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A Night In

Two friends fill each others needs.
I had just let the tip of my velvety soft vibrator penetrate my core when I heard the shrill rings of my phone. Who needed to speak to me now? Can't it wait just a little longer? Irritated, I picked up the phone and muttered a quick, "Yeah?"

"Hey Tiff, how are you?"

"Fine, Noelle."

"Did I interrupt something? You sound a little annoyed."

"No, nothing at all."

"Okay, great! Listen, can I come over for a bit? I need to talk to you about something pretty important."

"Sure, see you soon."

I put my phone down and sighed. Now what? The mild heat pulsing down below was a sure sign I couldn't just let this be, but I had to dress and put some coffee on for Noelle's arrival. I slipped on a light t-shirt and short skirt, minus the bra and panties to hopefully take care of something before she showed up. Heading downstairs, I went to put coffee on and pulled out some cookies. Whenever Noelle needed to talk, it was always about something bad. She would always spend a long time here, but what else could I do? That's what friends are for.

I strolled over to the couch and sat down on the edge, hiking my skirt up in the process. There was no time to waste, and I started to rub my clit. I then pushed my middle finger inside myself, and started to manipulate my fingers in tandem. This was bringing me closer, and I couldn't help but moan out loud. I tilted my head back and started moving my hips to match my finger movements. Oh, this felt good.

That's when I heard the knock. I jumped up and banged my shin off the coffee table. "Fuck." I tried to wipe my hand on the inside of my skirt as I walked to the front door. I grabbed the handle and pulled, and that's when I felt a small trickle of what could only be my juice running down my thigh. I really hope she didn't notice.

"Tiffany! Thank you so much for letting me come over, I've had the worst day."

"No problem, come on in. I have coffee and cookies, and let’s hear all about it."

She walks in and heads straight for the kitchen. She plops in a chair and I bring her a coffee with milk, and two chocolate chips cookies. I sit in the chair beside her, hoping it will soak up any remaining juice, and she starts into a long rant about her boss and how he's treating her.

"He makes me feel like a piece of meat and that's all. He told me to get a file from the bottom shelf, and I know it was just to stare at my ass! Then I was bent over by a desk and he came up behind me and I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass. Then I got home, and Steve said he didn't want to be with me anymore. He had all his stuff packed, and he just left! What did I do?"

She started to cry so I ran my hands over her tan arms and pulled her into an embrace. I could feel her hot tears soak into my shirt.

“Your boss is such a creep. That’s not right at all; did you talk to somebody about what he did?”

She sniffled. “No, because he caught me playing with myself at my desk, so if I try to get him into trouble, I’ll end up getting fired!”

The thought of her sitting at her desk, reaching a hand down to spread her lovely folds open, started the fire down between my thighs. The sounds of her sobs brought me back from my imagination.

“Oh sweetheart, it will be okay. Do you want to spend the night here? That way, if Steve tries to make an appearance, you won’t be anywhere near there.”

“Thanks Tiff, I was hoping you’d ask. I already have everything.”

“Why don’t we move to the living room? We can watch a movie if you’d like.”

She rose and walked towards the living room, and I couldn’t help but watch the sway of her hips. What was I doing? I stood up and glanced down, and there is a large round wet spot left in the seat! I make a mental note to clean it later, and head into the living room. Noelle was standing in front of the seat I was sitting in earlier, staring down at the cushion.

“Did you spill something here?”

“Haha, oh, yeah. I was drinking some water and when you knocked, it startled me.”

She stared at me before shrugging and sitting down. We made more small talk, and she started to look happier.

“Thanks for letting me come over, it has really helped. I really appreciate it, Tiff.”

I just smiled and hugged her. “You know you can come to me anytime. I’ll be here no matter what.”

She gripped me tighter and I felt our breasts mash together. Noelle then stepped back a little, to look right at me, and then gave me a soft peck on the cheek. ”Is this okay?”

“It couldn’t be better.” I let my hands run up and down her back, all the way down her ass.

“I need this, can we do this? I just need to feel loved, Tiffany.”

“You know I love you, you goof.” I looked at her eyes, and saw just how needy she was. You could see just how much it meant to be loved by anyone. I got close, and kissed her full lips. She was so sweet; I had to stay close for an extra second. She ran her hands up into my hair, and trapped her fingers between my curls. I cupped her ass and turned my head to kiss her neck. She let out a soft moan in an exhale of breath, and then pushed me away. “Stop. If we are going to do this, I want it done properly.” With that I linked arms with her and dragged her upstairs to my bedroom.

At the top of the stairs, I pulled Noelle in for another quick kiss and a light smack on her bum. I pushed the door of my bedroom open, and sitting on the bed was my vibrator!

“Haha, is this what you were up to when I called?”

A slight blush crept over my cheeks and I shrugged. I hopped on the bed and pushed the vibrator aside. “Who knows, this could come in handy in a few minutes,” I giggled, and Noelle climbed onto the bed on top of me. She sat on her knees in my lap and kissed me, while rubbing my shoulders. I reached around and caressed her bum as she started to lightly grind into me. I grabbed to bottom hem of her shirt and lifted the material over her head. We stopped kissing for a moment to take off her top and let it fall to the floor. She pushed me back so I was lying down, and began kissing down my face, neck, and shoulders. She kissed over the top of the material of my shirt on my breasts and nipples, and I let out a small whimper. I pushed her off and took off the t shirt, letting my breast spill out.

Noelle got a look of lust in her eyes and grabbed one breast in her hand, and suckled the other into her mouth. I moaned and tried to reach around to unclasp Noelle’s bra. She gently bit down on my nipple and I felt my wetness begin to slide down my crack. I pushed her off and pulled her bra off and threw it to the ground.
I then undid and unzipped her jean shorts and pulled them down, revealing white lace panties with a dark spot already formed. I bent over and kissed where her clit was underneath the fabric, and she let out a soft moan. I sat back to just stare at her. “Do you realize just how beautiful you are?” I asked, staring.

Noelle giggled, “No, but thank you.”

I went up for another kiss on the lips, then reached down and took off her panties. I brought my mouth down and kissed her perky breasts, and put a nipple in my mouth. She moaned, and I kissed my way down her stomach, stopping just above her beautiful mound. I could smell her wetness, and my mouth watered. Her soft hair was damp as I kissed it, and then I spread her lips apart with my fingers, and kissed her directly on her clit. She inhaled sharply, and I could see her pussy glistening. I brought my tongue out and lightly licked her clit, before moving down and licking on top of the hole. I then let my tongue push inside the folds of her pussy, and she let out an audible moan, and pushed her pussy closer to my face. I went back up and started lightly licking her clit, and I let two fingers slide inside her.

“Oh my god, this feels amazing Tiffany.” I glanced up and saw that her nipples had turned into little rocks, she was so turned on. The fire in my pussy intensified.

I kept licking and pushing my fingers into her for some time until I heard her breathing get heavier, and her eyes were closing. I knew she was getting closer; her juices coated my hand and started making a puddle on my bed. I felt her body tense, she let out a huge moan, and her pussy clamped down on my fingers. She started gushing and then began to thrash; it was the most amazing orgasm I’ve seen.

She relaxed, panting, and said, “Thank you so much, that was incredible.”

“I’ve only just started with you Noelle, don’t relax yet.” A small grin came across her face, and with that, I climbed on top of her and kissed her. I hiked up my still-on miniskirt and began to grind my clit on her clit. She grabbed both of my breasts and pinched and pulled on my nipples. Moans escaped my mouth, and she pinched me harder. I felt the familiar heat begin to grow, and I stared at Noelle.

“ I think I’m going to cum.”

“Cum Tiff, you earned it!”

With that, I was pushed over the edge and I bucked against her, moaning and letting my juices splash onto her pussy. Panting, I smiled at Noelle, and reached over to grab my vibrator. The fun had just begun.

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