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A Lovely Evening

I am on my way home from work with a smile on my face because I have a wonderful woman there who loves me and I love her. Olivia and I had been living together for about 5 months now. We seem to be the perfect match for each other. We share a love for many things. From Sci-Fi and Horror movies to rainy days which always make us extremely horny.

Her beautiful laugh was the first thing I fell in love with. I swear she could brighten the darkest day with her laugh. In the bedroom we were a perfect match as well. I don’t know who was happier me dominating her or her submitting to me. We are even both ok with switching roles occasionally. Like I have said we are about perfect for each other.

I pull into the driveway and getting out of my car I see Olivia opening the door for me. Looking sexier than hell as usual I think to myself. Her dark hair was straight and long. She has on one of my favorite dresses, a short little green number than goes so well with her caramel skin. Along with a pair of strappy heels that I loved, and last but not least the gold chain I brought her.

She joked with me about getting a collar for her to wear and when I jokingly picked one out one day saying I was going to buy it for her she said there was no way she could wear that in public, so after we both had a good laugh we decided on a gold chain.

“Hey sexy don’t you look amazing tonight.” I tell her with a smile walking up to her and kissing her hard on the lips.

“Mmm…Now hurry up a get ready sweetheart I don’t want to be late meeting your friend Sara.”

“Yes let’s hurry up and go so I can get you back home and get you naked baby.” I tell her as a give her a playful smack on the ass walking in the house.

This is going to be a lovely evening I think to myself as I head to the shower thinking about how gorgeous she looks. Thinking about how much I want to have her tonight. I quickly finish showering and head into the bedroom to get dressed. Olivia has picked out my outfit for the evening as if she has read my mind, matching black bra and panties with a blue button down shirt and black pants.

“Perfect baby.” I tell her with a quick kiss on the nose, which always makes her laugh.

“You need some help?” she asks with a gleam in her eye.

She grabs my hips and pulling me to her kisses my stomach, her hand slowly rubbing up and down on my thigh. Olivia begins to kiss her way up to my breasts. Kissing round and round, getting closer to my nipple, her hand playing with my other breast. I feel her fingers rubbing against my quickly dampening lips.

When I feel her tongue lightly lick my nipple at the same time her finger starts sliding inside me I moan for her, my hands in her hair holding her in place wanting her to continue. I feel her fingers move deeper inside and I arch my hips out wanting her fingers deeper still. She looks up at me, her fingers moving slowly in and out, and with a smile on her face asks,

“Do you like that?”

“Yes baby yes…mmm don’t stop.” I respond a little breathlessly.

She takes my nipple in her mouth and starts to suck on it. I feel her teeth graze it slightly and moan again, holding her head to my breast.

“God baby that feels good.” I tell her as she sucks harder on my nipple.

Her fingers moving a little faster now as I start humping against her hand harder. Making my clit hit the palm of her hand over and over again. God it feels so good her fingers in me her mouth sucking on me. My body starts to shake and quiver as I begin to moan louder saying,

“Oh yes…oh yes.” Over and over again.

When I hear her say,

“Cum for me love.”

I do exactly that, my body humping her hand harder and faster. I grab her shoulders as I feel the orgasm build and flow out of me, my body shaking my breathing fast and erratic.

“Damn baby that was amazing.” I say holding her tight against me as my breathing returns to normal.

I watch as she takes her fingers in her mouth sucking my cum off of them.

“You like my cum baby?”

“Mm-hmm.” Is her only respond as she kneels down and start to lick on my pussy, lapping up my juices.

My hands run through her hair as I tell her,

“That’s it my little slut clean me up.”

When she finishes she stays on her knees and helps me step into first my panties and then pants. Buttoning the buttons I tell her,

“You are such a good little slut you know that.”

I help her to her feet and wrapping my arms around her whisper in her ear,

“I love you more than words can say.”

“I love you too, now let me go wash my face so we can leave.”

“No leave my scent, my juices on your face.”

“But people will be able to smell you on me. Please don’t make me do this.” She pleads with me.

“You're doing it now come on lets go.” I tell her as I quickly put my bra and shirt on.

“Please baby… please don’t do this to me.”

I grab her hair and pulling her head back say,

“Do you want me to spank your ass until you can’t sit at dinner tonight? DO YOU?”

“No. No. But baby…” She begs me.

I whisper in her ear,

“You know the little pussy slut in you is turned on by the idea.”


“No buts. You turned on by it aren’t you? You want everyone to know you belong to me.”

“Yes.” I hear her respond meekly to me.

“That’s a good girl. Now let’s go.”

We get in the car and one of the reasons I love her in a dress is it rides up her leg when she get in the car. My hand immediately goes to her thigh rubbing up and down as we drive to the restaurant. At the stop light I lean over and kiss her softly on the lips.

“Mmm you taste good baby.” I tell her with a laugh.

She pushes me away saying,

“Yeah I taste like you.”

My hand travels further up her leg. I can feel her panties. She shuts her legs and looks at me saying,

“Baby we are going to be at the restaurant in a minute. What are you doing?”

“Spread your legs open my little slut.”

She complies her head lying back on the seat as I slip my fingers inside her panties and start to play with her clit. I move my finger back and forth slowly. When I hear her moan I start moving my finger faster and harder against her clit. Her hips start to move up and down, her moans increase as her breathing starts to come faster. I know her body well and stop before she cums.

“God… please…please…don’t stop.” She begs me as we pull into the restaurant.

“Sorry baby we are here. Come on lets go in.”

She looks at me, pleading with her eyes her hand on my arm.

“Please, I want you some bad right now.”

I kiss her cheek and say,

“Nope. I want you wet and wanting this evening.”

We get out of the car and I hear her mutter,

“You are such a bitch.”

“Yes I am and that is one of the reasons you love me baby.”

“Fuck you.” She says with a slight laugh.

“Oh I plan to baby I plan to. Now let’s go eat and get the hell back home.”

We head into the restaurant and my friend Sara waves us over. We join her at the table and I smile when I see she has already ordered drinks for us, tequila for me, a daiquiri for Olivia, and wine for her.

"Thanks Sara you’re the best." I tell her as we toast and drink.

At first I can tell Olivia is a little uneasy sitting here. I wonder if she is thinking about what has dried on her face, I smile at that thought. After the first drink I see her start to relax and enjoy herself forgetting about it.

Before long we order another round as well as dinner. Olivia and Sara order fish and I have chicken. I have my hand on Olivia’s leg rubbing up and down on her thigh. The desire to have her is strong and I can wait to get her home again.

As dinner progresses I notice Olivia beginning to pay less attention to me and more attention to Sara. Laughing at all her jokes, her hand lightly touching her arm. At first I think nothing of it, but when I see her looking over at me as if looking for a reaction I wonder if she is just trying to make me jealous.

“Sara I just have to say you are wearing the most beautiful dress tonight.” Olivia tells her while twirling her hair with her finger staring at her then looking at me again.

I become convinced it is just to get a reaction from me. I lean over and whisper in her ear,

“If you are trying to make me jealous you are succeeding.”

“Who me?” she asks in her most innocent voice.

“Are you looking to get punished when we get home?”

“No Kristi… No.” she replies but I can see in her eyes she is excited at the thought.

The excitement I see in her at the thought of being punished turns me on as well. I want to take her home and have my way with her, make her beg and pled with me. Punish her for flirting so shamelessly in front of me.

“Uh-huh. You know you want it.” I tell her my hand caressing her face.

“Well maybe just a little.” She replies meekly leaning her face into my hand.

We pay our bill and say goodbye to Sara. As we are heading out the door together Sara leans over to me and staring at Olivia says,

“You sure are a lucky woman Kristi.”

Looking at Olivia and then Sara I respond,

“Yes I sure am.”

We get into the car and Olivia leans over and kisses my neck telling me,

“I love you.” Her hand on my thigh slowly rubbing up and down.

“I love you too baby, but you are still going to get punished for flirting with Sara.”

“Come on now love don’t be like that.” She tells me her hands undoing my shirt.

As the buttons come undone I feel her hand on my breast rubbing and squeezing. Then she undoes my bra and I feel her mouth on my nipple sucking gently. I start to moan as she undoes my pants as well sliding her hand inside rubbing my pussy. I sit there enjoying her attentions for a moment my hands in her hair.

“Olivia stop.” I tell her pulling her head away from me.

“Stop.” I tell her again trying to get her hands away from me.

“I want to wait until we get home where I can punish your properly.”

She stops and I put the car in reverse pulling out of the parking lot we head home. It doesn’t take long and we are back home, as we get out of the car I tell Olivia,

“Get your ass in the house my little slut so I can have some fun with you.”

She walks in first and I follow her. Once we are in and the door is shut I grab her from behind saying,

“Did you like flirting with my friend you dirty slut?”

“Kristi I didn’t mean anything, it was just harmless fun please.”

My hands running across her body, pulling her dress up my hand finds her pussy. I pull her panties aside and rub my fingers along her wet slit. Grabbing her hair pulling her head back I say,

“Harmless fun huh? You know you will never please me with your eyes on someone else. You belong to me damn it… me!”

Pushing her away I tell her to get undress so I can punish her ass. I watch as she slips out of her dress standing before me in just her bra and panties god she is beautiful . Her dark blue bra and panties looking so good against her skin. All I want to do is make love to her. But first she needs that fine ass of hers spanked.

“Take the rest off slut I want you naked when I punish you.”

I sit on the couch watching her undress. She looks up at me biting her lip as she removes her bra and then slowly she shimmies out of her panties. She knows the effect her body has on me and she is using it to full effect.

“Come here. Bend over my lap and accept your punishment you little whore.” I demand of her.

“Kristi please I was only having a little fun. Please don’t do this.” She tells me as she slowly walks over to me and does as I asked.

Bending over my lap her ass sticking out I smack it lightly once twice three times. I hear her moan a little with each slap. I slowly start to smack her harder. First the left and then right cheek back and forth over and over making it hard for her to guess which cheek the next spank is coming from. Her grunts start getting louder. I hear her starting to pant for me.

“You…belong…to…me.” I tell her spanking her ass harder with each word.

“I’m yours…yours.” Olivia cries out over and over again.

“You…will…never…please…me…flirting…with…others.” I tell her, again spanking her ass with each word.

I stop a moment to catch my breath my hand rubbing her ass. It is as hot from the spanking I have given her. I hear her moan as I rub her ass. I can feel her wetness on my thigh, my hand reaches down between her legs.

“Looks like my little slut likes her punishment doesn’t she?” I ask rubbing my hand along her slit my finger sliding inside playing with her clit a little.

“Mmm…yes…yes.” She moans starting to hump against my hand.

I pull my hand away and begin spanking her again.

“Tell me who you belong to. Tell me!” I yell at her.

“I’m yours …yours…all yours.” She sobs to me.

I spank her ass I few more times but the desire to have her overcomes me and I stop. I rub her ass a few times loving the feel of her ass after a spanking. All hot and so sensitive to my touch. I hear her moan as I continue rubbing. I pull her up and she straddles me our arms around each other. I kiss the few tears on her cheeks away and then we kiss slow and deep, my tongue diving in and out of her mouth.

She pulls my shirt off and undoing my bra begins to lick and suck my breasts. My hands play in her hair, loving the feel of her mouth sucking on me. Olivia begins unbuttoning my pants. I arch up and quickly we have them off. Naked wrapped in each other’s arms I whisper to her,

“I love you so much baby.”

“I love you more.” She sighs to me.

I leave a trail of kisses along her face to her neck. I start to kiss and suckle her neck. My hands begin running down her sides, then up towards her breasts. I hear her moan as I suck and bite her neck my hands playing with her breasts. When my teeth dig into her neck a little I hear her moan saying,

“Yes baby mark me as yours.”

I start to bite harder as my hand starts to rub against her oh so very wet pussy. My fingers easily slide inside. One and then another, finally three fingers moving in and out of her my palm hitting her clit over and over.

Olivia wraps one arm around me and begins to move up and down on me.

“That’s it baby… hump my hand.” I whisper to her.

“Yes…fuck yes.” Olivia cries out.

I feel her hand make it way towards my clit rubbing it hard and fast.

“Oh yesss.” I moan my hips arching up to her.

I know it won’t take me long to cum and when I feel her body start to shake and quiver my body responds the same. We hump against one another hard and fast. Both of us moaning and panting together. I feel her body spasm as she cries out holding tight to me her juices flooding my hand and thighs. I am right behind her as my orgasm overtakes me as well and I cling to her riding out our pleasure together.

We collapse together on the couch both of us breathing hard, wrapped in each other’s arms. I caress her face with my hand brushing the hair away from her face I kiss her softly.

“I am going to have to make you jealous more often.” Olivia tells me with a laugh. “That was amazing love.”

“You’re amazing baby.” I sigh to her.

“And if you try making me jealous again you won’t be able to sit for a week.” I tell her with a laugh and a slap on the ass.

We lay wrapped in each other’s arms as we slowly drift off to sleep I hear Olivia say,

“What a lovely evening sweetheart.”

“Yes it was love.” I mumble as I fall asleep.

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