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A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 7

The truth is FINALLY revealed.

Friday February 14 th

That day, I sent no note.

When I saw her at school, I was happy to notice she was wearing the perfume I had bought her yesterday. I looked at her in her conservative black skirt and simple white blouse and my cunt got wet.

I said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous.”

“You too,” she replied.

I handed her a Mickey Mouse Valentine’s Card that said, “I heart you.” I signed it saying ‘I hope all your romantic dreams come true.’

She read it and gave me a big hug.

We made final plans for our special girl’s night and went about our day.

The day ended and Gwen said as we drove to her place to pick up her travel bag, “I got no letter today.”

“Oh,” I said, “That is strange.”

“Yeah,” she said, “I was getting used to it.”

“I know,” I said, “It seemed to really boost your spirits.”

“It did,” she agreed, “Now that Rob is gone, it was a great validation.” She paused, “Plus, I really want to know who the hell it is.”

“Gone to Toronto or gone, gone?” I asked.

“Oh, I think gone, gone; I do deserve someone better,” she said confidently.

“Yes, you do,” I agreed.

We arrived at her house and I waited in the car. She took longer than I expected, but when she did return she had changed. She was wearing a flattering blue mini dress with mocha pantyhose, the dress to short for stockings.

I said, “Holy shit, now we have to go to my place so I can change.”

We drove to my place and I took in her bag. I looked in my closet and choose a white mini dress with a very flattering neckline. I put on a pair of white pantyhose as well. I headed back to the car.

Gwen said, “Wow, you look amazing in white.”

“Thanks. I have never worn this before.”

We drove to Rizzo’s, a restaurant that was having a special four course meal for Valentine’s Day. We went in and got strange looks as the only pair that were not man and woman.

We sat at a table, in a secluded corner, and were greeted by a very pretty blonde waitress. Her blue eyes just drew you in. She was dressed in the standard restaurant black skirt, black pantyhose and white blouse.

“Good evening, my name is Kate and I will be your server tonight.”

Gwen, surprising me, flirted, in a seductive voice, “What will you be serving?”

A bit of water sprayed out of mouth as I heard Gwen ask such a double entendre. Kate blushed but continued, “What can I get you to drink?”

“Some of your special juice,” Gwen asked.

Kate went even redder as I said, “Two glasses of red wine.” As Kate went away to grab our drinks I asked, “What has gotten into you?”

She shrugged and said, “I don’t know. Watching you flirt with other woman has always been a bit of a turn on; I thought I would do it myself.”

“I usually know if she is a lesbian or bi-curious before I turn on the charm,” I said.

“She’s a dyke,” Gwen said confidently.

“How do you know? I have not even figured it out yet,” I asked.

“Well it could be the way she looked at us; the way she took a peak at your legs as she reached our table; or it could be the way her eyes took quick glances at my cleavage as she spoke,” she said like an expert seductress.

I laughed, “Interesting. I thought maybe you were going all lesbian on me.”

She looked me in the eye and said, “Maybe I am going all lesbian on you.”

As I considered her statement, Kate returned with our wine. I watched and indeed she did check out Gwen’s breasts. She then said, “Your first course will arrive shortly.”

I watched her walk away and when I looked at Gwen she was smirking at me as she said, “Told you.”

We talked about school for a couple minutes until our bruschetta arrived. I asked Kate, “Have I seen you somewhere before?”

Kate looked at me and said, “I don’t think so?”

“You look really familiar,” I said.

“I get that a lot,” she responded and then left to go to another table.

Gwen said, “How dare you? She was my seduction.”

I smiled and said, “Is it dare time?”

“Yes it is, but I suggest a double dare,” she said deviously.

“Do tell,” I asked intrigued.

“First,” she began, “We both flirt with her and see who can get her number.”

“OK,” I said, “Easy enough.”

“Second,” she continued as she reached for her purse, “We both put these in our cunts for the rest of the night.” She then handed me a jelly egg.

My face went red, which never happens, as I took the egg; plus Gwen is not one for using such a vulgar world as cunt. Gwen took a bite of her bruschetta as she smirked at me. I was completely out of my element; was she seducing me?

I get up to go to the washroom when Gwen stopped me and commanded, “No, no, no, put it inside you here.”

I looked at her, smiled and said, “Really, what has gotten into you?”

“Nothing yet,” she teased back.

I turned it on low, looked around and awkwardly inserted the egg into my pussy which was rather difficult because I was wearing pantyhose and not stockings like I usually did.

Gwen smiled as she took another bite of her bruschetta.

I asked, “Are you not putting yours in?”

“All in good time,” she answered and ate more of her bruschcetta and put the egg on the table in the open for anyone to see.

Frustrated I began my appetizer. After we finished our bruschcetta in silence, Kate came back to grab the plates.

Kate saw the egg, looked slightly confused as Gwen looked at her and said, “It’s a toy. Have you ever used one?”

Kate shook her head no as Gwen continued, “You should it feels amazing.” Gwen then took the egg, turned it on so the soft vibration sound could be heard, while starring at Kate, and put it inside herself. She then gave a soft moan. “Kate you have got to try this.”

Kate stood memorized in trance as I said, “Kate, could I get a second glass of wine?”

Kate looked at me and said, “Yes ma’am,” and she walked away.

I said, “Gwen, this is a new you.”

“You are to blame,” she countered.

“How so?” I asked.

“I have been jealous of your lifestyle forever. You always are so happy.”

“You seemed happy,” I said concerned.

“I have not been for a long time,” she said solemnly.

“You know, I am most happy when I am hanging out with you,” I admitted.

“You are?”

“Of course. I love teaching, I love spending time with my family and I love hanging out with you. My sex life is just another part of who I am. I enjoy it, but it only brings temporary joy.”

“Oh,” she said reflectively.

Kate returned with our salads and we ate in them in silence. As we finished our salads, Gwen finally asked, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Anything?” I answered.

“Why have you never hit on me? Do you not find me attractive?” she asked insecurely.

I let out a gasp I was so surprised by the question. “Um, first off I find you the most beautiful person I know both inside and out. But I would never do anything that would ruin our friendship. You seemed so in love with Rob that I just never thought you would be into me in that way.”

Gwen looked at me as she took in my response. A guy, probably 20, came and took our plates and Kate followed behind with our main course. Kate asked, “Is there anything else I can get you ladies?”

“Your phone number,” I asked.

Kate blushed again as Gwen said, “Or you could just meet us at Le Chateau Club tomorrow night at 9:30.”

I then said, “And please just bring us a bottle of whatever wine this is.”

Kate said, “Yes ma’am” and left.

Gwen asked “Is our seduction working?”

“I think so, but it is hard to tell. She can’t give away too much while working,” I responded.

“I suppose so,” she reflected, “So you do find me attractive?”

I smiled and said, “Gwen who do you think has sent you all those notes and cards the past two weeks?”

The lightbulb went on as she gasped, “It was you?”

“Yes Gwen. I love you. I love you as a friend. But I also love you completely.”

She looked at me taking it all in, “You mean.”

“Yes, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to hold your hand in public. I want to go to bed every night with you. I want to make love to every part of you.”

“I love you too,” she responded. “I just never thought, I mean, I just.”

I stood up, moved to her side of the table, sat down and then leaned in for a kiss. It was as gentle as a kiss can be. She kissed back and soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. I broke the kiss when I heard a sound. I turned around and said, “Oh, more wine.” I stood up and returned to my side.

Kate looked at us in a stunned state. She slowly recovered and said, “Can I get you anything else?”

I smiled and said, “No, I think we are fine.”

Gwen gave a soft smile and agreed, “Yes, everything is perfect.”

Kate left and we ate our meals in silence, both of us coming to full terms with the revelations that had just been revealed. I knew now everything had changed. She loved me too. A serene feeling washed over me as I finally found peace with my inner turmoil over the seduction. She loved me. Gwen loved me. I smiled to myself. I looked at Gwen who had a radiant glow herself. I hoped she was having a similar joy inside herself.

We finished our meal, the wine bottle over half empty, and Kate came to take our plates. She asked, “How was your meal?”

“Delicious,” I said.

Gwen teased, “But probably not as delicious as you.”

I smirked as that is something I would have usually used to push the envelope.

Kate, for the first time, responded to our sexual wordplay, “I have never had any complaints.”

“I imagine that is true.” Gwen said, “I think it would be the perfect dessert.”

Kate blushed, looked around and then said, “I would love to, but I can’t, not here.”

I could have taken control at this point, but I decided to watch and see how Gwen played this.

Gwen said, “Well the offer stands Kate. You are a very pretty woman, and you would make a great plaything for me and my girlfriend.”

‘Well played’ I though thought to myself. It showed that she was in control and would be in this sexual relationship.”

Kate smiled, leaned in and whispered, “How did you know I was gay?”

Gwen smiled, “You kept checking out my breasts and my lover’s legs.”

“Oh,” Kate said, “I have not come out yet to anyone.”

“Well,” Gwen said teasingly, “Now you have.”

Kate smiled and said, “I will be right back with your desserts.”

She left and I said, “That was very well played Gwen. I could not have done it any better myself.”

“Well I learned from the master,” she complimented. So,” she paused and nervously asked, “now what?”

“We have dessert, we get a taxi, I am way too drunk to drive home, and then we go back to my place and I make love to you in a way you can not even begin to imagine.”

Gwen smiled seductively and said, “Trust me, I have imagined it in every way possible.”

Kate returned with our chocolate cheese cake and gave Gwen a piece of paper. Gwen opened it up, smiled and said, “I will be in contact, sweetheart.”

“I hope so,” Kate responded.

Gwen then said, “Want to see something really cool?”

“Sure,” Kate said with a bit of trepidation.

Gwen then pulled out something from her purse and said watch this. I recognized what it was just as she turned it on to full blast. Instantly, the vibrations sped up extremely and in only seconds my cunt exploded with an orgasm. I barely kept the sound to an escaped moan as the pleasure was amazing.

Gwen then said to me, “Slut, could you please give your toy to Kate here.”

I was shocked by Gwen’s name calling, but also incredibly turned on, as I ripped by slightly damp pantyhose open at the crotch and removed the very wet ball. I handed it obediently to Kate.

Kate quickly grabbed it and slid it in her pocket.

Gwen said, “I expect that inside you in the next few minutes. I will turn it on low for you. I will retrieve it tomorrow.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kate obeyed and left the table.

Gwen looked at me and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to call you a slut.”

I smiled, “You fucking bitch, I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Gwen laughed, “I think you are in for many surprises.”

“It seems I am,” I said as I took a bite out of the cheesecake.

We ate in silence as both of us reflected on what was going to happen next. Kate came back with the bill and a devious smile. Gwen asked, “I assume you have put my present in a safe place?”

“The safest there is,” Kate flirted back.

Gwen looked at the bill and then asked, “Was that number you gave me your cell number?”

“Yes ma’am,” she answered.

“Do you work tomorrow?”


“Good, I will text you an address and I expect you to meet me there at 2PM,” Gwen instructed.

“Yes ma’am,” Kate answered.

“And,” Gwen stressed, “We will be going to Le Chateau later in the evening, so be sure to wear something sexy and classy.”

“Understood,” Kate responded.

“And be sure to wear stockings, not pantyhose, I want easy access of my new slut.”

Kate blushed at being called a slut, but said, “Yes ma’am.” Gwen then gave her a credit card. Kate left and we got ready to leave.

I said, “Gwen you are a master manipulator.”

She smiled, shot the last glass of wine, and said, “Let’s get going, I’ve got one more present for you.”

Kate returned, Gwen signed the receipt, giving a very generous tip. She then stood up and whispered something into her ear.

Kate blushed again and said, “It was a pleasure serving you.”

Gwen responded wittily, “Wait till tomorrow, and then you can really say it was a pleasure serving me.”

Kate smiled and said, “Have a good night.”

Gwen said and looked me directly in the eye, “Oh we will, won’t we slut?”

Playing along, I answered, “Yes mistress.”

Kate smiled, shook her head just slightly and left.

I grabbed Gwen’s hand and led her out of the restaurant. We hailed a taxi very quickly, gave him the address and instantly we were making out like two teenagers on a first date. The hormones raged as we kissed with such passion. The fire inside burned with such intensity, that I wanted to make love to her right in the taxi. My hand went under her dress and I rubbed her pussy gently and in only a few seconds Gwen broke my kiss and had an intense orgasm. The taxi driver swerved the vehicle a bit, obviously surprised by the ecstatic sound of pleasure.

We went back to kissing until we arrived at my house. We got out of the cab, paid him and rushed into my house.

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