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A Nude Business: Part 2

Pussy Power's first client
As I finished reapplying my make-up, I looked at my co-workers next to me in the Ladies' Room. We were lined up before the mirror with a dressing table at pussy level, all naked save for our stockings, shoes and make-up. The new dress code for the office had been accepted without complaints. Isobel, the petite brunette with large, soft breasts, in charge of Pussy Notice, ran her fingers across her V-shaped pubic hair before a finger disappeared between her pussy lips. I could see her pierced lip-ring glistening with juices. It would be up to us to sell our new look to Mrs. Anderson, the first client with an appointment for the day.

Maureen, the Pussy Wetting (production) manager, a true redhead, had a dreamy look in her eyes. She had a tough time applying lipstick to her smiling red lips. The daisy chain with the other two must have given her a lot of pleasure. I've never seen such a serene look on her face.

Prudence, the secretary of The Pussy Power Company, with the body of a porn star and the brains of a fish, walked up to me. We stood nipple-to-nipple, face-to-face. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear:

"She is mine, Jo-Ann. You leave her alone." She must have seen me eating Victoria's pussy, the new owner of Pussy Power.

I didn't take too kindly to threats. I retaliated by cupping my hand over her shaven mound, inserting two fingers in her still dripping pussy. Pushing my tits flat against hers, I answered softly in her ear:

"She's the boss and she'll fuck whoever she wants." I twisted my fingers deep in her pussy and rubbed the palm of my hand over her clit. "Ever since I met you, I wanted to make love to you." I stuck my wet tongue into her ear and felt her squirm. "Don't spoil my passion for you with jealousy."

I pushed her shapely buttocks against the dressing table, straddling her leg, thereby trapping my hand against her pussy. My rock hard nipples rubbed across her erect nubs. Riding my bare pussy over her stocking-clad leg, I wiped my pussy juice on the company's product. If it didn't leave a mark, we had a winner. I felt her relax as she brought her hands to my face and then kissed me softly on the mouth. She glided her tongue over my lips to gain access to my mouth. As I tried to catch my breath, she darted her tongue deep into my mouth. Sucking on her tongue and finger fucking her pussy, I made good on my fantasy of fucking Prudence.

"I don't want to be a party pooper, you two love birds," I heard Maureen trying to break up our wrestling love match. "Mrs. Anderson will be here in a minute."

Stepping back, I popped my fingers from her vagina, and stuck them into her mouth. She greedily licked her own cunt juices off.

"Friends?" I pleaded. There was no trace of my wet cunt juices on her stockings.


"Of course." We embraced before we all moved out the door. I was happy with the outcome of the little confrontation. As Pussy Licking manager, I had to keep everybody happy. I hoped to make the other two my lovers as well. As I was the first to pleasure Victoria, I sensed the green monster rearing its ugly head. Hopefully, my little demonstration in the Ladies' Room convinced the others of my wanton lust for them all.

We moved to our glass walled offices. I quickly caught up with Isobel, before her naked buttocks disappeared into her office.

"Isobel, my dear. Wait up." In her office, I made myself at home in her soft couch. The warm color scheme of the office matched her brown hair and her strong character, making me feel at home. I sprawled my long tanned legs in front of me, giving a clear view to Isobel of my smooth pussy. She took her seat behind the desk.

"Will you bring her to my office? I am not sure I can face her naked, yet," asked Isobel. "I don't know if I can sell anything naked."

"Of course you can. We're selling sex and the best way to do it is naked." I wouldn't want to miss seeing Mrs. Anderson's face when she realized that we're all naked.

"Would you model some of Pussy Power's latest creations for her?"

"Why don't we get her naked to fit it on herself?" I asked. The ring of the door chime cut her answer off. I quickly moved to reception to open the door for Mrs. Anderson. Prudence was behind the tall counter, invisible to anyone at the door. Mrs. Anderson, dressed in an expensive blue designer dress, looked very sexy for a forty-something woman. A lot of money, hard work and too strict a diet kept her in shape. I wondered how she looked naked. As she entered, she was too busy putting her keys in her bag to notice me at first.

Then, realizing my state of undress, she stopped. Her gaze followed my flesh colored stockings to the top of my naked thighs, over my clean shaven pussy, hesitating a moment to take in my protruding clit, before it moved over my flat tummy, my 36C breasts to halt on my face;

"Good God, Jo-Ann!" Her knees buckled. "You're naked!" Then she collapsed into my arms.

"Prudence," I shouted. "Come help me." We quickly carried Mrs. Anderson to Isobel's office and lowered her on the couch. Isobel looked concerned and dithered over the prone woman.

"That's why I didn't want to see her first," said a shaky Isobel, dabbing a wet cloth on Mrs. Anderson's face. Mrs. Anderson groaned, her eyes fluttered open and she saw the naked Isobel on her knees, next to the couch.

"Amanda Anderson," I said sternly. "Before you faint again, you're not dreaming. We are all naked." I was behind Isobel, my hand resting on her naked shoulder. I bet Amanda Anderson had a sexy view of my pussy. I continued:

"We are celebrating the business’ new name and this is our new office uniform. We are here to serve you. So please, enjoy the spectacle."

"Thank you, my dear," came her weak response. It must have been her diet. She was not getting enough calories.

"Prudence, be a dear and order a Cajun Chicken Salad for Mrs. Anderson," I commanded. "Remember to take the order in your new uniform."

By now, Isobel was comfortable in her nakedness and sat next to Mrs. Anderson, taking her hand. "You are punishing yourself too much with all these restrictive clothes. What do you say, Jo-Ann, shouldn't we help Mrs. Anderson get rid of them?" She immediately started to unbutton Amanda Anderson's dress. Good, the real Isobel, champion salesperson of the year, was in charge. I hurried to get our latest products from the stores.

By the time I returned, Mrs. Anderson was naked and like putty in Isobel's hands. Amanda had small breasts, a flat tummy and sinewy muscled legs. I could see a few ribs beneath her skin. The dark bush between her legs was the only untidy item on her person. Not for long. Isobel already had her clippers and shaving kit out. She reassured Mrs. Anderson as she clipped the pubic hair off to reveal a neglected pussy.

"My dear Mrs. Anderson," said Isobel unemotionally, as if she doing her nails. "Why are you so bushy down here? Don't you like your pussy? Every woman should be proud of her cunt and take care of it." Mrs. Anderson was slouching on the couch, her legs wide open, trusting another woman between her legs with a shaving kit. Shaking with passion, she was unable to answer.

Isobel applied the lather over the entire area and carefully shaved the pubes and anus of a very rich client of Pussy Power. I thought that we should incorporate the denuding of pussies to our client service. I would discuss this at our next meeting.

Isobel sat back, wiping the last foam from a naked vulva, inspecting her handiwork. I could see moisture seeping through our client's crinkled pussy lips. Mrs. Anderson's hands grabbed Isobel by the hair and pushed her face into her aching cunt. Fortunately, the manager of Pussy Notice was quick to respond. Circling her arms underneath Amanda Anderson's legs, Isobel reached up to grab hold of Amanda's small tits. This action forced Amanda's legs up in the air, giving Isobel unrestricted access to the newly shaved pussy.

Isobel looked like a good pussy licker. I was impressed that she didn't attack the vulva like a kamikaze pilot, slobbering all over the show. I could see her licking around the outer lips before she delicately nibbled on Amanda's clit. Using her tongue to part the crinkled lips like Moses did with the Red Sea, Isobel gained access to a neglected pleasure hole. What a damn shame. This woman starved herself to be acceptable to her husband, but he was more interested in making money or in sport, leaving another unfulfilled wife.

Isobel's attention to our client's genitals had my pussy juices flowing. Women were not supposed to be visually stimulated, but what a lot of Freudian psychobabble. When we see someone receiving pleasure, we are also stimulated. I dropped to my knees behind Isobel. Touching her wet pussy sent shivers down my spine. I played with her lip-ring and found that my fingers were on fire with the heat from her sex. I circled her vagina entrance with my middle finger and slowly inserted it into her cunt. She pushed her ass back at my hand, looking for a cock.

"In the top drawer," mumbled Isobel into the wet pussy of Amanda. In a flash, I opened the desk drawer and found a strap-on dildo. More surprises from this stranger I've known for a few years. Puzzling to fit the contraption on, I eventually figured it out. The one end went in my pussy with a clit stimulator, the other, thicker end into Isobel's pussy. The plastic cock was about eight inches long and about five inches in circumference. Kneeling behind her, I slowly moved my hips forward, pushing my "cock" into Isobel's pussy. With every push, my clit and vagina got stimulated too. I grabbed hold of her hip with my left hand and sneaked my right arm over her belly to work on her clit.

Soon we had the right rhythm going, Isobel eating pussy and me fucking her from behind. It wasn't long before our pleasures built to a point of no return. Isobel didn't miss a beat with the attention she was giving Amanda Anderson. Our moans reached a crescendo and exploded into orgasmic bliss. I felt the power a man must experience, as I entered another woman's pussy with my fake cock, and at the same time felt like I was fucking myself with the dildo, stimulating my cunt and clit.

As my pussy muscles contracted around the dildo, Isobel's shudder rippled through to my hand on her clitoris. I leaned forward, bending over her back with my left hand playing with her swinging breasts. Ms. Amanda Anderson was the first to climax, a big one after so many years of being ignored. The life juices flowing from her pussy triggered Isobel's orgasm. Her shaking movements put too much pressure on my own pleasure zones. In no time, I had a mind-blowing orgasm, my first big one for the day.

As I withdrew, I collapsed on Isobel with my face close to Amanda's exposed cunt, dripping with nectar. She had a beautiful mound, with delicate, now puffy lips and pink interior. No woman should hide such beauty beneath a jungle of tangled hair. It was only mid-morning on the first day of being naked on the job and already my attitude towards fucking and our female beauty had changed. It just goes to show that sex was more than genitals. It was all about how you function inside.

Taking a lap of Mrs. Anderson's sex juice, I got up to serve her the healthy chicken salad Prudence had in her hand, standing by the door. I quickly removed the strap-on, threw it back into the drawer and thanked Prudence for the food.

"What did he say?"


"The delivery man."

"About what?"

"Your state of dress."

"Oh. He was pleased. Actually, we have a date."

"Good for you." Looking back at Mrs. Anderson, I needed to get things moving.

"Mrs. Anderson."

"Call me Mandy. We are already intimate enough for that, I suppose."

"Thanks. By the way, why did you keep your maiden name?" I wanted to know.

"I wanted to stay independent. Dear God, what a fool I have been. I never was independent until you two showed me what freedom really is." She started to put on her undies.

"No, wait." Isobel saw the gab and was now the professional salesperson. "Why don't you try some of our new lingerie?"

Realizing that she had everything under control, I excused myself and wobbly retreated to my glass corner, walking past Victoria's glass office. She called me in.

"How is Mrs. Anderson? Will she buy?" Victoria sat like a naked queen behind her desk, showing off her full milky boobs. Still weak in the knees after my massive orgasm, I couldn’t face another pussy for at least sixty minutes. Or maybe less.

"I think we liberated a very repressed woman. Thanks to you."

"I told you this would change the way we do business." Victoria stood up from behind her desk, glided to a couch and picked up her discarded jacket. She handed it to me. She removed a pair of black stockings form her desk drawer and gave it to me.

"Put these on." I quickly removed my flesh colored stockings and put the new pair on. Victoria continued to give me instructions. "You have to go downtown to our lawyers. The CEO is an old friend of mine. Give her this." She handed me a black leather briefcase. "It's just papers about Pussy Power. We're playing in the big league now."

I put on the jacket. It was too short, my pussy and bottom stuck out and my breasts were straining at the material.

"I know. Your jackets will arrive at five, but you need to get this over there as soon as possible. Their limo is waiting outside." She kissed me on the lips. "Go get them, Pussy Power."

As I turned to leave, she gave me a hard smack on my behind. I yelped, more of surprise than pain. The sting on my buttock warmed me up, preparing me for my forthcoming exposed ordeal. I took a deep breath and walked out the door. Passing Prudence, I waved at her:

"Wish me luck."

At the entrance of the building was a stretched limo, with a handsome young man in a dark blue suit, waiting at the door. He saw me and rushed over to take my hand. He suddenly stopped, did a double take at my naked pussy and my exposed breasts. All I could hope for was that his erection wasn't too constricted in his trousers.

I whisked past him to the car, leaving him flabbergasted. I opened the door myself and bent down to get in, pausing to give him another good look at my slit and bum hole. I felt the wetness creeping down my vagina, wetting my lips. I sat down on the leather seat, crossing my legs. The jacket was bunched up around my hips and I could feel my pussy juices wetting the seat.

"Are you going to stand there with that hard-on or will you be joining me soon?" I shouted at the poor bastard. Coming to pick up a woman from a lingerie company, he must have wished for a peek at a formfitting bra or an exposed thigh. What he didn't expect was a full-on show of a leaking pussy. With all the naked women I saw today and all the pussies I've licked, I was suddenly confronted with reality. There were still men with dicks in this world. I might as well make use of it.

He took a seat opposite me squirming around to find a comfortable lay for his cock. We were on the move.

"What's your name?"


"Hi, James. I'm Jo-Ann. Please, take it out."


"It will be more comfortable."

"Uh?" Not very bright, just like Prudence.

"You've seen mine, now show me yours."

He was about twenty, full of testosterone but he didn't have a clue how to use his sex-drive to pleasure a woman.

"Come on. Don't be shy." Reluctantly, he unzipped his pants and fished out his monster of an uncircumcised cock.

"Play with it."

"What?" He must have been deaf.

"Wank for me!"

"Open your legs, then." At last, some sign of intelligence. I unbuttoned my jacket, threw it open and uncrossed my legs.


I used the seat on his side as stirrups and splayed my legs wide open, over his legs. My dripping naked pussy was a few inches from his cock. He reached out to touch my cunt. I slapped his hand away.

"No touching. Now, make yourself come."

Gabbing his cock, he used the skin over his gland to ease into his self-pleasure. Slowly his hand moved up and down his shaft, his eyes staring at my exposed pussy. His hand speed increased up and down his cock.

"Pull the skin away." He stopped and pulled the foreskin off his cockhead. It was a beautiful purple helmet, already wet with precum.

"Glide your hand over the head. What do you feel?"

"Pleasure." All the while, his eyes were still fixed on my cunt. He licked his lips and increased the speed of his hand sliding down his dick. I wondered if this was the way people test boys for hand-eye co-ordination.

He closed his eyes momentarily, as a sign of bliss, as if he wanted to burn the image of my pussy into his brain for future reference. More fluids seeped out of his pee-hole. My own fluids were gushing from my hole at the sight of a man pleasuring himself for my entertainment. Of course, he would also eventually come. Not too soon, I hoped.

"Don't come yet. Use your pc muscle to lock it off."

"Oh, fuck. I can't hold back anymore. I'm comingggg." The first glob landed on my pussy, the second charge on my tits and the rest on his trousers. Scooping up the milky white goo from my body, I tasted his seed. It was kind of salty with a hint of iron.

The car slowed down. We must have arrived at the offices. James quickly stashed his shrinking manhood in his trousers and tried to remove the white blobs. I fished out a Kleenex, wiped the cum from my body and helped him with the wet stains. The car stopped next to a tall building.

James got out. He stretched out his hand to me as I buttoned up my jacket. He quickly took me to the elevator. We got in alone. The stains on poor James's trousers were clearly visible. I decided to help the poor man. Who knew, he might be a useful ally in this camp. I took off my jacket, handed it to him to fold over his arm and to cover the offensive marks of his pleasure.

Now, I was naked, except for my black stockings, shoes and my make-up, ready to sell Pussy Power to a bunch of lawyers. The doors opened, I took a deep breath, hooked my right arm into his and whispered:

"I want my jacket back, afterwards." Then in a loud enough voice for everyone in the foyer to hear, I said: "Lead on, Tiger."

Clasping the briefcase in my left hand, I took my first naked step into the mouth of the lion. Down the gauntlet we walked, with piercing eyes inspecting every exposed piece of flesh of my body. I was aware of the men staring at my tits and pussy, and the women looking at the stockings. I detected a hint of admiration from the women, thinking to themselves:

Here is someone who takes pleasure from the looks of the men without feeling cheap.

I felt like a goddess and not like a street whore. I had the power to turn men and women on in an instant. Hopefully, the men would occupy the toilets to jerk-off, remembering my naked pussy moving between my shapely legs, causing my pert little bottom to send erotic messages to every red-blooded person in the room.

James led me to a large door with a sign "Catherine Hart, CEO". Before James knocked on the door, I turned around, ready to throw in some sales talk:

"These stockings and other sexy lingerie are available at Pussy Power. I hope to see you all soon." Without another backward glance, I entered into Catherine's office to hand her a briefcase. James stayed outside, closing the door behind me.

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