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A ruined friendship? - part 2

Part 2 - at last! Enjoy :) xx
So many feelings were surging through me as I stood in the doorway to my bathroom, staring open mouthed at my best friend Chloe. I was horny beyond a doubt, still a little tipsy from the drinks I'd had in the club, and concerned I'd just lost my best friend. As I re-ran her words my brain I couldn't help but blush, she had said that it was my turn. Excitement bubbled low down inside me, making the thin knickers I was wearing so damp that they felt stuck to me. Seeing the colour rise in my face, she stepped to me and wrapped me in her arms, pulling me close.

I looked into her eyes and whispered to her that I had been worried for a minute, that I'd done something wrong. Chloe smiled at me and brushed her fingertips across my flushed cheek before leaning in and kissing me lightly. Letting out a huge sigh of relief, I told her I felt as though I'd ruined everything. She surprised me by explaining that she'd wanted to do this for a long time, and had even fantasized about me.

Chloe looked deep into my eyes as she told me, in a lowered voice, how only days ago she had touched herself, while thinking of me. Shock crossed my face as she whispered right into my ear how she was in a changing room at work, next to the one I was in, trying on the newest, and sexiest bra and thong set. Knowing I was nearly naked so close to her had made her knees weak, and she'd slumped to the little stool, hitching her skirt up as she sat. Silently, she had unbuttoned her blouse to the waist, slipped her hand inside her bra and pinched her nipples, at the same time she pushed her soaked underwear to the side and tended to her begging clit. Just on the other side of a curtain from me, she imagined she was pushing her fingers through my hair as my tongue lapped at her, but was unable to envision the fantasy becoming reality.

As I chatted to her about the stock take for work, and how the bra I was trying on made my boobs look amazing, she was driving herself towards orgasm. Her sensitive nipples were abandoned so she could cup her hand over her mouth. She just about managed to keep from crying out as she came, hard and intensely onto her fingers. Looking back, I had thought I heard her moan, but thought it was just a "hmmm" of agreement with what I was saying. She explained to me that she had quickly sucked her fingers clean, and wiped herself with her knickers, just in time for me to finish dressing and pay for the sexy set.

Chloe pulled my mind back into the present by dragging her fingernails along my sides, leaving a trail of goosebumps on my body. I asked her what she had done with her wet underwear, and as she knelt to remove my own soaked knickers, she told me she had gone commando the rest of the day.

With me now naked, she moved me backwards until my legs bumped against the cool panel of the bath. After sitting me on the edge of the tub, Chloe laid herself on the bathroom floor, and opened her legs wide. She said she wanted to show me exactly how hot she was, her pussy glistened with her cum, and I saw a few drops slide their way towards her beautiful arse. I watched intently as she slid her hands over her flat stomach, and curvy hips. My tongue darted out to lick my lips as she grabbed at her breast and slipped her other hand down to push a finger inside herself. My gorgeous best friend looked me in the eyes as she told me how she came time after time, fantasizing about me in that bra set from work.

My own hand fluttered between my thighs, Chloe was turning me on, by turning herself on, and I wanted to cum with her. Gripping the edge of the tub with one hand, I spread my swollen lips, my finger slipped straight to my hard clit, making me jump and shiver with pleasure. With my eyes fixed on Chloe, I began to mimic her movements, rubbing myself in little circles. I could feel my nipples straining to be touched, but knew if I dared let go of the tub to tweak them, I would fall into the bath.

I alternated between rubbing my clit hard, and thrusting deeply into myself, wiggling my fingers against my g-spot. I watched as she stared into my eyes, while at a teasingly slow pace she slid 3 fingers deep into her tight pussy. She threw her head back and moaned, a high pitched, drawn out sigh of bliss, and suddenly, much quicker than when I masturbate alone, I could feel the hot rush of an orgasm coming over me. With my muscles tight, and my breath held in my throat, I came, pushing all the air from my chest out with a loud cry of satisfaction as fireworks exploded inside me.

As we came down from our simultaneous highs, we giggled, looking over each others flushed and sweaty bodies. Needing to cool down and freshen up, we climbed into the bath, I turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature. Chloe shampooed my hair, and after rinsing it off, massaged my head as she applied conditioner. The smell of the hair products, the feel of her fingers digging lightly into my scalp, and the dull throb between my legs made me shiver and moan softly. I faced Chloe as she rinsed my hair, standing so close our slippery breasts rubbed together, and the stream of bubbly water ran from my hair, down between our breasts and flowed down our bodies, pooling at our feet.

As the water ran clear, the remaining bubbles disappearing down the drain, she helped me to the back of the bath, opposite the taps, and sat me down. Sweeping all the shower gel, and bubble bath bottles onto the floor, she lifted my left leg. My blood started to heat up, my whole body simmered at she licked and kissed up from my toes, to my calf, following the drops of water up my thigh, before resting my leg on her shoulder and moving her head between my thighs.

I gripped the side of the bath with one hand and ran my fingers through her wet hair with the other, as she lay feather light kisses where, until recently, I'd had a tiny strip of hair. I could feel my heart thumping in anticipation of her touch on my clit, I knew I was dripping and was desperate for her to taste me. Her tongue gently probed the top of my lips, which easily moved apart, exposing my excited clit. Without warning, she thrust her tongue deep into my hole, making me scream out and bunch up a handful of her hair. I could feel my pussy walls tightening around her hot tongue as she pulled away, my desperate body trying to keep her where she was.

She fixed me with a look as she teasingly dipped two fingertips inside me, not pushing them in far enough to satisfy, but just enough to make me whimper and squirm, and beg her to fuck me. My begging words seemed to excite her, she finally thrust herself into me, and lowered her tongue back to my pussy, flicking quickly over my clit. I raised my hips to her, begging her to press her tongue harder against me, but she continued to flick fast, not sustaining contact enough to being me over the edge. She seemed to enjoy keeping me on the edge, and desperate to cum, I started to pump myself on her fingers.

Realizing what I was doing, Chloe added a third finger to my stretched hole and started a rhythm of thrusting, while finally delivering long hard strokes on my clit with the flat of her tongue. I was quickly approaching ecstasy when I felt her thumb slide down towards my arse, and as she pressed the tip of her thumb inside my virgin arse, I felt the most powerful of orgasms shoot through me. I screamed out loudly as my legs twitched and shook, with my back arched, I roughly squeezed my nipples, while she sucked every drop from my relieved pussy.

I took her face in my hands and brought her up so we were at eye level. Stroking the wet hair back off her face, I kissed her lovingly, tasting myself on her tongue. A feeling rushed through me, a warm, loving feeling and I knew I wanted to be with her, more than just tonight.

We staggered out the bath on post-orgasm jelly legs to my bedroom, and dried our hair, then put on fresh underwear and our long t-shirts from before. Cuddling up in bed together, we both had goofy grins on our sleepy faces, and I kissed the tip of her nose lightly before turning over. Chloe wriggled closer to me and wrapped her arm around my waist, she kissed the back of my neck and her contented little sigh tickled the hair there.

As I listened to her breathing change, I knew she was asleep. I smiled to myself, no longer worried about our friendship, just excited about what might happen in the morning. I drifted to sleep, with plans in my head, for a sexy wake up call in the morning for my very best friend Chloe.
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