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A or B ? Part two
leggielibby & ChrisM

A or B ? Part two

Contributing Authors: ChrisM 
Our two girls have an evening out

Gritting my teeth, I gave the wax strip a sharp tug and gasped as a stinging pain shot through my pussy lips. I turned to the mirror to inspect the results, yes those last few hairs had gone and other than a little redness there was no damage.

Taking a generous squirt of aloe vera, I smoothed the gel into my pussy feeling its coolness seep between my lips as my long fingers spread my petals, gently working the slick gel into my hot crevice.

Already horny with anticipation at my upcoming night out I could feel my juices start to flow and mix with the gel. I raised a leg rested my foot on the edge of the bath and rested my back against the cold tile wall. I stroked my slit, just three or four times, long firm strokes from back to front before finally tapping my clit, two firm taps as if I were opening my cell phone and my orgasm erupted, my pussy clenched against my fingers as my juices soaked my thigh and I moaned aloud in delight.

Now showered and made up, my breasts and pussy anointed with Michael Kors Wonderlust, I slipped into my best undies, sheer black thigh highs with a lacey black bra. The cups were so small they just supported my 34Bs while covering my nipples, and the thong a ridiculous wisp of fabric that would offer no resistance to an invading finger or tongue should the night prove to be a success.



The taxi dropped me off outside the wine bar where we had agreed to meet. It was just a ten-minute walk from the opticians where she worked. I paused to collect myself and to straighten my figure-hugging black dress before walking inside. My heels clicked on the floor as I crossed to the bar.

Isabelle was sitting on a stool at the bar, sheer white blouse and black leather trousers that looked as if they were painted onto her sexy leggy figure. She stood as I approached, tall in her heels, and kissed me on both cheeks.

Her warmth enveloped me with that familiar aroma of coconut and vanilla. I hugged and kissed her back as my pussy moistened with need. Oh god how this woman pressed my buttons.

I had met Isabelle twice before, initially for an eye exam and I was captivated the moment I followed her tight figure across the store. After the exam, one of the most erotic experiences I could remember happened, I had asked her if she fancied a drink some time. Two nights later we had met for drinks, the evening flying by and feeling so right and now here we were on our second date.

We moved from the bar to a table and sat down to eat. I could not take my eyes off of her. Her large dark eyes and curly shoulder length chestnut hair were just such a sexy combination.

We chose from the menu, added a bottle of semi-sweet rose wine and chatted away.

“Has something caught your eye,” Isabelle giggled and raised an eyebrow in an exaggerated fashion.

"Busted." I blushed and replied, “Your nipples, they’re really hard against your blouse, I can’t take my eyes off of them.”

Laughing aloud as she replaced her wine glass on the table she cupped her breasts with thumb and forefinger and stretched the fabric over her nipples. “I’m pierced, hope you like the look.”

“Oh, fuck!” A wave of red-hot lust shook my body, and I’m sure I growled out loud.

“That’s a yes then,” Isabelle purred as she took my hand in hers, stroking my thumb and feeling my heat.

I kicked off my heels and ran my foot up her calf, feeling the smooth, cool leather of her trousers, so soft that they must have cost a fortune.

The waitress arrived with our food, and we sat back to give her room to work. “Enjoy your meals, ladies,” she said with a knowing smile, then she was gone.

We had both chosen the seafood linguini, and it was perfect, light and tasty, well-seasoned and so fresh. Ideal with the Rose

The waitress returned to clear the table and take our dessert orders. I was just toying with the idea of a crème Brulee when I felt Isabelle’s foot caress my calf. The tables small and intimate were no challenge to her long legs, and she could reach me easily.

I tried to maintain eye contact with the waitress and pretend nothing was happening but that foot was sliding up my leg, a firm, warm pressure gliding ever upwards.

I could hear the quiver in my voice as I ordered, rewarded by another oh so knowing look from the waitress.

As she retreated to the kitchens, Isabelle’s foot reached its target, my now molten core. Her toes slipped under my dress, and I could feel the smooth nylon warmed by her foot rubbing against my bare upper thigh.

I know that I did groan this time, as I clenched my thighs to hold the pressure in place.

“Oh, Isabelle.”

“Yes, Laura is there something you want to ask me?”

“Yes, oh yes there is, will you please take me home and fuck me.” As I voiced my needs I took her hand in mine, well one hand the other was holding her foot against my now sopping pussy.

I stared into her eyes seeing them mirror my own desire.

She wriggled her toes against my sodden thong and whispered: “Let’s get a cab, my place is nearest.”




The cab ride was a blur, I remember feeling Isabelle’s hand on my thigh as her lips locked with mine, just before the cab clipped a curb our driver seemingly distracted for a moment.

Then we were at her apartment building. She pushed several notes into the smiling cabbie’s hand before grabbing my arm and pulling me into the building.

As soon as the lift doors closed, we locked lips again as she pushed me against the mirrored wall. Raising my dress her hands cupped my bare buttocks and she squeezed and kneaded my ass as her tongue invaded my mouth.

I moaned my pleasure as our tongues locked, I could taste the sweetness of the wine from dinner. I drew her lower lip into my mouth, driven on by her purrs of pleasure.

Tumbling out of the lift we arrived at her apartment door, pausing to key in an entry code we both took a moment to exchange looks, fuck she was gorgeous, and so obviously in heat. I could see the lust in her eyes. Lifting the hem of my dress, I revealed my barely covered pussy and whispered, “Fuck me, Isabelle, fuck me. I’m wet, and I’m yours.”

Isabelle pushed me into her apartment and kicked the door shut. I was pushed up against the wall, and she kissed me hard, her tongue drilling into my mouth.

“You fucking tease, I’m going to fuck you so hard,” her voice was deep and throaty, panting at times. Her hands grasped my dress, and in one swift move it was over my head and discarded on the floor.

I could see myself in the full-length mirror, hair awry, tall in my heels and hose, my chest and neck flushed with desire.

Isabelle was taking what she wanted, her hands roaming my thighs, my back, my face. All the time our mouths were locked. Then my flimsy bra cups were pushed aside, and her head dropped, her mouth covered my nipples as she sucked and licked my aching nubs. I could feel my pussy flood and that familiar fire starting to build deep inside me.

“OH, OH Yes,” she had gripped my nipple with her teeth and tugged to the point of pain, a wave of pleasure shot straight to my pussy, and I screamed with need.

Dropping to her knees, she pulled my thong down my thighs, strands of cum smeared my thighs as she did so. Clear of my knees she released my thong and let it fall to the floor.

Still entirely dressed she knelt before my sopping slit and lifted my leg over her shoulder. I could feel her warm breath on my slit as she inhaled the scent of my arousal. Then this beautiful woman pulled me forward and buried her face in my pussy.

I felt her nose hard against my throbbing clit as her tongue lapped my juices, firm and flat her tongue parted my labia, applying pressure, just where I wanted it. She drew her head back and smiled up at me before diving in again. This time she curled her tongue and entered me.

Oh, fuck could this girl eat pussy, I was getting the oral fucking of a lifetime, and her neighbours were getting the soundtrack as I screamed and squealed in delight.

Wrapping my fingers in her hair I pulled her in close and rode her face, her lovely pert nose worked magic on my clit, I could feel my juices flowing down her face, and still, that tongue was fucking me.

“Fuck yes, I’m cumming oh yes now, don’t stop,” I was on the verge of the abyss, my legs weakened when then she applied pressure to my star. She just slipped a hand around my ass cheek and pushed her finger against my ring as she casually nipped my clit with her teeth.

I screamed so loudly, I could swear that I saw stars as wave after wave of pleasure shook my body before she released my leg and I slid down the wall to sit slumped in a puddle of my own cum waiting for my body to become my own again.

“Stay there, and I’ll get some drinks,” Isabelle stood and smiled. I could see my cum glinting on her face as she got up.

There was a clinking of glasses from the kitchen and then a pause before she returned.

Now she stood before me naked but for her spike heels and black net thigh highs, holding two glasses in one hand and a Champagne bucket in the other. “Can I offer you anything,” she purred and proceeded to twirl on the spot.

I had to force myself to breathe, her chestnut hair curled to her shoulders, her olive skin glowed, and her breasts full and firm were stunning. Full round globes with large stubby nipples, each pierced with a jeweled ring.

I finally found my wits and my legs and stood up. Now I could see that the nipple rings matched her earrings. Tigers eye, “I love your jewelry,” I whispered stepping forward to kiss her fully on the lips while tasting myself in the process.

“It’s a full set, I had it custom made.” Setting the drinks on an occasional table, she stepped back and reached for her pussy. Yet more beautifully smooth olive skin surrounding full dark labia. Parting herself, she revealed her clit, pierced with a matching Tigers eye ring. “You like?”

“Oh, fuck yes. I do.” I must confess that when horny I get a serious case of potty mouth

“Then I think you’ll love this,” she turned and bent to touch her toes,

If I had died, then it would have been worth it, two long legs atop those spike heels and all that sheer black net ending at a full round ass. Kiss it, spank it, fuck it my choices were endless and then she reached behind and parted her cheeks. ‘OH, FUCK YES!’ More polished Tigers eye winked at me from her star.

“Fuck that’s hot, have you had that in you all evening,” my mouth was watering to the point it was hard to speak.

“Yes, I love a full ass,” straightening up Isabelle turned back to face me, “And now that you’ve seen what’s on offer I think it’s time you fucked me.”

Taking her in my arms I kissed her hard as my fingers parted her cheeks and tweaked that polished stone, “I think that’s the best idea ever, where’s the bedroom.”



What a stunning bedroom, large with a picture window that gave a fantastic view over the rooftops of the town. Rose pink walls with white trim and recessed spotlights gave it an air of sexy sophistication, but the center point was a gorgeous modern canopy bed. Soft grey in colour with large acrylic palm leaves rising from each corner to form a light, airy canopy over the sleeping area.

Isabelle wanted fucking, and I so wanted to fuck her, so I took her hand and lead her to the bed before cupping her face in my hands and locking my lips with hers. She groaned her appreciation and as I probed her soft full lips with my tongue, tasting the residue of my own climax.

Gently I pushed her back against the bed, and as her legs met the edge she folded to sit, I sank to my knees before her. Cupping her full firm breasts, I stroked their undersides grazing them with my nails and watched her already engorged nipples swell yet further.

I leaned forward and gently nuzzled her before licking each nipple in turn, every motion of my tongue eliciting another murmur of appreciation from her. I sucked and licked, and she moaned and shuddered in need and pleasure. We got a nice little rhythm going.

Then I seized one of those cute little nipple rings with their sexy Tigers eye stones between my teeth, and I tugged, her nipple stretched, and pleasure became pain. She rose to relieve the pressure on her swollen nub.

“Oh yes, oh you bitch,”

“You like a little pain with your pleasure,” I asked as I released her nipple.

She just drew deep breaths and nodded her agreement, and so I repeated the process with the other nipple

A quick downward glance showed me just how much my demure Isabelle enjoyed a little pain. Her thighs were parted, and her smooth pussy was swollen and slick with desire.

As soon as I released my grip on her nipple, she fell backward on her elbows and raised her heels to rest on the edge of the bed.

I feasted on the sight before me, her prominent mound smooth and firm, dark swollen labia slick with cum and her clit erect and out of its hood topped with an identical ring to those on her nipples.

I could smell her arousal as I leaned between her thighs and ran my finger along the length of her slit, she moaned and shuddered. Withdrawing my finger, I leaned back to catch her eye before slowly licking my finger clean.

“Mmm, you taste so good,” I whispered as I coated my fingers in her honey again. She bucked her hips eager for more contact, and so I slipped two fingers straight into her sopping pussy and opened her wide.

“Fuck yes, please make me cum,” that’s all the invitation a good girl needs, so I started scissoring her pussy, stretching her wide, then filling her deep, curling my fingers to catch her every inner surface before pulling my fingers clear and leaving her wet hole gaping.

Strings of cum coated my fingers and her pussy and thighs, I dipped my head and dragged my tongue along her slit. Her legs clamped themselves around my head, and I could feel the roughness of her net stockings against my cheeks.

I sucked her clit and drew the jeweled ring into my mouth before gently tugging on it. Isabelle erupted, her hips arched and her thighs took a vice-like grip on my head. I’d never had a girlfriend who squirted before, I’ve had gushers who flood but never one who could spray her cum into my mouth like Isabelle did.

I feasted on her honey as she slowly relaxed. The pressure of her legs lessened, and with a final twitch or two she lay back and let her legs part.

I shuffled back and remembered the chilled champagne, I filled the glasses and let the cold, dry bubbles fill my mouth. There is nothing so good as champers and fresh girl cum in your mouth, I savoured the taste before passing a glass to Isabelle.

“Skol,” we clinked glasses and sat back against the pillows each now basking in the pleasure of a hard, wet orgasm.

Isabelle took another sip of her wine before leaning forward to kiss me softly on the lips, her full wet mouth met mine, and we twirled tongues. “Let’s rest a little now that we’ve taken off the edge.”



Isabelle had fetched a platter of fresh berries and a rich dark chocolate dip, so we spent a while sipping champagne and enjoying the fruit and reflecting on our lovemaking.

“So, rested enough?” smiled Isabelle as she flicked her chocolate-coated tongue across my nipple.

I slipped a hand between her bare thighs and squeezed her pussy lips to signal my agreement.

“Alexa fun time,” I had been too busy to notice the little speaker on her bedside table but as Isabelle uttered the command a smooth jazz piano started up and the smoked glass panel on the opposite wall parted to reveal a monitor.

“OH, nice,” I murmured my appreciation as I wondered what she had in mind.

“There’s more,” she added. “Alexa, cameras please.”

Instantly the screen came alive with our image, it was weird to see my naked form on the screen but so sexy too. Cupping my breasts, I lifted them and squeezed my nipples, vamping for the camera.

Isabelle knelt up and dropped onto her elbows, elevating her ass and parting her thighs as she did so.

The picture changed to show her from the rear, her ring still stretched around her butt plug, her pussy slick and shiny with cum. “There’s a camera atop each bedpost, and the picture will randomly shuffle between them,” she explained.

“A whole new take on mirrors,” I laughed as I turned to face the nearest camera before parting my thighs and starting to rub my slit.

“So, you’re going to film us fucking,” I asked as I rubbed my swollen lips.

“If you don’t mind,” she smiled as she reached over to cup my hand and press it against my now throbbing pussy.

“One condition, I get a copy too,” I groaned as a tremor shook my body.

Isabelle moved to face me, and we took opposing corners of the bed, stretching out a leg she languidly drew her stockinged foot across my sex.

The roughness of the net triggering little shocks through my pussy, I moved my own foot and watched as my peach tipped toes slipped between her hot lips.

Gripping my foot, she ground it against her sex bucking her hips hard and fast. I could feel her juices flowing between my toes, and then she was cumming, a quick hard cum before she raised my leg and licked my toes clean.

“I thought we had passed the quickie stage,” I laughed

“So, did I,” she replied before sitting up and turning to the side table again.

Delving into the drawer she produced a pair of jelly dildos, one red with a large head and thick ridges the other black and shiny with alternate bands of dimples and raised spots, both a good eight inches in length.

“A or B?” she asked hardly able to hide her delight at the obvious pun.

“You know I struggle with that question.” I dropped my eyes and gave her my best innocent look.

“There is no wrong answer, you’re going to get both before the nights over,” she laughed.

I lay on my back and raised my knees, pulling them back toward my chest until I was fully exposed and open, “In that case I choose red,” I replied with a giggle.

Isabelle ran her hand along the stiff jelly shaft making it quiver before she drew its length between her own slick lips. “A wise choice,“ she giggled, continuing to work it against her sex until it was coated with her juice moaning as she did so. She motioned for me to kneel.

I promptly knelt and waited for her next move. There is something wonderfully exciting and naughty in watching your lover as they approach you. The camera monitor showed everything in sharp detail.

I watched as Isabelle stood from the bed and rolled her net stockings off her legs, I watched as she gave the dildo one last roll against her sex before leaning forward to place it against my own quivering pussy.

The cameras swapped over, and the screen was filled with an image of my ass. My puckered star, the smooth expanse of skin leading to my sex, shiny with a mix of girl cum and lube.

The image changed again and captured Isabelle’s face as she leaned forward and ran her tongue across my star. I watched in fascination as she curled her tongue and flicked my ring again, and again, “OOOH yes,” I moaned. My senses in overload from the feel of her warm wet tongue in my most private of places and being able to see this most intimate of acts on the monitor before me.

I watched as her face drew back to be replaced by a blurry close up of the dildo. Immediately I felt pressure on my sex and the stretching. My throbbing, aching sex being stretched as never before.

I dropped my head and raised my ass higher to ease its passage taking deep slow breaths as I fought the urge to clench and reject the intrusion.

“Fuck yes,” exclaimed Isabelle, “Look, look at the screen,” she urged.

Careful not to make any sudden moves as my pussy felt full to breaking point I slowly raised my head. There on the screen was my ass and my sex, red and slick the lips split wide around the dildo, all but the end of it inside me.

Isabelle leaned in again, running her tongue from my ass to my sex, I felt myself relax at the feeling. Her tongue danced around my lips, little fires of pleasure sparking off as she lapped my swollen lips.

“It takes a little getting used to, but I love the feeling this gives.” Isabelle had moved to look me in the eyes and gently kiss my face as she ensured I was okay.

“I’m fine Hun, just fine now,” I murmured back as I focused on relaxing and enjoying the sensations from my stretched slit.

I felt the warmth of her breath on my star, the moisture of her tongue as she dragged the tip around my ass and pussy again. I felt those familiar feelings starting to build deep inside me and then she moved the dildo.

Ever so slowly she retracted it, I swear I felt every ridge as it passed over my lips until I could feel an aching emptiness inside of me. She firmly pushed it back, filling my void again. I loved it. I started to move, willingly filling myself. Matching her rhythm I began to fuck myself, I took it all, I felt that big ridged head deep inside of me. I felt those thick ridges as they tugged and parted my labia.

On and on it went slowly building my pleasure until I could take it no more. I screamed and squealed as my darling Isabelle dropped her mouth to my clit and sucked.

Slowly my senses returned, I lay in my lover’s arms, she was holding me to her breast as she stroked my hair. Her face and hair were coated in my cum, I recognized my taste as I kissed her.

“Oh, fuck that was huge.” I lightly sucked her nipple as I thanked her. “I swear I’ve never cum so hard, I think that I was seeing double,” I laughed.

“Maybe you should see an optician,” she giggled back.


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