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A Night Out With The Girls

A night out with the girls turns into a life change for one woman.
Nora Franco sat at her desk trying to decide if she was going to take a bath first or just go to sleep when she got home. She threw her long Blonde hair over her shoulder as she closed the word processing program. She had been daydreaming about relaxing for most of the day. She had imagined her own little paradise of bubbles, music and candles before watching a favored chick flick.

Her son, Hardy, was with his grandparents all weekend so it was time for her to relax. Nora had hopes for a night of rest. She logged out of the computer before she picked up her briefcase to head toward the elevator.

It has been almost an hour since most of the people in her office had left work for the day. Her office manager position kept her around longer generally but she was used to it.

“Hey Nora, come with us,” Barbara said as she and Tiffany walked toward Nora with grins.

Nora and Tiffany were secretaries in the building. They had all become friends mostly out of a need to bond with other women of their age. Most of the others were under twenty - five and obviously looking for husbands.

Nora moaned. She was not in the mood to go out though if she really was honest with herself she didn’t want to be home alone on a Friday night. The whole idea of a bath or shower had been because she didn’t have a date.

The tall brunette who was Barbara flashed her pearly whites at Nora while Tiffany the shorter red head took over the conversation. They all walked toward the elevator together.

“We’re going out and we think you need to have some fun. So what if your last boyfriend only hung around long enough to get you to sleep with him. That’s life, move on,” Tiffany said bluntly before she pushed the call button for the elevator. The elevator doors opened up before they stepped inside.

Nora had been trying to forget her horrible love life but that was hard with friends like hers. It was lucky they were in the elevator alone because it would have been embarrassing otherwise.
Nora grunted, “So what is this place you want to go to?” she asked as she looked from one friend to another.

“Nope not telling you just be dressed and at my house by 7 sharp,” Barbara said, “Oh and if you don’t show up we will come drag your ass out of the house,” she added with a smile as they exited the elevator and went toward their cars in different directions.

Nora knew Barb wasn’t kidding that woman was a faithful friend and she never did give up when she got something in her head.

Nora took a quick shower than focused on making a healthy dinner for herself because going out with her friends always involved copious amounts of alcohol. She needed to cushion her stomach with starchy food and bread. She prepared spaghetti for an army plus a side of garlic toast. It was quick easy and very filling. She thought she might have eaten too much afterward because she could feel herself becoming a little drowsy. She rubbed her small stomach before she shook herself as she got up from the stool at the kitchen counter. No, that will never do she thought before she put the dishes in the dishwasher.

She did a quick once over of her small but efficient kitchen before she went around the house picking up items. Her two bedroom home seemed lonely with Brady gone but it was a good kind of alone that she rarely had time to experience. For just a moment she wanted to stay home again. She shook it off. Life was too short to spend the little time she had being child free with regrets.

Standing in front of the closet she realized how few clubbing clothes she had. If the television was any indication of how to dress when going out she thought maybe she should just put on lingerie and get it over with. She laughed to herself. She bit her lips as she reached toward the back of her small walk in closet. There was a bag straight from the cleaners silently waiting for her. It had been several months since she dared to look at it.

She pulled the bag out then laid it on the bed. The red silk dress was fresh and sexy as the day she bought it with the hopes that her boyfriend at the time would love it. It was short bandage dress with a slit on each side for easy access. The bodice was deeply veed and the sleeves where fluttery. It was sexy sophisticated.

She pulled on a pair of red thong panties and a sexy lace bra that had support. After she zipped up the dress she felt sensual all over. The dress fit her perfectly as she swirled in the mirror. Her long legs were toned and looked shapelier as she pulled on black high heels.

They were half way to the club before they ever got around to discussing the destination. The first few minutes they had talked of the new guy, Jeffrey, at the office. It was all about how gorgeous he was and how they had heard rumors he didn’t mind sleeping with co-workers. Tiffany had plans for him, she insisted.

“So what is this place?” Nora asked before she saw Barbara look over at Tiffany who was at the wheel of her 2008 Black BMW. Her family was wealthy though Tiffany was down to earth.

Something was definitely going on Nora thought as she moved her hair over her shoulder in a nervous gesture.

The other two ladies were quiet for so long that Nora began to fear they were setting her up on a date or worse trying to get her back together with her scum of an ex.

“Come on now you two are making me nervous.”

Barbara burst out laughing as they turned into the drive of a strip joint on the strip. It was lit up and people were going inside at such a rapid pace it could have been the circus.

Tiffany looked over at Nora.

“What?” Nora said as she shrugged.

“We thought you would freak out if you knew. Some of the girls from work go here they say it’s kind of fun and if you want to get laid well the guys are already in the mood,” Tiffany added.

“So you don’t mind?” Barbara said as she parked on the other side of the parking lot.

Nora laughed she was the one that tended to always be about her wits and be the one to take the fun out of the good times. On this night she felt ready for anything but probably because her son was out of town, he was safe and taken care of. All she had to do was relax and let loose for once.

“I think this might be interesting but I am not that desperate to get laid ladies keep that in mind,” Nora said as she got out of the car.

“All right lets go check out some strippers,” Tiffany said as they all hooked arms on the way to the door.

The bouncer didn’t bother to check their identification he only smiled as he opened the door for them. Three gorgeous women, check, he thought as he watched them before he closed the door again.

Nora was surprised by the size of the club. It had to be at least the size of a football field. There was a bar near the entrance as well as chairs, booths and stools for those patrons who wanted to eat. As they walked by the bar they could see the stripping areas. There were at least ten tables with polls spread out with chairs around them where the girls stripped. Each of the areas was packed not only the chairs but the people stood behind them. It was a full house that was for certain.

There was also a dance floor for those who dared to compete with the strippers as far as receiving attention.

Tiffany looked over at Nora to check her reaction. “Well? Are we staying?”

Nora nodded something about the place seemed familiar to her. It wasn’t something she was ready to confess but she liked it.

“I’m good let’s get a drink,” Nora said as she took the lead.

The other two shrugged before they followed Nora in her sexy red dress. Tiffany had chosen a pair of tight jeans and a low cut midriff top in pink while Barbara showed her slim thighs in a black leather dress.

At the bar Nora ordered tequila shots for them all before she sat down on the stool “Cheers Chicks,” she said. Nora chugged her shot after licking the salt off the back of her hand.

The other two thought they might have lost the real Nora in the parking lot it seemed the new one was all about party central. Neither of ladies was complaining however because a happy Nora was always a good night out.

“Okay anyone want to get out there and do some shaking?” Tiffany asked as she looked toward the dance floor where several women were already dancing. One of them was making a fool of herself on the poll put there to test their skills.

Nora looked around the room and found her eyes kept returning to a woman who sat near the center of the floor alone at a table. She had long dark curly hair and brown skin. She found herself biting her lip as the woman moved her long hair over her shoulder in what was an impatient gesture as she checked her watch. Nora tried to take her eyes off of her but it was hard. Nora felt herself moisten between her legs. She cleared her throat then noticed her friends had gotten up to go to the dance floor. Nora followed them.

Nora danced with her friends for several songs but she kept looking over at the dark haired woman. She didn’t know why she was so mesmerized by the woman who only seemed to be minding her own business. It was then that the woman looked up at her. She wet her lips then nodded , sighed yet stayed at her table still alone.

Nora excused herself from her friends to go to the ladies room. The line was two deep so she waited. He hands were sweaty and she could tell she was overly wet in her slit. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do but she but she was feeling horny.

Inside the stall she was tempted to get out her vibe but it wasn’t going to do her any good besides she had never used it in public before. She took a few deep breathes then looked at herself in the mirror once she came out of the stall.

She was flushed on her face and her nipples could be seen through her dress. She couldn’t quite understand her arousal but it was real and she had a feeling the dark haired beauty was to blame. She thought she might just go with it. She reached in her bag and grabbed her compact to get rid of the shine on her nose. She applied more red lip stick to her slightly full lips then left the room.

She met Barb and Tiffany on the way back to find them.

“Hey you okay?” Barb asked.

“Oh I’m great, ready for more shots?” Nora said with a smile that was meant to show that she was doing good. No way they would know she all disturbed or unsure about being turned on by a woman.

She had no idea how they would feel about it so she wasn't going to mention it at all.

 Another ten minutes passed while they drank but Nora looked over to find the brown beauty had gone. She felt disappointed but she only smiled at Tiffany who saw her looking around.

“You sure you are fine?”

“I’m great,” she was going to say when she looked up to find the brown beauty stood in front of her.

“Want to dance?” she asked Nora.

Nora cleared her throat. She was going to go for it. “Sure, all of us, right?” she said as she looked from Tiffany to Barb then back to the stranger.

The beauty said, “Sure the more the merrier,” before she walked toward the floor while the others followed.

“Oh Nora have you been keeping a secret?” Tiffany teased her.

Nora blushed as they all began to dance to the music. Her entire body was reacting to the beat. She had never felt so horny in her life. It was a free for all on the dance floor they danced together. It was fun and not personal but the Brown haired lady finally did tell Nora her name.

“I’m Chelsea,” the lady whispered in her ear.

Nora took notice of Chelsea’s long legs in the short tight dress she wore that left little to the imagination. It was low in the front and strapless with a slightly ruffled hem. It was feminine, sexy and told Nora that Chelsea was ready for anything.

Tiffany and Barbara looked up to see that Nora was staring at the other woman. The two ladies shrugged. They weren’t going to judge it was surprising but if it was going to make Nora happy then they were silently happy for her.

Chelsea could feel Nora’s eyes on her. She moved a bit sexier slowly turning around to face the other woman with a smirk on her face.

“Hey you wanna get out of here?” Chelsea asked before Nora nodded.

Nora was normally as straight-laced as they came. There was nothing kinky or naughty in her life that anyone might point to that indicated she would follow a woman out of a club. There was one thing that no one knew besides Nora.

Nora had a reoccurring dream about being with a woman of color. The woman in the dream looked an awful lot like Chelsea. Nora felt what was going to happen was meant to be. She wasn’t opposed to experimenting in her life choices she actually felt like it was time she took a walk on the wild side.

Nora emerged from her thoughts to find that Chelsea had been stopped near the door by a tall dark haired man. He was quite attractive with shoulder length hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in a black leather jacket with fitted jeans and he wore a tee shirt underneath that had SNOOPY on it.

“Hey Nora, my date finally arrived,” Chelsea said with irritation in her voice as she rolled her eyes.

Javier was known for his bad timing; it wasn’t the first time he had been late. He always had a good excuse but Chelsea realized long ago that the excuses were really women. He was a charmer and she had no idea how they had lasted as long as they had.

“Hey I am Javier,” the man said before he put out his hand for Nora to take.

Nora smiled, “Nice to meet you,” she replied as she touched rugged hands.

“Babe,” he said as he turned to Chelsea before they were told to move outside or come all the way inside by the bouncer, “I had to shower after work and I got off later than I thought.”

“So the phone wasn’t working but you were?” Chelsea said as she interrupted him. “Hey you stay here and enjoy because I’m done,” she added.

Nora was unsure of following Chelsea but she saw the woman stop and motion for her to come on. “Sorry,” she muttered to Javier who didn’t seem all that broken up about the break up.

Javier stood for only a second to watch the ladies go toward the parking lot before he went back inside. She always comes back, he thought.

--Nora got in the car with Chelsea who had parked down the road from the club. They sat silently for long moments.

“Sorry,” Chelsea said, “I'm not going to let the dirt bag ruin my mood,” she added before she turned on the radio then looked up at Nora.

“Maybe this is a bad time,” Nora suggested just before Chelsea put her hand on her face.

Chelsea had known from the moment she saw Nora that the other woman was a virgin as far as being with women. Chelsea on the other hand went both ways and sometimes both ways at once. She hoped to someday to find someone whether male or female to share her life with but for now she had her fun as safely as possible with whomever she fancied.

“Never a bad time to learn something new,” Chelsea said as she leaned over near Nora’s face. The other woman met her half way as she pushed her lips against hers. They melded together tongue to tongue. Chelsea moved her hands over Nora’s top as Nora moaned. Nora found she was wet all over again.

Nora moved closer to the seat where Chelsea sat before she looked up at her.

“Tell me what about me has attracted you?” Chelsea asked.

Nora tried to move back over with a gleam in her blue eyes but Chelsea stopped her. “You seemed calm while everything around you was frantic. I mean naked women climbing on polls rubbing themselves in front of men, men cat calling, the fry cook calling out orders, loud music, men asking you to dance and none of it seemed to bother you. You were a little occupied with the phone though,” Nora said though she was teasing.

Chelsea laughed before she moved her head down to kiss Nora again. “I can’t be bothered with what other people think of me,” Chelsea said as she looked Nora in the eyes, “You sure you want to start this?”

Nora nodded.

“Once you do it you will never be the same again, I promise,” Chelsea said before she took Nora’s hand in hers; it felt warm but slightly sweaty.

Chelsea had a good feeling about Nora. She hoped the other woman wouldn't flake out on her.

“I’m fine with that.” Nora said it with determination in her voice.

Chelsea unzipped her own dress before Nora climbed back with her to the back. The clothes were discarded quickly as they kissed passionately in the large back seat. Chelsea instructed Nora to lie down on the soft leather so that she could initiate her into the sisterhood in the most toe tingly way possible. Nora couldn’t be still as Chelsea teased her clit with her tongue as well as her fingers. She used two fingers than three as she moved slowly in and out of her over wet slit. “Just relax,” Chelsea said as she rolled her fingers to give different sensations to the experience.

Nora shaved pussy was spread open for any who walked by to see but the windows were fogged and they were out of the line of traffic. Nora moaned intermittently she couldn’t hold back. Her body felt on fire as though it had no idea how to respond to the strange invasion.

Nora pushed up against Chelsea’s mouth as she encouraged her to continue her task. Nora’s racked her hands through Chelsea’s long hair, her legs relaxed of their own accord as the orgasm began to build up. Chelsea’s tongue finally made its way home to the moist cavern were the sensitive nerve endings lived. She sucked and teased up, down and around the clit and back again. Chelsea enjoyed the giving as much as the receiving though Nora had no idea about that just yet.

Nora screamed out, “Oh my god, oh oh oh,” before she came once, twice then a third time. The waves were intense as she closed her eyes as she found it hard to breathe. “I don’t know how to say it but just wow; I didn’t know what I was missing.”

Chelsea smiled as she closed Nora’s legs to allow her calm back down a few moments before she leaned over to kiss her lips again. Nora sighed then reached up to fondle Chelsea’s firm D sized tits before she set about suckling them. She traced her hands over Chelsea’s taunt ass for a squeeze which elicited a moan from Chelsea. Chelsea lay on top of Nora just angled so she could allow her to play. Nora had never had so much pleasure before she wasn’t ready for it to end just yet.

Back inside the bar Barb and Tiffany had begun to wonder where Chelsea had taken Nora. They had danced with a couple guys then given excuses as to why they needed to stay around the bar.

Barb fumed, “The tall guy is fine, I can’t believe Nora just wondered off,” she complained to Tiffany who was eyeing a tall Blonde man across the room. He was with another Blonde man that was a bit shorter they both looked ready to leave. Seriously was it a Blonde convention?

“Hey Barb, check out the two Babes’ near the window over there. They have potential let’s go chat.”

Barb rolled her eyes, “We can chat once we know what Nora is up to focus Tiff.”

“Look I got to say it Chelsea took Nora off to show her something new, more than likely, I am not worried about Nora,” Tiffany said with a knowing look at Barb.

Barb shook her head, “What?”

“Oh my goodness, to screw her Barb. You obviously were not paying attention. Nora wanted what Chelsea had to give, remember?”

Barbara smiled, “Yeah but that’s been a while ago. I’m worried now.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes again, “Okay let’s give her another fifteen minutes then we go track her down ok? Until then let’s go chat with the guys giving us the eye now please.”

Chelsea straddled Nora after a few minutes as they sat up on the back seat. Nora twirled her tongue around Chelsea’s nipple while she continued sucking each one. Her hands caressed the other woman’s back while Chelsea was in heaven as she leaned back to give Nora room.

There was a knock on the window a second later, Chelsea sighed. She knew it had to be Javier or his adopted brother Terrance who worked at the club.

Nora looked up at Chelsea before she pulled her dress over her nakedness. “I hope that’s not the police,” she said with nervousness in her voice.

“Don’t worry about it,” Chelsea said with a smirk, she was around enough to know the cops would be inside not outside. She moved to reach toward the front seat to let the window down.

A tall brown skinned- black man with a shaved head looked in the window with a smile. He had nice white teeth and slight beard.

“Chelsea babe, you can’t be here gettin’ naked girl,” he said with a smile.

“Terrance, we’re leaving don’t get your panties in a twist,” Chelsea said with a smile for him.

Terrance shook his head. He knew Chelsea was a bit wild even though she had always been faithful to Javier, at least the times they were actually dating and not apart. He smiled over at Nora who seemed shy as she held her dress over her naughty bits.

“Yo its good, your boy Javier left a few minutes ago, alone, just so you know,” Terrance informed her.

“Whatever, he can do what he wants, we're over.” Chelsea said as she began to pull her dress over her head. The reflection of the moon came through the window as Chelsea’s tit bounced as she moved around. Nora was mesmerized for a moment.

Nora bit her lip, she assumed Chelsea knew the guy since she seemed comfortable in front of him naked. It seemed she was comfortable naked in general. Nora pulled her dress over her tighter. The dress wasn’t quite large enough to cover any more than the basics. She crossed her legs.

Terrance left a few seconds later. It was obvious the fun had ended. Nora hastily put on her dress.

“I hope you don’t think I am a slut this has never happened before,” Nora said with a smile before she opened the door to return to the front seat. “I did enjoy it though,” Nora added. She blushed at the thought of the other woman between her legs sucking her clit before licking her clean.

Chelsea laughed, “It’s all good Chica. I want you to know that I would love to hang out with you sometime. A different time when we can talk and maybe see a movie not just “get off”. That doesn’t mean that we couldn’t do that too though if you like.”

Nora agreed it was a good idea. She reached in her purse to give Chelsea her business card. Chelsea put the car in gear after they exchanged numbers then drove Nora to the front door.

“ I have to work tomorrow so I better get some sleep,” Chelsea said before she leaned over to kiss Nora on the lips again. Nora received the kiss eagerly.

Nora smiled afterward, “Hey, where do you work?” she asked.

“I’m a secretary we have some over time tomorrow morning for four hours. I have to work it, mandatory crap,” Chelsea said before Nora opened the door to get out.

“It was fun, talk to you soon,” Nora said before she closed the door.

Nora looked up to see Tiffany with her back against the wall of the building. She was kissing a tall Blond man. Tiffany was not suffering but looked to be having a good time. Nora had a feeling they would be leaving the bar without her. Nora laughed to herself as she pushed her hair over her shoulder. She felt happy in a way she hadn’t felt in a while.

She almost crashed into Barb as she was walking out of the door and Nora was walking inside the bar again.

“There you are,” Barb said with a raised eyebrow at Nora. Nora’s hair looked mused as well her dress wasn’t on quite straight.

Nora cleared her throat, “I’m back now and I see our pal Tiffany is having some fun,” she said while they walked out the door again. Nora pointed to where Tiffany had been to find she and the guy were missing.

The bouncer must have told them to move along. “She was here a minute ago,” Nora added while she turned to see Barbara was watching her.

“So what have you been up to?” she asked before they went toward the parking lot.

Nora didn’t answer the question right away, “We should find out if Tiffany wants us to wait for her,” she began.

“We will wait in the car while you tell me what happened,” Barbara insisted as they kept walking.

Nora smiled. She still felt tingly inside, Barbara wasn’t going to believe her story.

Late that night Nora finally had a chance to soak in her tub. It was an indulgence at after three in the morning. She admittedly thought of Chelsea as her muscles relaxed under the warm water. She had never had such strong orgasms before. She could still feel the intensity of her muscles contracting if she closed her eyes. She bit her lip as the thought of the other woman’s body came to her.

This moment alone at her home was the first time she had considered her actions earlier at the club. She didn’t feel ashamed or weird about it she felt free and fulfilled for once. She bit her lip as she considered it; she had never thought she was gay. She, like most women, found something good to say about one another. Oh she has a nice ass or I like her perky breasts but it had never gone farther than that which was really all about jealousy to an extent. Everyone wanted what they couldn’t have which was normal especially in western society.

She moved her hands over her breasts under the water; she enjoyed the feeling of their silkiness and inwardly hoped that Chelsea might have chance to enjoy them. Whoa were did that come from? She laughed aloud, she actually had the hots for a woman it was an interesting feeling. She grabbed her wash clothed and put it over her breasts as she tried to move her thinking to ordinary things.

Even though she had enjoyed Chelsea she was used to prioritizing her life. Whether or not she ever saw the other woman again was something that as far as she was concerned would have to happen naturally. In this case of having only just met the woman then becoming intimate immediately, it was up to Chelsea to make the next move. Nora had been the one to offer to give her the phone number. Nora of course hoped Chelsea would call but she refused to dwell on it. Suddenly grocery lists and school supplies became the topic in her mind as the candles began to go out around the tub. She was the ever logical mother of a ten year old.

The next day went by in a blur she shopped for groceries, paid bills then met up with her ex-mother in law, Nina, for lunch. The time with the older woman was a pain in the neck. The older woman still thought that Nora should have been married to her cheating son. She believed that you didn’t give up on people for just anything. Nora was ready to go as soon as the check was on the table.

She wandered around the mall for almost two hours window shopping shop after lunch. The stress of lunch with Nina had to be put to the back of her mind; she knew shopping was the cure. After the calm hit her she leisurely walked to her car to go home.

She was on her way home when she passed the adult book store on her route. She had been there a few times over the years and thought she would see what they might have to fit her mood.

A half hour later Nora was on the sofa wrapped in her favorite snuggie with her flannel pajamas on. She flicked the switch on the remote and smiled as the previews rolled before her favorite movie. The warm smell of melted butter wafted in the air as the bowl of popcorn lie in her lap, the room was dimly lit and her feet were swaddled in her warm socks as she relaxed against the cushions. Her heat wasn’t on full blast to save on the bill but she enjoyed the coziness of layers so it worked for her. Nora was lost in the sensations she had created in her scenario when she heard the ring of the phone on the oak coffee table in front of her.

She groaned inwardly before she picked up the noisy intrusion.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hey Nora it’s me Chelsea,” the person on the other end of the phone said.

Nora pushed pause on the remote control.

“Hi Chelsea, what’s up?” she asked as nonchalantly as she could muster.

Chelsea laughed, “I was afraid you would be out already, its Saturday night.”

Nora tucked the phone under her chin, “No my son is out of town so I am just relaxing with my favorite movies.”

“Hey, would you like company or do you want to stay solo?” Chelsea asked as she pushed Javier off the bed. She was done dealing with him for the night, time to have some real fun, she thought. Javier grunted as he walked toward the kitchen. He had been drinking and had come to Chelsea’s to sleep it off.

“Sure you are welcome to come over,” Nora was in the middle of her sentence as she heard the sound of a knock on the door. “Um, 2369 Peach Street, come as soon as you can, okay, someone is at the door.”

“Okay be there shortly,” Chelsea said before she hung up.

Nora opened the door to find Barbara holding a bottle of wine.

“Hey, you look like hell,” Nora said to her friend.

“Sweet,” Barbara said as she walked in the door.

She looked around and the ambiance was obvious. “Expecting someone?”

“Well I was just going to have a movie watching night except now you are here and Chelsea is coming over,” Nora said before she grabbed the wine bottle to go to the kitchen to open it. Barbara followed.

“Chelsea huh? I don’t want to intrude and all though I might like to watch,” Barbara said with a smile in Nora’s direction.

Nora laughed, “Amusing yes you are amusing, speaking of which where is Tiffany tonight?”“She is out with some guy, I don’t know him but his name is Tim something,” Barbara said before she sat on the stool near the counter.

Nora opened the bottled then set it aside to breathe.

She looked over at Barbara and realized this time her friends mascara seemed to be running.

“Hey are you okay?” Nora asked.

“Yeah I’m fine I just let my ex get under my skin earlier today,” she said before she sighed loudly, “I’m over it now. Hey I can leave if you want,” she added.

Nora went toward the door as the bell rang, “No Hun stay you can watch the movies with us,” she said before she opened the door for Chelsea.

Chelsea smiled at Nora with a wicked grin. She wore a short halter dress under a jean jacket with a pair of comfy flats. She handed Nora a bottle of wine. Nora couldn’t help admiring Chelsea’s legs which were toned and looked smooth.

“Hey cutie,” Chelsea said before she leaned over to kiss Nora on the lips.

Nora eagerly pulled her a bit closer to kiss her properly all thoughts of Barbara waiting in the room left her mind.

Barbara who had sat down on the sofa wondered for a moment why she could her kissing sounds then turned to see if she could find the source of the noise. She got up and went toward the door just before Nora walked back inside with Chelsea behind her.

“Hey,” Chelsea said with a smile, “You’re Barbara right?”

Barbara nodded. Suddenly the living room seemed small. Barbara felt uncomfortable in a way that was more of a turn on then a turn off.

“Hey, sorry I just dropped by without notice I should go,” she said as she stood awkwardly in the middle of the living room.

Chelsea sat down on the sofa, “I’m sure Nora won’t mind if you stay I certainly don’t,” she said before she crossed her legs then reached over to finger through the DVD’s on the table.

“You know you are welcome to stay,” Nora said before she went to the kitchen.

Barbara shrugged then went back to the sofa to have a seat.

“So um Chelsea Nora says that you are a secretary.”

“Uh huh, yep been doing it for a while,” she said as she continued to look at the different DVD’s and move them around on the table.

Nora walked back in the room with two glasses of wine.

“Luckily both of you like the same kind it seems so I just poured them for you from Barbara’s which was open; give them a sec to breathe,” she added before she sat them on the table then went back to get her own glass.

“Hey did either of you eat? I have loads of spaghetti from yesterday I can warm up,” Nora suggested after she returned to the room.

“I’m good,” Barbara said as she moved her longish dress over her legs as she crossed them.

“I’m good too but I might love some popcorn if you have some fresh,” Chelsea said as she looked at half empty bowl on the table.

Nora smiled before she smiled at Chelsea, “good idea I will pop a couple more bags then we can all choose a movie together.”

Chelsea turned to see Barbara was staring at her.

“What?”Chelsea asked with a raised eye brow though she smiled mysteriously.

“I just would never have guessed you like women.”

Chelsea laughed, “I like people in general; men, women it’s all the same. Have you never been with a woman?” she asked as she moved closer to Barbara though she was teasing her. “What does this do for you? Me so close?”

“I, uh? Okay I kind of like it,” Barbara confessed before Chelsea moved away.

“See that is what I mean it’s all the same who decides what should feel good and what shouldn’t?” Chelsea said with a shrug.

Barbara nodded; she thought the woman had a point. She visibly relaxed.

Chelsea and Barbara were deep in conversation when Nora returned with the popcorn.

“Yeah so that scene with the woman and her sister at the end was the creepiest,” Barbara said with a laugh as she leaned back on the sofa her hands lightly in her lap. She felt like she had known Chelsea forever because she was an easy conversationalist. She could see the attraction Nora had for the other woman because she was starting to feel something too. It would be cool if they all were good friends Barbar thought.

“I know it was crazy dramatic and back then that was what a thriller was all about not the blood and guts stuff we have today,” Chelsea said as she made room for Nora on the sofa.

“Yum,” Chelsea said as she moved close to Nora.

Nora bit her lip; she was moist in between her legs right away it hadn’t really stopped since she first spoke with Chelsea over the phone.

She cleared her throat. “Okay so what are we watching? I have seen them all so I am easy,” she said with a nervous kind of laugh.

Two movies later they were sitting in the dimly lit room watching a thriller movie with hints of the paranormal thrown in. Chelsea was behind Nora with her arms around her and her hand inside Nora’s robe as she played with her clit. Nora had a hard time not moaning but she tried to stay partially involved in the movie. Barbara had an idea of what was happening though they had the popcorn on Nora’s lap hiding the straying hand. Nora shifted her leg as soon as Chelsea began to slide her finger lower and around the aroused clit. Nora was okay until Chelsea dipped her finger inside her swollen overly ready pussy. Nora let out a slight moan then put a piece of popcorn in her mouth to cover. Chelsea giggled. Barbara laughed, “Hey if you too want to get it on I don’t want to hold you back.”

“No we are good for now,” Chelsea said as she pushed her anxious finger into the slick hole again. They tried to be quieter after that.

“It’s making me so horny doing this to you,” Chelsea whispered in Nora’s ear. Nora swallowed back a moan.

She leaned her head back on Chelsea’s shoulder. Chelsea switched from one finger to two stretching Nora in a way that allowed her to feel more sensations. Nora shifted again; there was no way she was going to be able to focus on the movie.

Nora put the popcorn on the table then turned around which made Chelsea move her hand. Nora straddled Chelsea’s hips before she pushed her tongue into her mouth. Their tongues warred before Chelsea began to suck Nora’s tongue. Nora reached behind Chelsea to unzip her dress.. Barbara wasn’t sure whether to watch the movie or the girls. She decided for the moment to do both but they girls were making her horny. She held on to her bowl of popcorn tighter as she openly watched them though neither of them seemed to notice or mind.

Nora pulled Chelsea’s dress down over her shoulders to reveal her perky full breasts while they continued to kiss. Chelsea moaned as Nora moved her lips to her neck then down to her breasts where she started to kiss and lick. Chelsea traced her hands over Nora’s back then realized as she opened her eyes that Barbara was watching them. She winked then motioned for Barbara to come over.

Barbara didn’t hesitate as she got up and took off her dress to reveal that she wore nothing at all. Chelsea laughed as she moved away from Nora.

“I think Barbara wants to join in, how do you feel about that?”

“Or I can just watch and do my own thing,” Barbara suggested as she sat back down on the sofa.

Nora looked at her friend who seemed eager for anything, just something new. Nora nodded, “Sure I have something that might be fun,” she said as she pulled Chelsea to her feet as she let her dress fall to the floor.

Nora took Chelsea’s hand and Barbara followed them to the bedroom. Nora went to her closet to get out a box full of sex toys. Barbara smiled as she saw the double dildo. Chelsea took it from the box then went to clean it with the cleaner that Nora pointed out. Nora and Barbara sat on the bed to wait and Nora was not as surprised as she should have been when Barbara leaned over to kiss her.

When Chelsea returned with the cleaned toy Nora and Barbara were on the bed kissing after Nora had dropped her pajamas on the floor. Chelsea lay the towel that held the toy on the table by the bed before she joined them. She bit her lip as the excitement of seeing two naked women together made her hot and wet. She stroked and sniffed Nora’s hair before she moved behind her to kiss her neck.

Nora’s heart rate accelerated as she felt Chelsea run her hands over her firm breasts. Nora moved her attention back to Barbara’s nipples. Barbara moaned as she leaned her head back.

“Ohhh I love what you are doing,” Barbara said since she thought she had to encourage Nora as though she would a man.

“Shhh its fine,” Nora said with a smile as she moved back against Chelsea a little to give her room to play.

The room was alive with sucking sounds, moans and the rich ripe smell of sex for several long minutes. Chelsea played with Barbara’s clit while Nora kissed her stomach, her breasts then back again. Nora moved out of the way before she leaned over to kiss Chelsea as she continued to work her magic on Barbara’s pussy. She rolled her fingers inside Barbara soaking wet slit, before Barbara started a new round of moaning as she bucked against Chelsea’s hand. Nora added her fingers to the mix; together they helped Barbara come in several intense waves. Barbara’s eyes rolled back in her head before she was quiet for long moments.

“Did we kill her?” Nora asked with a slight smile before she bit her lip.

Then they heard Barbara, “WOW.”

“She’s back,” Chelsea said with a grin before she pulled Nora close for another kiss. They kissed passionately without any reservations.

Nora and Chelsea moved up to lie beside Barbara as she came down from her orgasm.

“So you liked that huh?” Nora asked with a wink at Chelsea.

“Hell yes, that was amazing,” Barbara said as she sat up and smiled at them.

“My turn,” Chelsea said as she grinned.

Two hours passed before all three of the ladies had several turns.

“We are going to be so damn sore,” Chelsea said as she lay with her head in Nora’s lap while Barbara smoked a cigarette on the other side of them.

“But a good sore,” Barbara said as she exhaled a puff of smoke.

“Hell yeah, I didn’t know I could bend my body that many ways,” Nora said with a laugh; tracing her fingers over Chelsea breasts.

Chelsea smiled up at Nora, “I should really get home.”

“You sure you don’t want to stay its already late, you too Barb,” Nora said in Barbara’s direction, “I mean we can sleep in and have an early lunch. I don’t know it’s rare that I have a weekend without my son, I mean as much as I love him children can be draining.”

Chelsea smiled at Nora she could tell the other woman was a good mother just by the way she behaved with her friends. She was warm, caring and eager to make others smile.

“When does he get back?” Barbara asked with curiosity in her voice.

“In the afternoon before five or so to give him a little time for homework,” Nora said.

“I’m game,” Chelsea said with a sigh.

Barbara beamed, “Me too.”

Things changed with Nora and Barbara after the night with Chelsea. Barbara saw Nora in a different light but it was a good thing. Nora had been standoffish at times with her and Tiffany over the years they had known one another.

They would never say anything because they were aware it would hurt her feelings. It turned out she just needed something to excite her to open up more. Tiffany was in the dark about the incident with Chelsea until Barbara made a comment at lunch a couple of weeks later.

“So how are things with Chelsea?” Barbara asked Nora with meaning in her voice as she ate her salad.

“What? Something else happened with Chelsea?” Tiffany asked with a raised eyebrow, “oh do share what secret are you two hiding from me?” she asked as she looked from one lady to the other.

Nora bit her lip before she took a long sip of her drink while she stalled for several moments, “Chelsea and I are seeing each other now,” Nora said as she looked at Tiffany, “but sometimes we hang out with Barbara,” she added before Barbara blushed.

Tiffany raised her eyebrows, “Barbara you dog, what do you have to say for yourself and why wasn’t I invited?”

They all laughed.

“I don’t know, four might be a crowd,” Barbara said as she nudged Nora.

Nora blushed this time, “We have all been enjoying ourselves and Chelsea is very cool. I don’t know how Hardy is going to deal with though. He is a child and I don’t know if I want this kind of drama in his life. So far Chelsea has not met him.”

Barbara sighed she understood how Nora felt but she didn’t think Nora should hide things from her son. What Nora was doing wasn’t wrong it was just life.

“I don’t know he is a boy and if you just tell him you found a nice woman that you like and leave it might be enough. I mean I wouldn’t have sleepovers or anything but at least he won’t feel left out of your life and you all can do stuff like the zoo and what not together.”

Tiffany nodded, “Yeah if you don’t make it a big deal then he won’t.”

Nora thought there advice was good so she spoke with Hardy that night about Chelsea.

After dinner night Nora sat at the table while Hardy ate his dessert.

“Hey buddy I wanted to tell you that I found someone that I like a lot and I hope you wouldn’t mind hanging out with us at the Aquarium this weekend.”

Hardy smiled up at his mother his blonde hair falling over his eyes, “Good mom, I love fish. Is he a fisherman too?”

Nora hesitated.

“Well no honey it’s actually a lady and she also has a few fish at her house so she loves them but not sure she goes fishing much. I can find out..”

Hardy frowned, “You like a girl?”

Nora nodded. She was suddenly concerned that maybe she had received bad advice from her friends.

“Tommy’s mother likes a girl too. They go to baseball games together all the time.” He hesitated then put his ice cream spoon down.

“What’s her name?” he asked as he looked at Nora without judgment only acceptance.

“Chelsea,” she answered simply.

“I like that name, Mom. Does she make you smile? I like when you smile,” Hardy said as though it was a fact, before he began to eat again. He looked up at Nora with love in his eyes.

“She does make me smile, Hardy, she does,” she said before she leaned over to kiss Hardy on the nose.

“Oh Mom.”

The End

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