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A Mother Pleases Her Loving Husband/Master - Part VII

I love pleasing my loving husband/master and will always make every effort to do so
If you have followed my week's activities you already know that I still have not fully completed the tasks my loving husband assigned to me before I left him last Sunday. I still have one more lunch seduction to do and after this morning's events I look forward to finding the perfect woman to have a little girlie fun with.

Friday - November 9, 2012 continued: After arriving at work I saw Laura's smiling face sitting behind her desk and also saw that her nipples were erect and ready for a little attention. I smiled at her saying, "Laura, you are becoming a very naughty woman sitting out here with your nipples poking out like that."

Laura looked down at her nipples and she said, "Oh Sonya, when I saw you pull up and get out of your vehicle I got all wet, see?" She pushed her desk chair back and pulled up her skirt, showing me her wet pubic hair.

I smiled at her asking, "Is anyone else in yet?"

Laura looked at me saying, "No, not yet."

As I looked at Laura I said, "Come with me," then headed down the hallway to my office. I knew that if anyone else arrived to work we would hear them as my office is the closest to the parking area.

Laura got up from behind her desk and followed me down the dark hallway and closed the door to my office after she entered. I turned around, leaned against my desk, pulled my skirt up and said, "Please me."

Laura did not hesitate as she got onto her knees and began to lap at my freshly groomed pussy. She slurped into me and sucked my lips deep into her mouth as her tongue stroked my clit. I softly held her head as I rotated my pussy onto her face.

As Laura's tongue began to send pleasurable signals to my brain I handed her two dildos and instructed her to shove one into my ass and the other into her pussy. Laura's hands reached up, grasping the dildos and I felt the cool metallic feel of one as it slowly was pushed deep into my anal opening. I loved to have a nice cock or dildo in my ass while someone was eating my pussy and I knew that soon I would be rocking and cumming all over Laura's face.

Laura moaned into my pussy and I knew that she was also shoving the dildo into her wet pussy like instructed. Her lapping on my clit increased and I knew that she would soon be cumming along with me. As my orgasm approached I pulled Laura up, kissed her then slid back onto the desk.

My legs were now spread open as my body rested on the desk and I asked Laura to come around and crawl up on top of the desk so I could lick and suck her pussy while I fucked her with the dildo I had given her.

Laura moved quickly around the desk and was over me, hovering her dripping pussy over my face. I could only see the 8 inch dildo outside of her pussy and knew that she was loving it. I reached up and pulled her hips down onto my face and ravaged her cuntal opening and felt her face back between my spread legs. As I humped up against her face she ground her pussy down onto my face and soon we were moaning and groaning together.

My orgasm was intense but not as intense as earlier in the day. I knew it was because of my earlier sexual play but Laura came into my mouth like a fountain spewing water everywhere. I loved it and drank as much of her thick fluid as I could. After her orgasm subsided she slowly slid off of me and we kissed, headed to the ladies room and cleaned up.

We had not heard anyone come in during our lovemaking and knew that our secret love affair was safe from the other staff. Little did Laura know, but I was also now sexually involved with one of our bosses and his beautiful wife. If Laura would have known that she would be begging me to include her in that little love fest, but I felt it was best not to tell her at this time.

Laura and I returned to our respective work stations and conducted ourselves as proper, respectable ladies working in the professional world. My mind was reeling after the morning I had already had and I wondered what lunch would have in store for me.

After a couple of hours I went into Jim's office and saw him sitting at his desk. His face was glazed over and I knew he was recalling all of the events he had experienced last night with me and his loving wife. I walked over to his desk and he noticed my movements and I looked into his eyes saying, "Jim, I'm going to take an early lunch and maybe be back a little late."

Jim smiled at me saying, "Oh Sonya, I understand. Please, take as long as you like."

I smiled at him as I reached out, touched his face, then turned and left, walking down the hallway to get my purse and keys. As I picked up my things I heard Karen's soft voice asking, "Are you leaving?"

After getting my things and shutting down my computer I went into her office and said, "Yes I am leaving. Jim said I could leave early for lunch and take longer if needed." I looked at Karen who had a very low cut blouse on and my body jerked as I lusted after this beautiful woman. I knew it was too soon to try and seduce her so I asked, "Is there anything I can bring you back?"

Karen smiled at me and I saw her blushing a little as she saw my eyes moving from her ample cleavage to her eyes and back. Karen said, "No, I can't think of anything Sonya, but thank you."

I smiled at this beautiful woman as I turned and walked out of her office and headed to my car knowing that the time will come that Karen and I share some very intimate times.

I did not know where I was going to go for lunch but I knew that I needed to get out of the office before I went crazy. I drove to one of the local markets that serves lunch like the one where I had met Ginger. Then I drove to the restaurant at the seedy hotel but decided against that as well. As I sat there I felt a hunger pain in my tummy and recalled that I had not eaten since yesterday morning's breakfast. With that thought I knew I needed to get nourishment in my body so I drove to the best Oriental restaurant in town.

Our family loved this restaurant because it had a buffet line as well as individual menu items so I went in and sat down. The waitress handed me a menu and asked me what I wanted to drink and headed off to get my beverage. When she returned she asked me what I would like to eat and as I looked at her I noticed that she was a very pretty woman or oriental decent and her eyes were very warm. For a moment I forgot what I wanted to eat as I looked into her eyes and she again asked me as I stared at her what I would like. I know I must have blushed when I realized I was staring at this very attractive woman but I ordered my meal, then watched her walk away and turn my order in.

After she left I went toward the ladies room to wash my hands and freshen up because I knew that I was caught lusting after that very sensual oriental lady. I was turned on and my pussy was dripping wet and I still did not know what I was going to do to complete my tasks as I looked into the bathroom mirror. I wanted so to complete my last task and please my loving husband but did not know for sure if I would be successful today.

Then, as if planned, there was a very soft knock on the bathroom door and a young woman's voice on the other side asking, "Ma'am, are you okay?"

I could tell by the accident that the origin of the voice was oriental and I wondered if it was the young woman who took my order. I opened the door and saw the concerned look on that young, beautiful face and looked into her big brown lustful eyes. I smiled at her saying, "Yes, I am fine thank you, as I reached out my hand and pulled her into the bathroom with me."

As she stepped into the bathroom with me I pulled her to my body, kissed her and felt her lips part and her tongue slid deep into my mouth. I was so excited by her reaction to my desires that I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and lowered my face to her small breasts, sucking on them through her bra. Her titties could be no larger than a 32 A or B at the most and I knew that she could easily go without a bra.

This young hot sexy oriental woman melded to my body as she felt my lips sucking her long nipples through her bra and I felt her hands reaching up under my skirt, fondling my bare ass. I loved her slim fingers caressing my flesh and felt them exploring up and down the crack of my ass.

As her hands roamed over my plentiful ass my hands found their way into her black slacks and soon I had them slipping down over her slim hips. I pushed her panties down along with her slacks and soon had her standing there before me in her blouse and bra. I looked down at this young thin woman and saw a very large patch of black pubic hair that covered her pussy and knew that soon I would be tasting the sweetness of her juices from her lips.

I helped Mae Li sit up on the counter and knelt before her, helping her put her legs over my shoulders. I saw that long black hair covering her pussy and used my hands to part it then saw the lips that hid her beautiful pussy. With two fingers I parted her lips and I saw the most beautiful soft pink pussy I had seen in months there before my eyes. I looked up at this young woman and saw her smiling down at me. I did not hesitate any longer as my mouth now moved to her sweet pink slit and began to engorge myself on her succulent flesh.

Mae Li was gently pushing her pussy into my sucking face and her long fingers entwined themselves in my hair. She held me there as I sucked her pussy, pleasing her and letting her cum. I licked up every drop of her sweet fluid before standing up before her. We kissed again and she tasted her own juices on my lips and face, smiling at me as our kiss broke.

Mae Li, in her oriental voice said, "You go eat now and we will talk again before you leave." I smiled at her as she turned on the faucet and handed me a warm damp cloth to wipe my face with. When I was through I turned and noticed that Mae Li was already gone so I returned to my table. Just as I was sitting down I saw Mae Li walking toward me again carrying the food I had ordered earlier.

Mae Li set the food down on the table and asked me if there was anything else I needed right now and I smiled at her saying, "No dear, not right this minute."

Mae Li smiled back at me as he placed a small note on the table beside my plate and turned and left.

As I ate my meal I read the note. It read, "Thank you so very much for pleasing me. My tradition and heritage requires me to return that same pleasure to you before you leave." I smiled as I looked at the note and understood that Mae Li would be eating my pussy very soon. :My meal was delicious and as I asked Mae Li for the check she smiled at me and nodded toward the bathroom.

I looked around the restaurant and noticed that I was the only customer left, then looked back at Mae Li. I could see the fire burning in her eyes as she again nodded toward the bathroom and I gently wiped my lips, then stood and headed for the ladies room. As I turned the corner to the ladies room I saw Mae Li cleaning off my table then head for the kitchen area. I was a little perplexed by this but went into the ladies room anyway.

As I waited there I wondered how wonderful this hot, sexy and exciting oriental woman would be at pleasing me with her mouth. I did not have to wait long as I heard a very soft knock the bathroom door and I opened it. There stood Mae Li, smiling as she reached out her hands to me. Instead of coming into the bathroom with me, she pulled me out into the hallway and then through another door. As I followed her hand in hand, she led me to a back room in the restaurant and I noticed that it was very private and secluded.

Mae Li pulled me into the room and then closed the door. We were alone, standing there staring at each other as Mae Li reached up, pulled the straps of my blouse off my shoulders then unzipped my skirt and let them both fall to the floor. I now stood in front of this sweet young woman naked except for my shelf bra which were holding up my 46DDD titties.

Mae Li leaned close to me and sucked in the nipple on my right titty and her hands roamed to my naked pussy. Her fingers found my slit and soon were exploring my wet pussy, strumming my clit as her fingers also worked into my open channel. Mae Li proved to be a very learned lover and knew the female anatomy very well as she quickly took me to a nice orgasm with her slim fingers.

As her fingers continued to probe and explore my pussy her lips continued to suck and lave all over my titties as she alternated her oral attention from one to the other. I was slobbering as this hot sexy oriental woman was taking me to new heights and my body was responding to her insistent fingers.

Mae Li undid my bra and it too fell to the storage room floor and then I felt her pushing me over onto a large pile of burlap sacks. As I laid there Mae Li moved between my legs and lowered her lips to my cuntal passage. Her breath was hot and I felt like it was scalding my naked pussy. Her fingers caressed my fleshy hips and then her mouth opened and engulfed my entire pubic region. I had felt this intense sensation before but it had been a very long time and as Mae Li continued to suck my entire pussy her tongue lapped at my clit.

Her tongue was raking along my sensitive nerves, ending at the tip of my clit and soon I could not hold back any longer as I grasped her head and pulled her against my grinding pussy and came into her mouth. Mae Li did not gag or try to fight me as she kept sucking on my pussy and her tongue continued to dance against my clit. I came a second time and then a quick third time.

I was breathing raggedly as Mae Li now sat up then moved over my body, lowering her wet pussy down onto my face. I looked at the long black hair that covered her wet pussy and knew what sweet treats were hidden behind that long thick black jungle. I did not hesitate as I pulled her ass down onto my awaiting mouth and began to make oral love to this young sweet girl. I tasted her juices and knew that it would only be a matter of minutes before she came in my mouth again. Mae Li was gently rocking her wet pussy along my face as my tongue probed her entire slit and even found her pretty puckered anal opening.

I grasped Mae Li's hips and held her against my face as I focused on her clit. Soon she was grunting, moaning and gasping as her breathing was hampered by her impending orgasm. As her body tensed and her sweet juices began to fill my mouth, I inwardly smiled knowing that this young, sweet woman had helped me accomplish my last part of my tasks that will greatly please my master.

Mae Li's body was now limber and still sitting on my upper chest as she looked down into my motherly eyes. I felt the connection we had for one another and knew that this young, sweet and very sexy woman would become closer to me each time we would meet in the future.

As I dressed and headed out to pay my bill Mae Li said, "Ma'am, your bill has been taken care of."

I hugged her saying, "Thank you Mae Li, thank you so very much for being with me today."

As I drove to the office I knew that my loving husband and master would be very pleased with my reports for each day of the week. I also knew that I would need to document this week as it was so very special and I knew that master would be happy to assign me another long pleasing task as this one in the very near future.

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