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A Night Out

a straight girl finds out shes a bit curvy
The music was pounding. My whole body was moving and vibrating to the beat. My short yellow dress had ridden up around my splayed legs and was displaying my lacy pink thong. My breasts were bouncing around and showing of the bra that matched my panties. The long hair that hung around my shoulders was making me hot but I was having too much fun dancing in the club to notice it.

There was a body behind me, hips grinding up against my ass. I wiggled my butt pushing against the person behind me. I turned and intended to rub myself on their dick but instead of a man behind me was an extremely sexy girl. She was a bit taller than me with shoulder length curly red hair. Her tits were bigger than mine but she had the same body otherwise.

She had noticed me staring and smiled. She said something but it was lost in the roar of the crowd and music, so I just smiled back at her and that seemed like enough. I began to grind on her again and we danced for a while longer. I turned again so we were back to front. She put one hand on my hip and with her other began massaging my clit. I spun around and she began to kiss me. I had never been with a girl before and this was amazing, so different from being with a guy but at the same time exactly the same. I could taste her cherry lip gloss and when she slid her fingers back between my legs I didn’t stop her.

She broke the kiss and began to rub and massage my clit while still dancing. I turned again leaning my head back on her shoulder, she licked my throat then bit my neck. The pleasure almost made my knees buckle. She held me but removed her hand from my cunt. She reached up and put her fingers to my mouth. I licked my juice from her long fingers, pausing to suck them into my mouth. I was so close I could feel her breathing quicken. She leaned down “Wanna leave?” I nodded. She took my hand and we left the club.

I stepped through the door into her small apartment. She was still holding my hand and she tugged me behind her. She glanced over her shoulder “Martini?” I nodded and she set to making them. “Where is your bathroom?” She gestured to a black door next to the kitchen and I went over. I looked in the mirror. Pretty blue eyes and a cute face looked back at me. I washed my hands and cooled my wrists under cold water and then headed back out. I glanced around and then caught sight of her.

She was lounging on the huge couch, one Martini in her hand another sitting on the table. She had removed her dress and left it crumpled on the floor. She was absolutely beautiful. She had black stockings on, attached to a piece of lingerie that was on top of her thong with those little clip things. Her torso was bound in a black corset that made her boobs stand out and put her hair, which she had left down, into a beautiful contrast.

She smiled and twitched a finger inviting me over. I lifted my drink from the table and took a sip. It was extremely good. I sat down on the couch beside her. “What’s your name?” her voice was soft and light, like little girls. “Jade” I answered “I’m Susie,” she paused to take a sip of her drink “have you ever been with a girl before?” I shook my head. She placed her martini down on the table and then took mine from me. She shifted and climbed into my lap straddling my hips. She began to kiss me and as she reached around me she unhooked my dress and began to unzip it. I helped her and slid my arms out of the sleeves and pushed it down as far as it would go. She broke contact with my lips and leaned down to lick the curve of my breast, she fondled them around my bra and smiled. She climbed up off me and stood me up. My dress fell down to my ankles and I stepped out of it. She took my hand once again and led me to her bedroom.

Slowly she pushed me down onto the bed and trailed her hand down my thigh. She stood and began to remove her corset. Her breasts fell free of the material and I could see the imprints in her skin where the bones of the corset had been tight. I longed to touch the red ridges, to run my fingers over them, kiss them, lick them. She reached down and slowly undid each of the clips around her stockings. Pulling down the skirt she was now only wearing her socks and a tiny thong. I was wet.

She slowly slipped onto the bed and placing a hand on my chest she pushed me down. She straddled my hips and ground her mound against mine. She leaned down and began to suck and nibble on my neck while her expert hands massaged my breasts through my bra. I sat up onto my elbows and she unhooked my bra and pulled it from my body. She moved her lips down now and began to bite my nipple whilst pinching the other. The exquisite pain that it sent through my body made me shiver and I felt her smile against my skin. She moved again, licking and sucking my skin on her way down. She got to my thong and kissed me through the fabric. She hooked each of her fingers around the tiny panties and pulled them down. As the fabric slid over my toes and dropped to the floor I felt her tongue on my ankle. She licked all the way up my leg, narrowly missing the spot on my leg that would immediately send me into oblivion.

Finally she stopped right above my clit, teasing me. She pushed her nose against my mound and ever so slowly snaked her tongue out of her mouth and finally down into my dripping wet sex, I gasped as she slowly set to eating out my pussy. I grew wetter and wetter and lost control over my own body when I felt her push a finger up into me and I gasped, then another until she was finger fucking me with four fingers while she sucked and nibbled on my pulsing clit. She could tell I was about to explode and cruelly she stopped. I watched her climb of the bed and reach into a drawer. She removed two silk scarves, a very long pink vibrator, and a butt plug. She came back to the bed “Do you trust me?” I did not, but I wanted to see where this was going so I nodded.

She pulled my arms up and fastened each one to the headboard with the scarves. Then as I lay there and watched she pushed the now slightly vibrating butt plug into her ass and released a deep moan. For a moment she just worked the plug until she was happy and I could see the pleasure playing across her face. She turned her eyes back to my naked and now restrained body.

She picked up the pink vibe and turned it onto the lowest setting. She played it against my clit, I moved my hips trying to push the vibe deeper but she only giggled and continued to tease me. Finally after I let out a huge moan she slid it up into me. She worked it in and then completely out, pushing it a little deeper every time. She began to play with the settings and after I let out a cry of pleasure settled on one. She left the vibe in me and moved upwards. I had no idea what she was doing until she straddled my chest then moved up so that she was kneeling, with her dripping pussy just millimetres from my mouth. She was holding the headboard “Eat me out you little slut.” I opened my mouth slowly and feeling my hot rasping breath on her pussy she lowered herself until my lips were touching hers. I licked her and she shuddered. I slowly worked my way around her and finally settled myself sucking and nipping her clit. I could hear her heavy breathing above me and it was turning me on even more. She reached down and slipped two fingers into her gaping hole while I continued to feast on her. I heard a shuffle and the vibe between my legs kicked it up a few notches. I was close to coming and I could tell she was too. I set in on her with new gusto and in a few moments I feel her knees shaking beside my head, her fingers are moving rapidly in and out of her while the vibe between my legs was pushing me ever closer to the edge of letting go.

Finally Susie came, screaming at the top of her lungs and releasing succulent juices into my waiting mouth. She reached down and drove her fingers into my hair pulling my face deeper into her. Her orgasm sent me over the edge and as my whole body bucked up with the intensity of my ecstasy I screamed out loud. My entire body was quivering and Susie was still pulling my hair, finally she let go. She slipped down, removed the now dripping dildo and was laying on top of me, her quick breath ruffling my hair. As our breathing steadied together she reached up and unbound my wrists. I was still on my way down when she began kissing my breast.

“That was amazing” I breathed, she giggled, “I have to admit I enjoyed myself too.” She snuggled down beside me and kissed my nose. “Go to sleep,” she whispered in my ear “more sex awaits us in the morning.” I shut my eyes, already thinking about what we would do tomorrow.

The End

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