A Meeting At Sea

By xfallingxangelx

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A long-term friendship leads to an interesting vacation
Alexandra stood at the railing of the 4 th floor deck watching the waves crash against the ship and the pod of dolphins playing in the steamy evening. It was getting late in the day and the sun had started setting, and she was enjoying it. She and her friend, Catherine had escaped their lives in the cold Midwest winter for a week in the Mexican Riviera.

They couldn’t wait to sit together on their room’s balcony and share a bottle of wine watching the sun quickly drop below the horizon and the pinks, purples, and peaches of the fading sunlight give way to clear black skies dotted with thousands of tiny stars. She felt a tap on her shoulder that startled her and turned around quickly.

The surprise was worth it; there stood Catherine, in all her beauty, framed by the sinking twilight sun. The last tatters of day brought out the red in her hair and the South Pacific wind tossed her hair back and forth around her face. Her sweet smile made Alexandra feel warm, and the look in her eyes made Alexandra feel a strange heat beginning in her belly.

This was their first vacation together, Alexandra’s boyfriend and Catherine’s husband just laughed as they said they were running away together to the Mexican Riviera, chalking it up to the fact they hadn’t seen each other for two years. The weather had been unseasonably warm for January, most days over 100 degrees. Both ladies had tans better than they had gotten for many years. They had spent so much time trying all the frozen cocktails. This was definitely the vacation they had both needed.

Alexandra and Catherine had been friends for a little over ten years, and even though they’d discussed it; they had never been more than friends. They had met at work, and formed a fast friendship that despite the miles they lived apart, and the new jobs they had both gotten; always seemed to pick up right where it left off. This vacation was not supposed to be a romantic escape, just two girlfriends off to be wild and crazy in Mexico.

Alexandra had felt that Catherine may have been having a change of heart, wanting more, wanting something to happen. They had always joked about getting together and driving each other to the brink of ecstasy, but so far hadn’t gone any farther than heated computer conversations and pure fantasy. Alexandra was ready to change that, but wasn’t sure if Catherine was on board.

Alexandra had no idea where to start, or how to say how she felt, or that she was ready to take the next step. She looked over at Catherine, standing on the deck in a calf length cream colored sundress with tiny little roses on it, the dress clinging to her hips so perfectly and the scoop of the neck draping so perfectly over her breasts. Alexandra could smell Catherine’s perfume she had made during their last days of working together, and it brought back all the laughter and tears of that last few days.

She had missed Catherine so much; this seemed like the perfect excuse to get together and spend some time with each other; she hadn’t even realized the subconscious ulterior motive at work. She knew it was time. Alexandra reached out for Catherine’s hand and they walked to the dining room to begin their meal.

“So, I have this crazy idea for after dinner,“ Alexandra said.

“Oh, you do?” Catherine said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Alexandra cleared her throat and took a deep breath. “Yes. I was thinking we could sit out here on the deck and watch the moon.”

“I don’t think we’d be able to see it. I thought there was supposed to be a thunderstorm tonight?”

“I heard that too,” Alexandra said. “That’s why I thought we could watch it.”

“I thought that thunderstorms got you hot,” Catherine joked.

“Yeah, I guess they do,” Alexandra said, blushing.

“I see,” Catherine said, blushing as well. “So you want to sit on the deck, with me, watching something that gets you worked up?”
“Yeah. That was my plan,” Alexandra said. “But only if you are interested,” she quickly added.

“I don’t know,” Catherine teased. “I’ll have to think about it.”

“Well, we’ll discuss it after dinner, no point in getting ahead of ourselves,” Alexandra said, almost regretting that she brought it up in the first place. Now she was worried she brought it up too fast.

“No, lets discuss it now, dinner can wait,” Catherine said while she grabbed Alexandra’s shoulders and forced her to face her. She looked into Alexandra’s hazel eyes and said, “We’ve waited long enough to ignore this, let’s not wait any longer.”

“Ok, fine,” Alexandra said, her stomach doing back flips; her knees shaking; her voice shaking. “I invited you on this cruise to actually get a chance to be with you, and not as a friend. I’m ready to do what I’ve been dreaming of for the last ten years. I want you, and I want you to be mine.”

“I thought so,” Catherine said laughing. “And I agreed for the same reasons,” Catherine said, her eyes dancing. “It’s been so long since I’ve felt like this, I don’t know what I am feeling anymore.”

“But what about Steve?” Alexandra asked. “What are you going to tell him?”

“Steve is a few thousand miles away right now. What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico? Umm, what happens on vacation stays on vacation?” Catherine said laughing again.

“But what if I don’t want it to stay in Mexico, or stay on vacation? What if I want to take it home with me?” Alexandra said, starting to feel bolder.

“That, my dear is a question that will have to wait until after dinner. I’m hungry, let’s go,” Catherine said as her stomach growled loud enough for Alexandra to hear.

As they entered the dining room, and heads began to turn. They were the last to be seated for dinner and most people already had their appetizers in front of them. Alexandra was wearing a long black peasant skirt with a raspberry colored tank top that had a corset built into it and matching gauzy short sleeved top. Of course, Catherine picked it out earlier that day from one of the shops on the boat. Now Alexandra knew why. She laughed quietly to herself, wondering if she wasn’t the only one with ulterior motives for this trip.

Alexandra still had a few surprises left though, room service was coming at 11pm with champagne and strawberries, she had made sure their suite came with a whirlpool tub big enough for two, and Alexandra had treated herself to a spa day where she made sure her bikini area was left as smooth and bare as silk. She was used to shaving instead of waxing, so it was still feeling a little strange. She made sure to put on her favorite perfume, also made during their last few days working together. Sandalwood and Jasmine oil always left Alexandra feeling so sexy and confidant. She needed that confidence now.

Both ladies sat at their private table eating the wonderful food and sharing a very nice bottle of wine. The food, as always was wonderful, and the service was perfect. Despite the never-ending food, neither lady had enough to stop themselves from getting tipsy off the wine and margaritas. They made quite a pair heading up to the top deck to watch the storm, giggling and bumping into things.

Once they arrived on the top deck and walked through the different bars to get outside, they saw they were not alone as most of the chairs available were already taken by others enjoying cocktails and the impending storm. Catherine took Alexandra’s hand and said, “Do you just want to watch from our balcony instead?”

“I think we might need to. There is no place to sit up here,” Alexandra said, letting herself be pulled back inside toward the elevators.

Just as they arrived at their stateroom and made it to the balcony, the thunderheads started rolling in and the temperature dropped just enough to give them both goose bumps. Alexandra could smell the rain mixed with the sea air and felt her nipples begin to get hard as the electricity built in the air. A crack of lightening cracked about a half mile away and the hairs on Catherine’s neck stood on end.

“That was a big one!” Catherine exclaimed as she jumped in response to being startled by the lightening. She also felt her nipples grow hard, and the hunger in her belly started to flame. She reached her hand over and grabbed Alexandra’s hand in her own. “Maybe you aren’t the only one who gets hot during thunderstorms.” Her eyes were flashing with more than just playfulness by then.

Just then there was a clap of thunder so loud that both Catherine and Alexandra jumped. The rain started slowly at first, then harder and harder. Both ladies huddled together for warmth in the quickly dropping temperatures. Alexandra could feel Catherine’s heart racing, her breath hot and quick on Alexandra’s cheek. That same gnawing fire started in Alexandra’s belly and she knew that she had to take the first step or they would end up two soaking wet, frozen, drunk girls on a boat for the rest of eternity.

Alexandra adjusted her position, so their mouths were mere inches apart; their hot margarita soaked breath mingling in the cold rainy wind. She slowly leaned in, her lips barely brushing Catherine’s lips. The electricity grew stronger; Alexandra felt her newly waxed skin growing moist, her fire burned stronger. She pressed her lips harder against Catherine’s, and slowly slid the tip of her tongue into Catherine’s mouth.

Catherine gasped at first; she wasn’t expecting that. She pushed her mouth hard against Alexandra’s and her tongue followed suit. Catherine could feel her nipples straining against the light cotton fabric of her dress; her panties grew wet with pleasure. She did not want to wait much longer.

“I think it might be time to head back inside,” Alexandra said.

“I think you may be right,” Catherine said.

When they re-entered their stateroom, both were so full of pleasure and anticipation they did not know where to begin.

“Do you really want this, or is the just the liquor?” Alexandra asked.

“I want this,” Catherine said. “I really want this . . . see?” she said as she grasped Alexandra’s hand and pulled it up under her skirt, daring Alexandra to feel her wetness.

As Alexandra felt her cotton panties, moist with pleasure; she pushed them aside to stroke her soft lips. Alexandra was pleasantly surprised to see that Catherine had also visited the salon today, and was also devoid of hair.

Alexandra slowly pushed Catherine toward the large king sized bed. When they arrived at the bed, Alexandra pushed Catherine down on the bed, forcing her to lie on her back. She started at her right ankle, and Alexandra slowly kissed up Catherine’s leg. As she reached Catherine’s moist center, she stopped. Alexandra allowed her breath to mingle with the musk rising from Catherine’s body, both their bodies trembling. Alexandra slowly removed Catherine’s panties, and followed them down Catherine’s legs with soft kisses.

“Off to the bath with you!” Alexandra prodded as she pulled Catherine up off the bed and on to her feet. “Time to clean you up, dirty girl!” She continued giggling as they both scrambled toward the bathroom tossing clothing every which way as they ran.

As Catherine started the water, she turned to see Alexandra, standing in the doorway, wearing black micro-fiber panties and the raspberry corset tank, her legs glistening with glitter lotion, and her gladiator style stiletto sandals tapping on the bathroom tile. Alexandra’s breasts struggled to be contained by the corset, her waist accentuated and narrowed by the boning, making her hips look so much more voluptuous then they actually were.

“My god, Honey. I can’t even . . . wow,” Catherine stuttered over her shoulder. “You look . . . oh my god. You are amazing.”

“Shhh! There will be enough time to compliment me later. This is your time to be pampered, get in that tub.” Alexandra cooed as she slowly removed Catherine’s shoes, then her thigh high stockings, and bra. Alexandra so enjoyed freeing Catherine’s ample breasts, watching her erect nipples dance in the mirror. Alexandra slowly brushed Catherine’s shoulder length hair off of her back and gently kissed the back of her neck, sending shivers of pleasure down Catherine’s spine. Alexandra swore she saw Catherine’s nipples grow even harder at the sensation.

Soon the water was ready, and Catherine stepped in, naked flesh still covered in goose bumps of pleasure. She sat slowly, letting the hot water and lavender scented bubbles wash over her, enveloping her in their heaven. Alexandra came up slowly behind her, and began to wash Catherine’s back with a sea sponge. Alexandra’s hands slowly dropped the sponge and crept around to begin to tease first one nipple then the other. The entire time, Alexandra was kissing and nibbling on Catherine’s neck and earlobes.

A quiet moan of pleasure escaped from Catherine’s mouth, as her hands traveled below the water to find her clit. Catherine was lost in the pleasure as Alexandra kissed her, stroked and pinched her nipples and she caressed her own clit. As she felt her legs begin to tremble, she pulled her hand out of the water and placed in on Alexandra’s hand. “It’s time we get out of here, or I may not make it to round two!” Catherine stood up, her sweet center just inches from Alexandra’s face.

Catherine stepped out of the tub and led Alexandra to the bed. She slowly unlaced the corset, freeing Alexandra in all her glory. Catherine started at the nape of Alexandra’s neck and kissed her way all the way down to the tailbone. Alexandra trembled with pleasure and began to stroke and pinch her own nipples, groaning as the fire grew. Catherine slowly removed Alexandra’s panties and turned her around.

“My god, we’re actually about to do this aren’t we?” Alexandra asked, her voice trembling.
“I think we’ve already crossed that bridge.” Catherine said. “You’ve already got me trembling, and it’s time for me to return the favor.

Catherine forced Alexandra onto the bed then crawled on top of her. Catherine slowly started teasing Alexandra’s nipples with her tongue, then biting at them and pulling them between her teeth. Her finger began to stroke Alexandra’s clit, and occasionally entering her wet hole, teasing the muscles. She began kissing Alexandra’s belly, sliding first one then two fingers in and out of her wet hole and teasing Alexandra’s clit with her thumb.

“Oh my God, Cat,“ Alexandra said as waves of pleasure rippled over her. “Get up here.”

Catherine started by kissing her way back up Alexandra’s belly, stopping at each of her nipples before plunging her tongue into Alexandra’s mouth, never stopping the assault on her pussy.

“Fuck yes!” Alexandra said. “But that’s not what I meant. I want to taste how sweet that pussy is. Get it up here.”

Catherine soon obliged, and was pleased to feel the tip of Alexandra’s tongue teasing her clit, then a gentle bite. Waves of pleasure washed over Catherine and her knees grew weak. Just when she thought it could not get more pleasurable, she felt Alexandra’s finger enter her, all while the tongue continued. Alexandra slowly slid her finger in and out of Catherine and the tip of her finger teased Catherine’s G-spot.

They continued for at least an hour, orgasm after orgasm in this same position before they both collapsed into a sweaty orgasmic heap on the bed. A knock at the door aroused them from their pleasure haze.

“Aha! My surprise has arrived!” Alexandra said as she leapt from the bed to the door. The gentleman from room service made no notice of the two nude women in the room as he rolled the cart in and collected his tip.

They lay on the bed drinking champagne and eating strawberries, teasing each other, kissing and licking strawberry juice off each other’s bodies until they were both quite drunk again.
Catherine rolled over to Alexandra and began to kiss her way down in between Alexandra’s legs. When she reached the center of her newfound pleasure, she began to lick and bite at her clit. She felt the wetness return quickly and began to lap it up like she hadn’t drank for days. Her tongue softly probed the folds of skin, and entered gently then harder. She was devouring Alexandra.

Her hands grasped Alexandra’s ass and lifted her hips up. Catherine continued to lap and suck as if there were no end in sight, all the while moaning from the pure pleasure she was deriving from this act. The vibration of the moans traveled up every nerve ending Alexandra ever knew she had. She couldn’t feel anything, but felt everything all at the same time. The tingling heat started at her toes, working its way to her ankles, knees, thighs, and farther. She was awash in pleasure and did not think she would ever recover; not that she wanted to.

After forty-five minutes of this, Alexandra was out of her mind with pleasure and could no longer stop the orgasms coming one after another, leaving Catherine’s face a wet mess.

“Give me a moment to catch my breath, and your next missy.” Alexandra gasped as she attempted to catch her breath.

Alexandra propped Catherine on her knees, “doggy-style” as it were to begin her torture. Her mouth hovered over Catherine’s mound, her breath teasing. She could see Catherine’s lips tensing and relaxing as she awaited her pleasure. Alexandra slowly teased Catherine’s clit with the tip of her nose, then her tongue. Without warning, she thrust her tongue into Catherine’s moistened center, her nose stimulating the nerve endings in her perineum. She felt the muscles tighten and contract as orgasm after orgasm rolled out of Catherine.

Alexandra quickly flipped onto her back, under Catherine’s rocking hips, stroking her lips with first one, then two fingers as Catherine’s hips rocked to meet each thrust of Alexandra’s hand. She wasted no time biting and sucking on Catherine’s nipples to extend the pleasure.

As another orgasm overtook Catherine, her legs collapsed and she ended up lying on the bed next to Alexandra. “Woman, you are trying to kill me,” Catherine said.

“Just think Catherine,” Alexandra said, slowly stroking Catherine’s hair. “We still have five more nights of this.”