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A long time coming

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It turned out to be a great start to the Year. I had managed to lure my crush into bed!
Even though I was in a fun, loving relationship, there was always a part of me that seemed to look elsewhere.

It had been over a year and a half that Rose and I had been seeing each other, however over the last few months there didn't seem to be that same raw sexual attraction that there used to be.

I began to notice other women, and would find myself day dreaming of them and what I would do to them. It started off with a colleague, Kate. She was petite, athletic, with short fair hair and a very distracting lip ring. I knew Kate was gay, but also in a relationship. This didn't stop me fantasising about her.

We worked at an activity centre, coaching outdoor activities. This would often throw up more distractions when I saw her coming out of the sea, water dripping down her body. I tried not to make it obvious that I was often watching her, but the thought of being able to tear off her wet clothes and push her against the nearest wall was overwhelming.

The season finished and Kate moved on. Crush over.

Round 2

Laura was a friend of a friend, who I had met briefly a couple of times before, but only really in passing. She was slightly older than me and I had no idea whether she was also into women. Her Irish accent and quirky sense of humour got me hooked from the off. We were all out (myself, Rose, my friend and Laura) at a basketball game and then dinner. Even with Rose being there I couldn't help myself imagining having some time alone with Laura. She talked of her flat in the middle of the city, with an old open fire. I wanted to slowly tease her and make her climax in front of it.

More than a month passed before I saw Laura again. It was Hogmany and there was a a big group of us who had taken over a local pub for the celebrations. I felt my heart race when I saw her walk in. I had already had a few drinks by this time and was feeling quite brave. I instantly made my way over to her to say hi. Time flew by as we made silly small chat and demolished several drinks. I couldn't work out whether she felt the same as I find a quiet corner and try and steal a kiss. However, before I could really find out Rose had found me and joined us. I knew my face gave it away that I was somewhat disappointed, but I had hoped that Rose didn't realise. Through the conversation I caught Laura looking at me, giving a cheeky laugh. That was it, I knew I had to do something or this would pass me by. I excused myself with some rubbish excuse and as I walked away turned see if Laura was watching - she was. I made my way outside, hoping she would join me.

I wasted time chatting to old friends and finishing off my drink. Just as I was giving up hope I saw Laura out the corner of my eye. She came over to me and subtly squeezed my bum, saying hi over my shoulder. This was it, my chance had come. We were both fairly drunk but I didn't care.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her in to a dark alley way by the side of the pub. She instantly moved in to kiss me. It was passionate and I could feel myself getting wet already. She would occasionally bite and then suck my lip, I loved it and got even more turned on. The excitement seemed more because we didn't want to get caught. She kissed and licked up my neck to my ear, and then asked if we could go back to mine, which was luckily only five minutes away.

I fumbled with the key in the door. I was nervous, I hadn't been with anyone other than Rose for over a year and a half, and I never wanted to cheat on her, but the feeling was too much, I had to have Laura. She hurried me through the door and immediately found the bedroom, where she stood innocently admiring the decor. I laughed and moved over to her.

It was more relaxed this time, we weren't scared about being caught. I grabbed her by her waist and lay her down on the bed, slowly lifting her shirt as I kissed up her body. She had a great figure, and tremendous breasts. She pushed me back and removed by top, and then my bra. She massaged my breasts and teased my nipples with her tongue, as my legs were straddled either side of her. She then rolled me over so I was flat on my back and started to slide my jeans off, kissing down my legs as she did it.

I knew I was soaking and very turned on by her. She ran her tongue back up over my thighs and up to my pants, grabbing them with her teeth and peeling them down. I felt waves of pleasure, I wanted to feel her fingers on my clit, but she wanted to tease me, grinding her body on top of mine.

Finally, it was too much, I grabbed her hand and guided it under my pants, I could feel the wetness. I groaned as I felt her warm touch. She definitely knew what she was doing and had me near orgasm within minutes. I didn't want her to stop, but I really wanted to repay the favour. I flipped her over and slid two fingers inside her, she moaned and flinched with pleasure. I moved my fingers in and out, slowly at first and then building with speed as she neared climax.

I was exhausted. But Laura had been everything I had hoped, and more.

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