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A Naughty Shopping Trip

Sarah goes shopping and is given some help by Jenny
Sarah was out shopping, her best friend Cass was coming over to see her and they hadn't seen one another for a couple of months. Sarah was desperate to impress.

She had been in a few shops but hadn't been able to find anything that she felt was sexy enough, walking through the city she found herself looking in the window of a small boutique. The dresses on display where just the thing she had in mind, a little bit more expensive than she would have liked but Cass was worth it.

She entered the shop, there were one or two other people browsing the racks of clothes, some being helped by the assistants. She herself looked over the dresses and selected two she liked the look of; one was a short flowery summer dress; another a tight black dress, split right down the back.

She asked a pretty assistant if she could try the dresses on and was shown over to the corner of the shop, where hidden behind a curtain were two changing rooms, opposite one another.

"My names Jenny, I'll stay here, and if you need any help just let me know" the pretty assistant said.

Sarah entered the cubicle, and hung up the dresses on the peg. She removed her T-Shirt and slipped out of her skirt. She admired herself in the full length mirror. She selected the first dress, the summer dress; she slipped it over her head adjusted the straps and looked at herself in the mirror. The strong light from behind her shone through the thin material, her long slender legs silhouetted through the material. She liked the dress, it looked sexy, she felt sexy, she imagined going for a walk, with Cass, wearing this dress the sunlight shining through the material, Cass admiring her body, a hand sliding up the dress onto her thighs.

Sarah closed her eyes at the thought and involuntarily she ran a hand up under the dress onto her thighs, her fingers scratching along her thigh. She ran her fingers along her pussy, over her panties, her other hand started to massage her breasts though the dress. She opened her eyes and watched herself in the mirror touching herself, the hem of the dress raised, she watched herself touching her pussy. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the curtain to the dressing room wasn't closed fully; and in the other changing room she could see Jenny, the assistant, sitting on the bench. She was leaning back against the wall her, a hand pushed in the waistband of her skirt, she could see Jenny's hand working vigorously on her mound.

Sarah was shocked, embarrassed, and also turned on, this other woman was getting off watching her masturbate. Without thinking she called out to Jenny, asking for some assistance. She watched in the mirror as Jenny quickly removed her hand from her skirt, wiped her fingers clean, adjusted her clothes and left the other changing room.

"Can I help you?" Jenny asked stepping into the changing room.

"I'm, not sure which dress I should buy, I want something sexy to turn my friend on" adding "I haven't seen her for a month or so"

"Why don't I see you in the other dress?" Jenny asked.

Sarah raised the summer dress over her head, standing in front of the assistant in just her underwear; she looked in the mirror, watching Jenny admiring her body. Jenny then took the other dress and standing directly behind Sarah, slipped it over her head, helping the material over her skin, Sarah felt a hand touch her breast, perhaps the touch lasting slightly longer than she would have expected. Jenny continued to smooth the material over her bottom and over her hips, before finally standing back.

"Your panties are showing though, perhaps you should remove them for a better idea, shall I step outside."

Without saying anything, Sarah reached up under the dress and slowly peeled her panties down her legs, discarding them in the corner of the changing room.

Sarah watched in the mirror as Jenny walked back up to her and whispered in her ear "beautiful", Jenny's hands running over her shoulders down over her arms and brushed down her hips.

Jenny pulled Sarah around and looked her up and down, Jenny bent down to adjust the hem of the dress that was turned up.

As Jenny bent down Sarah edged forward, her mound close to Jenny's chin, Jenny looked up and Sarah edged herself onto Jenny. She gently pushed her aching mound onto Jenny's chin and sighed.

Jenny reacted by grinding herself onto Sarah, her nose nuzzling into her mound through the dress, she reached behind Sarah, pulling her onto her face.

Jenny now started to lift the hem of the dress, raising it, she wanted to see, Sarah's sweet pussy, she wanted access to her hot mound. She raised the dress up to Sarah's waist.

Sarah held the material, stopping it from covering her aching pussy again, she looked down at Jenny, kneeling between her thighs. She watched as Jenny edged herself forward, she could feel the hot breath of her tickling her mound and then she felt moist tongue of Jenny start to lick around her mound, up and down each side of her succulent slit, teasing her, until finally she felt Jenny run her tongue along her dripping slit, her lips parting easily as Jenny's probing tongue continued its journey.

Jenny licked for all she was worth, lapping at Sarah's hot dripping pussy, tasting her sweet juice. She felt her twitch as her tongue parted her delicate lips, she ran her tongue further up her slit, towards Sarah's hot clit. She took the throbbing clit into her mouth, gently nibbling it between her teeth, sucking it hard into her mouth. She then released it and ran her tongue back down her slit, until her tongue licked around her tight hole, she paused for a moment before she forced her tongue as deep as she could into Sarah's tight hole, using her hands to pull her onto her probing tongue.

Sarah lifted the dress over her head, and threw it in the corner of the changing room, she quickly released her bra, allowing her breasts to tumble free, she took each breast in her hands and started to massage them, squeezing her hot flesh, before taking her nipples between her fingers, and started to twist and pull the hardening buds.

Jenny raised herself from between Sarah's thighs, her lipstick smeared across her face, mixed with the wetness of Sarah's pussy. She looked her in the eye and slowly leant forward to kiss her, a peck at first, then with a bit more urgency, her tongue forcing its way into Sarah's mouth, they started to kiss passionately, their tongues intertwining.

Sarah could taste herself on Jenny, her sweet nectar spread across Jenny's face. As she continued to kiss she frantically tried to remove Jenny's clothes, she tried to pull her blouse off, fumbling with the buttons, until they started to pop off the blouse, the material ripping, neither girl caring as the blouse was pulled open. The clasp of the bra Jenny was wearing offering little resistance. Sarah broke away from the kiss and looked at the dishevelled looking Jenny, her blouse ripped, her bra undone, her breasts heaving, nipples erect. She then grabbed the skirt and pulled that down.

Jenny removed the ripped blouse and bra, feeling her nipples, squeezing them, feeling them harden even more, her skirt being pulled down her legs, she looked down and seeing Sarah between her thighs grabbed her head and brought her into her mound, only her lace panties, between her hot pussy and Sarah's mouth.

Sarah offered no resistance as she felt hands on her head forcing her into Jenny's pussy, she savoured the sweet smell, her tongue licking at jenny's mound through the lace. Using one hand she gathered the material together and pulled it tight, the lace digging into Jenny's wet slit, her lips parting easily, she started to slowly rub the material up and down, stimulating jenny's lips and clit. Finally she pulled the material to one side, and slowly started to run her tongue along Jenny's wet pink slit.

Finally they separated; Jenny lay herself on the floor and pulled Sarah on top of her, turning her around her mouth deliciously close to Sarah's throbbing sweet pussy, she raised her head and using her tongue rasped it along the Sarah's dripping slit. At the same time Sarah leant forward and sucked Jenny's hot clit into her mouth.

Sarah sucked on Jenny's clit, gently biting it and nibbling it, she slowly inserted a finger into Jenny's tight pussy, her finger sliding easily in, she slowly removed it and then pushed two, then three fingers into her dripping hole. With every thrust she could hear the wet squelching noise as Jenny's pussy took her fingers.

Jenny used her fingers to spread Sarah's lips apart, she admired her sweet pink pussy hole and hard clit, before she buried her tongue as deep as she could into the delicate hole. She alternated between clit and pussy, driving Sarah wild.

Sarah could feel her climax approach, her body started to twitch, she could feel her pussy start to spasm on Jenny's tongue.

Jenny sensing Sarah was close to cumming licked and sucked and probed Sarah harder and harder, she could feel Sarah's pussy spasm on her tongue, she felt Sarah's juice start to flood out of her as she started to cum, this sent Jenny over the edge. She started to cum, cum hard, she felt her own pussy explode with lust, her juice poured onto Sarah's mouth and fingers.

They rolled apart gasping, both of them slick with each other's juices. They lay panting on the floor for a few moments before they started to gather themselves together. They cleaned their faces and sorted their hair out.

Sarah put on the summer dress, put her underwear in her handbag, and kissed Jenny for a final time, tasting the musky scent of her own pussy still lingering on her jenny's lips.

Jenny put on the black dress and taking the remainder of the discarded clothes she left the changing room, as she did so she noticed that the other changing room was now occupied and she was sure she could hear a faint squelching sound and gasping. The shop was deserted; it must be the twenty five year old owner in the other changing room.
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