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A Lush Lesbian Afternoon

When fantasy becomes reality
The house next door had been empty for a few weeks. So when I saw the white van pull up outside my window and the guys unloading the furniture I just hoped I got nice new neighbours. I say neighbours, but it soon became apparent there was just one girl or woman.

I only saw her briefly, but she looked nice. A bit older than me but really hot. I nosied a while, waiting to see if there was a bloke in tow. But no, it looked like it was just her. Then I saw her again. Nice. Very nice in fact. She had shoulder-length brown hair and a tight body. It was summer and she looked beautiful in her white shorts and tight yellow top. She had a lovely fit bum and nice tits.

I left it a day and went round to say hello, you know - see if she wanted to borrow a cup of sugar - that sort of thing. I knocked on her front door. I waited a minute. Her front lawn needed some attention.

I just stared. I looked at her face and it was like… no that’s stupid. I had been on Lush a few hours earlier and she was vaguely familiar. Obviously just my mind playing tricks. Wishful thinking or something.

She waved her hand in front of my face.

“Yes?” She said, pleasantly.

“Oh I…I’m from next door.”

“Oh OK. Pleased to meet you!”

Her face suddenly went funny. It was liked she had seen a ghost. All the blood ran from her cheeks. I thought she was going to speak again and then her telephone rang.

“Oh sorry… I better get that. I’m expecting a call… from work,” she said, suddenly distant.

“OK sure!”

I left her to it and went back to mine. I sat down and rubbed my eyes. I was trying to remember her face. I was about to log on to the 'net when there was a knock on my door. I opened it and there was my new neighbour.


“Yes? How…”

“Danielle it’s me!”


“Oh baby!”

She grabbed me and pulled me towards her. I held her so tight. My Lush fantasy lover had moved in next door.

“I can’t believe it’s you!” I said. When we had calmed down.

“I know. I couldn’t think straight on the phone, Dan! I had to check the photo you sent me on Lush! Then I knew.”

“Awww Sarah baby. Let’s have some wine! We need to celebrate!”

“Look at me baby!” Said Sarah. She held out her hands. She was shaking like a leaf. I hugged her again. I never wanted to let go.

I fetched a bottle of white wine and two glasses. Sarah took several gulps before she began to settle down.

“Wow Danielle, you’re so cute in the flesh!” She said.

“Awww thank you. You’re so sexy!” I said.

She held her right hand out and I knelt down and kissed each one of her fingers. Then I sucked on them, one at a time.

"What are the chances of this?” I said.

“I know baby it’s freaky!” Agreed Sarah.

I put my glass down and sat beside her on the sofa. Her smile faded as she read my intentions. She looked down following my fingers with her eyes as I put my hand on her leg. She had on a denim skirt and a flowered blouse with shoulder straps. I slid my hand a little way up her silky smooth thigh. We just looked into each other’s eyes. We wanted to kiss each other so much. There was an unspoken desire, which we had talked about in our many cyber sex sessions on Lush.

That intense moment before we kissed; it was amazing. It was as if we both wanted to enjoy that moment, to prolong the sexual tension that was buzzing between us. The butterflies in my tummy, the tingling in my pussy; the drum beat in my heart. My hand went further up her skirt and as it did, her skin just became softer and warmer. Almost without thinking our lips met. Time stopped for those few seconds. I had my beautiful, sexy Sarah there on my sofa. It couldn’t be real. I was going to wake up any minute, with my pussy dripping from the best ‘wet dream’ I had ever had. But it was real. Sarah’s breath on my face - I wasn’t dreaming that. I wasn’t imagining the way her hands were caressing my boobs through my top.

Our fingers met and our hands clasped together as we kissed. Our first exploratory smooch quickly developed into a full-on French kiss. Sarah sucked on my bottom lip and her tongue searched for my mouth. All those times she had told me how much she loved me and now she was showing me. Her lips and tongue were devouring my mouth. I needed them in my pussy but for now my lips were enough.

When we had kissed for what seemed like forever we sat holding hands just looking at each other. Sarah held my hand and made little circles on my palm. I’ve never seen another human being look so happy as Sarah did then. We clinked our glasses together.

“To great sex!” She said.

“To pussy licking and tit sucking!” I agreed.

We both had a girly giggling fit but then Sarah revealed that she had to go.

“Shall I come round tomorrow?” She asked, “If that’s convenient with you?”

“Of course it is baby!”

“OK, I’ll come from work and shower and then pop round,” said Sarah, enthusiastically.

“You could always use my shower…with me,” I said. Hopefully.

“Hmmm… I might just take you up on that!”

I gave my sexy new neighbour a kiss and we held each other a while before she had to go.

I was so excited the next day. I had taken the day off work anyway and just busied myself in my garden, with regular breaks for coffee and chocolate over the latest copy of Cosmo. My garden is quite secluded at the back with high hedges and I regularly sunbathe in the nude on hot days away from any prying eyes.

I scrubbed my finger nails around four o’clock. I know I was going to have a shower but I don’t think Sarah would appreciate me getting soil all over her body. I started clock watching at five. I guessed she could arrive at any minute and half an hour later, she did. Wow! She looked so hot. Well to me anyway. She was wearing a dark navy trouser suit and a white blouse with big collars. Her bum looked so peachy in her trousers and I couldn’t help give it a squeeze.

“Ooh Danielle! Someone’s feeling horny!”

“Oh I am, I am!”

I cupped her bum in my hands again and our lips met in a passionate kiss. I was in my tattiest jeans and Sarah’s hands were all over them but particularly around my little crack, which was already swollen. Her index finger traced around my crevice making me shiver with excitement. I held Sarah’s hand and then guided her up stairs to my bathroom. The hot water was on. I had a fresh bunch of flowers on my bathroom window sill and clean, fluffy pink towels on the rail. We looked into each other’s eyes. Sarah had a sexy aura about her, which I just loved. There was a twinkle in her eyes as I began to unbutton my white cotton blouse. Sarah took off her jacket and unzipped her trousers as I unfastened my jeans. I was gagging for it and I just wanted to see her naked. I stood there with a finger in my mouth like a naughty girl as she unbuttoned her shirt. Her undies were a nice little silver grey matching set.

Our eyes didn’t leave each other’s for a second as we undid our bras. Sarah’s boobs were so pert with perfectly round, pink nipples. They reminded me of those little flying saucer sweets. She eased her panties down, revealing her neatly trimmed bush of dark hair. I had a little landing strip of blonde hair and I think we were both equally fascinated by each other’s lady gardens.

As I fiddled with the shower knobs, I felt Sarah’s hands reach round to fondle my tits. I made a meal of working the shower, just to allow her to become acquainted with my E cup boobies. I turned round and we kissed as we stepped into the shower. I was the first with soap and rubbed one corner along the outline of her boobs and down her belly. Then she took the bar from me and lathered her hands as I kissed her breasts. They were so smooth and slippery from the hot water that was spraying over our bodies. It was such a hot, sexy moment as we each delighted in teasing each other in the shower. I kissed her neck as her hands worked their way down my spine and then between my bum crack. We were both so giggly and I felt deliciously naughty playing with my hot new neighbour like that. The steam from the shower became even steamier as our fingers began to reach for our pussies.

We became so worked up. We were wet and soapy and when I mean wet…well you know - both ways! We were touching and fondling and kissing each other. We were nice and clean and I knew we had to take things in to the bedroom. We dried off, wrapping the towels round our bodies and went into my room, which always got the sun in the afternoon.

We rubbed our hair with the towels, standing just inches apart, so it was too easy for me to stroke the top of Sarah’s foot with my toes.

“Ooh that tickles!” She said.


I looked at her sheepishly and then she whipped the towel from my hands and grabbed me by the waist. We tumbled on to my bed and our boobs squashed together as we kissed. I opened my mouth and let Sarah’s tongue tickle the inside of my lips. She kissed me again and then paused as she rolled her tongue inside her own mouth. She ran her index finger along my bottom lip.

“Open your mouth darling,” she said.

I did and she let a long drool of saliva go into my mouth. It was so warm on my tongue and I worked her spit around my mouth before I swallowed it.

I became more and more turned on as we kissed. We changed places and then I straddled Sarah’s body and squidged my breasts into her face. In turn her fingers felt for my pussy and she slipped three fingers in as I boobed her face. I let out a long sigh as she fingered my hot, aching pussy. She kissed and sucked my titties, delighting in them. I don’t think I had ever known a girl be so much in raptures over my breasts. She really loved them. My nipples were stiff but tender and her mouth was sending signals to my pussy making me want her more and more. I let one hand slide down her belly and I tickled her muff before slipping a finger into her pot of honey. She was oozing love juice. I so wanted to taste her sweet pussy.

“Baby, let’s give each other oral pleasure,” I said.

“OK baby!” She said.

We sat up and I kissed her breasts while my hands stroked her belly. I kissed her face and her neck until my lips reached hers again and our mouths became locked in a soft, girly kiss. We were so wet. We fingered each other as we kissed on my bed and then we licked the juice from each other’s fingers.

Sarah’s lovely brown hair was beginning to dry and the shampoo smelled so sweet and perfumed. Sarah moved my hair to one side and kissed my neck. Her lips planted so many little kisses like butterfly wings on my neck. I shivered and moaned quietly as my pussy yearned for her tongue.

She lay on my bed and I kissed her belly and worked down slowly but slowly towards her pussy. Before I reached my goal I kissed the soft flesh at the top of her legs. That little crease between her groin and her pussy lips, it’s such an erogenous area - always neglected by men. As my lips found her steaming pussy I moved my legs until I was centred over her face and then eased my bum down onto her nose. Her tongue flicked my clit as I licked her moist vulva. It was such a beautiful moment, among all the wonderful moments that day.

The way Sarah ate my pussy was amazing. I had never been licked and kissed down there like that. She nibbled my clitoris and licked my vagina like no one has ever done, lingering around just the right spots. I hoped I was doing the same. From the sound of her plaintive moans, I guess I must have been doing something right. It was so good.

I’ve been told I have a sweet pussy and at long last, I was able to share her with the girl of my dreams. We changed positions, enjoying a wonderfully sloppy kiss on the way. Sarah looked at me intensely and then lay sideways on the bed, parting her legs.

“Let me finish you off darling,” she said.

I leant towards her and we kissed as I fingered her pussy. She was still so moist, but as good as it was we had both gone to the edge and not fallen over. The teasing and licking had made my pussy so warm and tingly. I’d virtually hung on to prolong the pleasure and now I…we needed the release. When I came I knew it was going to be amazing.

I slid my body towards Sarah’s and put my right leg under her left one. She took my hand and pulled me towards her until our pussies kissed. Our gaping wet pussy lips met and I wriggled my bum on the duvet as Sarah began to gyrate her hips. My pussy immediately began to ache, filling me with the yummiest, most beautiful sensations. Sarah stared into my eyes and I stared back, mesmerised almost as our vaginas mashed together. The feelings were so big, not just because my pussy was on fire with our tribby sex, but because Sarah was such an incredible lover. I clung on to Sarah’s hand as my whole body began to fill with pleasure. My orgasm was coming and was beginning to whoosh over me in waves.

Sarah’s face was a picture of ecstasy as she was submitting to her own pleasure. We were both moaning wildly as we mushed our now soaking wet pussies, bringing me to a juddering orgasm. Sarah’s body was trembling and I felt her grip tighten as she tilted her head back at the height of her orgasm. I just lost myself to the sensations, coming breathlessly, squealing Sarah’s name over and over.

We both lay back afterwards. My chest was heaving. I closed my eyes, just savouring my complete satiation. We lay together, cuddling, kissing and whispering.

“Are you thirsty Sarah?” I asked.

“Yes too right baby!” She said.

“OK, don’t go away!” I said, dashing away, naked.

I went down leaving my lover for as short a time as possible, bringing back a big lemon meringue pie and a bottle of bubbly. We had some quality girl time over our gateaux and sparkling wine. Then I switched on my laptop and we had an hour or two Lushing, reading stories and getting ideas for more wild girl on girl. It was a fitting way to end a sublime afternoon of lesbian sex.

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