front of your face to show you what a slut you are. You lift your legs up as I pin you to the wall, and you clasp your legs around me. Now I really can fuck you in front of everyone.

“The music is slow now, and smoochy. I kiss your neck, leaving a trail of pink kisses on your golden skin. You close your eyes and sigh over and over as I thrust against you, driving my mound into your pussy. You’re ruining the front of my dress, but I hardly care now. I’m going to make you cum in front of all these people.”
“Fuck. I’m starting. Do it to me hard. Please!”

“I pull the front of your dress down and your wonderful tits bounce free. I slurp on them, taking as much as I can into my mouth.”

“Oh God. Fuck. I’m...I’m cumming.”

“They’re all watching me fuck you.”

“I’m cumming. You’ve made me cum.”


“Was I dirty enough for you?”

“Oh yes. That was beautiful.”

“Good night then, lover.”


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