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A Nice Distraction



Ann knew Pearl had been working very hard in school. It was Pearl’s second year in college and she was feeling a little overwhelmed with everything. Too much to do and not enough time to do it, she heard Pearl say more than once. Ann hoped she could take her mind off of school this weekend.

Ann was a few years older than Pearl and already out in the “real world” as Pearl called it. She was a teacher so she was off on the same days as her lover was.   They were able to spend most of their free time together and did, loving each other’s company.

Pearl would come and stay with Ann on the weekends. Often the time was spent studying but Ann didn’t mind she just loving being together. Being able to take care of this woman she has come to love makes her more than happy.

Pearl loved her time spent with Ann so much. When she was with her it seems the troubles just vanished or at the very least diminished when she was with her. They had only known each other for a short while but Pearl couldn’t imagine life without her Ann. She looked forward to the weekends when she would go and stay with her. It was a three day weekend coming up and she couldn’t wait. She was doing her best to get all her class work done so she would have little to do come the weekend.

Finally Friday afternoon arrived. Pearl was in her dorm room packing her bag when Ann walked in.

“Hey baby how’s it going?”

Pearl looks up and sees her woman dressed in jeans and a blue button down shirt. The top few buttons undone to show off her rather large breasts that were all but busting out of the shirt. Pearl looking her up and down says,

“Going real good now that you’re here sexy.”

“You see something you like baby?” Ann asks running her hands across her breasts undoing yet another button.


Pearl walks up to Ann and wraps her arms around her lover kissing her bottom lip biting her a little. She hears Ann moan a little at the bite and feels her lover’s hands on her ass pulling her closer as she squeezes.

“I have been thinking about you all day baby. I want you right now.” Ann says her hand going between her lover’s legs rubbing at her thighs.

Pearl pushes away from Ann and walks back towards her bed where she continues to pack, shaking her head at her lover even though she is turned on at the sight of her walking in with her shirt half undone.

“Not now baby let’s get out of here.”

Ann walks up behind her running her hands along Pearl’s sides and then her stomach and up towards her breasts. She starts to caress and rub Pearl’s small perky breasts. Already she can feel her lover’s large nipples start to harden. She smiles to herself knowing she has her now.

“Come on baby just let me take you a little. I want to hear you moan for me.” Ann says as she starts undoing Pearl’s pants.


Pearl grabs Ann’s hands trying to stop her and yet not wanting her to stop at the same time. She loves when Ann dominates her and just takes what she wants. It is such a turn on to her. And she knows Ann loves when she protests and fights her a bit. Pearl can’t help but smile to herself thinking they are perfect together as she tries to fight off Ann’s advances.

“Aw baby come on you know you want me.” Ann whispers in her ear her hand rubbing low on her stomach.

“Yes baby but not now… stop.”

Pearl struggles in Ann’s grasp and is getting more excited by the minute as Ann starts to kiss and suck on her neck. Pearl can’t help the moan that escapes from her mouth when she feels Ann’s teeth nibbling at her neck and then sucking lightly.

“Ann you are gonna leave a mark stop it.”

Ann stops and almost growling in her lover’s ear says,

“That is what I want. I want everyone to know your mine. You belong to me.”

“Yes love I am yours…I am yours.” Pearl sighs giving in to Ann.

  Ann’s teeth on her neck always make her feel submissive and Pearl’s body starts to relax giving up the fight. She sighs again wanting nothing more than to feel Ann’s touch on her body.

“Yeah that’s it baby…you know you want it.” Ann says with a smile.

Ann takes her hand and moves it down the front of Pearl’s body, slipping inside her jeans she rubs her pussy feeling Pearl’s wetness even through her panties.

“Mmm…my baby is wet and ready for me I see.”

“Yes I want your fingers inside me now please.” Pearl moans.

Ann’s hands run down her legs and then back up again taking Pearl’s pants and panties down with her as she goes. Ann stands back up behind her, her hands caressing Pearl’s breasts through her clothes. She takes one hand and moves slowly down Pearl’s stomach then between her legs cupping her lover’s pussy in her hand.

“This belongs to me doesn’t love?” she ask as she rubs on her.

“Yes Ann. Yes. Every inch of my body is your all yours.”

Pearl loves when Ann makes claims to her body. She is becoming more and more excited as she starts to hump against her lover’s hand. Wanting… no needing to feel Ann’s fingers inside her.

“I want you.” Pearl moans.

“I know baby.” Ann whispers in her ear.

  When she feels Ann’s finger sliding inside she moans aloud loving the feel. She starts to move her hips back in forth trying to get her finger to go deeper as she feels Ann start to suck her neck again causing yet another moan to escape from her lips.

Ann has one hand on her lover’s breast the other is between her legs fingering her slow at first then faster as she hears Pearl moaning for her. She continues to suck on her neck as Pearl’s body start to hump harder and harder against her hand. She slides one and a another finger inside her, moving her hand in a frenzy wanting to make her lover cum. She hears Pearl’s moans getting louder and louder her breath coming quicker and knows she is close.

“Yes that’s it baby. Cum for me. Cum in my hand baby. Yes. Yes that’s it give it to me.” She whispers in her lover’s ear over.

When Pearl hears her lover telling her to cum she starts to move her hips faster and harder wanting to do exactly what Ann is telling her, wanting to cum for her. Her body starts it familiar shaking and jerking slightly as she cries out and cums hard in Ann’s hand.

After she catches her breath she turns around and wraps her arms around Ann, kissing her and then says,

“God sweetheart that was amazing. I love the way you touch me.”

Ann smiles saying,

“I aim to please ma’am. Am I a great distraction or what?”

Pearl caresses Ann’s cheek and with a mischievous glint in the eye says,

“Great? Well I wouldn’t go that far… how about… you’re a so-so distraction.”

“So-so huh? I’ll show you so-so.”

Ann grabs Pearl and tosses her on the bed and starts to tickle her relentlessly. Before long Pearl has tears streaming down her cheeks from laughing so hard.

“Baby…Baby…please...please…stop… you are a great distraction…GREAT I swear!”

“And don’t you forget it.” Ann says leaning in for a kiss. Her hand caressing Pearl’s breast.

Pushing Ann away Pearl tells her,

“Oh don’t even think about it I’m going to finish packing and we are leaving I am starving.”

“But baby….”

“Don’t but baby me you should of thought of that before you starting messing around with me. You know we have dinner reservations and I don’t want to be late.”

“Baby…seriously.” Ann pleads.

“Yes sweetheart seriously now move out of the way so I can finish up. I was almost done when you attacked me.” Pearl says with a laugh.

Pearl finishes packing her weekend bag and they head out the door with Ann pouting just a little. Pearl laughs when she sees her lovers face and winking at her tells her,

“Maybe if you are good we can fool around later.”        

A grin spreads onto Ann’s face when she hears that saying,

“Oh I’ll be an angel then baby.”

Pearl laughs out loud at that saying,

“Sweetheart… you… an angel. Now that I would love to see.”

Ann gives a little growl and mock glares at her lover.

“I am always an angel baby.”

“Sure you are love. Sure you are.” Pearl says.

Pearl kisses her lover on the cheek and taking her hand they head out the door. Both smiling as they look forward to the many ways they can distract one another this weekend.


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