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A Rough Start

Can Rachel actually have a happy ending with her history?
Rachel grew up in a rather harsh environment. Her mother was a drunk and a drug addict, to such an extent that when Rachel was born she was drunk enough for an adult. Her father realized what a screw up her mother was and took off with Rachel when she was an infant.

Rachel was a daddy’s girl growing up. Her fondest memories were of sitting in the passenger seat of her dad’s pickup truck as he sped through the “Butterfly Hills”, singing along to some classic rock on the radio. The hills were dubbed the name because if you went fast enough as you flew downhill, you would get butterflies in your stomach.

Rachel always looked up to her dad as a hero. That was until her preteens came along and her gave up his rights to her, making her a ward of the state. Rachel went from foster home to foster home until a rather nice family adopted her.

At last, Rachel was comfortable and happy. That was until she realized that she didn’t have any friends, and it was the beginning of her freshman year in high school. She didn’t really ever have friends since she moved so much when she was younger, so Rachel didn’t know how to start.

That was until she met Tina. Tina was reading a book in the library all alone, so Rachel figured she was the loner type of girl too. Rachel walked up to her and introduced herself rather shyly, but Tina didn’t seem to realize her shyness. Tina was so shy that she didn’t even respond with anything but her name.

It went on like that for about a month or two, Rachel slowly getting Tina to start talking to her. By the time that Tina started talking to her, they were already best friends. There was always something to talk about, from music, books, and drawing to class work.

Tina was a very brilliant girl, always pushing herself as hard as she could. Somehow Tina managed to keep a perfect 4.0 average while Rachel maintained a 3.5 average. Rachel was in awe of Tina’s genius brain. Rachel knew that she never could do Physics or Calculus or anything like that with perfect scores like Tina. Hell, she would epically fail as far as she knew.

They spent most of their free time at school together, hanging out in the library or sitting next to each other if they had the same class. Since Rachel was not that organized, Tina helped her often with notes for class. This often saved Rachel’s ass in class, especially since it was math that she mainly missed the notes for.

Rachel was a grade ahead of Tina, so when she graduated they lost touch sadly. Rachel tried to do community college and moving out of her home, but that failed when her adoptive mother passed away. This tore Rachel’s life apart. She started drinking and partying and soon end up homeless.

She pulled her head out of her ass finally after a year and moved back home with her adoptive father, slowly getting back on her feet. She got a job and was paying off everything she owed, when her adoptive father started trying to play matchmaker with her and Tina.

It was no secret that Rachel was a lesbian; she was out for all to see since her junior year in high school. She was just confused why her dad would be setting her up with her best friend. She saw Tina date a guy in high school their junior year, although it didn’t last long, and thought that Tina was straight. There was never an indication that Tina even showed some interest in Rachel. Rachel thought that she would never have the chance to date her.

A few months later, Tina had to go across the country for college. Rachel decided to call her the night before, to tell Tina how she truly felt. Surprise filled her when Tina admitted that she felt the same way. Sudden sadness came over the two of them as Tina reminded her that she had to go to college the next morning on a plane. They said goodnight, and their “I love you” before hanging up.

For months they wrote letters back and forth, telling each other how much they missed each other and wanted to be together and chatting online. Finally Rachel decided that she had to do something. She looked in stores for the best ring to suit Tina’s personality, and after finding a brilliant blue stone in a ring Rachel knew she found the perfect one. She sent it in the mail with a letter to Tina, explaining that the ring was a promise that someday they WILL be together.

She waited almost a week for a response, and was brought to tears when she got the answer that Tina was wearing the ring. It made Rachel feel complete somewhere in her heart and soul knowing that Tina wanted to be with her. She thought that she did not deserve someone as great as Tina.

Tina was adamant on the fact that she truly loved Rachel, and months later Rachel had the money to take a plane to Tina and stay there with her. Rachel decided to surprise Tina with this fact by showing up at her apartment steps before Tina got out of college. She had a dozen roses in her hand and a silver ring in the other.

When Tina showed up, Rachel was on one knee with the roses draped on her knee and the ring in her outstretched arm. Tina burst into tears, saying yes between sobs. Rachel stood up, sliding the ring on her index finger, and took Tina’s face in her hands gently pushing up towards her own face before bringing her lips to Tina’s.

“It’s been months that I’ve wanted to do that,” Rachel stated, causing Tina to chuckle softly.

They went inside, throwing Rachel’s bags to the side as they went into the bedroom and lay on the bed. Rachel curled up against Tina, holding her in her arms, and fell asleep with a smile on her face knowing that she was with the one person in the world that she truly loved and cared for.

As the months drug along, both Rachel and Tina were busy with wedding preparations. They sent out invitations to their friends and family, planned their bachelorette party, got their dresses, and planned the rest of the wedding decorations and food.

Finally the day of the wedding came, and Rachel’s nerves were everywhere. The one woman that she always loved was going to vow to be hers for the rest of their life. When the music started to play, both of their dads walked them down the aisle to the pastor.

When they got to the pastor, Rachel and Tina looked deeply into each other’s eyes, softly smiling to each other. The pastor said the usual marriage ceremony, before asking them if they had their rings. Rachel passed one to Tina and held her hand as the pastor told them to say their vows.

“I, Rachel Ann Dowry, swear to always support whatever you do and be there for you forever and always. Your love is all I need to survive, and I am honored to be able to call you my wife,” Rachel quoted off a notepad she had brought with her.

“And I, Tina Rose Smith, swear to love you unconditionally all the days of my life, and even beyond. You are my soul mate and fate has brought us together, spinning its own weaving of affection between us. I promise to always be here with you,” Tina proclaimed.

“Then with the power vested in me, I now pronounce you wife and wife,” the pastor finished, “You may now kiss the bride.”

Rachel brought her lips to Tina’s softly caressing them together, before deepening the kiss as her tongue wrestled with Tina’s. Rachel stopped her hormones realizing where they were, pulling them apart before taking Tina’s hand in hers and walked to their limousine together.

The reception was rather crowded, so Tina and Rachel didn’t get to spend much time together. Their families and friends were attacking them from everywhere with their own congratulations. Finally after a few hours, Rachel went to find Tina to take them to their honeymoon destination. She found her and they both bid their farewells before getting back into the limo.

As they arrived at the airport with their luggage, Tina curiously asked, “So where is our honeymoon destination?”

“You will just have to wait and see,” was Rachel’s response.

Hours later, their plane landed and both women hurried off of the plane. A big sign stating, “Welcome to the Bahamas, Newlyweds!” was waiting for them, with a driver holding it. He drove them to a five star motel that was located on the beach, with several stories of luxurious looking rooms with balconies.

They wasted no time in getting to their room that Rachel had reserved. Unlocking the door to their room, Rachel revealed that there was a trail of lit candles to the bed, with the lights dimmed perfectly, rose petals on the floor, and a box of chocolates lay on the bed.

“I know this is your first time, and I wanted it to be perfect,” Rachel declared. Tina exclaimed, “Oh gosh, it is better than perfect. Better than I ever dreamed.”

Rachel kissed Tina, this time unleashing her hunger for her best friend. Slowly slipping Tina’s dress off of her, not breaking the kiss, Rachel stepped back to take in the site.

Tina was gorgeous, with perfect hips and a fit body. Rachel soon felt like a dog looking at a bone. She wanted to just devour Tina, but she knew that she wanted this time special as well. Especially with it being their first time together and their marriage night.

Rachel took Tina’s mouth again, caressing their tongues together before kissing her way to Tina’s earlobe. Taking the earlobe in her mouth, Rachel nibbled and sucked gently on it. This caused a slight moan to come from Tina. Rachel kissed her way down Tina’s neck, sucking and nibbling and licking her way down to where Tina’s bra was.

Wrapping her arm around Tina, she unclasped the bra with a swift motion. Firm breasts with erect nipples showed themselves. Rachel continued to kiss her way down, until her mouth was on Tina’s chest. She paused, looking Tina in her eyes before licking the tip of her nipple. This caused Tina to arch her back into Rachel’s mouth, making Rachel take more of her nipple into her mouth.

Rachel took Tina’s other nipple between her fingers and rubbed it and softly pinched it. Tina was squirming underneath her, and Rachel continued her quest. Kissing down her toned stomach, Rachel took Tina’s wet panties with her teeth and slowly pulled them down her legs.

Rachel was almost short of breath now, here was the girl she had been fantasizing about for months and she wanted HER. Lowering herself between Tina’s legs, she licked and nibbled her way up each thigh. This surprised Tina apparently, since she heard her suck in a deep breath.

Finally, Rachel looked up at Tina, her head thrown back in pleasure, before licking down the length of her slit. She sucked her pussy lips into her mouth before taking her finger and rubbing Tina’s entrance.

“May I,” Rachel inquired of Tina.

“Oh god, please,” came the response that she was looking for, and Rachel slipped her finger into Tina’s tight juicy pussy as she started licking her clit. Soon, Tina was practically begging for more, and Rachel sucked her clit into her mouth as she added another finger into her pussy.

This was all it took, and Rachel started to see Tina quivering and her velvety walls clamped down on her fingers, sucking them deep inside. A scream erupted from Tina’s mouth and she collapsed on the bed in pure bliss.

“Baby, that was AMAZING,” Tina exclaimed a few minutes later before taking Rachel’s dress off like she had done her own.

Unlike Tina, Rachel wasn’t wearing any undergarments, and this surprised Tina happily. She attacked her wife’s nipples with her mouth, all the while her hands exploring Rachel’s body. Slowly teasing Rachel, Tina caressed her with her hands, leaving nothing untouched. Soon, she put two fingers at Rachel’s slick entrance and thrust them deep into her, causing a deep guttural groan to erupt from Rachel’s mouth.

Tina continued to finger her, putting her other hand on Rachel’s clit circling it around. She started slow at first, and then started to circle Rachel's clit and finger her harder and faster.This was all it took for Rachel’s dam to explode, and her cum flowed out onto Tina’s hand. Tina gathered it all up in her hand and licked it off before lying down next to Rachel.

Rachel held her wife in her arms, knowing that life was going to be much better now that she had the one she loved with her. They slipped into a deep sleep, holding each other with big smiles on their faces.

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