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A present for Lindsey

This is a true story and Lindsey still phones me about once a year
I was 19 when Chris, a cute guy from work, started talking to me. He was doing what I like men to do, talking to me rather then just hitting on me. He was 27, fit and always well dressed. I wasn’t particularly into well dressed men but he had a certain charisma about him which made him very attractive. He was also a smooth talker and full of compliments and at 19 years old I was easily impressed. Okay so he was hitting on me but in a patient way and that made me feel good about myself.

During our conversations at work I learnt that he lived with his sister Lindsey and they were very close, they had shared a house left to them by their deceased parents for the last five years because it suited them for economic reasons.

I was intrigued by his story and over a few weeks I learned that his parents had died in a car crash and that although he and his sister, who was 25, were at an age where they should have moved on and lived apart were still sharing their parents old home.

Over the next three months I chatted openly with Chris about pretty much everything, he was so easy to get on with but he never asked me out. I began to wonder if he was really interested. That sounds terrible I know but my experience of men up to then was that they have different ways of getting to know you and they can be quite shy and lacking in confidence but ultimately they want to have sex with you.

Eventually he did invite me out after work and we went to Angelucci's wine bar, had a few glasses of wine and continued our friendly but light conversation. Finally, later in the evening he invited me back to his place for a coffee to which I readily agreed. I was feeling quite warm inside from the wine and I knew very well that a couple more glasses would make me feel horny and I would be easy prey. I was hoping this was all part of his plan and looked forward to being taken advantage of.

When we got to his place my hopes were dashed his sister Lindsey was happily sitting with her legs out stretched on the sofa with the TV on flicking through a fashion magazine. I thought “Oh crap, let’s hope she goes to bed soon leaving Chris and I alone so he can start seducing me”.

Chris introduced me to Lindsey as Kim from work, we warmly acknowledged each other whilst Chris very quickly produced a bottle of wine with additional glasses and the three of us sat down for a while making light conversation. Chris and Lindsey sat at each end of the sofa whilst I sat facing them on a nice plush chair. The TV continued to drone along in the background to itself which annoyed me as I would have turned it off but hey ho it wasn’t my house.

Lindsey wasn’t openly friendly towards me or hostile which made me a little nervous. She had straight shoulder length dark brown hair, a quite attractive face with dark brown eyes, a slightly upturned nose and a smaller than average sized mouth surrounded by tight thin lips. She was about 5ft 7 inches tall, long slim legs and medium sized beasts. She was slim but athletic which made me guess she probably worked out regularly at the gym. As I do she obviously liked to show off her legs and was wearing a short denim skirt and her legs were bare as the house was very warm. Occasionally she would cross and uncross her legs giving a quick glimpse of her lacy red underwear.

After one more glass of wine I decided that Lindsey wasn’t going to leave us alone so I thanked Chris for a lovely evening and asked if he could order me a taxi home.

At my sudden announcement Chris made the suggestion that as I had a few drinks it would be a good idea if I stayed overnight in their spare bedroom which had an en-suite bathroom and he would book me a taxi in the morning.

The night was not wasted, Chris had a Plan B, Lindsey could fuck off to bed and he would join me in the spare room later and give me a good seeing to. That’s not the language I would normally use but the wine had gotten to me and that’s how I felt.

I agreed to the idea and Chris took me upstairs and showed me to my room.

A short time later I went into the bathroom, took off my ear rings and heard the bedroom door open, close and the door lock click into place. My nipples hardened in anticipation but not wanting to spoil Chris’s element of surprise I continued as if I hadn’t noticed. I removed the make up from my eyes keeping them closed as long as possible and I felt Chris push his midriff in behind me and pin me to the basin.

I kept my eyes closed to prolong the situation and as I did that I felt Chris’s arms come around my waist, grip the basin and restrain me even more.

“Hi Chris, I wondered how long it would take you”

“I’m not Chris” said Lindsey

I quickly opened my eyes and saw that Lindsey peering over my shoulder and looking directly into my eyes via the mirror.

“Hi Kim she said, do you like girls?”

“What makes you think that?”

“You were eyeing me up earlier”

“I’m very sorry, I do like looking at girls but I didn’t mean to offend you”

“You didn’t and I enjoyed your glances”

Her hands moved under mine and came up to grab my breasts then she circled and pinched my nipples till they hurt, I let out a little yelp in pain.

“You are a horny little bitch aren’t you?”

Before I could answer she grabbed me by the waist, turned me around to face her and planted her lips onto mine kissing me roughly, she then slid her hands up my skirt and down my knickers.

“Nice shaved pussy and soaking wet, you’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“No, no, please stop I thought you were Chris”

“Chris brought you home for me to play with you’re my pretty little girl now”

She grabbed me, shoved me into the bedroom, grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head backwards until I fell back onto the bed. In the same movement she positioned herself on top of me and pinned me to the bed.

“Have you been with a girl before?”

“Yes I have”

“Good” she said “But not like this one, I don’t make love to girls, I fuck them and I’m going to fuck you my pretty little play thing”

She pulled up my skirt and practically ripped off my thong with one hand then moved to my side so she could insert two fingers and finger fuck my pussy she then used a finger from her other hand to tease my clit at the same time. She pumped her fingers hard into me until I was writhing, bucking my hips and grinding my pussy even harder onto her fingers. She then went down me sucking and licking my clit whilst still vigorously pumping her fingers into me until I exploded in an intense orgasm. As I came she quickly removed her fingers and pushed her mouth hard against my pulsating mound which prolonged the orgasm and she could feel every contraction against her lips.

I stayed on my back breathing heavily enjoying the aftermath of one of the hardest and fastest orgasms I had ever experienced. Up to that moment only piece of clothing had been removed between us and that was my knickers.

Lindsey got up and moved so she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor then she leant over and grabbed me by the hair again. I moved in the direction she was pulling me and ended up being pushed onto my knees between her legs.

“Now it’s your turn you dirty little bitch. I want to see your pretty little face between my legs with my pussy juice dripping from it”

I slid my hands up her thighs and removed her wet lacy red knickers, she opened her legs grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me towards her until my face was right up against her hot pussy. She then lay on her back with her legs wide open with me lapping at her still on my knees.

I licked and teased her clit until she began to moan with pleasure. I could feel the tension rising in her and her legs begin to tighten up as her orgasm came closer, she grabbed my head again and pulled me hard against her mound as she exploded in orgasm. I felt every pulse of her orgasm against my face and I was in no rush to move away.

Once she had recovered she sat up pulled my head away and looked at me.

“You’ve definitely been with girls before and you know how to eat pussy my pretty little girl but I haven’t finished with you yet, your face still looks a bit to pretty even with your hair all dishevelled”

She ordered me back onto the bed lying on my back.

Lindsey then straddled my face and rubbed her pussy all over it until my face was covered and glistening with the juices from her pussy then she quickly got up, looked at my face.

“Ah, now that looks much better, I’ve finished with you for now, goodnight pretty girl”.

And with this she picked up her knickers and left me. I washed my face, undressed and went to bed.

In the morning I came down into the kitchen where there was a coffee waiting for me. Chris was sitting at the table. Lindsey hadn’t come down stairs yet.

“Hi Kim, how are you this morning?” asked Chris “I hope my sister wasn’t to rough with you last night”.

“I’m fine thank you”

I blushed and looked at the floor. I was feeling very embarrassed and needed to get home and change into some fresh clothes as soon as possible. As I was finishing my coffee Lindsey came into the kitchen with a beaming smile on her face.

“Good morning Chris and Kim”

She came over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek then went over to Chris and gave him a hug.

“Thanks Chris, Kim was a lovely present to bring home for me”.

She sat down with her coffee and smiled at me saying

“I prefer men but now and again I love being rough with a pretty young women, when Chris described you to me you sounded perfect, then when I saw you I couldn’t wait to get my hands on you. You seemed to quite like being used and abused by me and I loved it to. I’ve got your mobile number so the next time I want to fuck you I will give you a call, I will tell you where, when and what to wear and you’ll do whatever I want you to do. I’ve finished with you now so you can finish your coffee and go home”.

I let myself out of the house to go and find a taxi and had a big smile on my face. I was looking forward to Lindsey’s phone call and couldn’t wait to find out what she might have in mind for me next time.

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