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A new way to play Cupid -Part One-

This is my first story, please leave feedback so I can improve.
"Just you wait, the birthday present I got you is amazing!" Zoe, my best friend said excitedly.

I couldn't help but smile at her words as I recalled her previous presents. For my sixteenth birthday, she gave me my first orgasm. Last year I unwrapped a vibrator, which has become a common toy in our play times. With such great gifts in the past two years, I had no idea what she could possibly have in mind for my eighteenth. I couldn't resist asking though. "Well, where is it?"

"Oh, you won't get it until tonight. By the way, you're staying at my house tonight." She replied with her devious smile giving the last clue that I was in for some sexual fun this evening.

Just the thought of it had excitement spreading through my limbs. As usual my thoughts went to our first night together. My boyfriend at the time had just dumped me and I took it hard since he was my first. Zoe had been trying to help me feel better when she discovered that he had never made me cum. Apparently, Zoe didn't like that fact, she came onto me, telling me that she would show me why I shouldn't care about him. And show me she did.

A sudden banging jolted me from myreminiscing, I looked out the car window into Kyle's smiling face, holding a wrapped box. Kyle was our other best friend. The three of us have been nearlyinseparablesince we were six, though he tended to be excluded from the sleepovers. I smiled back as I stepped out of the car, immediately he pulled me against his 6'3" frame into one of his bear hugs. I sighed contentedly in his arms, wishing I had the courage to tell him how I feel. He set me back down to hand me his gift. "Happy birthday, Ash!"

"Kyle, you didn't need to get me anything." I responded as I opened the gift. I gasped when I seen the necklace. It was beautiful, a question mark in black and pink stones, my favorite colors, set in silver. I looked up at him fondly. "Kyle, it is so beautiful. I don't know how to thank you."

A blush rose into his cheeks as he mumbled. "You're welcome."

"Why a question mark?"

"Oh, that has special meaning, which you'll find our later. But lets get you into your party."

I tried to argue, but they dragged me into therestaurantto greet my family. The evening went quickly, as those I loved the most helped me celebrate my birthday. But two questions kept me somewhat distracted. What did Kyle mean? and What did Zoe have in mind for tonight?

Gratefully, Zoe and I reached her house almost before I knew it. Thinking about what might happen tonight had me soaking wet and I wasn't going to wait long to receive my gift. With her parents gone for the week the house was ours, enabling me pounce on the firstopportunitythat presented itself.

It came when we went into her room to set my bags down and change. As we undressed I watched Zoe, she was gorgeous from head to toe. She had rich, brown hair that fell to her mid back, and warm, brown eyes that nearly matched her hair in shade. Her nose small and straight, her soft, supple, kissable lips set beautifully above her small delicate chin. Her face gave the look of innocence but her body beckoned the dirty thoughts currently rushing through my mind. Years of soccer had toned her body beyond belief, accenting her given attributes perfectly. Her breasts were a bit more than a handful with small pink nipples giving them an even larger look. Her flat belly could make a saint drool in need of kissing it, Her legs were somewhat long for her short stature, leading gracefully to her plump round ass. My eyes than fell to her most desirable spot. That beautiful, juicy pussy beckoned my tongue with the visible wetness beginning to form.

Seeing her body always made me a bit envious, at 5'11", my legs were the only thing that made others jealous. Long and toned, leading up to my heart shaped ass that begged to be grabbed. My belly was flat, but my B cup breasts off set the "perfect" look. It was all topped off with my shoulder length, dark blonde hair, green eyes with bits of hazel on the outside. My nose rounded a bit more than what might be desirable, but my large, plump lips helped distract from that. Though I would get a few envious thoughts seeing Zoe, I still was proud of my body.

After admiring her, I was nearly dripping. I couldn't wait much longer, my need for release almost overwhelming. I decided to move things along. "So, where is this amazing present I was promised?"

Zoe stepped to me and began running her fingers softly up my inner thigh as she spoke. "You'll get your gift after I see to another matter."

As she finished, she slipped her middle finger deep into my hungry cunt. A small moan fell from me as I moved to return the favor. Kissing and playing with one another, we slowly moved back toward the bed. Reaching our destination, I pushed her onto it, and crawled on top of her. We kissed again, our tongues fighting for dominance, I moved my hand to encircle one of her bountiful breasts. She moaned slightly and I began my descent down her luscious body. Kissing down her neck, nibbling slightly at collarbone. She began squirming as I hit her favorite spots with my mouth. As I reached her breasts I took one in each hand and brought my mouth to her left one. I sucked slightly at her nipple, than circled it with my tongue. Quickly, I changed to a moreaggressive pace, pulling my leg up to rub against her waiting pussy, and I began sucking hard at her breast. Eventually, taking her harden nipple between my teeth to pull slightly and flick my tongue rapidly across the tip. With that, Zoe moaned loudly and began squirming. Taking my time I teased a bit more by switching to her right breast to repeat the same routine. By the time I reached her throbbing mound she had already cum once and was eager for more. I flicked my tongue out to taste her sweet juices, before running my tongue the length of her slit. Moaning loudly, Zoe rocked against my mouth, begging me to attack her clit. Without disappointment, I went for it. Sucking her nub into my mouth and using my tongue to further her pleasure. To her surprise and inserted to fingers into her pussy, and seconds later she came. I lapped up her juices before moving to lay next to her with a wicked smile on my face. After she came back down from her pleasure induced high she turned to me. "Your turn."

She moved down my body slowly following a similar pattern I had done. Her pace wasleisurely, enjoying our game greatly. But before I knew what to think she rushed to my aching pussy, furiously working her tongue all around it. The change of pace brought my waiting orgasm on quickly. I came almost immediately. After she cleaned my pussy of any juices, she looked up at me from between my thighs. "Now its time for your present."

I gave a confused look, when a noise pulled my attention to the still open door. And there stood Kyle, with his mouth open in awe.

Part two will be coming shortly. Thank you for reading. Please tell me how I can improve.

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