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A New Toy

Miss Caitlin's new recruit...
Megan looks shocked as she lies sprawled on the floor, hearing her own mother utter the desire for a turn. With her sensitive pussy still quivering from the epic teasing that it had received from Becky and cum still dripping out, she looks round at the other girls and Caitlin stands up and whispers something to Emma – whose face cracks into a wicked smile. Fiona (Megan’s mother) sits nervously, her nipples clearly visible through the t-shirt and can’t stop staring at her daughter’s dripping wet slit; Emma notices this and whispers something back to her mistress. Megan rolls onto her back, her pussy tender from the intensive treatment and she gasps for air trying to calm herself down. Caitlin talks with both Emma and Becky, planning the next step and Megan quickly glances at her mother for a reaction; Fiona smiles at her and bites her lower lip a little, shyly enjoying her daughter’s new activity.

“Very well Fiona, I think we have come up with a suitable solution for you. Emma, please take Megan to the other room and prepare her,” commands Caitlin, her eyes glinting at the prospect of more fun.

“Yes Miss Caitlin,” says Emma, moving closer to Megan – softly stroking her breasts and squeezing her bum as she guides her to another room. “I’m so sorry Megan,” she murmurs and she quickly restrains Megan into the stocks (a restraining device that holds the wrists and necks in a bent over position) and locking it shut. Emma kneels in front of Megan, kissing the soft, luscious lips passionately before putting a ball-gag in place, then standing up and calling to the others. Megan hears footsteps behind her, fully aware that her bum and pussy are completely exposed and that she is totally helpless – Miss Caitlin appears in front of her to provide a distraction as Becky leads a now blindfolded, and naked, Fiona to the sofa. Becky plants a kiss on Fiona as Emma and Caitlin work swiftly to tie Fiona’s wrists down; this prompts the older girl to squirm and whimper a little, falling silent as Caitlin clears her throat.

“Now Fiona,” Caitlin begins. “I do not normally like the idea of this slightly awkward situation of you and your daughter. That is why she was removed to another part of the house – the blindfold is to heighten the pleasure. Now of course, you’re familiar with the rules and will need permission to cum every time. Girls, you may begin when you are ready,” says Miss Caitlin softly, stroking Megan’s hair as her eyes are drawn to her mother’s glistening pussy.

Emma and Becky share a slow kiss before sitting on either side of their new toy; Becky starts kissing Fiona’s neck softly, extracting a soft moan of pleasure from her, just as Emma lowers her target and licks the full and perky breast – teasing the nipple with her tongue and beginning to suck on it. Stroking up each side of her body, Becky and Emma tease Fiona alternately – never giving her body a rest from the pleasure as each of her nipples are sucked on and licked. Fiona feels her pussy moisten and she squeezes her legs together in an attempt to stimulate herself – however Emma uses her lightning quick reflexes to force the girl’s legs apart, signalling Becky to do the same, leaving her pussy in plain view of Miss Caitlin; and also the apparently absent Megan. Starting to feel lonely and left out, Megan struggles a little in her restraints; and in doing so she triggers her own desire for orgasm, her puffy pussy lips coating themselves in her own juices, desperate for a licking, or fingering or anything – just totally desperate for attention. Fiona writhes on the sofa, Emma starting to work her magic with her fingers and with Becky following her lead; Emma slides her slender finger up Fiona’s wet pussy lips, with Becky doing the same a fraction later leaving Fiona no time to recover from each touch. Unable to control herself, Fiona’s hips buck violently, desperately trying to get those fingers inside her instead of tormenting her and driving her wild with pleasure. Becky giggles as both she, Emma and Miss Caitlin recognize the buck of the hips from teasing Megan previously and they know how to prolong and tease an extremely sensitive pussy.

“Ohh god please! Please no more teasing! Please!” whimpers Fiona as her back arches, still trying to please her pussy with fingers but unable to satisfy herself.

“This is just the beginning dear girl,” giggles Becky.

Both girls stop fondling Fiona’s pussy – much to the delight of Megan who is now so jealous of her mother getting all the attention, feels her pussy dripping wet from watching and her desire for orgasm growing with every passing second. Caitlin notices Megan’s hips rocking a little and she places a finger on her pussy lips, Megan grateful for the contact starts grinding her soaking pussy along her mistress’ finger – desperate for more attention. Emma now straddles Fiona, teasing the woman’s upper body and mouth while Becky kneels between her legs, proceeding to tease the very sensitive pussy. Becky runs her tongue all over the moist slit of Fiona, feeling the legs squeeze as her tongue flicks at the swollen clit, sucking on it a little; Emma stifles all the moans with kisses as her hands rub and squeeze the girl’s hard nipples, holding the whole body as it squirms beneath her. Sliding her tongue around the clit and pussy lips, Becky slides her tongue inside Fiona causing her to gasp into the next passionate kiss.

“Oh please Miss Caitlin, oh god please can I cum?” begs Fiona, breaking the kiss with Emma.

“No dear, not yet,” replies Caitlin, her finger now stroking Megan’s puffy pussy lips and sliding inside her, causing the girl to moan and whimper into her gag.

Emma and Becky swap places: Emma the master pussy teaser and Becky the aggressive kisser begin to work in sync yet again, pleasuring Fiona to new heights only to be denied at the finish. Becky kisses Fiona rather forcefully, sucking on her tongue and lips, biting her a little whilst Emma uses the opposite approach on the pussy – softly licking and sucking on the pussy lips, feeling those hips buck into her face as her lips nibble gently on the swollen clit. Fiona tries to speak again, begging for permission but Becky’s tongue silences her – the moans and the smell of wet pussy filling the room, driving each girl (particularly Megan and Fiona) further into ecstasy. Caitlin begins fingering Megan harder and faster, her muffled moans lost in the louder moans from her mother; Emma torments Fiona’s pussy more, her tongue licking up each lip and sucking on the clit greedily as Becky kisses her neck, squeezing her breasts and stroking her body.

“You may cum now,” announces Caitlin – of course meaning Megan as well as Fiona.

Both girls explode with pleasure: Megan’s hips start to shake violently as her legs struggle to keep her standing, her girly cum spraying onto Miss Caitlin’s hand and the floor; Emma quickly moves away and both her and Becky slide two fingers into Fiona’s soaking pussy, fingering her faster and faster, sliding it in deeper as her moans fill the room – her cum sprays out of her pussy as her hips also shake violently as her powerful orgasm shoots through her whole body. Gasping for air, Fiona whimpers as Emma and Becky lick her pussy clean, every touch sending a tingling sensation through her body – Caitlin approaches her and kisses her very softly and removes her blindfold.

“You two have very similar patterns, and it seems you also have similar, messy results too,” says Miss Caitlin. “As you watched her cum earlier, I only thought it would be fair for her to see you as well. Becky, Emma – you two did an extremely good job, you both must be desperate yourselves now, you can have fun in any other room now,” she says, smiling at her two favourites.

“Thank you Miss Caitlin,” chorus the girls, their hands on each other’s pussies already as they walk out the door. Caitlin releases the gag on Megan and unties Fiona and disappears out the door, leaving the two girls alone.

“Jealous dear?” murmurs Fiona to her gorgeous daughter.

“You have no idea,” whimpers Megan.

Both girls then sigh, content with life – each fantasising about a different girl: Fiona about Miss Caitlin; and Megan desiring Emma, fully conscious that she is falling in love.

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