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A Run to Remember

The most eventful Tuesday of my life takes me places I could only dream of...
It all started on a Tuesday. Nothing really happens on Tuesdays for me, which is why I remember it so well. I was down by the beach, running with my dog, Skipper, and I stopped to let him take a drink from the water bottle I pack for him. It was hotter than average for a San Diego spring day. I was trying to discreetly wipe my under-boob sweat away when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I immediately put my hands by my sides as I spun around to face a beautiful woman.

“Hi there, I didn’t mean to startle you!” Her voice had an underlying laugh to it, and I was simply drawn into it.

“No worries!” I wiped my sweaty palms onto my shorts. “How can I help you?” Skipper licked my fingers before staring intently at the stranger.

“I’m just looking for a bathroom around here. And possibly a drinking fountain.”

I looked around, and sure enough, Skipper and I had run farther up the path than we normally did. Must be the heat, I thought.

“Yeah, there’s one about a mile back… Do you want me to show you? I could use a drink myself.”


So this gorgeous woman and I walked back together. She was taller than me by about a head, with caramel eyes, and sandy blonde curls framing her face. She was a fit woman, but her curves were hard to ignore in her push-up sports bra and running shorts. It was hard not to stare at her breasts, her walk bouncing them up and down.

“My name is Celia, by the way, I skipped introductions I’m afraid.” She reached out her hand for a handshake, but grazed my left nipple in the process. It gave me chills.

“Kate. It’s nice to meet you.” I took her hand and gave her my best smile. We shook hands, but Celia didn’t quite let go right away. I could feel heat rising to my cheeks, and for some reason, I was tingling from my waist down. This is really strange, I thought, I haven’t felt this way about a woman before. We continued making small talk as we walked, the heat of the day making Celia’s body glimmer with sweat, but it made her look like a vision.

“Kate?” Celia was looking at me, but I had been too busy trying to figure out why I was so aroused, why I was trying to strip her with my eyes. I gulped.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

“Do you have a boyfriend? Pretty girl like you…”

“No!” I was quick to reply. “Haha not in a while, I’ve been focusing on school and work, I don’t have time for a boyfriend.”

We had finally arrived at the bathroom, a small building with one unisex bathroom and a drinking fountain outside.

“Well what about a girlfriend?” Celia and I had stopped, and faced each other. She had a smirk on her face, probably from my stupid expression in reply to her question.

“I’ve never had a girlfriend, not that I think that’s wrong, I’ve just never been…”

“Don’t be scared, it’s just a question.” She laughed, turned around, and bent over to pet Skipper. I couldn’t help but check out her round but toned ass, her legs tan and firm, and still shining from the heat. She quickly turned around and caught my gaze.

“Kate, you’ve been staring at me this whole time. Can I show you something?” I nodded dumbly. This is surreal. Celia got up, and tied Skipper’s leash to the drinking fountain. He happily lapped up the water she ran for him, and then curled up in the shade. Celia walked over, took my hand, and led me to the bathroom.

Once we were inside, Celia locked the door behind us. I suddenly noticed my breathing. The sudden shift in temperature gave me chills, but that was also from this goddess that was in front of me, I’m sure. Celia smiled, and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“This is better. Are you ready for what I’m going to show you?” She moved closer and closer, until I could smell her shampoo.

“Yes.” I squeaked out, dying to see whatever it was she was blessing me with.

She took my hands, and placed them on her breasts. So soft, and warm, I couldn’t help but squeeze them a little.

“Do you like that?” she asked, as she played with the strings of my running shorts. I nodded, too stunned to speak. “Good. I want to know every inch of you. Can I do that?” Once again, I nodded. My panties were getting wet, and I knew I wanted Celia more than anyone. Right. Then. I played with her breasts more through her bra, and then I kissed her. She kissed me back, hard, and slipped a hand down my shorts, and slowly made her way to my wet slit, and she played with me through my panties. I gasped, and she grinned at me. “I have an idea.”

She removed her hand, to my disappointment, and turned me around to face the stone walls. I heard rustling, and then felt her bare tits pressing against me, which then pressed me up against the wall. She worked her way slowly down my body, and slipped off my shorts. I turned around, and Celia stood in front of me, completely naked. I look at her up and down, and she started playing with her breasts, so smooth and her nipples were so big and beautiful. She helped me out of my shirt and bra, and immediately sucked on my nipples, filling the room with my groans of pleasure. My pussy was dying for attention, and I found myself slipping my hand under my panties. I was so wet and slippery, I surprised myself.

“Are you wet, Katy?” Celia grinned at me and kissed my neck, my breasts, my stomach, and finally kissed my soaking panties, her tongue flirting with my clit, my lacy panties the only barrier between us. I shuddered and played with her hair, pulling ever so slightly. Celia suddenly yanked the thong to the side, and put a finger inside me, curved and pumping at a pretty fast pace. I moaned and pulled her hair harder as she slid another finger into my pussy, pumping harder and harder.

“Celia I’m going to cum!” I yelled, I couldn’t handle this unexpected ecstasy, and I was ready to burst. She stopped and stood back up, and began kissing me. I moaned and played with her breasts again, and one of my own hands travelled down her body, and I played with her pussy as she did with mine. Celia whimpered and I loved causing her pleasure, as I pumped harder and harder inside, her juices on my hand arousing me even more. Celia stopped my hand, sucked on my neck and brought me to the ground. She lied down on her side.

“Katy, come bring your pussy to my mouth, and you can work on mine, okay?”

I did as I was told, our tongues busy with each other’s tight cunts. She spanked me and spanked me, and I loved it, moaning into her juicy slit, and nibbling on her clit until she gasped.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhh!” She screamed, and I was covered with her juices. I licked all around her, trying to get every drop. This is heaven, I thought.

Celia spanked me once more, and then rammed her fingers inside me as she continued licking my clit, and I didn’t know what heaven was until she sucked on my clit, nibbling it and pumping her fingers inside me, faster and faster, until I screamed, and came all over her.

Our breathing was heavy as we adjusted ourselves on the floor to face each other.

“Well, Katy?” Celia asked, her sparking eyes laughing. “Did you like what I showed you?”

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