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A Road Trip With Sheila

A true story concerning a week-end getaway for two divorced women
Sitting there in the conference room, bored by another mid-level manager trying to impress everyone with his thinly veiled, self-aggrandizing remarks, my mind drifted back to this past weekend.

Sheila, my 37 year-old girlfriend, had called me from her office early Friday morning suggesting that we make a long weekend of it. She suggested that we cut out from work early and drive down to Biloxi for a long, fun-filled weekend, calling in sick on Monday. Being newly divorced and having an acute case of “cabin fever,” I had enthusiastically agreed to her offer, knowing full well what my nymph friend had in mind.

In the short time that I had lived in West Tennessee, Sheila and I had quickly become more than just friends. Sheila had become an inseparable companion as well as a passionate and totally uninhibited lover.

Sheila and I had met at a Chamber of Commerce social shortly after my arriving in my new city. One could not help but notice Sheila. She most definitely stood out in a crowd. At 5-feet 8-inches and 135 pounds, her shoulder-length blonde hair perfectly accentuated her beautifully shaped figure. Hidden beneath her always tasteful attire, Sheila possessed a truly beautiful set of 34 C breasts.

With Sheila, one never knew if she had on panties or not as she loved to often go commando when out in public. Sheila loved to tantalize those of us who knew of her dressing habits. My dear friend knew that she had a treasure beneath whatever material she may have hiding her lovely manicured pussy. It just depended on how hard she wanted select people to work for it.

Sheila’s dazzling, bright blue eyes were captivating in their own right, while her smile was both sensuous and alluring.

Sheila radiated sex. It did not matter if she was dressed in a pair of old, tight-fitting jeans or dressed as she was when I first met her, in a sparkling white dress. Sheila always dressed with a purpose. Like the night of the Chamber social, Sheila had carefully selected a dress that would tastefully show off her tight, perfectly shaped ass. Sheila knew how to appeal to her many admirers.

The night of the Chamber social, I could not help myself. I just simply had to meet this incredibly beautiful woman. So, mustering my courage, I took my drink in hand and, excusing myself from the ladies about me, I slowly walked over towards Sheila. Politely, yet purposely avoiding other conversations, my eyes and my mind were riveted on Sheila’s radiant beauty.

Sheila was surrounded by a handful of ogling men, many of whom, I'm sure, simply wanted to fuck her. I moved so as to place myself a few feet away from Sheila, directly in front of her line of sight.

I stood there, sipping my wine, transfixed by this delightful woman’s elegance. Observing Sheila and admiring her charm and grace, I watched her play the men about her like a concert pianist at a recital.

I could feel that tell-tale tickle in my pussy as I began to get moist while watching her tease and tantalize the men surrounding her. I could readily see that Sheila knew how to play to a male audience. As I watched her, sipping my wine slowly, I caught Sheila's eye. Our eyes latched onto each others, neither of us blinking for an instant.

Almost instantly, Sheila smiled at me as I smiled back at her. As I stood there, now very aware of my own presence and feeling a bit insecure, I wondered about my dress. How did my hair look?

"Oh," I thought, "I should have taken more time to freshen up after work. Why didn't I go home first and put on another outfit?"

A million doubts suddenly began to flood my mind as I stood there, poignantly aware of my many short-comings. Then, what happened next, caught me totally off guard.

Excusing herself, leaving the men surrounding her, Sheila walked directly over to me, extending her hand and said, "Hi. I'm Sheila Marshall. You're new here aren't you?"

Startled at her directness, my throat suddenly became dry with excited anticipation, Swallowing quickly I somehow managed to stammer, "Ye,Ye, Yes, I am new here. I just moved here from North Carolina,” I said as we shook hands.

Seeing my name tag, Sheila responded, "I see you're with the Anderson and Klipstein Company. How nice. I know your CEO very well. You folks bank with us."

As we chatted away, I quickly learned that Sheila was a vice-president with one of the large banking corporations in the state and headed up their regional Marketing Department here.

While visiting with Sheila, I was amazed and how quickly she made me feel totally at ease and comfortable. It was like talking to an old friend that you had known for many, many years and not someone whom you had just met. She was an excellent communicator and it was evident, just by the manner in which she carried and conducted herself, that Sheila was highly successful at what she did. As the evening progressed, it became readily evident that Sheila was not only very well known within the group, but also very popular.

Sheila had invited me to sit with her at her table during our dinner. That night, at that gathering, Sheila and I began what has since become both a very good as well as very sexual relationship.

As we drove to Biloxi in Sheila's new, sporty, metallic blue BMW, I could not help, but again admire Sheila's long, lovely legs. Sitting there in the driver's seat, wearing a rather short, dark blue skirt, I was sure that Sheila was purposely exposing a generous amount of thigh for my benefit. As I admired her lovely thighs, I wondered if she was wearing panties today. Knowing she either had on a skimpy thong or no panties at all and seeing her full breasts pressed against the thin fabric of her blouse, I could only think of how good her pussy had tasted before.

Like me, on an earlier occasion I had found out that Sheila also shared my own passion for sucking titty. Sheila’s fetish for other women’s breasts was at least equal to my own and mine is very keen.

As we drove south on the interstate, I couldn't help but run my fingers over Sheila’s lovely right leg, lightly tracing her inner thigh with my fingers.

"You'd better stop that,” Sheila said with an approving smile on her face. "Or, I'm going to pull off this road and eat that hot cunt of yours, Chrissy,” Sheila exclaimed lovingly.

With that, I shifted in my seat and with my right hand, smiled and slipped my fingers up inside her short skirt, feeling the outer edge of her thong as I did so. Lightly tracing the outline of her slit with my fingernail, I purposely teased Sheila’s pussy and clit.

Smiling at me, Sheila responded, "You love my pussy don't you, bitch?"

To which I simply nodded. As I gazed down, I saw Sheila purposely spreading her legs a bit wider as we sped down the interstate, allowing me full access to her sweet treasure.

“You know I love the taste of your pussy, Sheila,” I said as I slipped a finger under the elastic of her thong and felt her already moist pussy dampening the thin material.

“And, I want to suck on those beautiful breasts of yours too, my love.” I said, unashamedly.

“Oh fuck, Chrissy!” Sheila happily exclaimed as I slipped a finger up inside her wet pussy, feeling her pussy juices coating my finger.

“Ever since we met at that Chamber dinner, I can’t ever seem to get enough of you. But, you already know that too, don’t you Shiela,” I said.

Smiling over at me, Sheila responded saying, “Yes, my love, and you know I feel the same about you too. It’s like it was a spark, a flame that all of a sudden ignited when we first laid eyes on each other. I knew right away that you were the woman I’d always been looking for.”

Smiling at Sheila, I started to lightly circle her pouting clit, my finger now being generously coated by her ever-moistening kitty.

“I know you love this, Sheila. Just keep your hands on the wheel and the car between the lines and I’m going to get you nice and wet,” I said.

“You can be such a fucking cunt, Chrissy,” Sheila said laughingly. “You get me so damn wet when you tease me like this.”

“You’re just lucky I don’t reach over and grab hold of your tits and pull them out and suck them while I finger you, Sheila,” I said. “You know how much I love to suck on those sweet titties of yours.”

“You’d love for me to let you do that too, wouldn't you, you sweet slut” Sheila said, laughingly.

“Want me to unbutton your blouse and unsnap your bra for you now then?” I coyly asked.

“Holy fuck, Chrissy. You’re are completely incorrigible!” Sheila exclaimed.

“You know you love it when I suck your tits, Sheila. You’re as much of a slut for titty as I am,” I said as I gently reached over and massaged Sheila’s right breast thru the fabric of her blouse.

With that Sheila suddenly swerved the BMW to the right, barely catching the off ramp in time. Down-shifting rapidly, Sheila applied the brakes hard as we hurtled toward a stop sign. Glancing quickly to the left and right, Sheila spun out onto the road, sharply veering to the right as we raced down the highway.

“What the hell are you doing?” I exclaimed.

“I’m going to fuck you, Chrissy. Fuck Biloxi, we’re getting a motel room right now,” exclaimed Sheila.

With that Sheila spotted a Motel 6 about a half mile down the road and said, “It ain’t the Ritz, but I want that hot cunt of yours, bitch. I’m going to make you beg for this wet pussy of mine.”

With that we pulled into the motel entrance. Slamming on the brakes, nearly throwing me into the windshield, Sheila got out of the car and hurried into the motel lobby to get us a room. Sitting there, anxiously waiting for Sheila to come back, I saw it was only two-o’clock in the afternoon and that we had gone no more than 50 miles from home. Biloxi was still a long ways away.

With my pussy now nice and moist, I had mixed emotions about stopping as I sorely wanted to escape the cold wintry air of Tennessee and lay on the beach. But, my pussy told me this was going to be a much needed respite from a week of sexual celibacy, an affliction I intently disliked. Especially when I was around Sheila.

As I laid there on the bed, dressed in just my pink, full-cut bikini panties, I waited anxiously, lusting for Sheila’s lovely essence to emerge from the bathroom.

Standing there in the doorway, attired in a matching white lace bra, white garter, white panties, white thigh hi’s and white heels, Sheila looked like a Goddess. Sheila’s full breasts, overflowing inside her lovely bra, seemingly begged for the attention of my hungry lips and tongue. Her perfectly formed hips and ass, stretched her expensive panties. As I laid there admiring Sheila’s breath-taking beauty, I felt my own pussy beginning to rapidly moisten. I could not help but both admire and stare at Sheila’s striking beauty.

Smiling at me, Sheila, seductively swayed her luscious ass as she slowly approached the bed, lightly touching her pussy as she did so. I was mere putty in her fingers, melting as would an ice cube sitting atop a hot stove.

Placing a knee on the bed, Sheila quietly said, almost in a whisper, “Who owns your cunt now, Chrissy?”

“You do Miss Sheila. This worthless bitch is owned by You. I’m yours,” I said, knowing that Sheila wanted to play her little game of Domme/sub with me again.

“Kiss my pussy then, slut,” Sheila demanded.

Sliding to the edge of the bed, I slipped my fingers around Sheila’s lovely tight ass and, inhaling her erotic essence, filled my nostrils with her heavenly scent. As I kissed the front of her white panties, I could feel the soft texture of the thin garment on my tongue. Sheila began to run her fingers through my hair, lightly pressing my face to her pussy as I began to shower the front of her full-cut bikinis with my kisses.

“Lick my cunt through my panties, bitch.” Sheila commanded.

Tasting her pussy juice beginning to soak Sheila’s panties, I smiled up at my lovely friend. Running my moist tongue up and down over her hidden slit, I began to lick my lover’s tasty pussy through her panties.

Feeling Sheila grinding her moistness against my face, I pushed my tongue deep into the soft fabric. Finding her clit hidden under the dampness of the material, I concentrated on her taut love button as I hungrily tongued Sheila’s clit and pussy through the thin, wet material.

“Slip my panties off, slut.” Sheila demanded.

As I hooked my fingers inside her panties, pulling on the elastic waistband, I slowly tugged them down over her lovely hips. Savoring the moment, I relished the thought of once again seeing Sheila’s beautiful treasure. As I slowly tugged on the material, gradually exposing more and more of Sheila’s soft skin, my fingers trembled with excitement. Then, there they were, the top hairs of Sheila’s beautifully trimmed pussy.

Sheila loved to trim her pussy in different contours, depending on her mood. The last time that I had tasted her sweetness, Sheila was just begun to re-grow her pussy hairs again. She normally was smooth in the summertime, but closely trimmed in the winter.

Exposing Sheila’s pubics, I smiled as I saw the leading edges of her golden pussy hairs. As I gazed upon her beauty, I discovered that my lover's hairs were a mere sixteenth-of-an-inch high. Sheila had trimmed them into a downward-pointing arrow with two-inches of hair at the top of her mound. As I slipped my pet's panties down further, the pattern became narrower and narrower. By the time Sheila's hairs reached the top of her clit, they were only an eighth-of-an-inch wide. Her lovely mound looked manicured. It was lovely and I knew my dear Sheila would taste delicious.

Admiring Sheila’s erotic work, I cupped her lovely ass cheeks in my fingers and leaned in and filled my nostrils with her heavenly scent. Slipping Sheila’s panties off, I saw her majestic treasure.

"Oh my God, Chrissy, don't stop!" exclaimed Sheila. "Lick me!"

Smiling up at my lovely Sheila, I gently parted lovely pussy lips . I then slipped my warm, moist tongue between her wet petals, once again tasting this gorgeous creature’s sweet essence. Relishing in the taste of Sheila’s tasty pussy, I began to lick her now swollen clit. As I lightly circled Sheila’s sensitive love button with my tongue, I flicked it back and forth lovingly, driving my sweet friend wild with lust and desire as I did so.

“Oh you sweet cunt. You fuck bitch. You cunt licker,” Sheila moaned.

Her fingers on the back of my head, Sheila pressed my face to her pussy, grinding her hips against my tongue and face as she pulled me into her.

“Eat my cunt, Chrissy,” Sheila cried out.

Digging my nails deep into Sheila’s tight, well-sculpted ass cheeks, I hungrily feasted on my lover’s beautiful essence. Lapping at her clit with my wanting tongue I teased my precious love’s prize before slipping my tongue deep up inside Sheila’s love canal. Whirling my hungry tongue about inside her precious kitty I ate from her heavenly throne.

Falling down on the bed next to me, Sheila grabbed a handful of my hair and forcefully guided me to her now gushing pussy and said,

“Eat me, bitch! Lick my pussy you wonderful, cunt-lapping slut.”

My face buried between her lovely thighs, I slipped my tongue deep up inside Sheila’s gushing pussy, while teasing her delicate rosebud with the tip of my finger. Tasting her streaming juices coating my face and tongue, I relished the sweetness of her spasming pussy. Reaching up with my free hand, I grabbed onto Sheila's right breast, gently massaging it as I ate my lover's treasure. Pinching and twisting Sheila's nipple, I heard her moaning loudly as she arched her back, enjoying her first of several body-wracking orgasms.

As Sheila began to buck and quake with each passing orgasm, I slipped my hands under Sheila’s firm ass cheeks and gently lifted my Queen's ass up off the bed. Holding this lovely Goddesses ass in my hands, I reamed her delicate pussy with my lapping tongue, swallowing her multiple orgasms as fast as I could. Slowly Sheila's heavenly body began to stop quaking. As the last wave passed through her, I eagerly swallowed the last of Sheila's sweet nectars.

As my loving friend’s final juices coated my tongue and face, I felt Sheila’s fingers running through my long, auburn hair. With Sheila’s beautifully tapered legs wrapped around my neck and back, I savored the last droplets of my love’s tasty honey. We laid like that, basking in the beauty of our mutual love for each other.

Then, rolling me over, Sheila got me on all fours, my ass high in the air as she reached into her suitcase and pulled out her 8” black strap on and harness. As she slipped into it before me Sheila smiled at me, knowing how much I loved being used like this.

“You know what you’re going to get now don’t you, Chrissy?” stated Sheila, already knowing the answer to her question.

“Yes, Ma’am, I do,” I replied, enjoying the little game that Sheila liked to play.

“You like it too don’t you, slut?” said Sheila forcefully while smiling down at me.

“Oh yes, Ma’am,” I said. “I love it and I love how you use it on me too!” I exclaimed excitedly, yet somewhat nervously.

Smiling down at me, Sheila slowly lubed the cock, stroking it purposely as I laid on the bed, my ass in the air, waiting, wanting.

Moving closer to me, Sheila smiled as she looked down at me and said, “Suck it bitch.”

Taking the hard cock-shaped phallus into my mouth I began to suck it hungrily. Imagining it were one of the many black male cocks that I’d sucked before, I held onto her black cock by the base with one hand while holding the cock in my other hand. Smiling up at Sheila, I lowered my mouth down on the cock, circling the cock head with my tongue. Then, slipping the cock into my mouth I slowly licked the length of her hard cock, moving my tongue up and down on the side of the long, thick, black cock. I then slid my mouth down over the head of the cock, taking it deep into my mouth, tasting the lube that Sheila had applied to it earlier. I began to bob my head up and down on the cock, sucking it as I would a man’s cock. Rapidly bobbing my mouth up and down on the hard shaft, I hungrily sucked it, coating it with my saliva.

“That’s it you little cocksucker. Suck this big hard black cock you sweet little bitch,” said Sheila.

“Look at me slut,” commanded Sheila.

Looking up at Sheila, my mouth full of her fake cock, I smiled as I continued to suck on the cock.

“That's it,” said Sheila as she looked down at me. “I want to see that slut mouth of yours with this hard black cock in it slut.”

Then, without saying a word, Sheila pulled the cock from my mouth and quickly got behind me. Positioning herself with one hand on my hip and another grabbing me by my shoulder, Sheila’s experienced hips guided the wet cock to my pussy. Then, with one quick thrust, Sheila pushed the black dong deep up inside me. Surprised at how hard and how deep Sheila had shoved the cock in me, I let out a soft moan.

“You love having me fuck you like this don’t you, Chrissy?” said Sheila.

“Oh yes, Ma’am. Every time you fuck me with your big hard cock, I love it,” I responded.

With that, I let out a loud groan as Sheila began to fuck my pussy harder and harder with her fake cock. Her hips working like a set of pistons, Sheila drove the cock in and out of my wet cunt, stretching me, filling me. Sheila pounded my wanting pussy with rapid, long, deep thrusts.

Digging her nails into my hips with one hand, Sheila yanked my hair with the other hand. Pulling my head up and back, Sheila began to slam-fuck my filled pussy. I began to cry out in joy. Loving the bliss of being once again fucked by Sheila, I felt the hardness of the strap on cock ravaging my wanting pussy. I felt Sheila’s lovely thighs slapping against the back of mine. The sound of our bodies, in perfect sync, echoed off the walls of the room. I felt the hard cock ravaging my body while listening to that lovely tell-tale slap, slap, slap of skin-on-skin as Sheila pounded me from behind.

Digging my fingers into the sheets on the bed, I could feel my chest heaving as I gasped for air. Panting, gasping, my ass being held up by my lovely friend, I felt so alive, so happy, so filled. Unlike the many men and numerous women that I had fucked in the past, with Sheila, I felt truly blessed.

Sheila continued to rapidly thrust the cock in and out of my now creaming, 42 year-old pussy, sending me from one body-wracking orgasm to another. I’d been fucked many times in the past by others, but no one could compare to how Sheila fucked me with that wonderful, thick, black cock of hers!

My pussy spasming in one luscious orgasm after another, my dear friend continued to fuck me hard until I could no longer hold my ass in the air. Feeling Sheila’s strong fingers firmly ahold of my tits, I collapsed on the bed, exhausted and spent from multiple orgasms. Yet, Sheila continued to fuck me. My wonderful Sheila was unwilling to cease trying to fulfill me until I was completely spent and unable to have even a hint of another orgasm.

It was one of the most delicious fuckings I’d had in ages!!

“Ms. Green, do you think these current figures are compatible with our earlier estimates?” asked our consultant, snapping me back into the reality of our meeting.

Smiling at the man who had so rudely and abruptly brought me back into our boring meeting, I sat there with now very wet panties, contemplating my response.

“I’d like to take a moment sir, to revisit my last few thoughts before answering that, Mr. Franklin” I responded.

Yes, it was a double entendre. However, only I knew that as I sat there smiling at the group.

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