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A new start. The love story of a sub pt2

Kelly accepts her slave collar and enjoys her new relationship
This is the second part of my story. I suggest to read the first part before to read this.
My full gratitude again to NaughtyAnn for her help and readproof. I couldn't have done it alone!

The next day was Saturday and the weekend had started, so I stayed in bed longer that morning as I was puzzled about my feelings. I thought about the man at the club who had been rude to me, initially, and then the woman who had been lying beside me in my bed.

I had been turned on by being humiliated, and I had definitely enjoyed being used and treated with no respect for my will or my needs.

This gave me something to think about as I showered, and then I decided I was quite hungry, so I went to the kitchen and made a mug of tea and ate some biscuits.

Later I had a simple cold lunch and, a while later, the doorbell rang. As I wasn't expecting anyone, I peeped through the little window next to the door. A shiver ran from my head to my toes when I saw the red haired woman in front of the door.

My pussy started to tingle as I rushed towards the door to open it, the redhead stepped in and as I said "Hi" I closed the door and stood watching her as she walked to the centre of the room, dropped a sports bag and turned to me.

"I see you have learning problems, slut!" she said.

My eyes widened and I understood immediately. Running towards her, I dropped my bathrobe, unfastened my bra and threw it on the floor, then removed my panties and fell on my knees before her.

"I am sorry Mistress. I didn't think..." I stammered.

"I? Who the hell is this I you talk about? I can't see anyone here! Maybe I am in the wrong place and I should leave!" she told me.

My arousal was raised quickly and I was turned on just at the thought of having her giving orders to me.

"This slut is sorry Mistress! Please don't leave Mistress. This slut was surprised and didn't react quickly enough. This slut begs Mistress forgiveness!” I begged.

"We'll see. Now you, slut, listen to me carefully. You will be punished, because sometimes you will deserve it as the slut you are. Sometimes it will be part of your training or simply because I please to. Is that clear?" she replied.

"It is clear, Mistress.” I whispered.

"Well, now I am going to punish you, but before that I will give you a choice" she told me.

Searching through the sports bag she took out a black leather collar, with a metal D ring on its front, followed by a spanking paddle.

"This is the choice. You will accept to obey me and be my willing slave slut, and then you will earn the collar, the training and the punishments you deserve; or you will be free as you were until yesterday to live your pitiful life, and I will leave this house and won't return, I will not even acknowledge your presence if we meet somewhere. Make your choice, NOW!" she commanded.

I didn't even falter for a second.

"This slut will accept the collar and deserves the punishment that my Mistress thinks will be suitable for such a pitiful unworthy slut. Your slut will be honoured to serve her Mistress and to learn how to please her in the best way possible" I answered.

"Well, there is one more rule. You will have a safe word and if ever you want to stop what is happening, the very moment you say that word everything will cease and you will be free. Is the importance of this safe word clear to you?" she said.

"It is clear Mistress” I replied.

“Good, so, now speak your acceptance of the collar; say his meaning and the duty it bears" she asked me.

"This slut accepts the slave collar and will be the obedient slave belonging to Mistress Serena” I vowed to her “this slut will be punished on the final decision of her Mistress and will be pleased to satisfy the Mistress in all of her needs."

She leaned towards me, put the collar around my neck and then looked in my eyes noticing that I did not falter. As the collar closed around my neck, I felt complete for the first time in my life.

"From now on, slave; the collar will be the sign of your submission to me. With the collar on, you won't have any will other than to please me. You won't have to think, you will just obey" she told me.

I felt grateful to her, although it startled me, to be accepted as slave, but I didn't have to think. It wasn't needed; in fact I would have someone to do my thinking for me!

"Slut is grateful to Mistress for accepting to train such an unworthy slave" I said.

She took the sports bag and ordered me to follow her as she made her way to my bedroom, and then emptied the contents of the bag onto the end of the bed as I knelt before her.

"Come on the bed and lay on your belly” she ordered.

As soon as I did I was hit hard on my ass with the paddle and I screamed.

"Did I say you could make sound?" she asked me.

"No Mistress, your slut is sorry” I replied.

The second hit was less unexpected, and I managed to bite my lower lip to avoid yelling. After the fifth hit my ass was burning, but now I could only feel pain and no arousal, and tears were dripping from my eyes.

"Slave, you know why you have been punished?” she said to me.

I knew the answer, as it was so simple for me to acknowledge my slavery flaws, so I replied immediately.

"Slut got punished because she didn't behave properly, showed lack of respect to Mistress when she arrived at her slut's home. The slut has been also punished for her scream without permission when she started to get her deserved punishment.”

I got the hint of a satisfied smile on her mouth as she undressed and sat in front of me, with only her tights on. This was the first time that I had seen her tits. They were amazing, so big, steady and wonderful to look at with such lovely nipples that I longed to suck and touch. As she opened her legs wide she watched me and started caressing her tits, her nipples hardened as they stood out to her touch.

Now I was puzzled, was this an order to obey, or an invitation I had to ignore? I was so eager to taste her juices again and I could see the glistening of her wetness starting to ooze between her love lips. It was hard not to give into temptation and then I understood. She didn't make any gesture to ask me go between her legs so I simply knelt in the slave position that she had taught me, my long hair all around my body.

"Little slut. Don't you like your Mistress’s pussy?" she queried.

I shivered and feared that I had made the wrong choice. My tears were drying now and my butt was starting to recover from the earlier punishment.

"This slut love Mistress’s pussy and she hopes she can eat it again” I told her.

"Why didn't you come here to eat it when I opened my legs for you? Can’t you see that I am aroused and soaked with desire?" she asked with a cold, cutting voice.

"This unworthy slut did see that, but she wasn't ordered to do anything. So this slut behaved her Mistress and sat and waited for her orders” I replied.

She couldn't avoid being surprised.

"You behaved well, slut. Now here is the order and your prize is to make me cum!"

I literally jumped up to reach her. My hands cupped her breasts, and while caressing a nipple with a thumb, I put my mouth to the other, touching it with the tip of my tongue, then licking and sucking it. I then switched to the other nipple and repeated my teasing. What a delightful taste!

As I was sucking her nipples, I could hear her moaning and my right hand lowered to her belly, then shifted on her waist. I couldn't get enough of her body and I wished that I had many more hands, mouths and tongues to cover every inch of her luscious body. Her moaning increased when my hand reached between her legs as one of my fingers slid easily inside her most private place.

Keeping the other hand on her tits, teasing her hard nipples, my mouth slid on her belly, my tongue leaving a wet stream across her body. Then I pushed two of my fingers inside her as I started licking between her lips and sucking her clit. Her sounds became louder and louder, her hands keeping my head in place - as if I would have stopped!

Taking my fingers out of her I replaced them with my tongue. I desperately wanted to put them in my own dripping pussy, but I remembered the order she gave me not to touch myself and not to cum until allowed. This was torture and arousing at the same time!

As her legs started to tremble, her pussy stiffened, and then she started to cum. Her back raised up from the bed as her body formed an arc. Cum shot out of her cunt and my face was drenched by her juices, which I tried to swallow. She lay on the bed, completely worn out and I licked her juices until she was dry, then I cleaned my face with my fingers, licked them and then resumed slave posture.

My pussy was aching in desire and my thighs were moistened by the juices that had leaked from my overheated cunt. After some minutes, Serena recovered then she stood up and looked at me noticing my unease.

"You did good slave!" she told me.

"Slut is happy that Mistress is pleased” I whispered.

"Slut touched her pussy to make herself cum, I can see she is uneasy. Does she deserve another punishment?" she asked me.

"Mistress, this slut did not touch the slave slut body belonging to Mistress. She was ordered not to touch and not to cum and obeyed Mistress” I told her “she is uneasy because the slut's pussy is dripping down her legs and she craves release. Regarding slut’s punishment, slut cannot say if it is deserved. It is up to Mistress to say if she decides slut deserves to be punished, and then slut will accept her punishment."

"Come here and kiss me” she ordered.

I walked toward her and we kissed for the very first time, it was like drink from a fresh fountain. Our tongues chased each other, we explored each other’s mouths and then she told me to lie on the bed as she had not yet tasted me.

"Slave slut is eager to obey. Slut requests permission to talk?" she nodded in agreement.

"Slut is unworthy of such honour. Yet slut is happy for being so honoured. Slut is grateful to belong to Mistress".

Then I lay on the bed and she started caressing my whole body, focussing on my tits and nipples. She bit my nipples a little, which gave me a mixture of pain and pleasure. I knew I was about to cum already. Knowing I was so aroused she moved between my legs and started sucking and licking my pussy essence. Then with a final stroke, she took my clit between her lips and sucked it, I literally exploded in her mouth as she swallowed what she could.

She stood up and ordered me to sit in my slave position, I could barely stand but I obeyed as new instructions were given.

"As for self touching and cumming, again you are not allowed to and as soon as I leave this house, you will start to tidy up this mess, and then you will find a place to put away the tools of slavery that I have given you” she commanded.

"That place will be here in the bedroom, where they can be reached easily. Then you will check that your everyday clothes are apart from your working ones, and you will keep only those that enable you to be easily accessible and undressed. As for underwear, when you are at work you will have to dress properly and retain a certain amount of decency; however when you are at home you will not need to wear bra at all” she continued.

"I will make the decision as to whether you will need panties or not, and what you will wear, if anything” she said.

I gave her the key of my house, so that she could come and go as she pleased whenever she wanted to.

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