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A new beginning

Newly single woman meets new neighbors

A New Beginning

She smiled to herself as she unpacked the last box. She had finally left him and regained her own personality in the process, they had been together 12 years and she had finally had enough of always being treated like she was the housekeeper and maid.
The last thing she unpacked was a Home Sweet Home picture, just as she finished hanging it there was a tapping at her door. " Hi my name is Danielle; I thought you might need a cold drink" she reached out her hand to shake Danielles' hand, she felt a spark of electricity run between their hands "I live in the apartment down the hall, when your done drop by." she said. "By the way I am in apartment 2G" and then she was on her way down the hall.
As Michelle was putting the last few items away her mind kept going back to the attractive woman in 2G, she had never been with or even thought about being with another woman. But as she thought about her new neighbor she slid a hand between her legs and was surprised at the wetness. She leaned against the kitchen counter and started to slide her fingers in her pussy, feeling how wet she was, rubbing her clit and thinking about the woman in 2G she brought herself to a gushing orgasm.
After composing herself she locked her front door and went down the hall to 2G. The door was slightly ajar and she could hear moaning, she went in and saw Danielle sitting on her sofa with a large dildo between her legs, Danielle didn't notice her but Michelle was watching her from the hallway getting wet, and started to rub her clit through her shorts; rubbing her clit in time with every thrust of Danielles' dildo.
Michelle closed her eyes and didn't notice Danielle had gotten up and was walking towards her, Michelle gasped as Danielle touched her breast, " I have never been with another woman before." Michelle gasped "Just relax, your in good hands ." Danielle replied.
Danielle took Michelles' hand and led her to the sofa, and ran her fingers along her neck to her breasts and could feel her nipples straining against the fabric of her tank top. * She started to pinch her hard nipples, making Michelle moan, she slowly took off Michelles' top and immediately put her lips to one of her hard nipples, biting and flicking it with her tongue. Meanwhile she rolled the other nipple between two fingers.
Danielle looked up and watched Michelle with eyes closed suck on her fingers, Danielle slowly ran her fingers down Michelles' body to the waist band of her shorts and slid a hand into her shorts. Michele gasped as Danielles fingers brushed along the top of her panties. " I'm not sure" Michelle said between moans. But Danielle knew she wanted her to keep going, she started to rub her pussy through the silky fabric, which caused Michelle to moan louder and start to move her hips in time with Danielles' fingers. Danielle knew she was ready, and with that she slid a finger into her panties and touched Michelles' rock hard clit, further her fingers started spreading her pussy with her fingers. Michelle was breathing hard and starting to moan loudly.
Danielle started to slide a finger into her hot wet pussy, Michelle reached out and started to touch Danielles nipples. With two fingers now buried deep in Michelles' pussy, Danielle could feel her own juices wetting her panties. Danielle slid her hand out of Michelle's shorts and with a finger on both sides she started to slide them off of Michelle, not thinking it was fair she stood up and slid her own shorts to the floor in a heap.
Now both women were completely naked and Danielle knelt in front of Michelles' legs and sliding a hand up both of her thighs she parted Michelle's legs. Danielle lowered her mouth to Michelles' hot pussy and lightly flicked her clit; Michelle moaned " Oh yes, that feels good!" soon there were two fingers in Michelles' pussy slowly sliding in and out. Michelle had never been with another woman never mind licking her own pussy juice from a woman's fingers before, but Danielle was going to fix that. She took her fingers out of Michelles' wet pussy and put them into her mouth where she licked and sucked them clean.
After Michelle sucked Danielles' fingers clean they were immediately put back into her pussy, Michelle was now thrusting against the fingers in her pussy, "Oh god I'm going to cum!" with that Danielle lowered he mouth to Michelles' writhing pussy and latched on to her clit, pulling it between her teeth and started flicking it with her tongue. Michelle cried out as she just had the best orgasm in her life. "oh my god, that was amazing" Michelle said "glad you liked it" Danielle replied, as they both lay together on the couch. Michelle started to get dressed; she still had some work to do in her new home, and as she headed to the door Danielle asked her "would you like to do that again?" "Oh yes, I think I should return the favour" Michelle replied with a sheepish look in her eyes.
As she went down the hall to her apartment, she could feel the wetness between her legs, and as her thoughts went over what just happened there was a tingle in her pussy she had never felt before. She couldn't wait to go back to visit with her new friend.

Michelle decided to go to a coffee shop that she saw when she first came to the building. The sun was just starting to go down when she got to the coffee shop, she sat in a booth by the window with a beautiful view of the park. Sipping her coffee she glanced out the window and noticed this cute couple walking towards the park benches. Michelle was watching the couple as the woman sat on the bench and the guy who was with her stood behind her and leaned her backwards to kiss her deeply; Michelle was thinking to herself " I really shouldn't be watching them". But then they wandered down the path and Michelle felt compelled to follow them, she left the coffee shop and crossed to the park and quickly spotted the couple. Michelle hadn't noticed the cute guy in the coffee shop who also just happened to notice the couple as well as her and followed her to the park.
She crossed the street and quietly sat on the bench the couple was just at, and noticed to her good fortune that she there was a spot that she could see through; but wouldn't be noticed by the couple. "I guess they didn't notice me" she thought to herself. At the same time Michelle felt dirty watching them, the man gently laid her girlfriend onto the blanket they brought and kissed her deeply; "Are you sure no one can see us" she heard the girl whisper. not knowing Michelle was on the bench not 15ft from them. "No, don't worry" he said as he slid her pants off touching her panty clad pussy making her moan,
The girl tried to undo her boyfriends pants but he stopped her and said " No, this is just for you." and with that he slid off her panties and parted her legs so the slight breeze could blow against her exposed pussy. Michelle couldn't help herself and slid her hand into her own panties feeling the wetness, as she did that she took a quick look around to see if anyone had noticed her, no one had and she turned her attention to the young woman who was now having her pussy lightly touched, she was begging her boyfriend to lick her pussy, he knelt between her legs and started to lick her pussy slowly paying special attention to her clit. listening to the girl moan as she was being licked made Michelle very wet and she started to moan along with the girl, as she started to insert a finger in her pussy, Michelle watched the guy slowly insert a finger into his girlfriend. She eagerly took his finger and begged for more; as he slid a second finger into that wet pussy the girl moaned loudly that was Michelle's cue to slide a second finger into her own pussy, she kept watching and masturbating exploded in orgasm at the same time as the girl did . Michelle quickly composed herself and snuck away before anyone spotted her.
Michelle hurried home after that impromptu masturbation session, when she got inside she sat down to think about the days events. " I can't believe my day; my first lesbian experience and masturbating in the park watching another couple" she thought to herself with a satisfied grin on her face. She hoped no had seen her touch herself, not knowing the cute guy in the coffee shop was hiding in the shadows watching her. She hoped that maybe tomorrow night she might see the same couple out for a stroll, and with that happy thought in her head she went to sleep.
The next day Michelle started her first full day in her new apartment. She wasn't due to start her new job til Monday and it was Friday. So she decided to just relax in the beautiful park across the street; she gathered a few things and threw them into a straw bag and left. As she approached the park her thoughts turned to the previous evening as she watched that couple secretly. She blushed slightly at the thought of watching them, she noticed that there was a tingling between her legs, as she thought of them. She also thought about the cute guy she saw in the coffee shop that night, "was he single?" she thought to herself.
She arrived quickly at the park and stopped at the same bench when from behind a man walked up behind her and whispered in her ear.. "Hi there, remember me" ....then nibbled on her ear and covered her eyes. She became instantly turned on and had to catch her breath as he continued to nibble at her ear. He held her hands as his tongue flicked over her ear and on to her neck. he then bit her neck and shoulders as she moaned louder and arched her back to him. He was making her head spin and her senses quicken. He tells her to keep looking forward as he takes his hand away from her eyes... she's not allowed not to look back (just yet). he runs his hands over her shoulders and down her arms, he turns her head so that he could kiss her. Their tongues go into a frenzy as he kisses her deeper and deeper. He unzips her pants and slides his finger into her soaking wet pussy.. .he begins to finger her slowly at first ....rubbing and flicking her clit ...then he slides his finger into her pussy and pushes in and out ...slowly at first and then picking up speed, he then puts two fingers in. With his fingers inside her he tells her that he has more in store for her. What could it be, he blindfolds her and Michelle gasps, she is a bit afraid but so turned on.

Michelle never noticed that Danielle had been watching from the shadows, and was rubbing her pussy while watching Michelle being fingered, Danielle moved in front of Michelle, Danielle licked her lips and slid a hand between her legs. Michelle opened her legs as she felt a tongue slowly lick her clit. She moans as Danielle starts to lap at her very wet pussy.... and as she increased the pressure of her lips Michelle starts to quiver and moan...Danielle inserts one finger and then another in to her soaking pussy and she quickens her assault on Michelle's pussy...... Michelle puts her hands on Danielle's head and brings her face closer to her pussy moaning and begging to be allowed to cum......

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