A ruined friendship?

By Rubz

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My second story, but first fictional...hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
I love my job, and getting to work with my best friend Chloe just makes it so much better. Chloe and I met when I applied for a Christmas job in a little lingerie shop in town, the manager was running behind so we got chatting while I waited to have my interview. I got the job and we quickly became friends, we would go out dancing after work on Saturdays, then crash at my flat and recover together on Sunday watching DVDs and eating bacon sarnies.

We had so much fun at work, trying on stock and picking out scandalous underwear for each other to try on for a laugh. We were always getting mistaken for each other by customers too, the pair of us being 22, both having dark brown hair below the shoulder, and slim but curvy figures. We even had the same bra size, 36C, which was brilliant because it meant we could share bras and clothes easily. The only obvious difference between us being her dark brown eyes and my green eyes.

We'd been working our butts off for the last couple of weeks preparing for stock take, it was all very boring, and very tiring. When at last it was all over and done with, we decided to go into town for a big blow out. It was Saturday night and we were going to drink, dance and relax. Getting ready at my place, we shared make up and did each others hair, we had a few drinks and danced about my bedroom as we chose our outfits. She chose a short white skirt, meaning a very flimsy white g-string underneath, and black halter top. I decided on a slightly longer dark denim skirt, with a deep red strapless top, both of us wearing killer heels that we knew we'd be carrying by 2am.

The club was packed, full of hot guys and gorgeous girls. After ordering a couple of drinks each we squeezed our way through the crowd to the dance floor. Dancing and singing our hearts out, we got lots of attention from a group of guys close to us, so decided to put on a bit of a show. We danced close to each other, grinding our bodies together, while looking seductively over at the guys, who were watching intently.

Chloe danced facing them as I dropped low in front of her, slowly winding my way back up her body to wrap my arms around her neck and pull her close to me. I slid one leg between hers, dancing as though we were fucking, really going for it, just having a laugh as usual. When I started dancing with her I was just having a laugh, but as my leg touched her, I felt her g-sting move to one side by accident, letting her soft pussy lips brush along my thigh.

Something in me started to sizzle, I felt a flutter of excitement deep in my stomach, and for the first time when I looked at her, I wanted her. I'd never looked at a woman like that before, she too obviously felt what had happened between her legs and lent in to say she needed the bathroom.

Together we went into a stall and I held her bag and drink while she did her thing, then she did the same for me. Being so close to her in the stall, feeling the way I now did, I knew I had to get out before I jumped on her and ruined our friendship. Stumbling back out onto the dance floor we continued dancing and drinking, eying up the boys and sliding our bodies against one another. When we finally needed to sit and rest, we took our shoes off and decided we'd had enough fun for one night, and it was time to grab a taxi.

By the time we got back to mine we were tired and our feet were sore. Stripping off all our clothes, we threw on a couple of long t-shirts before falling into my bed. She rolled over so we were face to face and smiled at me before asking if I was aware that her underwear had malfunctioned on the dance floor. I laughed and went pink saying that yeah, I had felt it, and that I hadn't known that she too was completely shaved.

We laughed that we were more alike than we had known, and as the laughter died down we found ourselves looking into each others eyes. Feeling tipsy and brave I told her I had quite enjoyed the feeling of grinding against her nakedness, even though it was so brief, then leaned across the small gap between us and planted a kiss on her beautiful pouty lips.

She looked at me with a strange expression on her face. I started to apologize and move away, but she raised a hand to my cheek and brought my mouth back to hers. She began moving her lips against mine, first in a soft and tentative way, then as the seconds ticked by and our breathing became heavier, the kiss intensified.

We had kissed before, to get attention in clubs or just because we were feeling silly and were best friends, but this was different. I had never felt her tongue before, now it was caressing mine, darting in and out of my mouth as our lips crushed together. She bit my bottom lip gently and I felt a throbbing in my pussy, which by now was wet enough that I thought it might start running down my legs.

I couldn't help myself, I rolled on top of her and moved a hand to her right breast, cupping it lightly and pulling slightly away from our kiss to assess if this was OK. She sighed and pulled me back to her mouth, so I slipped my hand up her top and stroked along her firm breast. My trembling fingers found her nipple, and as I rolled it between my fingertips she gasped. Winding a hand into my hair she pulled me deeper into the kiss, pushing her tongue further into my mouth. I continued to pull and gently squeeze her nipple until it was hard.

Both moving as one, we pulled away from each other, quickly stripping our tops off and discarding them on the floor, before reassuming our positions. I kissed her deeply, then worked my way down her neck as she lay her head back and moaned. I flicked my tongue along the base of her throat as I squeezed a breast in each hand.

Hovering with my mouth over her nipple, I looked into her eyes as I slowly swirled my tongue in a circle around the aureola, spiraling inwards before taking it fully into my mouth. She whimpered lightly and her eyelids fluttered as she watched me sucking her. I pinched one nipple with my finger and thumb as I teased my tongue across the other, then leaving a faint coating of saliva on it, I blew cool air onto her, making her break out in goosebumps.

After giving attention to the opposite side I trailed my fingertips down across her flat stomach, and gently scratched my fingernails up the insides of her thighs while pushing them apart. I ran my fingers up and down a couple of times before allowing my middle finger to probe between her delicate lips. It was obvious how wet she was before I even parted them, she was really enjoying herself and it made me feel so sexy to know I could do this to her.

Moaning out loud at how hot she looked, I slid one finger half way into her opening, twisting as I pulled it almost all the way back out again before pushing it hard all the way in. She raised her head to look at me, then told me she wanted to watch me fuck her. I helped her slide up the bed a bit to be able to lean against the headboard so she could see what I was doing to her.

Returning to her pussy, I quickly thrust two fingers deeply into her. She was so wet, it made a beautiful sound, and the smell of her was overpowering, she just oozed sexiness and I wanted a taste. As she watched me with rosy cheeks and a naughty smile, I lowered my head between her legs, waiting to make sure she was still OK with all this. I had obviously paused too long as she moaned loudly, and pushed my head into her naked pussy. My tongue quickly found her clit, it was so engorged, throbbing against me and rising up to be satisfied.

I paused my thrusting and just left my fingertips inside her hole, wiggling them slightly, as I lightly fluttered my tongue against her clit. Her whole body trembled and she whimpered and begged me not to tease. My tongue traced a figure eight around her wetness, circling her clitoris, then down around her opening. While shoving my fingers hard into her, I sucked her clit fully into my mouth. She cried out and bucked against my face, grinding her hips in circles as she had done on the dance floor against my leg.

Positioning myself onto all fours, I managed to reach under myself and push my middle finger into my drenched pussy, rubbing my clit hard with my thumb. I moaned against her and she whispered she was going to cum, upping my pace on both of us, I shook my head side to side while sucking and licking hungrily on her sensitive clit. She threw her hips up to me and cried out that she was cumming, I carried on my finger and tongue fucking on her as I started to rub myself furiously, bringing myself up to the edge. Then as a second wave of orgasm flooded through Chloe, I came hard onto my fingers, my moans and screams muffled by her soaked and satisfied pussy.

Crawling up her beautiful body, I kissed her softly on the lips, her tongue immediately licking up her juices, tasting herself on me. She told me she'd never done anything like that with a girl before and I told her I hadn't either, but that I definitely wanted to do it again, with her. Smiling at me, she said she had to go take a shower. However, as she rolled off the bed, I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. Yeah, I had cum but I had done it to myself, I could do that even if I was on my own. Hearing her switch on the shower, I put my knickers back on and started to get under the covers.

I was suddenly nervous that when I had said I wanted to fuck her again she had just smiled then left the room, without answering. Had I just blown our friendship? Guilt and regret washed over me as I worried about what had happened.

Then I heard her call out to me, so I wandered over to the bathroom. As I stood in the doorway she looked me up and down, then asked me why I had put my underwear back on. I opened my mouth to tell her I was sorry, and that I understood if she felt awkward. Slowly her words sank in, as she winked at me and said that now it was my turn.

to be continued...