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A Lovely Story.

Two close friends get it on.
As she walked through the snowy streets of the small town, Ashley could only wonder why Sara would want to see her so suddenly, especially at a time like this. It was a little before 4PM on December 12th, 2010, and it had snowed heavily the previous day, as evidenced by the whiteness she was trudging through. It was still snowing, albeit lightly, but still enough to bother Ashley. Sure, it was cute, seeing happy couples walking through the snow, but either way, the cold was horrible, and trying to traverse through snow isn't much better.

The sun was lowering in the sky as Ashley reached her destination, a small coffee shop that she frequented. Sara, as mentioned previously, wanted to see Ashley for some reason. Earlier she had called Ashley and apparently nervously asked her to come down. After Ashley agreed, and before she was even able to ask why, Sara hung up. A little rude, Ashley thought, but whatever. It's always good to see good friends, even if you do have to trek through a half mile of Hell to see them.

Ashley pushed open then quaint door to the shop to see a dimly lit room mostly filled with empty tables and chairs. The only people occupying the area currently were Sara and the owner, Suzanna, cleaning some mugs while sitting on her favorite stool.

Ashley, absolutely freezing, quickly entered and closed the door behind her, took her hat off and shook her hair out, snow flying around. She was lucky that she was blessed with what most people call "sex hair," or, more simply, hair that looks good no matter what's done to it. Ashley loved dying her hair specifically for this reason. Currently, it was a deep red, but naturally she's a dirty blonde (leaning more to the brownish side over the blonde). It complimented her light face well, and she adored the color.

Really, Ashley was a beautiful girl, and she knew it. Currently 18, and standing at around 5'3" without shoes, she was obviously short, but the rest of her body surely made up for it. Her measurements are (currently) 32F-26-32, and yes, she's natural. Large breasts run in her family, you see. Either way, her skin is most certainly divine, a pale, milky white, completely smooth, not a single hair to be seen. The only place you'll see "blemishes" are on her cheeks during the summer, when her freckles come out. You'll sometimes be able to see them when she's blushing deeply, but it's rare. Weight wise, she was approximately 115 pounds (she often likes to say that a lot of extra weight comes from her breasts, which was absolutely true, not a speck of fat can be seen on her legs, hips, or stomach), which she keeps luckily naturally. She moves around quite a lot, giving her the necessary dosage of exercise without losing any precious weight from her voluptuous breasts. Her eyes were a light blue, but they were absolutely brilliant when looked into.

Ashley continued on in, going up to the bar table where Suzanna and Sara were, both greeted Ashley warmly, especially Sara, who gave Ashley a tight hug.

"Hey girl!"

"Hey, Sara. What's up?"

"Oh, nothing. I just missed you," she giggled and hugged Ashley again.

"Hey Ash."

"Oh, hey Suzi. Can I get a Coke?"

"Oh, sure hun. Hold on."

Suzanna walked to the back and grabbed a Coke out of the fridge, walked back and handed it to Ashley.

"Thanks, Suzi. I need caffeine right now," Ashley chuckled and opened the bottle, taking a large gulp of the drink.

"Up late?" Sara asked.

"Of course I was. You know me, hun."

Sara giggled, "You naughty girl."

"Oh, shut up," Ashley laughed back and playfully pushed Sara.

It was a known fact between Ashley's close group of friends that Ashley was a chronic masturbater. Ever since she was 10, and found the pleasure in touching oneself, she was addicted. Every day since her 10th birthday (when she figured out how to do it), she had masturbated a minimum of 3 times a day, and yes, every day. She didn't have a problem with it, no one did, because she didn't let it interfere with her life. She was absolutely fantastic in bed, why should she confine it?

"You shut up!" Sara giggled again and pushed Ashley back, a little harder, still playful. Suzanna was watching happily, as two of her close friends were pushing each other back and forth.

"You guys are so stupid sometimes," Suzanna laughed with them.

Suzanna was a little different body-wise from Ashley. Actually, a lot different. Suzi considered herself petite, despite being 5'8". It could have been her 32B cup breasts that made her say it, but the rest of her measurements (being 22-36) both confirm and deny it. Ashley comments on it often, because it's apparently true, Suzi has the biggest ass in the town. It may be an exaggeration, but her extremely tiny waist coupled with her already large behind make it seem even larger. Suzi, like Ashley, had milky white, smooth skin. Suzi weighed about 110 pounds, complimenting her height nicely. Some call her too skinny, but she believes she's fine. Suzi's hair is naturally a brown, which she currently keeps. Her eyes are similar to Ashley's, only a bit darker.

Sara, however, was quite different than both girls. Sara was about 5'6", with her measurements being 34D-28-30. She was athletic and played softball, keeping her muscles toned and her skin tanned. Sara was a natural blonde, usually keeping her hair in a ponytail. Sara considers her eyes to be her best feature, a deep forest green that anyone would get lost in (as both Ashley and Suzanna often find themselves doing).

Ashley and Sara were still pushing each other around, giggling like mad, as Suzanna watched laughing along. It was a grand old time for great friends. Sara pushed Ashley a little too hard at one point, knocking Ashley into her Coke, spilling it all over and down her shirt.


"Oh, God, Ashley, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that!"

"Sara, calm down, it's fine, it's fine... Suzi, can I use your shower?"

"Yeah, girl, go ahead, I'll get this cleaned up."

"Thanks hun," Ashley got up and hopped over the counter, taking off her shirt and leaving it behind her as she walked into the back room and up the stairs that lead to Suzanna's actual house above the shop. Sara was in awe as she stared at Ashley nearly strip teasing in front of her, and was completely speechless as she saw her massive breasts jiggle with every tiny movement. Sara could feel herself getting a little damp under her panties, and blushed a bit.

"You really like her, don't you?" Suzi said, as she grabbed a dish towel and started to wipe up the soda.

Sara jumped, still in a daze from watching Ashley walking.

"Wha--!?!? No! Of course not! It's just.. God..."

"Sara, calm down. You don't have to hide it. Besides, I'm fairly sure she likes you back."

"O...okay... But I can't just go and ask her out! That's way too creepy for close friends!"

"So go kiss her."

"That's even worse!"

"You sure about that, sweetheart?"

"What do yo--"

Suzanna promptly grabbed the back of Sara's head, pulled it to her face, and infiltrated Sara's mouth with her tongue. Deeply she kissed Sara, suckling her tongue, swirling around her own inside Sara's mouth, gasping slightly. This went on for no more than 30 seconds before Suzi pulled away. Sara was blushing hard, and Suzanna smiled.

"See, didn't you like that?"

"Well, yes, but s--"

"She WILL like it. Give her a couple minutes to get into the shower, then I want you to strip, go up there, and get in with her. Got it?"

"...yes ma'am."

"Good girl." Suzi smiled and pecked Sara on the cheek.

Ashley walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She unhooked her bra and let it fall, letting her massive tits hang. She loved being nude, and hated being confined, especially with tight fitting clothes, which seemed to be all she could find when her breasts were so big. She took her pants and panties off and gazed into the mirror at herself.

She saw her perfect face staring back at her, and her massive breasts right below her. They weren't quite perky, but they certainly weren't saggy, but they were quite round. She cupped the front of her right breast with her right hand, and slowly massaged it. She quickly started to moan, and her nipples erected to full length (more than an inch!) in what felt like seconds. She absolutely loved her breasts, overly large and overly sensitive. She's never seen a girl with breasts as big as hers, and that made her beyond happy. She continued massaging her breast, then started massaging her other, at the same time, in opposite motions. She loved playing with them, she often does it even while clothed out of boredom. Her favorite thing to do was to feel how heavy they were in each hand.

She continuously played with her breasts, moaning lightly. She wanted to orgasm before she got in the shower and without touching her pussy, she was quite good at it. She took a nipple into her mouth, masking her moans, but still, she moaned louder and louder as she fondled herself. The pleasure was only increased as she watched herself. She loved masturbating in the mirror for this very reason, it made her beyond turned on. She kept going and going, eventually letting her nipple out of her mouth for her to play with. She was growing very close to an orgasm...

Sara walked up the stairs quickly, trying to strip without tripping, and finished successfully on the last step, her clothes strewn all about the stairs. She walked up to the door and listened intently before entering. She heard Ashley's moans.

"Ugh, that crazy girl, masturbating again..." Sara thought. Of course, either way, she was extremely turned on by this. Just hearing Ashley's delightful moans made Sara insanely wet, she could't help but touching herself then and there. She had a hard time keeping herself from moaning, so hard, in fact, she was shaking from both pleasure and trying to stifle her moans. Eventually she couldn't take it, she quietly, slowly, carefully opened the door, just slightly, enough to have light escape from the room. She continued, trying not to make a sound, opening the door very slowly. She got down on her knees, and right when there was enough room, she crawled through and closed the door behind her. Ashley still hadn't noticed, far too caught up in her delightful masturbation.

Sara slowly crawled through the bathroom, she only had a few feet to crawl, but doing it quietly was her intention. She got right under Ashley, lifted her head slightly, stuck her tongue out...

"Oh God!" Ashley moaned as Sara started to lightly lick Ashley's pussy, teasing her, especially her clit. Ashley started to shake with pleasure as she orgasmed, moaning louder than before.

"Oh, God, please, don't stop, don't stop!" Ashley nearly screamed.

She lowered herself to Sara's level, still unaware of who it was. Sara had no choice but to eat Ashley out, and that's exactly what she did. Sara stuck her tongue deep inside Ashley's pussy, moving it in circular motions, in and out, about and around, Ashley continuously moaned with pleasure as she played with her massive breasts, begging for more and more. Sara grabbed Ashley's ass, groping it, and immediately, Ashley knew who it was.

"Oh, God, yes, Sara! More! More!" Sara listened to Ashley's cried and went even harder, moving her head in and out, not just her tongue, and started to rub Ashley's clit with one hand, groping her left tit with the other. Ashley moaned with pleasure, Sara giggled at this, actually making Ashley moan even more.

"Oh, yes, yes, I'm cumming, Sara, I'm cumming! Don't stop don't stoppppppp!" Ashley screamed in passion, orgasming and tightening up hard. Sara continued through Ashley's orgasm, slowly sliding 2 of her fingers in as she ate Ashley out. Ashley sank to the floor, breathing heavily, shaking from the intensity of her orgasm. Sara slid up beside Ashley, still fingering her.

"Did you like it, Ashley?"

Ashley sighed with happiness. "Oh, God, yes, Sara... more than anything I've had in a while..."

Sara smiled, beyond happy. She was still tensed up, so nervous. "G-g... good..."

Ashley scooted over to Sara, and kissed her on the lips, "What's wrong, darling?"

"I'm just so nervous... Suzi told me to do that..."

"That's Suzi for you, sweetheart.," Ashley kissed Sara again, smiling.

"I've been attracted to you for so long... but I never did anything about it... I was afraid you'd freak out if I did anything..."

"You're so silly." Ashley went close to Sara, and kissed her very deeply. Using the same techniques Sara did for her pussy, Ashley infiltrated Sara's mouth, swirling all around, suckling on Sara's tongue. Sara gladly accepted this and kissed back, fingering Ashley harder as they kissed. Ashley giggled and slid 4 fingers into Sara's pussy, simply out of habit. Sara yelped in pain, and broke their kiss.

"Oh, god, Sara, I'm sorry! I'm used to starting out big when I masturbate..."

"God, Ashley, don't stop!"

"Are you sure?" Ashley said, surprised.

"Yes, baby, go harder!"

Ashley complied and went even harder with her hand, demolishing Sara's pussy. They went back to kissing deeply, and Sara realized that 2 fingers wasn't nearly enough for Ashley alone. She stuck her entire hand in her pussy, sliding it in with surprising ease, she could feel Ashley loosening up specifically for her fist, then tightening back up when it was completely in. Sara was surprised how good Ashley was at controlling her vaginal muscles, but quickly got distracted when Ashley slid her thumb inside Sara, making Sara scream in both pleasure and pain.

"Ohhhhhhnnnnn shitttt Ashley please go harddddddd!" She screamed, nearly on impulse. She had never felt like this, she never masturbated with more than 2 fingers... how did Ashley fit her entire fist in so easily!?

Ashley went hard, as Sara asked, fisting Sara's pussy like mad. The two girls laid there, liplocked, ramming each other's pussies with their hands, Sara still in surprise her pussy could fit anything bigger than a basic dildo. Sara realized she was nearing an orgasm, and moaned loud through their kiss. She orgasmed hard, Ashley's fist nearly forced out when she contracted. Ashley promptly slid her fist out, still kissing Sara, waiting for Sara to make her cum again.

Sara continuously rammed Ashley, trying her hardest to make her cum. She went deeper and deeper, harder and harder, opening and closing her hand inside Ashley as she went deeply in and nearly all the way out with each thrust. Ashley's tits bounced along her chest with each thrust, harder and harder, making Ashley moan as Sara slammed into her. Sara actually went so deep she was hitting Ashley's cervix with each thrust, making Ashley scream with passion. They broke their kiss, and Sara went down to Ashley's pussy. She continued to fist Ashley, but also started sucking on her clit. She was extremely surprised as it started to lengthen in her mouth, as if she were getting erect...

...which would be a great way to describe it. Ashley's clit reached nearly 3 1/2 inches (yet extremely thin) when fully long, and she absolutely loved playing with it. Sara continued to suckle Ashley's clit, flicking her tongue all around it. Ashley put her hands on the back of Sara's head, putting her closer to Ashley's pussy.

"Oh, God, Sara, I'm about to cum! Please baby make me cum!" She screamed so loud. Sara complied and went harder and faster than she could have imagined going, making Ashley cum nearly as fast as she asked for it. Ashley's juices ran down her legs, making a nice wet puddle on the floor.

"God, Sara... I still haven't showered..."

"Let's shower together...?"

"Oh, God, I'd love that."

Ashley kissed Sara one more before getting up and hopping into the shower. Sara promptly followed.

Of course, through all this, you can't expect Suzanna to have taken ~20 minutes just to clean a little spill?

Oh, no, Suzanna was having the time of her life down there.

Suzanna, hearing Ashley's (and eventually Sara's) succulent moans could not help but to start touching herself. It was lightly at first, dabbing at her clit through her jeans, but as time went on, she couldn't help but collapse upon the floor and break into full masturbation.

She started by thrusting her hand down her pants, under her panties, and shoving two fingers inside her pussy, going in and out like mad. She moaned quietly, as she usually does, as she continuously fingered herself. Her panties were tight, so the second she attempted to pull her fingers out, her panties went back to position, thrusting her fingers back inside of her, harder than she intended. This was an extreme turn-on for Suzanna, more than she already was. She continued to finger herself, sprawled upon the floor, moaning still quietly, even as she orgasmed multiple times, her moans were barely audible.

Suzanna, even after 3 orgasms, was still beyond unsasitisfied. She needed something more. She needed to get fucked. But, not jumping up quite yet, she had an idea.

She did get up, yes, but it wasn't to walk upstairs. Not quite yet. She got a bottle of water from the fridge, and quickly drank the entire container. With the empty bottle, Suzanna went back onto the floor, stripping first, to her normal position, and continued masturbating. However, she was doing something slightly different this time. Rather than simply going in and out, she was going upwards with each thrust in. This was specifically to rub her squirt spot, so that, yes, she would squirt.

Again and again, with each thrust, she hit her spot, slowly filling herself with her delicious juices, her spot engorged with the liquid, slowly, she had a bump inside her pussy. Not a large one, but certainly notable. After about 10 minutes of continuous stimulation and quiet moans, Suzanna decided she would squirt. She pulled the bottle up to the top of her pussy, tensed up, and pushed out her liquids. They gushed from her pussy into the bottle, almost like a hose of her juices, filling the bottle faster than Suzanna had thought it would. She eventually had to kneel so none would spill out, but it was difficult, during the entire squirt she was orgasming quite hard, and shaking violently from pleasure.

She managed to steady herself and continue squirting into the bottle, filling the bottle up to the top of the label. Suzanna, after she finished orgasming, brought the bottle to eye level, examining it. She smirked, quite proud of herself for putting out that much liquid at once. She took a small sip, not wanting to drink it all, no. She did admit to herself that she was pretty damned delicious, and wanted more, but no. The bottle was to share between the three of them after they had some fun.

Suzanna screwed on the cap to the bottle, and walked quietly up the stairs, still hearing Ashley and Sara's loud moans from the shower. From what she gathered from Ashley's screams of pleasure, Sara was eating Ashley out as she was pushed up against the wall while the showerhead was aimed directly at Ashley's clit. Suzanna smiled to herself, thinking about all the fun they were going to have together. When she got into her room, she crawled onto her quite large bed (really, the nicest thing in the house, being a king-sized pillowtop), and just waited, lightly touching herself so she wouldn't moan.

"Oh god, Sara, please don't stop! PLEASE!" Ashley cried. She was pinned against the shower wall with Sara on her knees, devouring her cunt, her arms wrapped around Ashley's legs. They were positioned in such a way so the water from the showerhead would massage Ashley's clit as Sara ate her out. Ashley couldn't move, and certainly didn't want to move from this position. She groped her soft, pillowy tits, furthering her pleasure even more.

She was quivering with pleasure. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably. Sara held them tight, but could not keep them still. Ashley's moans echoed off the bathroom walls, only amplifying what was already so loud. What was this feeling? It was better than sex. Was it love? Pure passion? Whatever it was, the pleasure was insurmountable. Sara's tongue flickering inside Ashley's pussy was heavenly, no doubt, but there was pleasure coming from elsewhere. There was an invisible connection between these two girls, and Ashley couldn't describe it. Sara was too busy devouring Ashley's lovely cunt to notice, but Ashley's pleasure was significantly increased because of this.

"S-sara! SARA! OH GOD, SARA! I'M GONNA CUM!" she screamed. Sara's only response was a nod. She went even harder to make Ashley cum faster, her lips covering Ashley's pussy lips, her tongue so deep Sara was nearly gagging. Sara's nose was rubbing against Ashley's massive clit, edging Ashley even closer. Combined with the water, there was no way Ashley could hold back any longer.

With one last push deeper by Sara, Ashley came. She did not emit any noise whatsoever other than a gasp. She was overcome by a wave of pure pleasure. Consumed by ecstasy, she could not move consciously. She continued to shake all over. Sara pulled back, still holding Ashley with one hand, and turned the shower off with the other. Sara, being quite strong, was able to pick the completely pleasured Ashley up with ease and bring her out of the shower.

Sara walked out into Suzanna's bedroom with two towels in hand, and laid them on her bed. She placed Ashley on one and dried her with the other. Ashley's eyes were closed, but she was still shaking with pleasure. She would occasionally stammer gibberish, unable to form coherent words yet. While Sara dried the quivering Ashley, she lightly kissed her bare neck, causing Ashley to moan a bit.

Little did either of them know that Suzanna was beneath the bed, waiting for the pair to lie down. Once they did, Suzanna would crawl out from underneath and slide into bed with them, joining them in their beautiful sex.

Once Ashley was dried, Sara positioned her properly on the bed. She was starting to regain control, finally. Ten minutes of pure pleasure consuming her, she admitted later that it was the best that she had ever felt in her entire life. Sara laid next to her, holding her close, caressing her hair. She would occasionally kiss her cheek or nibble her earlobe, being playful.

The two eventually drifted off into a peaceful sleep, holding each other lovingly. Suzanna, confused by the silence, slid out and saw the pair. The sight was wonderful. Two beautiful girls holding each other in a blissful sleep. Suzanna did not want to disturb them for obvious reasons. Instead, she laid next to the pair, falling asleep herself. When the trio woke up, fun was sure to ensue...

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