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A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 1

A lesbian plans an elaborate seduction of her straight best friend.
A Lesbian Love Story...Of Sorts


L-o-v-e. Just four tiny letters.

Love. Just one simple word.

Love. No two people would create the same definition.

Love. So many different kinds; so many different emotions. I love my mother; I love my decaf mochas; I love my teddy bear from when I was three; I love the Big Bang Theory; I love to read; I love teaching; I love wearing stockings; I love sex. Yet had I ever felt true love? I don’t know. I definitely thought I was in love on a few occasions, but that faded away over time.

I love you. Three simple words. I have said them before; I have had them said to me; were they meant sincerely? I like to think so. Were they actually true deep down in their heart? Maybe.

This is a love story. This is my love story. Is it a traditional love story? No. It is a complex, layered and sexually filled story. Will you think it is a true love story? That is up to you, as each defines love as they see it. So don’t judge my view of love. It is messy, complicated, addictive and, yet I think, pure.

It wasn’t until I was 26 and my best friend for many years announced she was engaged and getting married that I realized I was in love; pure, unconditional love. A love that overwhelms you. It is intoxicating; bewildering; overwhelming; haunting. This is the story of how I found such a love.

For me, love equals Gwen.


Gwen and I were best friends since grade 10. We had almost every class together and graduated together. We both lost our virginity at our grade 12 prom, on a double dare that had become a tradition between us. We would both dare each other to do the same thing. In grade 10 it was to walk up and kiss a nerd; by grade 12 we were daring each other to flash old men, go without underwear during a cheerleading practice, and lastly daring each other to give up our cherries to our respective boyfriends at prom, both of us having turned 18 the month before.

In college the dares got crazier, each one created by me. Gwen was psychologically shy, yet when a dare was given the shy facade always seemed to fade away as she also hated to lose.

Anyway I digress; we both got our teaching degrees at the same college. Luckily for us, we also got jobs at the same school; me teaching kindergarten and Gwen teaching grade 3. Over the next few years I dated a couple men before strictly dating women. Unfortunately, I had been through a string of women. I broke up with women for many trivial reasons: she had an annoying laugh; she was too high maintenance; she was too low maintenance; her family was crazy; she wasn’t intelligent enough for me; she was too intelligent for me; she wasn’t good enough in bed; etc... What I realized after the fact is they actually all had the same problem...they were not Gwen. Gwen, on the other hand, dated a couple guys briefly before falling hard for a decent guy named Rob.

Anyways, life went on and had been very normal, until she announced she was getting married. It shouldn’t have been a big deal as they had lived together for two years already and nothing had really changed in our relationship. We still had our weekly girls’ night, our occasional dares, our daily phone calls and our constant text messages. Yet, when she gave me the news, something triggered deep inside me. I had this empty feeling and then it was replaced by this overwhelming fear and then it was replaced by something I can’t explain. A light bulb went on. It didn’t flicker, it shined bright. I was in love with Gwen. Not as a friend, not as a sibling; no, I loved her in an ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ love.

That night I went to bed alone thinking of the few times we experimented with each other. It started with drunken kissing a few times to tease the boys at the pub, then one time for the boys when I fingered her, on a drunken dare of mine, for their entertainment; on a few occasions we masturbated side by side as we watched some porn and then eventually helped each other reach orgasmic bliss once...just once. I remember how gentle she was and how she found my g-spot, something very few had ever been able to do. In retrospect, that night was so tender, so gentle, and so perfect. Unfortunately, we never were intimate again, nor had we ever talked about that one special night.

Then I reflected on our friendship. I was the outgoing one, while she was more reserved. I was sarcastic funny, while she was quirky funny. I was always the one making the plans, while Gwen simply went along with it. I was confrontational, while she avoided it at all costs.

The more I considered Gwen and me, the more revelations exploded inside my head. She always let me decide what we did when we went out; she never disagreed with me, even when she clearly didn’t agree with me; she always listened to my advice on fashion, make-up, etc.; she began wearing stockings after I suggested that they were sexy (now she always wears them).

As I considered our brief intimate encounters another eye-opener emerged. I was always the initiator, while she was always the follower. When we first masturbated each other it was me who suggested she let me help her out. It was all coming together. The puzzle pieces didn’t all fit yet, but the picture was beginning to come into focus. Gwen was submissive. I had been with a few submissive women in my past and knew how to manipulate them. If Gwen was submissive, which I was pretty sure she was, I could seduce her.

I should note that I am a very attractive woman. I am 5 foot 6, hypnotic hazel eyes, long red flowing hair, small but firm breasts, a perfect tan, an intoxicating smile, a tight ass and luscious legs. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but men and women have been checking me out since I was a teenager.

Gwen is also pretty, but in a much more wholesome way. She is more the girl next door type. She is a brunette, with unique crystal blue eyes, large breasts which she often hides behind sweaters, a slightly chunky ass, lips to die for, cute dimples and a smile that sparkles.

Anyways, I fell asleep pondering...did she love me too? Would she have done more with me if I had made a move?

A few things became crystal clear:

1. I loved Gwen.

2. I had to stop the wedding.

3. I had to seduce Gwen.

I barely slept as I considered by seduction plan.

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